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Obama Refuses to Answer About Storm Victims’ Frustrations

President Obama this morning ignored a reporter’s question about the mounting frustration victims of Hurricane Sandy are having with the response to the storm, refusing to let a question from the press interrupt a FEMA photo op in which he was on display taking action.

An excerpt rom the press pool report, which starts with a quote from Obama:

“There is nothing more important than us getting this right. And we’re going to spend as much time, effort and energy as necessary to make sure all the people of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut know that the entire country is behind them in this difficult recovery effort.”

He spoke for about five minutes. Pool asked about frustrations of people, particularly Staten Island. He did not respond.

No doubt aware of the political perils – and potential benefits – of the fallout from the hurricane, Obama arrived at FEMA with multiple members of his Cabinet in tow in a massive display of presidential concern. Even Cabinet secretaries you wouldn’t expect to be involved in hurricane relief – such as the Secretary of Labor and the Small Business Administration Administrator – have been enlisted and were at this morning’s meeting.

Obama’s effort will indeed have some practical effect – anytime a president shows he is personally engaged in an issue, it helps get the various agencies involved into a higher gear.

But with scenes of devastation proliferating on voters’ TV screens around the nation and evidence mounting of an insufficient response, Obama obviously felt he had to be seen at FEMA for a second time this week before heading back out to campaign.

After the visit to FEMA, Obama departed for Ohio.

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    1. I guess you haven’t herd the FBI timeline the ambassirdor was dead the first hour he could not be resued…. even the Entabe raid the Israelis pulled off was a week of planning. Our Army is not a designed as a swat team.

        1. Obviously David jones would just let the people die so he could go about his business until it was convenient for David Jones to give it some attention. Ooops! Maybe David jones is really bummer.

          1. He also had intelligence from several other countries confirming there were weapons…hell, he’s used them against his own people (Hussein) !!

          2. Yes until someone said there was none…they they ran like cowards that they are and typical of lefty loons, they put their heads in the sand

          3. what Bush did or didn’t do, has nothing to do with Obama’s ineptitude in this case. Obama was more concerned about a fund raiser in Las Vegas than his job as Commander in Chief. Obama is negligent and I would say willfully. Obama promised he would do many things and he didn’t. He didn’t give any conditions or exclusions…He failed..

          4. It may have been faulty intelligence. Intelligence gathering is notoriously spotty in those areas- some people seem to think that intelligence gatherers have access to an unhindered flow of reliable info that they can just phone in like a news story. You don’t have to be an expert to understand that it doesn’t work that way. Or a miscommunication at a critical juction. It’s far too early to start making judgement calls about “ineptitude.”

          5. David Jones, what kinda idiotic president doesn’t beef up on security before 9/11 anniversary? Your man’s a disaster because his world view of terrorists is a failure.

          6. When it’s done or not done on purpose, it’s not a failure for our IslamoMarxist president (remember the “weddIng ring” with Arabic inscription).

          7. You are forgetting Mr. Jones that Obama has had Hamas leaders in the white house numberous times. That the CIA was watching the group responsible for the attack in Benghazi for 10 months and that they had asked for increased security on several occasions via emails and phonecalls. Read the the emails recovered, and how about the CIA timeline just released? But yet it was about a video. You back him up saying he called it an “act of terror” but if he felt it was terrorism why then spend 2 weeks saying it was about a video? You don’t. Only a dishonest and deceiving person would intentionally distort facts to it’s citizens. In regards to the 5500 souls, everyone including Saddam himself thought he had WMD’s. 911 could’ve been resolved in the Clinton years if he would have given the order to hit Osama instead of turning it down. Obama isn’t a leader nor a commander in chief but a campaigner that is a front man while the people around him (ie Valerie Jarrett) bring this country to it’s knees.

          8. I just want to tell David here that there are four categories of WMDs – biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear. Salaam possessed large quantites or “stockpiles” of at least two different types, biological and chemical (which he had used against the Kurds and was threatening to use again). So go fuck yourself with that point. Also, and most importantly, we had total support and the right to go into Iraq simply because Sadaam ignored UN security sanctions over 10 times and showed no intentions of ever cooperating. What was he hiding? Gee, I wonder…. Chemical and biological weapons! So please, take that point and fuck yourself again. Asshole.


          9. Bush Bush Bush… Did Bush lie about spontaneous demonstrations provoked by a anti-islamic film? How many deaths has this lie caused after Obama’s bullhorn fabrication. You do know they rioted in Pakistan AFTER his big LIE…. and the film maker now sits in jail with no bail set. This is your Amerika? And now the investigation… LOL…. Obama has to complete his investigation so someone may inform him of what he did that night! LOL…. He was a coward who let men die as they cried for help and with narry a thought, traveled to Las Vegas the next day…. Again… he is a coward… and you are a fool.

          10. No weapons, huh?

            Just cause your conrades in the MSM didn’t bother to report we found over a thousand viable chemical warheads and 75 tonnes of yellowcake doesn’t make the lies you are telling any more believable to someone who actually saw the evidence.

            You’re just a poor deluded zombie.

          11. Sorry sir but the US government went to war not bush. 40% of house Dems voted for the war and a whopping 59% of senate dems voted for it ! if there is blood on hands it is all of them. Way to make it partian when it was a bi-partisan congressionally approved war.

          12. Another lie and ever time it’s told the number keeps getting bigger…! When President Bush left office, after 8 yrs. in office, the Iraq death count was less than 1300 troops. He could not have done anything to prevent the SECOND attack on the WTC… no more than Clinton could have prevented the FIRST attack on the WTC. The difference between the first and second attack, President Bush did something about it and made sure our troops had everything they needed. Within 3.5 years of obama in office, 2200 of our young men/women have died… that is the last death count published, last July! Due to the fact the MSM no longer publishes daily death counts… (gee, I wonder why!) we don’t know how high the count is now. .. many of them shot in the back.. comments from obama.. crickets!
            Now, would you like to discuss Bengahzie…?

          13. that war also belonged to the democrats. as a matter of fact several prominent democrats before bush’s term said we should be in iraq. if clinton had done his job by taking bin laden when offered, the first 9/11 may never have happened.
            face the facts, this administration has failed on every level.

