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Obama Refuses to Answer About Storm Victims’ Frustrations

President Obama this morning ignored a reporter’s question about the mounting frustration victims of Hurricane Sandy are having with the response to the storm, refusing to let a question from the press interrupt a FEMA photo op in which he was on display taking action.

An excerpt rom the press pool report, which starts with a quote from Obama:

“There is nothing more important than us getting this right. And we’re going to spend as much time, effort and energy as necessary to make sure all the people of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut know that the entire country is behind them in this difficult recovery effort.”

He spoke for about five minutes. Pool asked about frustrations of people, particularly Staten Island. He did not respond.

No doubt aware of the political perils – and potential benefits – of the fallout from the hurricane, Obama arrived at FEMA with multiple members of his Cabinet in tow in a massive display of presidential concern. Even Cabinet secretaries you wouldn’t expect to be involved in hurricane relief – such as the Secretary of Labor and the Small Business Administration Administrator – have been enlisted and were at this morning’s meeting.

Obama’s effort will indeed have some practical effect – anytime a president shows he is personally engaged in an issue, it helps get the various agencies involved into a higher gear.

But with scenes of devastation proliferating on voters’ TV screens around the nation and evidence mounting of an insufficient response, Obama obviously felt he had to be seen at FEMA for a second time this week before heading back out to campaign.

After the visit to FEMA, Obama departed for Ohio.

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  1. So, the victims expected more than Eye Candy..? He allowed his Ambassador to be dragged, bleeding through the streets of Benghazi. Al Queda’s streets…

    1. No..New Yorkers hate New Yorkers and then want to blame others for their stupidity..seriously if you are told for over a week that some horrible disaster was going to strike in your area on a specific date (with hourly updates) why would you stay in that area? The whole damn world knew that storm was bad and had caused havoc and deaths on it’s way to New York. But the storm is the Presidents fault too I guess.. Give me a break.

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  3. Obama is neglecting the white people in NY. Obama wants white people to die. Obama hates white people. (sound familiar?) Where is the outrage?
    I seem to recall being told George Bush planted explosives in the New Orleans levies to exterminate black people. When the shoe is on the other foot things look a bit different dont they?
    I was talking to a woman from NY last night and she seemed to think FEMA was doing a bang-up job. She was delusional.

    1. Perhaps if someone reminded Obama that there are also a lot of black Americans in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Maryland………
      Maybe then he’d at least try and act a little more concerned while losing the election!

      1. ChrisC, you mean so he could do the same to the black community as he’s being doing with creating an environment where their 14 percent unemployment had some chance of decreasing?

        Or the same that he’s doing by championing abortion which decimates the black community (17 percent of America’s population) at a higher rate than that of whites and Hispanics?

        Perhaps it’s that he doesn’t even like the black community, other than for their votes?

  4. Obama doesn’t want his sucking up to the Islamist world storyline to be hurt. “Al Qaeda is on the run.” Yeah right. Romney in a landslide, at least 300 electoral votes.

  5. He doesn’t care about sandy’s victims, just vote for him and suffer in silence. Haven’t you useful idiots seen enough of his malfeasance and incompetence, you attacked bush and he tried to help katrinas victims, where is the press? where is fema (they ran out of water, how do you [fema]) run out of water? liberalism is all about presentation and appearances THEY AND IT HAVE NO SUBSTANCE! We are better off with limited federal government and strong state governments(better equipped to serve their constituents) better and more focused response, remember Giuliani he held NYC and her residents together in the aftermath of 09/11, unlike obamas buddy bloomberg(a very wealthy empty suit,an incompetent 1%er) We need a leader not fool. FIRE HIM on 11/06, send obama back to chicago!

  6. BHO has never…NEVER been able to tackle the real problems this country faces. He’s big on “beer summits” and greeting basketball teams. Let’s face it: This guy has been winging it since day freakin one and the cat is out of the bag. Get out to the polls and vote this imbecile out of OUR White House.

  7. This is SOOoooo FUNNY. 3 days before Obama’s second election and Obama is trying to SHOW Americans he CARES. I don’t think so. Come Wednesday America will have given Barack Hussein Obama their answer.

