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The Obama Morning News || November 4, 2012

Candidates take aim at swing states . . . Fox News
Contrasting strategies to get out the Ohio vote
. . . New York Times
Obama 50-48 in Ohio, but Romney may win . . . Columbus Dispatch
Seniors still out of Obama’s reach . . . Politico
Mitt’s PA push is for real . . . Weekly Standard
Barbour: Sandy broke Mitt’s momentum . . . Politico
Ryan planning an active role as VP . . . New York Times

8 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 4, 2012

  1. Sounds like the NYT is admitting that Romney has it. First an article on how PA is slipping away and now one on Ryan’s vice presidency.

  2. re: MrBarbour’s remarks to Politico:
    A photo op or two of MrO acting Presidential in NewJersey didn’t stop anything in the political process. The photo ops were long forgotten when videos of the victims hit the air and their plaintive cries of nobody helping them showed just how little a massive government can do.

    Seniors, Politico:
    The writer’s opinion that seniors are worried about Obamacare, want something done to save Medicare, but are really racists at heart and can’t find themselves voting for an “African-American”.
    Yes, we’re worried about the loss of $700+billion stolen from Medicare and don’t want our children burdened with Obamacare, and no, it wasn’t the race of the man, but his policies, regulations and inexperience that will allow us to vote for MrRomney.

    I am so sick and tired of being called a RACIST More than that, I never want to hear my President accuse me of being anything other than a patriotic American, no matter how I vote or express my opinion on a political matter. .