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Dossier Readers Say Romney Will Win

Thanks to all of you who participated in the poll I started Monday and concluded today. As you can see from the result below, you are pretty darn sure Gov. Mitt Romney will be elected president tonight.

Well, I agree with you. I predicted Monday a big Romney win, saying he would be ahead by about 3 percentage points in he popular vote and win the electoral college 321-217.

The poll of course is not scientific. Most of my readers are right of center. But I think it is a rather startling and meaningful result nonetheless.

It’s clear that those who lean to the right are very confident going into this election. And with over 95 percent saying Romney will win despite mainstream media polling suggesting the race is tied – or even slightly favoring Obama – the result indicates conservatives and moderates who back Romney want to win very badly.

And it shows you don’t necessarily believe what you read, particularly in the MSM. My readers think for themselves.

It also  suggests to me there will be a lot of disappointment and anger if President Obama wins. On the other hand, I assume many of you are working on a plan to avoid disappointment. That is, you were definitely planning on voting today. And turnout is the key to this election.

28 Responses to Dossier Readers Say Romney Will Win

  1. No, I won’t be disappointed if MrO is re-elected, but defeated, distressed, sick at heart comes to mind.
    All hope of defunding Obamacare will die, there will be no bi-partisan actions in Congress and MrO will finish his agenda to ‘fundamentally change’ the country I love.

    • Congress still funds Obamacare and Obama will be working with a GOP House and a senate that has some Blue Dog Democrats from red states. Obama knows he has to play ball in order to get it funded.

      Personally if he does win, I cannot wait to 2014 when this all kicks in and the mess that is will be shown to the world finally. Because then will be down to the states in order to set it up and run. Well the states are broke and will fight it whether they are blue or red unless they federal funding. And ObamaCare is not set up for federal funding so your going to have state after state (even blue ones) suing the federal government for forcing this mandate down their throats.

  2. V. Lance Tarrance, Jr. group had a link up earlier saying Romney 50%, Obama 48% but now it’s down so take it what is worth. Lots of crazy stuff on the net right now. One Cincy TV station had Romney up 92,000 early in voting and then Fox News earlier had a screen showing Michigan was already called for Obama with 43% of the vote showing. Better be just working the kinks out of the system. That is why I think we should follow Canada’s model and have no counting of the votes until the day after the election LOL!

  3. I hope Obama’s lip doesn’t get busted again during his “hoops in the hood” today – then he would have to watch Romney’s acceptance speech from up in his bedroom, like he had to do when the official Christmas tree was delivered to the White House. :(

  4. Don’t fret if the early morning exit polling shows Obama up. Republicans won’t start voting until after work. (Not mine but I love it just the same )

    • They cannot really those anymore because of the 2000/2004 messups. They are going to be overly cautious this election and should. And once again, I perfer they just wait to tomorrow and count LOL!

  5. Flash on Drudge: EXIT POLL BOOM FOR O R: NC, FL. O: OH, NH, PA, MI, NV TOSS UP: VA, CO, IA

    If that is the case, the election is over with. Obama wins in a squeaker like most predicted.

    • Now they just yanked it down. What the bleep is going on? Are people hacking Drudges sites, is he putting stuff up that isn’t verified and then realizing it isn’t correct but rather just a test pattern or is he yanking it down so people tune in? *Stretches my head*

      • Yeah he just changed it. Either he didn’t put it up right or he changed it because he knows mostly conserative reads his blog. Only one I am suprised is NH. Thought be a bit too early to call that but everything else makes sense.

        Just go to and you will see it.

        • Was just reminded that the Wisconsin recall vote early polling had Walker down by 7. Trying to be calm. Can’t believe there are that many stupid people in this country!

          • That really was a irregularly. Not saying they are not wrong on this but they figured to it into the narrative that everyone was saying. It’s going to come down to about 5 states: Ohio, Virgina, Wisconsin, Iowa and Colorado.

          • Just 2, I remember that election night vividly. They had all but called it a night in favor of Kerry within an hour or two. I remember a reporter saying and I quote: “Where do you think that President Bush went wrong?” barely after the polls closed. It was over. We were all devastated. Then the numbers started rolling in and they kept on coming and they kept on coming and the exit polls were totally wrong and Bush won.

    • They are avoiding elderly white people in these exit polls. Take it from a vintage white lady, I know why. We are the Tea Party. Vote like your country depends on it, because it does.

      • Agree from a vintage white dude. No exit polling in Culpeper, Virginia. If you don’t want to hear the answer then don’t ask the question!

      • This senior white lady vote at 12:30 in Georgia (a strong Rupublican county) and was the only person in her polling place. However, the poll workers said it was VERY busy earlier and Georgia has now been announced for Romney. You can’t go by what you see at the time you are at the polls…I can see the parking lot of my polling center from my upstairs bathroom window and it was extremely crowded later in the day.