  8. Christie should have said to Obama: Mr. President, if you’re really serious about wanting to help these people, I know where we can lay our hands on a fast $5,000,000.

  9. Forget about any aid, New York and New Jersey, President Obama has sent billions and billions of dollars to Egypt and Libya – who killed our ambassador and citizens – and there just isn’t much left to take care of our own.

    “Too Bad, so Sad
    Love to All”.
    Your Eye Candy Preeeldent
    Barack Obama “And I approve this message”
    On to Las Vegas!

  10. Obama set out to destroy America…He is close but Americans will kick this communist out of office this Tuesday…In the end, the only thing Obama will be successful at is destroying this new democrat communist socialist fascist all of the above party….bunch of power hungry turds…Screw you Obama and screw you to all you stupid lazy libs…You are NO AMERICANS….Just go away

  11. So – after Katrina hit, the media was all over Bush for not doing enough. Now we have similar reports coming out of Stanton Island, and the media is carrying THIS POS president’s water. How sweet. How touching. It must be so-o-o-o very difficult to be a Messiah. How ever does he do it. The fact is that no one even broke a toenail as a result of Sandy. All the pictures of devastation are retreads of FoxNews, right? Obama is actually in his Oval Office, bored to tears because he handled everything on the first day by simply stretching forth his right arm. Now everyone is of the same color, so we all get along. There are no crimes to report so all the reporters have to make things up, and even that is becoming unnecessary because no one needs either a job or money because we get all our food, water, products and everything else from heaven. It is so wonderful to live in the Time of Obama.

  12. Obama doesn’t call the counter-terrorist team together on the day of the Benghazi attack, goes to bed and the next day, flies off to Las Vegas. He has a cold, cold heart and his dark sinister eyes reflect it. And the media also has blood on their hands for not reporting this as a media blitz (like they have done hundreds of times with Republicans). Go to he11 media.

  13. Why is everyone griping? Isn’t it a good thing if people are without power to help stop global warming. If people would walk instead of drive and if people would go to bed at sundown we wouldn’t need any power and then the earth will cool and then the hurricanes will no longer threaten the planet and we can be happy in the new world order.

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  16. The press crucified Bush for Katrina. Obama, as usual, simply believes that he’s not accountable to anyone because he is so much more intelligent than we mere mortals.

    America can’t afford to have such a pompous leader for 4 more years.

    If he wants to do whatever he wants without reporting to people, then he needs to find himself a kingdom to rule.

  17. Imagine if President McCain were flying around joking and campaigning while bodies are still being found in New York and parts of Queens look like Dresden. The press would be camped out on Staten Island asking surviors why the President isn’t doing anything to help them.

    1. What exactly do you want the President to do?? The press alone following him would get in the way of him doing anything. Perhaps Romney could help out too??

  18. Hope the people of NY, NJ, CO wake up!!!!!! They pay the highest taxes in the country and this is the type of government response they get. A bunch of political assholes who can’t do anything. They have been stealing you blind for decades. And don’t get me started on the Unions turning away help from other electric companies just because they didn’t belong to a union. I guess putting you union ahead of your fellow man is how they roll. Sounds a lot like the DamnOcraps.

  19. So, I’m curious, exactly who does Obama hate and want to see die?

    Because all of the SNAFUs during Katrina, a similar logistical nightmare, were solely and totally due to Bush’s hatred for the people of the area and a desire to see them die.

    1. Ahh…just love the “FORWARD” message by turning back the clock. Okay, jd – you wanna explain Mayor Ray Nagin, too and why the buses never evacuated the 9th ward. Did Nagin hate black people, too.
      Thanks for playing the Race Card Game – Milton Bradley will be contacting you shortly.

  20. gotta love it when the general public, based upon Fox news makes determines how something should have been handled. Why is there no talk about the 10 consulate attacks under the watchful eyes of the republicans, how many troops were needlessly killed in Iraq during our hunt for non existent weapons of mass destruction?? I highly doubt that Obama would sit back as Americans died. I’d love to know how your all getting this information about the night of the attack!!

    1. It would require you to turn off MSNBC and do a bit more reading. Possibly you listened to the four hours of hearings as many of us did.
      BTW…the hearings were on C-Span.

