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Obama to Hit the Airwaves Tuesday; Romney to Ohio, PA

President Obama will continue campaigning Tuesday via the airwaves, doing interviews with at least “about a dozen” local and state satellite radio interviews to try to get his voters to the polls, according to campaign Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Also airing Tuesday will be about a dozen drive-time radio interviews he is taping today.

Obama plans to be at home in Chicago Tuesday where he likely will, as is his tradition, play a game of basketball on Election Day.

Tonight, the president will appear on ESPN in halftime interview.

Gov. Mitt Romney will continue campaigning in person on Tuesday, making appearances in Ohio and Pittsburgh before heading to Boston to watch the returns.

21 Responses to Obama to Hit the Airwaves Tuesday; Romney to Ohio, PA

  1. Heads up everyone who is voting tomorrow:

    If You Notice Any Voter Irregularities, There’s Now a Number You Can Call

    True the Vote, a non-partisan organization for the integrity of elections, has just announced a new “election integrity hotline” where concerned citizens can report illegal or suspicious activity at polling stations throughout the country.

    “If you want to make a difference on November 6th, True the Vote has a job for you,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht explained. “Election integrity captured the American conscience with a rough cell phone video of New Black Panthers intimidating voters in Pennsylvania in 2008. Intimidation and electioneering is illegal inside and outside of polls. You have the power to be America’s eyes and ears.”

    The number is 855-444-6100, but you can send photos and video to They will take care of verifying credible reports and following up with the authorities.

    Fill out an incident report online @

    Keep a watchful eye everyone and don’t let anyone intimidate you tomorrow or ever!!!

    God Bless and Help America, now more than ever!

    • I’ve been voting absentee for the last few elections.
      When I did go to the polling place for our district, it was like a church social; the elderly or the infirm were encouraged to cut in line, women with children were given first place and everyone was as nice as they could be.
      The poll workers were kind and helpful, always helped the newbies, and made special arrangements of privacy for those in wheelchairs.
      Smiles, a cheery hello and a kindly ‘thank you’ as you departed.
      America at it’s best.

  2. There can’t possibly be one voter left who hasn’t decided who to vote for tomorrow.

    Several news sources are claiming that xxx Dems have voter and xxx Repubs have too, meaning that either MrO or MrR has the better of the other.. The assumption is that all Dems are voting for MrO and that’s wrong. I doubt many Repubs are voting for MrO, but it could be.

    • Link provides voting history/percentages 1960-2010. There’s been a whole lot of peeps who don’t give a flyin’ f___ . The 50% who don’t, coud care less; they’ve been absent from participation have been around a long time. It’s terrible.They’re the same people, who get dividends without investing time/money/energy into political stock. Did I say terrible – I meant to say, it’s outrageous.

  3. Obama would be better off sticking to radio. Just saw clips of his ‘last’ campaign rally in Ohio with JayZ, Brucie Springstein – he looks like a starving Somali refugee! Makes you wonder how this guy ever got near the WH, much less the Oval Office! What a torturous 4 years we’ve had! In anticipation of a Romney victory tomorrow night, we decided to dig out a DVD copy of the delightful 1995 film, “The American President”, starring Michael Douglas and Ann Bening – an ironic twist to this debacle of the last 4 years.

    • Hate that movie. An ode to Hollywood liberal politics. After the kiddies bed, were continuing our Bond marathon getting ready for the new one coming out later this week.

      To be fair, I am not a big fan of today’s Hollywood movies. They make great comic book movies now, some over the top comedies and once in a blue moon a biography/historical flick or series (“The King’s Speech”, “Walk The Line”, “John Adams”, “Band Of Brothers , etc) they are mostly crap.