          14. Dave, perhaps you should review Clintons 1998 SOTU where he stated as a matter of fact to the American public that Saddam was the biggest threat to America. They were in it with Al-Qaeda. And all the leading democraps agreed; Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosie, John Kerry….even Ted Kennedy. History is so easy to forget for you people when it doesnt fit your agenda!

            And remember, Iraq was voted on by our congress and dont try and sell any lies about mass weapons of destruction. They were there and move to Syria before we invaded. They know it and we know it!

          15. Saddam definitely had WMDs. They went to Syria and are now on the way to Iran. How about the thousands of Iraqis
            that Saddam was murdering and bulldozing into mass graves? We shouldn’t try to help them? Bush tried but, of course, you liberals don’t like that.

          16. Nonsense… they had a year to move ’em all out.. Where do you think all those chemical weapons in Syria came from that everyone is so worried about these days, Dave?

            And by the way… they DID find WMD’s.. Read more. at least 500 shells os Mustard Gas were found burried. They also found some with a agent called Cyclosarin. It’s pretty much Sarin gas on massive steriods.

            At the time, liberal boobs like yourself ran in circles, patting their heads claiming that “No, no… those are the ‘old’ WMD’s. We’re talking about new ones.”

            Lets remember the Kurdish, Dave. Gassed to death by Saddam Hussein, if anyone with all 10 fingers and toes remebmers. You’re looking a bit shy on Chromosomes, Dave. Have a vitamin and give the ‘puter to the next bed-wetter in line.


          17. Have you see the death toll number increase since the lord and chief came into office, why yes. How come we are not being bombarded daily with these stats and deaths. I want the numbers everyday, the media is not doing it’s job. These are my fellow Americans it is all our blood. You dam dems have no clue what it takes to keep this country safe, you let Mexico invade one at a time then the free ride. F all of you I work my ass off self employed 12 hours a day pay taxes up taxes and what do i get. Squat. Get this turd out of office. Four more years and we are ruined.

          18. You mean Bush sent us into Iraq for WMD? I thought that was what Dick Durbin’s amendment to the Authorization stated. Maybe you’re just confused. Anyone would be with the way the Democrat Party has been lying about that war since 1998. 1998. Wasn’t that when Bill Clinton signed into law an act for action against Iraq? Ooops. Another one of those silly facts.

          19. No I don’t think you are one of the “herd” followers of Obama, the Messiah. You are one of the “flock” of stupid sheep who still think Obama can lower the seas.

          20. They weren’t 5500 souls, they were 5500 soldiers. Soldiers who volunteered to fight and who would probably be pissed at you for even talking about their sacrifice. They knew that every Jihadi they killed on the flat deserts of Iraq was an enemy their brothers wouldn’t have to face in the fortress that is Afghanistan!

            Most military people believe the WMDs that the left was so obsessed with were moved into Syria by the Russians. Are you suggesting we should of fired on the Russians? Are you saying that Iraq, and Afghanistan were not enough and that Bush should of started WW3 on top of it?

      1. I guess you do not know how to read. The Ambassador died at the hospital after being horrible abused and tortured. Those few heroic individuals on the ground were desperately calling for assistance and Obama sat on his backside with a bag of popcorn in the situation room, went to bed before it ended and then flew out for two days of campaigning.

        Vote Obama out. Vote against the New Democratic Progressive Union Socialist Communist Party. The Democratic Party is now a haven for far left wing nuts like Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Gone are the Blue Dogs and moderates, all we have are Dirty Dogs, Rat Dogs, Yellow Dogs and Red Dogs. You will get fleas voting for any of them.

          1. The FBI has taken DNA from the semen left on/in the ambassador. The USA is now hunting for those involved and a DNA match will prove conclusive.

        1. Koo Koo that’s why you’re gonna lose, always over the top crazy talk, no one listens after a while you parrot Fox and Rush. When Raygun lost 200 marines his generals warned that we took side by attacking Hezebola and would result in the Marines being targeted and obviously Reygun didn’t personally set up a barracks situation that was not secure enough, he depended on his security advisers. But dems NEVER said he hated the troops and purposely enjoyed or wanted a massacre of our Soldiers, no one called for a hanging or impeachment of the President and on both sides we acknowledged he was one of our great Leaders. So sad repukes have such a different view of politics

          1. Wow Davy, thanks for being so level headed and respectful. The one important thing that both Rush and Fox News have in common is that what people learn from them is far, far closer to the truth than what the corrupt and criminal elite media try to pass off as news. Enjoy your pollaganda and propaganda for the next three days, until Øbama is swamped at the real polls. The vast majority of the country knows that the big Ø cares far more about extending his taxpayer funded spending sprees than he does about ANYTHING else. It will be such a pleasure to see his tuchus booted out of OUR house.

          2. Please, I hope not! The Obamacrat regime is a totally self-serving demagoguery. A simple point of reference: the ENORMOUS squandering of taxpayer funds on entertainment at the WH and on lavish vacations – smashing all prior records into oblivion. Hypocrisy? Arrogance? Just “getting even” kind of “mean”? Whatever – I don’t care as long as this cretin is out of the WH next year!

          3. The Marines and their commanders weren’t begging Reagan for assistance for weeks, days, and hours before being attacked.

            Big difference dude.

            But I like they way those on the Left are carrying water for a President that has presided on the highest poverty rate in decades, 23 million underemployed, labor participation rate at decades long low, forced retreat from two wars, leading from behind while the Middle East burns, criminal negligence and obstruction in allowing assault weapons to pass into the hands of narco-terrorists, falling wages, rising gas and food prices…….

            the list goes on and on, but as long as Obama has a little (d) next to his name those on the Left will grab kool-aid while trashing what little principles and standards they still have.

          4. Reagan went on live TV and took full responsibility for the deaths. Obama went on TV and falsely blamed a video, then went off campaign fund raising for two days.

          5. after obama lied to us all he then went on pakistan tv with hillary and appologized to them i dont remember bush appologizing to anyone, bet obama cant wait to go over seas and bow to a few more foriegn leaders

          6. Reagan has NOTHING to do with Obama’s failures.. are you saying it was ok for Obama to be inept because Reagan could have been inept.. next thing you know you’ll be saying Obama is a failure because the British lost at Valley Forge..

