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Obama News || November 6, 2012

35 thoughts on “Obama News || November 6, 2012”

  1. If Obama loses, he will still be president until January. Will he mention unity and a peaceful transition during his concession speech or leave the door open for violence? Poll watchers are already getting punched and threatened at the polls.

    1. It’s going to be a nightmare regardless of who wins.

      I already making a prediction: There will be no humility in a victory or concession speech by Obama. Romney will be filled with it because that who he is.

  2. That mural of Obama on the wall of the public school should have never been there in the first place, but aren’t there laws against electioneering at polling places? The Democrats have become lawless now.

      1. They put 3 pieces of 8×10 paper over his face but you could still see the
        seal and hope. 2012 and we still use our Election Day as juveniles and
        thugs very sad.

  3. Biden for President?
    Who would put up money for his campaign other than Putin of Russia, Amadinnerjacket of Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood, all of whom would love to see a maroon like ol’ Joe sit in the Oval Office?

    1. The day is grinding on for me–my stomach aches. On THE FIVE, they were saying they would take bubble baths (Kimberly) or try not to watch TV too early. Our TV critic said to take a flyer and watch your opposite channel…conservatives watch MSNBC, libs Fox. Do we need a game plan? I don’t remember ever being this invested–well, maybe my first, JFK…Those days were exciting…

      1. Beware the exit polling data they will be reporting. Heard on Rush that news service exit pollsters are being told not to interview elderly white voters. Think they already know which way we old codgers have voted?

      2. My younger son called last night and requested chicken soup with matzah balls. After voting at noon, I went to the market to buy the umpteen ingredients to start cooking. Between washing the chicken parts, scraping carrots, parsnips, onion, celery …on and on. I finally have a pot up on the stove top and comfort food should be ready for dinner. I wonder if “cosmos” go well with chicken soup. ; )

  4. Meanwhile — a friend in NYC has never registered. His father goes to vote and they try to have father vote in HIS (friend’s) registered place __ hinky? maybe
    In Virginia at voting place, people at sign in taking or asssisting in voter registration so people can vote — problem – cut off date for registration to vote this election — 22 days or Oct 15th — supranormal problem — voting officials allowing same day registration and voting — saw it with own eyes and ears — reported it — was dismisssed – typical of Obama Nation

    1. At the Wapo website, you can “make” a campaign button on why you voted for O, R, or Neither. Mine blew up and never materialized–but there were some Romneys so I can’t go into paranoid dementia right now. You could go try…

  5. Am so tired
    Voted – so that is done
    Saw irregularities – reported – reports dismissed – not surprised
    Saw voter fraud – reported – again dismissed
    Best friend told me he was registered to vote,, friend has not EVER registered
    Not surprised although his father was encouraged to vote as him
    want to scream cry pollute the air with expletives — still a lady — still maintaining
    wondering if any of this matters and who seriously cares anyway
    tired – so tired — so over it all – and who, if anyone cares at all about about one southern lady who is tired
    thinking tomorrow doesn’t matter anyway cause no one really cares
    soo tired

    1. You do seem tired–take care of yourself. We have to have some perspective. If these pols consider this sort of a game, with the Big Birds, misstatements, lies, coverups, exaggerations, fake smiles etc., then we must hold something back, too… Life will go on either way. But you need to pace yourself, OTO. Listen to Auntie Star now.

      1. Good advise, I will listen to Auntie Star now because I say good night and good luck. Early tomorrow I hope I will read those sweet headlines on Keiths blog: “A new President and a New morning in America !”

    2. We’re all tired. It’s a feature of the LEFT to wear you down. Get some sleep/rest. There is no surrender and there are no white flags – we are not French.

  6. I completely agree with your map. And there is a slight chance he will take Michigan. Most people feel like I do. They are voting against Obama because they have to ask for government help, not because they get it.

    The economic problems of excess regulation and high energy prices are on him.

  7. I’ve not slept more than two hours in days. Today I feel sick. Been watching
    the History or Military Channel I will wait till much later to watch on Fox. Flipped by and what a surprise to see a New Black Panther in front of a
    polling place. This country has gone to hell under this miserable little man.

  8. I predict we haven’t seen incivility not just from BHO supporters but The O’s themselves will not go quietly. One more, if I wore a minute man outfit w/ tri-cornered hat to a polling place, DOJ would have me in leg irons w/in minutes.

  9. I am nausous. Haven’t been able to eat all day. I know I only read conservative sites so reading ground reports ,everything looks to be going in Romneys favor,but I wonder what lib sites say? Is anyone getting a sense of whats happening out there?
    The only thing I know for sure is there are lots of voting screw up and unless its a landslide one way or another,we probably won’t know who the President is for weeks and that there are more Romney signs than Obama,pretty much everywhere. If that has any meaning.

      1. Nate Sliver keeps saying Romney has no chance. The word coming out of the ground is this razor thin. For no other reason, I love for Romney to win because it make Nate Sliver hit crow. There is only one poll that matters and that is the one on election day.

  10. I am expect every 1st, 2nd and 3rd world capital, 313 million Americans will be watching with baited breath on the returns for this election.
    For what its worth, this has been a very interesting 4 years. “Liberty is only one generation away from extinction.” Thank you, Keith, John Adams, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and Mitt Romney for a exciting 48 months.

    1. Jimmy Clinton is a well used (by now) of a device known as a ‘composite’ where it uses two names Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton to compose a fictious character.

    2. Amen, Quintis Arrius. Many thanks to Keith for being the lone voice of honesty in the White House press. This day is monumental – we decide between liberty and tyranny.

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