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Obama Wins Reelection

President Obama this evening was reelected president of the United States, defeating Gov. Mitt Romney.

Obama’s win became apparent when networks declared that he had won Ohio.

49 thoughts on “Obama Wins Reelection”

      1. why pay taxes now….tell the IRS, i me on this very day DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR to never pay a federal tax ((besides ciggarettes)) as long as obamas in office

      1. He’s winning the popular vote so don’t gloat. So obviously a majority of the nation think he is worthy. You need to go thank God for the electoral college.

  1. The have nots have won over those who have (very little)

    Sad day

    America has been overrun by morons – if you think you pay

    I blame the 57 – not 47% – stupid government hand out voters (including unions) and I blame MITT ROMNEY

    I said I would cry but I am not crying – not letting this crap get the best of me anymore

    gluck america – starting now I am keeping as many bucks as I can

    being upstanding and working and having pride have just had their teeth kicked out and been gut punched

    what an Fu to the people who don’t give up-

    guess we should all roll over at this point

    I SO can’t see his and her face for another 4-I am stopping reading political sites, cant take it

    1. Okay, besides from being wrong on , oh, 10 states or so; has anyone caught the total vote? It appears Obama will end up with about 10M less than in 2008, the reps will end up about the same, which leads one to ask did the evangelical vote once again sit out the election?

          1. Parts of it are breathtakingly beautiful… lots of expat communities… i would rather stay in Texas BUT I AM NOT STAYING AROUND FOR WHATEVER BS WE’LL SOON BE IN. So, yeah, im givin up.

            Adios amigos

  2. I feel sorry for my 3 kids – all they will know from here on out is crushing debt. As I’ve said many times here, I don’t think the problem is as much Obama (although he’s a friggin disaster in and of himself) but all the people who voted for this guy.

    The envious, selfish, and jealous have won the day.

      1. This may propel people to really take their country back-I have thought for a long time 4 more years may really push people to activate and fight back-this may be a good thing

  3. So Keith, how does it feel to have been wrong in everything you wrote the last six months? I think you might need to find a new line of work.

    1. The way our system is set up, apparently your guy wins – that is the nature of the electoral college. Our guy is winning the popular vote – which does not put him in the White House. Romney is obviously the popular choice but Obama wins technically. I don’t see how Keith is then wrong about everything he wrote. He was right and the popular vote showed it.

      1. We are moving back to the states from France in the spring and we were planning on buying a farm in Texas. Won’t you stick around – we could prop each other up!

    1. Doesn’t really matter. Obama is ahead in just about every other state that’s still not called….Florida, Virgina, Iowa, Nevada. Even if Romney were to win Ohio, it would only make the result narrower.

  4. I’m selling my house, while it still has some value, and getting out of Massachusetts ASAP. I can’t live among people who aren’t wise enough to reject Elizabeth Warren.

    And Meagan Kelly on Fox is making me sick. She just can’t rein in her traitorous glee.

  5. America will get 4 more years of what it asked for. Obama has very little of a hidden agenda. Unlike Clinton, he has no intention of moving to the center to govern more effectively. He will take this narrow victory, based on a small, negative campaign strategy, as a mandate from the country and, once again, govern as if he is always right.

    Hopefully we will not dig ourselves in deeper than we did in the first four years.

  6. hello all my disappointed friends,

    I had to come on here to see how we were all doing. CindyLou, I also felt like crying, but I’m not going to either.

    I don’t quite understand how enough people could look at the last 4 years and say “Yeah, it’s been pretty good so far” and reelect the bum. but they did, so that’s that.

    but that means that our fight starts tomorrow. we will hold Obama to his last-minute promises, and we will expect to see Keystone approved and jobs created and Israel continue to be referred to as our CLOSEST friend in the region.

    and who knows? someone in the NFM besides Keith and Jake Tapper may grow a spine and some Woodward and Bernstein will find out what really happened in Benghazi, and in Washington.

    and in 2016, we’ll have Marco Rubio and Nikki Haley and Susannah Martinez and a whole bunch of exciting politicians, and when they come on we can finally put the “party of old white men” crap to rest.

    Romney is giving his concession speech right now. he is a classy guy through and through, and I’m glad I supported him.

    1. we’re all mourning and wanting to run away (where?!), yet you are planning. somehow i can’t get excited or hopeful about living in a country where ‘they’ will continue to grow in number while ‘we’ die off. i truly do believe it is over.

  7. We are at a tipping point. There are more takers than givers in the big scheme of things. They are going to keep voting theyseleves a raise every four years. Time to bail out, folks!

  8. we were the frogs in the slow boil. didn’t really get what was happening. this one event is probably going to be THE turning point in my life. i can’t continue as i am, as i was. reality has shifted majorly and the 20 – 30 remaining years of my life i’m going to have to rethink. we are no longer the country that others want to immigrate to for freedom, therefore we have lost our life blood. we will only attract leeches.

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