          7. Don’t feed the troll. He is only posting cause he thinks his guy needs his help. When you think about it, it’s kind of cute. Like a child who doesn’t want to see their ice cream melt in the hot sun :) aww

          8. It was the right thing to do even though the cost was high. Hezbollah can’t walk this world unchallenged. Or they will be walking up your driveway. Whereas, Obama’s policy of no military strength in Libya to show them we BELIEVE they really are good Muslims, got our people murdered on the ONE FREAKIN DAY when we should have enough been more on guard. Our people are dead because our President is more concerned about appearance than reality.

          9. Look fucker, I’m sick and tired of you cocksuckin liberals trying to avoid historical facts It was YOUR FUCKING PARTY that was calling our soldiers murderers. Several of them including Murtha and Kerry were saying that to the ENTIRE fucking planet and they threw our troops under the bus for purely political reasons.

          10. We just want Otaxes/Oliar/Omarxist voted out! It’s time we got the country back on track. Foreigners from 3rd countries no longer respect us…..but why should they when they see a WEAK so-called leader BOWING to 3rd world despots. Go Romney!

          11. What’s STUPID is people voting to lower their standard of living by voting for and giving Omarxist a second chance…..not gonna happen. 48 hours until he gets his eviction notice! Go Romney!

        2. I don’t think there is any evidence that He bothered to visitThe Situation Room. Why should He have wasted his valuable time doing something in the best interest of US citizens when he could be resting up for the next fundraiser?

          1. Right after the Navy Seals successfully took out bin Laden, we got pictures of Obama in the situation rooom. If the Seals had not been successful, Obama would have blamed them and anyone else he could. Right away we got pictures of Obama in the situation room during hurricane Sandy. We have yet to see a picture of Obama in the situation room during the Bengahzi attack. Wonder why? It is because he was not there.

            When Obama needed the help of Navy Seals to take out bin Laden, they came through. We a Navy Seal, who disobeyed orders to “stand down” attempted to save other Americans and lost his own life doing so, need help from Obama during the Bengahzi attack, Obama was no where to be found.

            Three more days and this coward-in-chief is fired.

          2. And touting the chevy volt that is sold at god only knows what loss, i have hear any where from 100k to 40K. Now that is a bargain nobody wants anyway.

      2. Um….you DO know that the police forces learned SWAT tactics from the military don’t you? You DO know that the two SEALS died while painting the mortar team with a laser waiting for a drone air strike that never came don’t you? And since when is saving JUST the life of an ambassador the only concern? There were other Americans there too. And even if all that wasn’t true (which it is) then why pray tell did the State Department watch the attack on tv and then the White House spent the next couple of weeks saying it was a “protest”? This stinks to high heaven. It was 9/11 for crying out loud!

        1. The President is not responsible for battle field tactics and strategies, if you get the wrong change at the Post Office I’m pretty sure BO isn’t the one who cheated you. McCain just wrote a letter clearing he Military of any wrong doing… So clearly your little whitch hunt to blame BO is your only motivation. I’ll bet you are already blaming BO for Sandy, when your party’s solution is for government to do NOTHING to help.

          1. Susan, why bother to explain. When a drifter comes in and thinks he’s kewl for saying “Raygun” – explainations, discourse and facts are just silly stuff.

          2. Actually the POTUS gives the order to cross international borders… one else. He denied help to them plain and simple. He is the butcher of Benghazi and is now ignoring East Coast hurricane victims. So keep praying to your big government communist, he will leave you all on your own, he’s proven that.

          3. So his policy was to disregard intelligence and previous bombings of the same embassy in previous months? OH wait, he may not of knew because he misses 60% of his intelligence briefings. Nevermind.

          4. His pro’s? The only fuckin people he talks to is Valerie Jarrett and his campaign team. Did you notice the 300 armed guards at Jarret’s daughters wedding a couple months back? And Obama had a grand total of 0 armed American guards at Bengazi. I’m REALLY glad to know that we have more than 40 armed American guards in our Paris embassy, though.

          5. “Commander in Chief” = Responsible. Perhaps not for battlefield tactics (although he was willing to take credit for that on the bin Laden raid), but he’s damn sure responsible for how our embassies are to be guarded, how they should be cleared of personnel when every other nation and the Red Cross have left a hot country, and how forthright he, his staff, and his ambassador to the United Nations are about what happened. But I’m sure in this case he can blame Bush, Clinton, Bush, Regan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, and what the heck I’m sure James Polk is at fault somehow too.

            As for Sandy. It happened. All I can say is it looks like Obama cares about black people, white people, and Asian people about as much as the Bush did. Wait, did I just criticize Bush? Uh, yeah, cuz I’m not part of a political party. I think for myself which is clearly not something you are capable of doing.

          6. you have one thing wrong he acts like he care about blacks, he is just buying votes with broken promises come on the ghetto princess is with him. It’s always a promise but it only gets you by enough to survive unless you work the system. This leaves you with affirmative action to get a job paying well over whites, Japanese, Hungarian etc that are not protected or rather elevated. 40 years ago Blacks elevated them selves with hard honest work like no one else they disciplined there children to be the best they could be. Then affirmative action came along and bought the children with on you are were miss treated so now you should have the job capable or not. Thank you Kennedy, thank you Polosi for ruining the self worth of black men and woman in America Johnson what a piece of junk he was. We are all equal and it was headed that way, thank you to the Republican party dont get me wrong they are not perfect either. There is nothing free in this world the government does not give anything away they take it away and pass it to the ones who either are not willing to see the scam or to lazy and taught the government is the keeper of us. The US government is responsible for all racial divide in this country the pick the largest racial populations and campaign on divide, and allow Mexicans to cross the boarder then provide rights as if they are citizens. Then pit them against black, white other races that are not considered protected races. We are all of one race Human. What the f is wrong with world that we allow our teachers to tell us we are different because of skin color, wow i must be a different race in the summer i tan well. Please people wake up, we have to turn this world wide train wreck of hatred American against American around. Our politicians need to be held to the highest of standards racist lying pigs is not a high standard. As far as i am concerned Jesse Jackson can hang from a tree, as every racist pig not for being black but his race baiting lying self serving disgrace to the all dark skinned humans.

