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Romney Campaign Not Yet Conceding

Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign is not yet conceding that it has lost Ohio.

10 thoughts on “Romney Campaign Not Yet Conceding”

  1. I’m clinging to faith that it was called too early for Obama. God help us if he truly is the winner, our country will be completely destroyed by the end of his 2nd term.

    1. I live in Ohio and there are 200,000+ provisional ballots yet to be counted.
      With the reports that I have seen in the past weeks of attempted voter fraud, I would not concede yet either.
      The reputation of the Obama regime is far from sterling.

      1. The regulations against the coal industry is what puzzles me about Ohio going for Obama. It’s bound to hurt your economy even more with lost jobs and more expensive power for all.

  2. Please, please dear God, let this be another Thomas Dewey moment. Mitt, do NOT concede yet. 900 vote difference in Ohio is too close. I wonder what the outcome would have been had our military received their absentee ballots? Too many of them did not. You fought the good fight.

  3. Welcome to a $25 trillion national Debt, hyper-inflation, a dead coal industry, an eviscerated military, socialized medicine, and a probable nuclear exchange in the mid-east within 4 yrs.

    We’re pretty much screwed.

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