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Biden: Romney and Ryan Running a “Con Game”

Vice President Joe Biden Sunday accused Gov. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan of running a “con game” on voters, charging that the pair were conservatives masquerading as moderates.

In his latest acerbic attack, Biden also asserted that Romney and Ryan were liars who “don’t have much character at all.”

According to the Associated Press, Biden, during an appearance in Lakewood, Ohio, said Romney’s “changing positions” on tax cuts, Iraq and other issues served as proof that he was really more conservative than the moderate face he is attempting to show voters.

Biden also railed against the Republican ticket for an ad in Ohio saying that Jeep will move jobs out of the state. Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in Lakewood after his appearance, Biden call the ad “the most cynical play I’ve seen,” and added, ‘It’s not just a lie, but it goes to character. They don’t have much character at all.’’

Obama, by contrast, “does not engage in deception.”

It’s just the latest attack from Biden, who in August informed African Americans that Romney wants “to put you all back in chains.”

Biden himself has in the past been cited for plagiarism and lying about his history. He was more recently accused by National Review of wantonly lying during the debate with Ryan.

H/T to Red Flag News and Weasel Zippers.

372 thoughts on “Biden: Romney and Ryan Running a “Con Game””

    1. Exactly! Accuse others of what you yourself are doing. Democrats keep blaming Bush policies for the meltdown as if tax cuts and war spending caused the housing bubble instead of the loose lending rules that they started and strongly supported. Obama keeps tells us that reductions in the defense spending can lower the deficit, be spent on infrastructure and spent education all at the same time. Obama keeps implying that a 1,200 billion dollar deficit can be eliminated by cutting defense 100 billion and raising taxes on the rich 100 billion. Obama is either a charlatan or mathematically challenged.

          1. I’m still waiting for “Hope and Change”. WHO WAS CONNED. America is waking up. No more Progressive Marxism. Back to the Consitution. There’s a reason why Putin, Chinese leaders, Chavez and Cuba all endorse Obama. Nothing more to think about here.

          2. Star if you voted for Obama you were conned long B4 Romney and Ryan came into the picture and evidently you havent learned anything since.

  1. Memo to Joe:

    Joe, ask the families of the Americans killed in Libya about deception by Obama.

    A citizen who has had enough of your nonsense.

    1. Seconded and I am sure there are millions of great Americans who feel the same way. The amount of disdain this administration has shown this country is quite staggering. They must think we are the stupidest people in the world. I’ve been saying for a few years that Obama is Carter and Biden is a sorry excuse for a man, let alone politician.

      1. As is the case, frequently, Ole Scout here felaid to recognize the parody, farcical tone and black humor here. I see so much of Hamas, PLO, Black September and alFatah in all (ALL) that the republican’ts do (see Yellow Dog’s essay at They Gave us a Republic this morning) that I actually thought this was a real news item.

    1. The man is an old-style politician and on his way out. It is obvious his main goal is to get and keep himself and his cronies in the catbird seat.
      Let’s dump that nest……he doesn’t deserve it.

    2. I think that the specter of Senile Joe Biden as president is all that kept some of the more radical extreme right wing groups from attempting to assassinating Obama…stop and think about it and shudder!

  2. “The middle class is coming back!”

    Joe Biden

    August 21, 2012

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    I guess the MENSA meeting with you Ms. Clinton and Mr. Biden did not accomplish much. To be honest I was not expecting much. I’m just hoping that the Secret Service installed child safety locks on the Presidential limo just in case you get a call from him while driving over a bridge. It seems like suicide is all the rage these days. I don’t recommend it, but if successful hollywood producers are checking out this cannot be a harbinger of good days ahead. I often wonder how much more a nation can take from the first exchange student pot head President, I contemplate what my life would be like if you had done the opposite of what you did and kept your promises when you campaigned in 2008?