          7. JT: both Obama & Bush care about people in disasters.

            The take home point is the government isn’t capable of helping of helping everyone all at once, so we need to take care of ourselves. Self reliance. Preparation.

          8. David, does it bother you at all that Barack Obama and his people went on television numerous times to tell us that this attack was the result of a YouTube video? There is not one communication that states in any way this was the case. It was a genuine lie to cover up something for a reason. Why did he feel the need to make up this lie?? I am an independent thinker and I just can’t get past this blatant lying. They keep claiming they wanted to get all the facts before reaching a conclusion but this wasn’t even close to what they were told may have happened and they continued along with Hillary to push it as the most likely cause.

          9. I talked with a liberal today. His exact words, when he finished rolling his eyes after I mentioned Benghazi, were, “There’s no story there.”

            Oh, really? You don’t consider the murder of an American ambassador and three other Americans at a consulate a story?


          10. Next time you see tlhis liberal ask him about the laid off steel worker that claimed his wife died of cancer because of Romney. The wet-pantie liberal democrats and lame stream media sure made a story about that.

          11. McCain cleared the military not Obama. I don’t pay much attention to what McCain says either. Being a POW for 6 years earns him my unmitigated respect but it doesn’t make him a military genius.

        2. JT ,
          Your comment encompasses many of the the issues with this administrations horrific response to this attack along with some great facts. David Jones is completely blind to any facts because they ALL hurt Obama. He has been making the case that every single person on this thread is incorrect and insane for not being a slave to the corrupt media which perpetuates Obama’s incessant lies and hateful rhetoric about Romney on a regular basis. He’s an irrational thinker and a coward- a direct product of this administration’s and the MSM’s propaganda and hate for the last four years in response to every single act of their own negligence, without ever taking one ounce of responsibility.

      3. SWAT teams are based on the military. Delta Force is designed to go into unknown situations to rescue Americans. It doesn’t matter if the ambassador was dead already. They didn’t know that at the time. Bottom line is that the President called on the seals to kill Osama and they did. Then the seals call on Obama to rescue them and he refuses to help.

      4. I guess you haven’t heard they meet weeks before and sent messages that they felt they were in danger and the Brits and Red Cross I guess leaving them there to die was smarter than taking them out to safety. Ounce of prevention ever heard of it. They knew it was coming ahead of time long before last attack remember it was not the first attack there.

      5. I guess you haven’t heard that the US Ambassador to Libya had requested more security for weeks ahead of the attack on September 11, 2012. There was plenty of time to take action and precautions. This so-called preezy chose not to do either.

        1. The so called Prezy does not make security assessments at that level. However, based on this sad event it will be modified to make sure when staff feel unsafe as they clearly did something will be done to more proactively protect them.

          1. Don’t feed the troll guys. He is only posting cause he thinks his guy needs his help. When you think about it, it’s kind of cute. Like a child who doesn’t want to see their ice cream melt in the hot sun :) aww

          2. The Golfer In Chief seems not to respond to a lot!

            Fast & Furious


            Illegal Campaign Contributions

            The only “Eye on the ball” this guy has is on his Titleist at the first tee at Andrews Air Force Base.

        2. Because he is a lazy SOB. He cares onlythathe gets hispicture taken withhis AF-1 jacket on. Hope he leaves it in the Oval Office when he leave in January.

      6. How could the Ambassador be dead in the first hour when looters found him barely alive after the attack was over and rushed him to the hospital by car (but somehow stopping to take some photos; google “Ambassador Stevens” and “corpse” to see them).

        So which is it? One hour or valiant effort by Libyan doctors to save Stevens after America-loving Libyans rushed him alive to hospital?

        And does it matter if he were dead the first hour or not — how did the WH know that and was there no one else to rescue?

        1. The only reason they took him to the hospital was that they needed him alive as a bargaining chip. When Ambassador Stevens died they split and eventually went back to attack the VIA annex.

        2. Some how he died by smoke inhalation in the safe room. He was dead but the doctors tried to revive him for 90 minutes. Remember Romney said we should not violate Pakistan boarders to get Bin Laud in. So obviously you do not just lightly go into another country and do whatever you want. This all slows and complicates decisions down that in hine sight you can say were so obvious now.

          1. Obviously little Davey doesn’t go to a school that teaches spelling. That said, Y’all quit picking on him. How can he know what’s going on in the world when his mommy won’t let him tune into anything but Obama’s MSM.

          2. Attacking our embassy was an act of war against the United States as an embassy is US soil–you can look that up on the gov website if you don’t believe me. So, your God-King Obama should have moved heaven and earth to get those men out safely and his lies have been exposed. They knew hours in advance of this riot, they had a drone on site and we had a warship in the area. There’s blood all over his hands and yours as well.

          3. A little lesson in Latin for you, Davie. “Non sequitur” that is where the response to a statement does not have a connection to the previous statement. You have done that multiple times.

          4. No, David. The original story was that the Libyans found him barely alive — there is a video and everyone is yelling allah akbar because they are so pleased he’s alive, or so they say (and I believe you can see Stevens move his left arm in the vid). There’s an interview with the Libyans who took the video and he explains everything in English. The story is that they rushed the barely alive ambassador to a hospital by car. Of course, at some point they stopped to take souvenir photos. Google to see them.

            I think they found him alive, tormented him for a while, lost interest and some other men took him to the hospital out of pity or hoping for a reward. But that’s only my guess of what was likely to have happened.

      7. guess you haven’t heard he ask for security a month prior and it was denied, or he would be alive. My son is in the military and they are not feeling to good about their CIC right now! trust me!

      8. @Davey Jones, the Navy Seal had a call in for the Septre Gunship C130
        which would have taken care of the problem in short order it was 45 minutes away. He had a laser fixed on the enemy, Obama said NO !!!
        Just like Slick Willie said NO to the C130 when the Black Hawk went down in Somalia 1992 and we all know what happened then. Two Democrat Presidents who left our boys behind.
        Get you mind straight Davey Jones !!!

