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Video || Obama Heckled in Cincinnati

Here’s some video of the guy who shut down Obama’s campaign speech for a couple of minutes in Cincy Sunday.

A little farewell note to Obama on his second to last day of campaigning ever, supposedly. I guess he achieved what he wanted. I’m not really into this sort of thing, especially when it comes to the president, but the video is pretty compelling.

H/T to Drudge Report and Gateway Pundit.

13 thoughts on “Video || Obama Heckled in Cincinnati”

    1. I was watching MrO’s speech live on TV when they cut away after some disturbance. It wasn’t until I saw this video that it became apparent that it wasn’t the sign holder making the outburst, but the audience who objected to the poster showing photos of aborted children.

      The conservative blogs reported there were a lot of protesters outside this venue from anti-war supporters to a few unhinged folk.
      They weren’t removed from the scene or harrassed by anyone.

  1. The People’s Republic of Cincinnati has been ever thus. The City does encourage a wide range of political thought! Why, they have everything from leftist, to socialist, to communist! What else is there?

    Cincinnati allowed itself to be literally overrun by rioting gangsters in 2001, and had to call the Hamilton County Sheriff in to stop white people from being pulled out of their cars and beaten for the crime of being white, because the City police were legally and politically unable to respond to the challenge themselves. City government never really recovered, and they have been governing as though they are afraid of their own urban population ever since.

    That’s why they ladle free goodies onto them and let the rule of law die out as they march in lockstep for Obama. They are terrified of the consequences of another “insurrection”, which IS a likely outcome of an Obama electoral defeat.

    Stay tuned…

    1. That’s just a Democrat thing, every time they get around a Black audience, they have to be insufferably patronizing. WHITE Dems do it too, like Hillary, Gore, and Uncle Joe.




      Could you imagine if a Republican faked an urban speech pattern? Cry “Havoc” and let slip the dogs of racism!

  2. Wow…these are the same people who denied God three times in Charlotte. They are cheering over a man being arrested for standing up for life. A few heathens wanted to get a piece of him themselves. All the while their messiah is frantically trying to keep up with TOTUS. He’s the incredible shrinking man…

  3. There’s Barry advocating for the Red Cross again. I heard today the Red Cross is begging for blankets. I guess they realized cash doesn’t keep people warm.

  4. I’m as conservative as you can get and pro-life, but heckling anyone (particularly the President) is wrong on several fronts. Perhaps the most important reason it is wrong is that it makes all Conservatives look like rabid single-issue religious kooks to fair-minded Independent folks.

    Face it. We need Independents. This is no way to enlist them in our cause.

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