    Guantanamo Bay would be closed. The troops would be home after you surrendered to the enemy. The fire in the middle east would be about out by now, and all of that blood and money that we wasted fighting for one side of the same muslim/arab coin would have been spared and saved. “Obamacare?” That wouldn’t even have been a memory. A gentle expansion of the entitlement net placed upon the back of a growing economy, George W. Bush did that and it worked out ok. Now we are completely screwed because you decided to throw the long socialist ball with no one to catch it in the end zone. I’m really wishing that guy Jack Ryan didn’t get divorced, and came to the realization sooner that once a man commits the necessary act of insanity that marriage is, to commit the next act of insanity, that is divorce, would end his political life. But in my neighborhood I’ve got mayors of cities beating their wives so I guess the pool of people we are dealing with is fairly shallow.

    So Joe thinks things are great. Let’s talk about business. Have your friends bought a car lately? A house? Made any large purchases? Vacations? I’m talking with your money and not the taxpayers. Because I’m betting the answer is no. I’m betting all of you are puckered up tighter then a sperm whale because you know what is coming, and you think you’ll get a better deal when things really go south when, and if, you win. That’s good. I’m happy for all of you cheap nickel and dime rich liberal democrats. Must be nice to be rich. Never been rich. What does that feel like Mr. Obama? Must be nice. Must be nice to have all of that money. Must be nice to have all of those options in life. Must be nice to not have to worry about money anymore. What’s that like? How much have you given to charity in percentage terms? More or less than Mr. Romney?

    On November 6, 2012 I’m voting for the Mormon because he had the good sense to pick really intelligent and able replacement, and not an insurance policy.


    Joe Doakes

    1. Nice article Joe and ur right on target! This is an election between right and wrong! Brother, I ask that u pray and all ur friends and family pray that God removes this “cancer” from our nation. I trust and believe our prayers will be heard and granted!

      1. We must win this election decisively. Otherwise we come to blows one day.

        . . .

        Dear Mr. Obama,

        It occurs to me that you one of your major malfunctions in life is that you were not raised as an American. You were raised as Anti-American. It all goes back to your childhood; much has been written about it, and it is not necessary for me to recant how you relish being a street kid in indonesia learning the koran. Or how you spent years listening to Reverend Wright spew his hate fueled sermons. Frankly sir, I really don’t care about you, or your small, and insignificant life. I really only care about the American lives you are destroying in pursuit of the green or red liberal unicorn. Instead I’d like to discuss with you a problem you have with lying, cheating, and stealing. When I was a boy I had similar problems, I always say my mother hit me because she was drunk, my father hit me because I deserved it. One of the methods that was deployed to give me something called character was not just the sift whack to the backside, but the bedtime story.

        How to Behave and Why by Muro Leaf was the story among others that were read to me in order to instill some sense of a moral compass. The book is broken into five parts that discuss the following words: HONEST, FAIR, STRONG, WISE and finally a discussion of why all of this is so important to leading a good life. That is, if all of us aspire to those standards peace and comity would the norm, and strife and struggle would be the exception, and further we all would create excess capacity to help those souls who legitimately require our compassion. Being that you lie with such mellifluous ease one example from the book I think you can benefit from immediately is the discussion on lying; “Only a dope would tell a lie. One of the quickest ways to lose your friends(voters?) and to make people dislike you is to lie.”

        Maybe if you started to tell the truth your poll numbers would start going up?

        In closing you might consider buying a copy and reading it to your children, maybe some of it will rub off on you. Considering the lies you told during your speech in a Wisconsin battery factory you could certainly use a refresher course on the truth. You know what Mr. Obama, it is one thing to lie to your “believers” it is quite another to play your tune to families that are relying on the truth to feed, and protect their families.

        That is wrong, and I will not stand for it, nor will my fellow citizens on November 6, 2012.


        Joe Doakes

      2. voters get to choose – do you want the allure of handouts from the government(Obama)? Or do you want liberty and less big brother in your pockets (Romney)?