      9. Pullyourheadout- actually there are specially trained people in the Army,Marines, and Navy that could have made quite a bit of difference to the 2 ex-seals had the administration not held them back. Oh and let’s not forget that the Air Force has aircraft that can from a distance hit targets with or without targeting lazers being employed. The 2 seals were in fact lazing a target when they were killed. Contrary to liberal propaganda, there are people who believe in things bigger than themselves, they volunteer for dangerous assignments to protect us from the bag guys, who would attack us here in the states and abroad. Please thank them when you see them,their faces light up when you thank them for their service.

      10. But the Army does have a SWAT team. It is called Delta Force. Also they have quick response teams set up all over Europe including one in Italy, which was closer than Tripoli. They had drones in the area which moniter the chemical sites one which is near the attack. They had Jets and AC130 gunships in the area.

      11. SEVEN WEEKS LATER the FBI claims the Ambassador was dead in the first hour?? Okie dokie. (pardon me while I face palm.)

        I’ve got some prime swamp land you can buy from me for an inflated price if you believe that belated lie from the FBI that can be added to all the other lies spouted by everyone in this administration.

      12. Now let me see… The ObamaNation ignores situations that require something besides a verbal response.
        1. Sandy
        2. Benghazi
        First the Entebbe hostage crisis was a surprise or more nearly a black swan event while Benghazi was a months long rapidly declining scenario that SHOULD have previously had a standing QRF (Quick Response Force) readily available to rapidly confront what should have been an anticipated danger close scenario. Benghazi should never have been considered a black swan event as the Entebbe hostage crisis was, thus effective/WH military response planning would have yielded an area response within two to three hours at most. That is military SOP ( Standard Operating Procedures ) except when defined by the ObamaNation. Only your and the ObamaNation’s ideological inclinations defining the Arab brother hood emergence with the sophistic term “The Silent Spring” could have led one toward such an egregious response error. That you still have not learned from the Marine Barracks Beirut, Ayatollah Khomeini, Salman Rushdie, Anwar Sadat, 9/11, 2004 Madrid Islamic Bombing, and 2005 London Islamic Bombings, to name a few, speaks volumes about the cognitive dissonance affecting you and your source support’s problem resolution, to include the ObamaNation. And no the Army does not have a swat team. It has a quicker one caller QRF (Quick Reaction Force) And it is quicker and more deadlier and effective than any swat team. Those laser the former Seal Team were using is very much a part of that response.

      13. At the time no one knew that, anyhow are you saying you just leave everyone who may or may not be alive without support until they are all dead? You must want the number of good qualified people going on dangerous diplomatic missions to go down to 0.

      14. That’s just a blatant lie. Obama and Co. knew three hours before the attack even happened as they were warned that Islamists “were gathering weapons and gathering steam”
        So, your lies betray you. Also, our Navy is fantastic. There was a drone in Benghazi and a warship not too far away. Our ship could have been there and these men did not have to die. Their deaths could have been prevented and your God-King Obama let them die.

      15. So why did the clown spend a 2 weeks making excuses about a stupid movie? Why didn’t he say something up front or as soon as possible?
        Bush was blasted for the levees breaking and the disaster in Louisiana when their Governor and Mayor screwed thing up. Obama stopped in NJ for a photo op then it was off to Vegas.

      16. Our Military in general takes probably 30 days to move a Battalion. Rapid Response Teams are trained for wheels up in under 15 minutes. Now why wasn’t there teams in place for 9/11 at hotspots around the globe? Dave, Entebbe was lead by Bibi Netanyahu Older Brother who was also killed in the raid. The Israeli team were ready to be wheels up in 90 minutes from notification this is in 1976. the week you state was primarily due too negotiation by the politicians. The Israeli’s used that time for practice just like the rapid response Teams we have who practice day in Day out. Until there is an actual hearing / investigation I am suspect of what the FBI, State Dept, CIA, DOD, WH or alot of News Agency’s have too say.

      17. I guess you are telling me that we knew that the Amb was dead in the 1st hour so we should just not worry about it and the other three men who died were unimportant to you. The former seals were still fighting several hours into the battle so YOU must believe it unimportant to try to help and possibly save them. I find that sad beyond belief to say nothing about being unamerican

      18. The whole army is not what was called for. The various strike teams whose jobs and training fit them for situations just like this (incomplete knowledge and specifics of a given situation). What are you talking about? Are you simply shilling for Obama in order to protect him from the bad press the UK papers are willing to report? Let’s just stick with the truth in whatever arises in the world, shall we? It would be a new approach.

      19. Pssst! David Jones…. SWAT teams are modeled off of military response teams.

        When you have real time reporting as well as several Navy SEALs on the ground giving you intel and requesting assistance you have more than enough intel to take action. Army, Navy and Marine Corps all have teams trained, prepared and capable of responding to such situations. What you have here is another failure in a trackrecord of failures from this administration.

        This failure to render aid and protect American citizens is both criminal and indictable anywhere except in the liberal fantasy land.

      20. You haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. You’re so pathetically ill-informed (not to mention illiterate – “herd”?) that to respond to you further would be akin to discussing nuclear physics with an earthworm.

        Go educate yourself and get back to us.

      21. the administration is counting on the media and the folks like you to keep your head in the sand. enough legitimate incriminating evidence has been released to show the we the people have been lied to.

      22. ??? You forget the ambassador asked for more security weeks before this happened. You forget that. This could have been prevented and then the gang at the white house wouldn’t have made up that stupid story about some video. You know nothing about the military. Didn’t Obama kill Osama? Exactly what was that. Just stop defending O with talking points put out by the democrats. These people at the embassy were not being “held” they were being KILLED.

      23. Yes, some parts of it are. I would let my son-in-law educate you but you couldn’t handle the truth, and he is getting ready to deploy for the 3rd time to Afghanistan, so honestly, you are not important enough to waste the time on.

        Have a nice day.

      24. It’s pretty obvious from your remark you never had to handle an emergency that required fast action. You DON’T stand by and watch Americans die while your comfy in OUR WHITE HOUSE. Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way!

      25. The army isn;t but the SEALS, Rangers, Force Recon and Delta are all very capable. Things like this is what they do. 1 C-130 gunship would of ended this in 20 seconds and it could of been there in an hour. Other than blind political obedience to a party, I can’t understand how anyone gives this administration a break on this. Clinton should of been gone weeks ago. Her political aspirations are clearly over because of this. When you referenced Israel did you mean Entebbe?

