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Bruce Springsteen Gets a Ride in the Motorcade

Updated 2:58 pm ET

From the press pool report:

Pool is hustled to motorcade, and there’s the Boss, with Patti, getting into a black SUV marked “guest.” Bruce is laughing and looks excited. It looks to be the 6th vehicle in the motorcade. In the background, back at the event,  “We take care of our own” is playing.

Can the Situation Room be far behind?

UPDATE: Hitched a ride on Air Force One as well. “It was pretty cool,” he said. And of course, he said he chatted with the president during the flight about the effect of Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey, according to the pool report.

22 Responses to Bruce Springsteen Gets a Ride in the Motorcade

  1. “We Take Care of Our Own” – Unless you’re an American attacked by Al Qaeda terrorists in Libya. Maybe the butcher of Benghazi can let Brucie sit in his chair and watch a few highlights of the video of Tyrone Woods pleading for backup…

  2. This constant fraternizing with single minded pop-rock-hiphop-rap-sports-Hollywoodpeople is really annoying. It cheapens the White House. Didn´t O pretend to be an intellectual in the beginning of his career ? I guess he thinks that was a tiresome part in the script.

    • He still DOES pretend to be “the smartest guy in the room”. That’s why he keeps Biteme around, so it can be true when it’s just the two of them.

      • True cindycinco, he pretends to be smart and as he is not, the yes-men who surround him constantly praise him so people out there get the impression. I have noticed that. Remember all that Bin-Laden hype. However he seems to have given up trying to connect with people who do not wear Nikes and hoods.

  3. Rush just ,mentioned that in 2004 Kerry and Springstein turned out a crowd of 70,000; today it is 18,000. Well, it’s better than Stevie Wonder’s crowd of 200.

  4. Why isn’t Brucie back in NJ doing something for his neighbors? I stopped listening to him a couple years ago when I realized what a hypocrit he is.

  5. obama always tries to impress his “friends” with things he doesn’t own….we do. I haven’t listened to springsteen since I found out what his politics were. That was many moons ago. I doubt he’ll be getting any rides in the Mitt motorcade!

  6. I am so tired of the pres… he loves hollywood more than anything else and really needs to move there in jan. when he leave our highest office that he has managed to make a joke.

    • Obama and “highest” just seem to fit together so well. I wonder how long it will take to fumigate the Oval, and how much of his hidden stash will be found once he and the family move out.

  7. Bruce and Obama party and laugh it up in limos as their “beloved” New Jersey starves in darkness.

    “We Take Care of Our Own”?????????

  8. Bruce is a limousine liberal literally and figuratively. And to think of all the money he has made off the working men and women that he’s selling down “The River”, that he wants to be enslaved by a merciless government.