      1. “Whose in charge here?”

        “Joe Doakes”

        November 5, 2012

        Dear Mr. Obama,

        I’ve got to hand it to you. If there ever was a shining example of cluster f!@ c k you are it!

        From domestic economics, and social policy, to foreign policy to handling natural disasters you win the prize. There is not a soul on this Earth who could do a worse job than you. Other than Joe Biden. That guy could foul up a water rescue in a dessert. In fact, in a competition between you and him; I’d have to pick him, because at least he is not a “true believer.” You see I’ve known people like you, and you think that what is “mine,” however small it has become, is “yours.” Well, I’m here to tell you that we get a say in all that because in this nation we believe in “Taxation with Representation” and it would appear that you are in the process of committing theft. Or the legalized form of it via “Obamacare,” and you and Mrs. Pelosi, can take it all, and shove it so far up your large colons Barney Frank will not even be able to locate it.

        After four long years of witnessing this insanity. I no longer wonder why this nation is in such bad shape. Because it would be one thing if you were a peace nick and pulled the troops out and surrendered to the enemy, it would be one thing if you ordered those troops to steal what wealth that you could not convince them to voluntarily give to you, It would be one thing if you forced everything from the common American citizen and banks to operate against their self interest, if you had done this on day one. It would bring into clear relief what you and those of your ilk truly stand for. But if you did that 2010 would not have been a landslide.

        We wouldn’t let one democrat run the washroom!

        You see Mr. Obama the American people have a response to that question posed above; “Whose in charge here?” . . . “We The People” are in charge here. Every 2 to 4 years we elect citizens who will best administer to what we cannot do on our own. Now we’ve taken on a lot of promises and we are aiming to keep them because Americans keep their word. But the dumpster is full, and it’s time to make the trip to the landfill and the American people are climbing into that truck and we are all set to dump your a$$ into it.

        We’ve had it; tomorrow we fire your a$$.

        On November 6, 2012 we are voting for Romney/Ryan like our lives depend on it, because it does.


        Joe Doakes

  3. (This one is gonna hurt a bit . . . the truth generally does . . . but as Eschylus once said: “Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God.”)

    August 17, 2012

    Dear Mr. Obama,

    When a black President condones the actions of black r ac i st s he is instigating violence, when his Vice President steps up to the microphone and invokes the horrific imagery of being enslaved by the raw force of iron and steel born on the human spirit as well as the body one can only conclude that he is trying to harvest votes in the same manner those slave owners in the past were demanding they harvest their cotton. One can only dream of what Phyllis Wheatly would think of such ignorance from the first black President. I’ve little doubt she would quickly look upon Mr. Biden and see him for what he is; an idiot miscast in his role by a sleeping public and horrific misfortune. But you Mr. Obama and the rest of your ilk are well aware of your history, and how you consistently pervert it to your twisted and nefarious ends.

    One wonders what you Mr. Biden, and Mrs. Clinton, said during the local Mensa meeting. Did you discuss how better to pervert and abuse the American public? Did you discuss a brain transplant for Mr. Biden? Did Mrs. Clinton pull out the shoe polish and then try to make Mr. Biden more authentically “down for the struggle?” Because a recent shooting in South Africa is just one more piece of evidence as to what happens when economics runs afoul of human nature. You see there were, I say were because 30+ of them are dead, these black miners striking because of poor working conditions and pay. In this one I’d be on their side. But, instead of sitting down and working it out, they were slaughtered by black police officers. In the old days one would see an image of white south africans holding Steven Biko without charge only to slaughter him later. What’s your perverted racist, and possibly fascist, form of thinking now say as to this most recent example of what happens when you run out of someone else’s money say to you? It tells me that for all the lefts good intentions all they will do in the end is get me and others k i l l e d for no reason.