      26. Davy Jones, go to your locker: “Our Army is not a designed as a swat team.”

        There is no substitute for knowing what you’re talking about, and on that count you Fail.

      27. Yea, but the other 3 Americans were not. they fought 6 hours against imposable odds begging for help while out illustrious President was partying with Hollywood`s elites in Vegas for campaign money. And, yes they have SWAT Teams called SEALS, Rangers etc and of which the SEALS and other bases were begging to attack. Stop trying to cover for this worthless President.

  1. The storm surge didn’t get all the way to Ohio…oh, well, what do we expect? I got up this AM thinking of the woman whose toddlers were wrenched out of her arms by the water and later found dead. A friend sent me an email asking for ten bucks for friends of hers, one a 9/11 responder with cancer, who werre wiped out in NJ. I know her–this is not a scam. This is horrible stuff…but I guess they can’t help themselves…just one more mean ad, one more auditorium of grim-looking people holding professionally printed signs. It will be over soon. Maybe WAY over–for America.

      1. Thanks for sharing the “crack” reporting. OTOH, only one of them is currently the president, who can direct as CinC how resources are allocated and how quickly they are dispensed.

      2. Yeah CR… Shame on them for changing the event to a bring food for the flood victims. Such nefarious activities will surely be remembered accurately. My favorite quote. Annoy a liberal. Take personal responsibility. Because Government doe not do it best….

      3. As one who works in the Kettering area where Romney collected goods for the Sandy victims, I find the attacks on Romney shameful and a slap in the face to those people who brought goods for the event. I guess when one is a conservative, no good deed goes unpunished. When you are a liberal, all bad deeds are covered up or swept under the rug.

        Such hypocrisy!

      4. CR Libtard, you are wrong. Obama already has the “empty suit” title as President. Romney can not take that away from him, you silly LibTard. Empty suit, Empty Chair, Obama has both titles.

      5. No. Oblamer the Marxist is THE Emptiest suit as well as imposter, you stupid moron. How do you vote for a marxist who’s out to destroy our country? how do you vote for higher taxes on yourself….oh, let me guess, you’re a give-me-a-handout scumbag. At least Romney has an incredibly impressive record of success and hard work to back him up. Oblamer has Bill Ayers, George Soros, Liberation Theology and Frank Marshall Davis (HIS REAL DAD) to cling to. They’re all communists, fool.
        I voted for Romney because our country simply cannot survive another year, let alone four more of this bastart leftist, communist.

  2. He did the right thing by avoiding any questions from the press. After all, what could he possible say that would help the victims who believed that the government would take care of them, no matter how foolish their life’s decisions?

    If there was ever a stark example of how a nanny-state government picks winners and losers, this disaster proves it. Their Mayor who worried about their salt intake and how fat they were, showed them he cares more about his power than he does their very existance.

    I feel sorry for those victims. The life they were comfortable with is gone, most won’t be able to rebuild, they lost their personal belongings, their vehilces, maybe even their jobs. They’re still in shock from the effects of the storm and believe if they could only have a FEMA person to help them, all will be well.
    No official wants to be the one to tell them that they must find other housing immediately, because most of them have nowhere else to go. The ones who lost their vehicles will find that even with an insurance payout there are no cars to be had.

    After Katrina, tens of thousands of people migrated to other states, never to return to NewOrleans. These victimized NYers will end up doing the same.

    1. Not everyone suffering refused to evacuate…There are reports of no food, water…Send in the national guard or army to shore up the immediate situation–to me that is a govt function. As for rebuilding, there is debate over whether govt-subsidized flood insurance was a justified govt expenditure, but some people did have it and can rebuild. I agree many will have to fan out and leave to stay with relatives, may forever as SrDem points out. It’s a mess and tempers are getting short.

      1. The National guard is already patrolling Long Beach Island due to looting from low-lifes coming by boat from the mainland. Souless b@st@rds.

        1. II just saw an article that said FEMA has run out of water. What happened to the Navy ship that Obama promised that could filter water so people could get clean drinking water? I heard it is parked off shore in the East Coast area. If this is true, Where is the water? And as for insurance helping, they are not able to pay out for a disaster this big so will go out of their way to weasel out of paying for this. Remember after Katrina most people had never heard of storm surge, which the insurance companies seized upon to deny insurance payouts. The fact that most people likely didn’t have flood insurance will ruin most of these people. Not to mention ruining their credit. Even though everything they have is destroyed, the banks and credit card companies or rental companies still expect people to make payments and will ruin your credit if you don’t pay. Never mind if it is illegal. Collection companies don’t let a little thing like being illegal stop them. It is best to move away and start fresh, rather than think you could ever rebuild. It takes extraordinary fortitude to rebuild, especially if this kind of thing happens again. Just ask the people who do it all the time along the Mississippi River.

          1. Unfortunately, for many, their belief will be that the government should restore their homes and lives to its pre-storm level. This just is not possible, nor even warranted. There are some things from which we do not just recover. Sometimes, circumstances require starting over. We can comfort and console and aid, but we cannot undo what nature has done.

    2. This A h— of a president did a fly in photo op in NJ on Tuesday and said he ordered everything everyone needs. It is now 5 days later and FEMA has run out of supplies before they reached 5% of the people. This guy is a great campaigner but the worst leader this country has ver had. May he be tossed out come Tuesday by a huge margin.

    3. I also feel for the Sandy victims and you are right. It is very sad that these people look to government for the answer to their problems.

      As far as them moving from NY…..please, please, I hope they don’t move to Ohio………

    4. I live in Texas and after Katrina we took in a large number of people from the storm and most seem to have stayed. I would welcome more productive people however if you are planning to bring your failed big govt socialist messed up thinking with you then please find somewhere else.

  3. He shows up and votes ‘present’. You can probably count on one hand the number of follow-up questions this poseur has answered over the last 4 years. Meanwhile, there are thousands of miles worth of TV footage of the TOTUS toiling away on the golf course, stuffing his mouth with burgers from D.C. to Hawaii, late night talk shows, daytime talk shows, and jogging up and down the steps of AF1. This imbecile makes Dubya look like Einstein.

