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Obama All Over Satellite TV Today

President Obama is conducted satellite TV interviews with the following stations:

WHO: Des Moines, IA;m KWWL: Cedar Rapids, IA; WTMJ: Milwaukee, WI; WKYC: Cleveland, OH; WKRC, Cincinnati, OH; WFOR: Miami, FL; WTVT: Tampa, FL; WJLA: Washington, DC; KMGH: Denver, CO; KVVU: Las Vegas, NV

You’ll notice he’s not doing any in Pennsylvania, probably not wanting to acknowledge the state is in play. The Washington DC interview is no doubt aimed at Northern Virginia.

10 Responses to Obama All Over Satellite TV Today

  1. If Mitt Win,, Richmond Gunna Turn Into Mixer Of Chicago & Baghdad…
    Watch The Crime Rate…
    VCU Students Gunna Scared Af If Mitt Win lol
    >> Already been Like 20 Ppl Who Got Robbed Smh

    This is the kind of things I am reading online from the people voting for Obama. SICK!! Go ahead there is no fear here.

  2. Anyone of these “journalists” have the guts to call out the preezy with the nfty bomber jacket about Benghazi?
    sample question: “What is the typical armament of a UAV and is it laser designator capable in realtime from Langley or Nellis?”

    • “I’m really glad you brought that up, blah, blah, I, I, folks, proud military, blah, um, um, blah, I, me, I, country safe, blah, I.”

  3. They LOVE him at WKRC! It’s kinda embarassing, really, but it’s easy to understand.

    There was a long time anchor there who is still very much a player in the local market in general and in Cincinnati TV and Channel 12 in particular. His name is Nick Clooney. Sound familiar? Maybe you know his son, George?

    Now you know.

  4. OK — voter fraud —– Virginia — registration cut off date — Oct 15th — but head of voting precinct says can vote if register today — NOT — I know — heard and watched her do it — saw people who could not read being directed HOW to vote

    Fiance has not ever registered but his name is on voter registration — NY — Brooklyn

    Goes to show