    I’m not going to sit here and say that some people aren’t full of hate for people for all sorts of reasons. I’m not going to sit here and say I’ve got the perfect solution to the worlds problems. Nor am I going to start carrying around peace signs, smoking dope, and wearing those stupid glasses I wore in high school because I thought that stupid song that John Lennon sang (Imagine) bore some deep hidden truth. I was an idiot then. I even looked like one. One can clearly give that title to Joe Biden now. In fact if it was my job to protect him, which if it was my duty to do I would do so happily and professionally, I would change his code name to “Biko.” Why? To honor those who have actually faced evil and died fighting for good.

    The Romney/Ryan team are going to look for Americans of every race, color, and creed, to fill the hundreds of thousands of positions required to get this nation running like it should. They are going to be looking for integrity, competence, and character. America is full of these people. I run into them all of the time in private industry. Even when I’m shopping at Staples for the stuff I need to get my job done and build what I hope is a good idea so I can one day get it on those shelves. I’ve little doubt the customer that buys it is not going to consider the race of the person that made it. Their only concern is going to be does it work?

    Well, Sir, the American public are about to apply the same criteria to you, and that idiot Mr. Biden, I have extreme confidence in their ability to recognize the need for a change in leadership. Even Mr. Biden could see the wisdom in that.


    Joe Doakes

  4. This coming from a plagiarist, foul-mouth, lunatic. It’s really to the point where listening to Joe Biden is the equivalent of listening to a lunatic wino who accosts you at the bus station.

  5. Biden is such a little minded fool
    stop being ignorant and conduct yourself at least a little like a Vice Prsident and not like a BAFOON

    1. He has high regards of himself, He is planning on running for President in 2016. Here’s someone really connected to reality.

  6. “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”
    -Ben Franklin

    Note: Joe doesn’t have to work hard or at all.

    1. You are wrong both O and Biden are men of truth. When they die people at their wake are going to say “there lays a man of the truth cause it’s still in him” LOL

  7. haha, talk about con games. Even with a $5 million offer from The Donald we still know zero about obama personally. And yet whether a person is constitutionally eligible for the highest office in the land is not important to some. These are the people who want to ruin this country, and have been trying to do it for the past 4 years.

  8. I think it’s about time for Joe to stop with the insults. This man, who has done little of anything significant in his government career has no right to rant that others have no character. Joe, go retire, do some memoir plagiarism and get another hair transplant.

  9. Joe,
    I’ve wanted to say this two weeks after we were married. You’re so stupid.
    Please stop embarrassing the family. Everytime you open your mouth and flash your false teeth, the majority of Americans laugh at you. Joe, you don’t even know what state you’re in most of the time. So please, dumbjoe, shut up and stop embarrassing the family.
    DR. Jill

    1. “I’m going to give you the whole load today . . .”

      Joe Biden

      October 31, 2012

      Dear Mr. Obama,

      Well there’s little doubt where Mr. Biden spends the energy of his subconscious mind. Fornicating seems to be the only thing to do when the lights go out. It’s one thing to do; quite another to use as a lead off to a campaign event. Please tell Mr. Biden that while I could care less what he does with the Mrs., just so long as she does not object, I do care what spews forth from his pie hole, and if he could keep it at a PG-13 level I would appreciate it, and I might even throttle back a bit on my criticism, but I’m not making any promises . . . :) . . .

      Like most people in the northeast my power is out. But like some I planned ahead. My generator is humming along and it is doing it’s necessary work in keeping the food cold, the food frozen, and far more importantly my wife happy. I wonder how Mr. Biden manages to do this with that mouth of his. I’ve found the only two words in a marriage that are necessary are “yes dear,” and the only words I hear are my first name followed by noise. So this morning I wake up to find a plug in Prius in my driveway stealing my electricity, complete with an “Obama Sticker.” After a simple investigation I determined that this perpetrator had spent the night here stealing my electricity.