    2. I read watched the hearings, can tell by to many different stories that don’t match from the Prez and I have relatives who happen to be libs that work in high places. A huge cover up, but the big question is why or what is it over. It does not pass the smell test. and by the way, I did vote for the Prez last time. You need to get your news elsewhere if YOU WANT THE TRUTH.

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  23. He bashed George Bush about Hurricane Katrina every chance he got. Now the shoe is on the other foot and his feet are too small to fill them. Can’t wait for Romney/Ryan to start running things in Washington.

  24. Forget about any aid, New York and New Jersey, President Obama has
    sent billions and billions of dollars to Egypt and Libya – who killed
    our ambassador and citizens – and there just isn’t much left to take
    care of our own.
    “Too Bad, so Sad

    Love to All”.

    Your Eye Candy Preeeldent

    Barack Obama “And I approved this message”


    On to Las Vegas!

  25. He sees the real polling data. He is not going to do another lick of work after Tuesday. Hopefully Pres. Romney will step in and get it fixed. Any Pres. who golfs over 100 times during a bad recession is lazy !!! He got his Club Fed and ran up a nice tab on us taxpayers. How many steaks and lobsters did he gorge on while we have record number of food stamps? We will find out soon enough.

  26. Here in FL where Mitt is currently crushing Obama… we remember very well how it took him 30 days to come down to see the oil spill. Yeah, he is a real piece of work this guy. Can’t we send a moving truck for him on Wednesday???? Enough already.

  27. And when Obama went on the ground for post Sandy photo ops in NJ and NY, the skies were cleared within a hundred miles for 2 hours either side of his arrival and departure — common practice for Presidents going back many years. That meant no commercial airline traffic and no rescue personnel air traffic entered the New York City airspace during that 4 hour time. GW Bush was smart enough not to do that after Katrina but got vilified for using common sense and keeping out of the way of rescue efforts.

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  29. The Americans in Benghazi begged for assistance….denied, too busy campaigning

    The Americans in NYC & NJ begged for assistance….denied, too busy campaigning.

    Does anyone need reminding how long it took Obama to engage in the Gulf oil disaster? He is feckless and indecisive, add to that incompetent and “America, we have a problem.”

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    1. He really has not readily answered questions throughout his presidency, so I am not sure why he would change now.
      The only time he actually had to answer questions was during the debates, and he didn’t seem to be able to do it very well during the first debate, so perhaps rather than refusing to answer questions, he just has not had the capacity to do it very well.

  31. Why all the comments about the Benghazi debacle when the article here is about Obama’s ignoring questions about American’s suffering right here at home?! We already know he didn’t give a damn about the 4 Americans who were killed in Libya.

  32. A lot of discussion, but seems to be some problem with actual boots on the ground.
    Probably he should direct the military to assist.
    An air craft carrier battle group was deployed to Indonesia in the aftermath of the Tsunami and provided much needed assistance, however it doesn’t seem the military can be mobilized on a humanitarian mission in the United States.
    Certainly they could carry food by helicopter to where ever it is needed, erect mobile hospitals, and construct shelters for those who are homeless.
    Also ships have been utilized to provide emergency power for cities in times of crisis, with a ship in port being able to plug into the local grid and provide needed power.
    The military certainly has extensive experience with portable generators.
    What are they waiting for?

  33. Our neighbor has a home in Beach Haven, NJ and he agrees with not letting non union workers in there to help with the electrical clean up. HOW STUPID ARE THE PEOPLE OF NJ ANYWAY?? Yes, I’m yelling.

  34. So Obama gives a speech, does a Nana Gouvea-style disaster porn photo shoot with a hysterical Chris Christie, then does a Bush-style flyover of Snookie’s mansion on the Jersey Shore — all while people are dying in Staten Island and eating out of dumpsters in the streets because FEMA is nowhere to be found.

    Everything he’s done in this disaster has been publicity-seeking in front of cameras. All talk, no action, just as we’ve come to expect from the TelePrompTer prez. Nothing is being done for the people who are suffering.

  35. Of course Obama doesn’t want to talk about the VICTIMS. All he cared about was his PHOTO OP. It should be obvious to every thinking person. Obama USES tragedies for political gain. Look how acted with EVERY crisis since he’s been in office. He’s a disgrace.

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