  4. Obama et al are terrified of the images coming out of Staten Island. It is reminiscent of Manila’s Smokey Mountain, people scavenging for food and necessities. In ’10 CNN did a story about Smokey Mountain (, even though the dump had been closed for years, people still subsisted on the trash heap.

    Is that where Staten Island will be in six months? The handling of Sandy by NYC’s Bloomberg only goes to show the incompetence of too many of this nation’s leaders. After 9/11, and the collapse of the WTC, Giuliani and Bush stood on the rubble and we all became New Yorkers, even for just a while.

    Post-Sandy? Bloomberg has to be bullied into canceling the marathon, while hiding in Manhattan, and Obama hides at FEMA headquarters before going off to campaign. Real leaders would be down on the Island bring the people a sense of hope and knowing that they are not forgotten.

    1. Neil Cavuto just had a live show and interviewed residents of Staten Island. One woman was upset because Bloomberg hasn’t stepped foot on the island since the hurricane. Another victim commented how Napolitano and her entourage were dressed in their finest FEMA gear, making notations on their clipboards as they surveyed the devastation. That is how big government rolls. It is so heartbreaking that it took something as devastating as Sandy to prove to people that the nanny state is not about caring for them…it is about controlling them.

    2. I wondered if others noticed the difference. The people of New York believed Bush’s concern was genuine–because it was. Do they feel the same now about Obama?

    3. For those willing to see the obvious, the charade of action and concern staged by the Obamacrat regime is or should be ample evidence of their incompetence and shallowness. The Obamacrats are right up there with the Kartrashians when it comes to significance. Can we please elect a responsible adult for POTUS???

  5. One more thing. This sociopathic narcissist is completly devoid of emotion. He doesn’t do ’empathy’. Just ask Sean Smith’s mother and Ty Woods father. He chills my soul.

  6. I can’t help but picture how Romney would handle this disaster. I picture him dropping everything,including campaigning,rolling up his sleeves and taking absolute control of the situation. I think hes a guy with impeccable management and organizational skills. I see him as someone who might go the next day and get an overview of the situation,and the next day be hands on deploying people and agencies.
    If there was ever a reason to vote for Romney ,this would be it.

      1. CR Stephans: After the storm passed, OBama kept on stumping. Romney used all his campaign busses to haul food, water, and blankets to the victims. For this he was scoured by the Liberal Press because they said the Red Cross needed money and other donations ‘slowed them up’. I guess they needed money for the ‘hot chocolate and cookies’ they provided.

      2. CR, you are repeating yourself. Can’t you muster anything better? Face the facts: Romney rallied people to help and then provided his assets to deliver the goods. Imagine what he could do as president? I am delighted that he will be taking charge soon.

      3. And Omarxist is really destroying our country….death by a thousand cuts. He’s NOT phoney in that regard. He is legitimately a communist who’s intent on subverting the foundation of America. Recall: He wants to “fundamentally transform America”. You’re a fool like the rest of the dysfunctional DNC. I voted Romney and looking forward to celebrating on Tuesday night. Go Romney!

    1. Right. Which is why he flew all the way to Ohio to have a phony “fund raiser” for storm victims. It was about as transparent as it gets.

      1. In case you do not quite grasp the situation He is NOT yet the president. IF this happens again after Jan 20th when he is sworn in he will show leadship. If he had tried to do what he did in Ohio in NJ or NY, you progressives would have torched him for getting in the way. Get a life and go help out in NYC.

      2. Romney closed down his company to help and employee, Obama flew to Vegas while HIS Ambassador was under attack and 4 Americans died.

      3. No he had enough sense to know all the extra security and people that would be around him would just add to the work and he knows nothing about a photo op would be of help. So yes he left and he collected for the victims, and don’t start with the WallMart story he collected at his campaign sites and I watched him loading water ,food,cloths,himself.No one was handing it to him,he did it himself.He knows how to work Obama never has never will.So yes he did do more than what Obama did. He rested up in the White House full of his staff waiting on his every need and want and making up his next batch of lies to tell on campaign.While he hides any information from the public on his nonhandling of the murders.Video by butt. Now he has no answers for the storm victims while they starve and get sick and die.

      4. @Bezy – Have you ever read about Romney’s past? I mean before politics and the cameras? That man would literally give you the shirt off his back. The “phony fund raiser” you speak of was a glimpse of the kind of man he is. He’s given over 30% of his income away of over the years while people like Biden don’t even give 1%.

  7. A local church is taking donations now with a truck heading up to Staten Island tomorrow. A church member has family in SI and the donations will get directly to those who are in need. FEMA and its bureaucracy just can’t work that quickly and efficiently.

          1. Mrs. Evans Who is the CEO of the Red Cross made $651,900.00 last year, PLUS EXPENSES maybe another MIL. The CEO of the Salvation Army made $18,000.

      1. Covenant House is a non-profit that provides for homeless kids. Their shelter in Atlantic City was flooded and they had to evacuate. They also have shelters in NYC, Newark and Philly. Before the storm they had their vans out combing the streets to find homeless kids and get them to safety. They are stretched very thin… a donation to Covenant House would be much appreciated.

  8. Just watched 1 minutes of Obama in Ohio. He has a new schtik this time around – a plant in the audience who yells “I love yoiu” to which Obama responds “I love you, too.” This campaign is soooo contrived.

    1. Oh, gosh. The Obots just are sooooo overwhelmed. Reminds me of der Feuhrer back in the Wiemar Republic. That turned out great, too!

  9. Its hard for me to admit this but I really do not hold Obama responsible for this. Granted, he is pathetically trying to get photo ops out of it but the problem lies with FEMA and its organizational structure. I have some first responder friends who tell me that helicopters, fuel trucks, etc are at Fort Dix in NJ, a 10 minute flight and a short drive to Staten Island. I understand they are starting to move now but…..Its 5 days late. If FEMA was led by a hard charger, like a Guliani, instead of political hacks, who had the OVERALL AUTHORITY to make things happen, we’d see results. The locals, Bloomberg, Cuomo, Christie, etc are doing a good job (Ok the Marathon was a disaster but…), unlike New Orleans but you have dozens of agencies trying to contact hundreds of agencies. The Sandy situation highlights the limitations of a President’s power. What you need here is someone who has the authority to call an office like that of the Fort Dix C/O, tell him or her “Send those supplies now or you are fired!” and be able to follow through on the threat. No fancy jackets, Web pages, toll free numbers, etc, just results.