      Could you just see the “Drudge Headline?” Joe Doakes whacks Obama voter while he steals electricity! I wonder if it would get the siren or the red thing? No matter. You see all this jacka$$ had to do was ask nicely and I would have said yes. Kind of like Mr. Bidens wife . . . :) . . . I live by a few simple creeds, because real life is very hard. One of them is “Don’t steal, the government hates competition” I often wonder why people bother to steal, it such a waste of effort, and you put yourself, especially if you steal from me, at extreme risk. Now I have your plate number, make, model, and the location of your Obama Sticker . . . now I have a choice to make; would a liberal make the same one? It’s a good thing I did not give that guy the “whole load.”

      Time to get back to trying to get things back to normal. My chain saw and chaps are in my future. Great. I get to look like one of the “village people” again. Talk about a “load.” Maybe I should finally make that you tube video? With Mr. Biden’s wife?



      Joe Doakes

      (Humor is the best medicine – we will all get through this – I promise – if you need something – ask – people want to help you – you just need to take your time and explain things and be nice – it works – just ask Mr. Bidens wife . . . :) . . .) there I go again . . .)

      1. Joe,

        You are a much nicer and kinder person than I. Had that been me, the Prius would have had four flat tires, and the tree in my front yard would have suddenly developed a case of rot and fallen across the roof of the car.

        I, like you, have very few rules of life. In fact only three: Don’t mess with my family, don’t mess with my money, and don’t touch me unless you are a woman, and it’s in a way I like. Violate any of these rules, and you will have a fight on your hands, one that, even if I lose, so will you.

        1. “You got to know when to hold ’em know when to fold ’em know when to walk away and know when to run . . .”


          Joe should be running about now . . .

        2. Remember this; those who go looking for a fight generally find one.

          . . .

          Atticus Finch v. George Zimmerman . . .

          April 12, 2012

          Dear President Obama,

          Recently you hosted a viewing of “To Kill A Mockingbird” portraying the indomitable Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch. If I could make a suggestion, do the same thing with a movie called “12’ O’Clock High” those are the types of movies I grew up watching with my Grandparents when they looked after me. Regardless, this book come movie, demonstrates the clear challenges that a criminal justice system faces in the light of prejudice. It colors our notions of mercy and fairness and can affect what we understand to be “right” or “wrong.” But facts are stubborn things, and the purpose of a trial is to submit those facts in an ordered fashion and present them to a jury and then have them render a verdict. Then have confidence that it is the right one.

          Before we even begin to put those facts into that crucible we are faced with the raw reality of life. Ever been in a bank while it was robbed? I was. Twice. Both times I had a pistol, and both times I exercised something called judgement. I would agree with the sentiment that it takes more than a license to own a gun, but I would disagree that we ought to establish the state as its arbiter. In the same way Mr. Zimmerman voluntarily decided to carry a gun, but for it, he’d be dead now. I sincerely doubt the Mr. Martin would have stopped his assault. Regardless, Mr. Zimmerman made a terrible choice when he decided to engage a fellow citizen and proceed far beyond his role in civil society. Mr. Zimmerman, not fearing for his life, engaged someone he believed to be about to commit a crime, hence the call to 911. While I was in that bank, I didn’t have time to call 911, and the citizen robbing it was doing it with a loaded index finger, and I’m not going to shoot someone over that. I’m going to remain calm, and see what happens next. Just like I was taught to do. Look for signs of escalation and sequestration. I have to admit when the police interviewed me I left all of this out. I’m no hero. I just want to see my kids again.

          Atticus Finch was painted as a hero though. He stood up for the defenseless not only from the flawed notions of a society with regard to race, but to a lynch mob with a 12 gauge outside the jail house. It’s one of my favorite scenes. A lawyer standing up for his client not only with words, and confident representation, but the selfless desire to guard him, and put his life on the line in the process. A very American thing to do. That takes courage. Raw courage. Some time ago a Boston police officer was in the process of doing his job and you accused him of “ . . . acting stupidly . . .” to all of us he was doing his job, just like Atticus Finch would want him to do, by the book.

          You are about to face a real live “Atticus Finch” in the form of one Mitt Romney; I find that humorous considering that you think you are “Atticus” when you could not hold a candle to him or even know which end the shell goes in a 12 gauge.

          On November 6, 2012 . . . I’m voting for Mitt Romney because it would be far better to have a real “Atticus Finch” in the White House then one who is just trying to play the part.


          Joe Doakes

  10. If, God forbid, Barack Obama wins tomorrow’s election the divide between the United States Military and their fictitious Commander-In-Chief will be cataclysmic for America’s National Security interests. Obama’s display of political cowardice in failing to dispatch assembled rescue assets to our besieged American citizens in Benghazi, a certain death sentence, will reverberate un-attenuated for as long as Obama remains in the WH. The essential bond of trust between this CINC and our military members, which was tenuous at best prior-to the Benghazi scandal, is now forever fractured. Barack, whatever the outcome of the election, you have disgraced the office, and you should be compelled to resign. Greg Neubeck

    1. Greg, I think you said what many fear. If the military has no faith in their CiC up and down thru the ranks, then we are in big trouble. I hope common sense prevails tomorrow and this regime is voted out.

    1. …AND then runs all over the country trying to sell that same Fairy Tale… !!!!
      To democrats reading this: Aren’t you PROUD ?
      Joe Biden, ( the moron being the subject of this rant ) said in HIS debate with THE OTHER MORON ( the socialist moron in the whitehouse ) said that Bozo “…isn’t ready to be president…”, THEN ran WITH HIM, and now ESPOUSES his virtue & capability after the addition of SIX TRILLION…
      Congrats, democrats…

    2. Yeah Jim, I also remember when Bill Clinton said in 07 “A year ago this guy would be bringing us our coffee”. He also said “They played the race card on me”. But now ol Slick Willie is campaigning for the Great Pretender in Chief. Slick has been properly named yet DemocRATS adore him. Well they need someone to worship and Carter and LBJ were worse. There is no Ronald Reagan in the DemocRAT Party.

    3. And now because of obama good old Bill’s wife’s future political aspirations are a fairy tale. Unless she goes to Massachusetts where political lying and fairy tales are embraced. (Elizabeth Warren, the Kennedys, Barney Fwank, et al)

  11. Biden is the worst vice-president we have ever had bar none. I don’t know how you can vote for such a dishonest, whiny asshole. I hope he is put out to pasture tomorrow just so i don’t have to hear that voice anymore.

  12. We are DOOMED if obozo and dumbo win tomorrow …… four more years of more taxes, higher debt, less quality medical care and grandparents thrown over the cliff. Kenya loves oboza .. maybe he should move back there.

    1. Marlene: It’s even WORSE than that… That punk in the whitehouse has ALREADY SAID that coal-fired plants will be BANKRUPTED if he has his way…
      CLEAN-COAL power plants provide BUNCHES of electricity in the USA.
      AND JOBS…
      PRIVATE HEALTHCARE INSURANCE providers WILL cease to exist if Obama-Care stays in place — Private companies MUST make a profit… Private companies CAN go broke…
      Obama-Care, backed by a corrupt, treasonous administration will NOT do either…
      To all democrats reading this:
      $ 218,676
      *** 3 yr olds in Pre-Kinder…
      *** 6 yr olds playing T-ball
      *** 8 yr olds … whatever
      ***************** NEWBORNS … YES…
      DO YOU GET IT NOW ???

  13. Obama should be defeated for many reasons, but one reason alone would be his selection of Joe Biden as his VIce President.

    Joe Biden is a certifiable nut and he is our potential president!

    God Help Us!

  14. Someone should bring up DELUSION ! Obama, and Biden have done nothing but deception,lies, and a total lack of Character. Calling Romney a BSer, and Obama party coordinators calling GOP… MFers, and asking to vote for revenge, all are a lack of character and not traits of a President.
    Chrysler is considering moving Jeep to Italy, and Obama has raided salary workers’ pensions, and topped off union workers, not good when Obama says he is for the middle class. This is a nasty group, and when word comes from some source saying that if Obama doesn’t win Whites will be found, and riots will happen. This is all intimidation from above by thuggery tactics , not an Administration that will solve our problems.

  15. Joe should not throw stones. He is a member of the morally and ethically bankrupt Democrat Party. One must admit he is quite the character.

  16. While it’s easy to simply dismiss Biden’s ongoing lunacy as “Oh, that’s just Joe…” the truth is this is a conniving, mendacious, vicious little man who cares nothing about the people he destroys along the way, as long as he gets what he wants.

    Projection of his own very flawed character is all that he states when talking about those he dislikes.

  17. At this point, the genius of the American people will right a bad situation and toss Obama and his Court Jester out on the street. We will finally start to get answers to important questions – what is Obama’s real background and history? (leaks will be prolific once he is out of power) – what really happened in Libya? (Congress will be all over this) – what did DOJ really know about gun running into Mexico? (Holder’s successor will allow for a document dump of immense proportions) – what has been going on in all of the WH meetings with Muslim Brotherhood and other radical Islamic groups? and – maybe – how bad have the Obama Campaign’s violations of election laws really been, particularly when it comes to accepting foreign contributions? (bundlers in China and an incredible percentage of contributions just below the reporting threshold) – It will be fascinating to see what we learn about the last four years.

    One other prediction: The MSM have sacrificed their credibility on the alter of political advocacy and will never regain their credibility or legitimacy as objective journalists – however, they will try to look objective by savaging Obama in hindsight, as if to say, “see, we are objective, look at how we are running him down.” MSNBC will be off the air before the end of Romney’s first term.

    1. JIM: The “document dump” will happen LONG BEFORE a new administration can get to the files…
      That bunch of SOCIALIST TRAITORS will destroy ALL documents which could put them anywhere near a courtroom with the designation of “defendant” before their name…
      IMAGINE THAT… Think it thru to the conclusion:
      An Attorney General who will PLEDGE & MAKE OATH that he will UPHOLD JUSTICE, and then LIE, OBSTRUCT & USE “EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE” to do the OPPOSITE…

  18. Has anyone else notice how Joe looks an awful lot like Jeff Dunhams ‘Walter”. He often times sounds like him as well. Hmmmm, we’ve never seen Joe and Walter together – I wonder!!

  19. I can remember a few years ago tha Romney was so ” Moderate” that no conservative or libertarian could stand him. Biden is in no position to cast characterlogical aspersion on ANYBODY.

  20. Joe knows character. Character is telling lies about one’s college grades and class standing. It it boasting and prideful. Character is plagarism. Character is prevaricating about the cause of the accident which caused the death of one’s wife and child. Tell us more about character, Joe.

  21. Vice-President Biden accusing anyone of poor character is like a munchkin calling someone short.

    We all watched the VP debate and character was a casualty that night. That performance cemented in my mind the posit that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      They LIE OUTRIGHT, and just as importantly, BY OMISSION…
      We must remember this & BREAK THEM by refusing to buy from those who buy advertising with them…
      I know it’s a long shot, but we are seeing SOME of the results which come to pass when we stop watching their stuff…
      * the discontinuance of Anderson Cooper’s BS show…
      * the shutdown of Keith Olbermann…

  22. The con has been pulled off by Biden and Obama. They stole our tax dollars and pushed Communism on America. I’ll be glad when we don’t have to look at either of them anymore. I’m sick of their lies and divisive rhetoric.

  23. Wrong Joe, It’s just character you wouldn’t recognize. It’s GOOD character. Not having any yourself and not associating with those who do it’s not surprising.

  24. Republicans have no character? Joe. I might remind you there is a fine line between Village Character and Village Idiot. You do not seem to know where that line is.

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