    1. Generators–get the gas pumping–more gas in–shelters–water trucks-food…this is supposed to be what happens. We had a house fire once–basically one room–the insurance co came that day with cleaners, duct sprayers, debris removers, personal effects storage people…etc etc For one house! It took a team! This stuff requires some doing.

      1. I moved I with my Mom so all my stuff furniture and 30 years of stuff
        went to the basement. Now in KS you wouldn’t think flooding would be
        a problem but we had within 3 years 2 100 year flooding rains and the
        basement flooded it came up the drain to almost 2ft deep I lost most
        of my stuff and nothing is worse than filthy flood waters and when it comes up from the drain its really horrible mess and lots of bacteria.
        Had to have those special folks cleanup with sanitizers when the pumps got rid of the water. Those poor people have a long road ahead.

    2. Didn’t Romney state (before Sandy) that the states should handle it? Didn’t Republicans insist that state and locals should handle disaster relief efforts and not the Federal government?

      1. CR – Romney suggested that the individiual states are best equipped to handle disasters and that FEMA funds be apportioned to the individual states.

        Do you self-edit everything you hear or read in general or is it just when your eyes glaze over the words Republican or conservative that you go into edit mode?

      2. You obviously have never worked a disaster response.

        The locals handle who gets help, what they can’t provide they ask for assistance from the State. What the State can’t provide the State asks for assistance from the Feds.

        I have been in the National Guard for 42 years, that’s how it works. Stop making stuff up.

    3. @RickW – You do realize the President is in charge of FEMA and the Military right? As the Commander-in-Chief he has the power/authority to call the C/O at Dix and tell him what to do. Same thing with FEMA. Instead he’s too worried about getting another 4 years to play free golf.

      1. Yes TB, I realize that. I’m talking about a hands on executive who focuses on nothing but the emergency. I think we’ve come to expect the President to be a super being of some kind. He/she cannot be doing the kind of detail work required in an emergency of this scope.

        1. No, we are not expecting the President to be a super being, just responsible and effective. Playing hundreds of rounds of golf, going on entertainment shows instead of meeting with foreign leaders, and expecting him to coordinate a natural disaster when it is HIS responsibility is all that is being expected. Instead, he is off to Las Vegas again to do some additional campaigning. (He went the morning after our U.S. Ambassador was assassinated and he went the day after Sandy hit.)

        2. No one said they expected Superman but he is irresponsible. He is not now, nor was he ever qualified for the job. All this man has ever done is play celebrity and take vacations and play golf. He is not “present” when important things happen, literally or figuratively. He just wants to hob nob with celebs and make empty promises. I don’t want a superstar president. I just want someone who will act responsible.

        3. bho is a naval gazer – and, I don’t mean USN. He doesn’t know how to delegate as a true leader does. Maybe that’s b/c he secretly wants to take all of the credit. Just thinkin’

    4. You wrote “problem lies with FEMA and its organizational structure.”
      Its the government. Just what do you expect? DC is the inner galaxy where even the gravity is different with nothing out here in the outer galaxy that resembles anything in the DC area, except that we are their primary revenue resource. Just how many FEMAs, GSAs FREDDIE, and FANNIE, community reinvestment acts, do we have to have before we are persuaded that government as a manager and government business is ineffective. The DC law makers goal to make the social page remains their primary motive and enables their stay in the DC outer galaxy where the cure for us in the outer galaxy is worse than the disease.

    5. I have read in other publications that FEMA had the employees changed over and many of the seasoned workers were let go to make room for the new obama corp youth. Does anyone know if this is true?? If it is then this really is another mess manufactured by der leader.

  10. He makes me ill and his newest thing about voting is the best revenge. I thought is was a right women marched to get and people fight to do every time
    they go to the polls part of what makes America great ? No its revenge. He is truly unfit to serve in so many ways. And I may be cynical but I think in some
    ways this is worse than Katrina if only that it’s being used for political gain.
    Also it’s giving him more cover over the Benghazi Coverup. He should be impeached not elected for four more years.

    1. Lizzy, I think his “voting is the best revenge” is an excellent leadin to the following….”Yes vote for revenge of all the victems of Fast and Fuious, for Chris Stevens, Ty Woods, Shawn Smith and the other KIA of Benghazi…yes, by all means…vote for revenge”.
      I put this up on a couple sites where it might be useful.

    2. I don’t even understand this revenge idea — revenge on whom? For what? He had it all his way for two years and failed to move his lazy butt. Then he had two more years to try to persuade people that he had good ideas. Failed in all arenas — revenge on whom?

    1. Then you should really hate Romney who has refused to answer anything he doesn’t want to discuss and has lied nearly every time he opens his mouth.

      1. Wow, lies nearly every time he opens his mouth? Wow, and please, tell us how you know that, CR Stephens, a nobody from nowhere. How do you magically know that nearly every time he opens his mouth he lies. Are you a human lie detector? Can you read minds? Or is it just that you are pathetic loser who is desperately clinging to any lie the MSM tells you?

  11. Benghazi Barack – He lies and our Seals die. Sandy Barack – He lies and people suffer.

    How’s that big government you voted for working out for you now New York, New Jersey? Now you know what the term “Suicide by Voting Means”.

  12. A couple of rambling thoughts …

    Obama’s resume as a community organizer and senator, for lack of a more eloquent description – sucked. In a sane world, he should have been working the front desk in a used-car lot.

    While we yearn to have him impeached (I prefer impaled) his insurance policy, Biden, is next in line and we all remember VP Ford and the pardon.

    Obama’s ascendency to the WH, just didn’t happen. There are too many coninky-dinks, too many people invovled in the manipulation and the staging. The 100-year war began with Woodrow Wilson. Wilson even ran on “He kept us out of war” meme (1913) – sound vaguely familiar to “I ended the war in Iraq and OBL is dead and GM is alive” nonsense and you begin to see the bigger historical picture.

    The results on Tuesday and beyond have implications beyond this election cycle. I am hopeful that Romney wins, but I am realistic enough to recognize that there are forces and agendas that the electorate will never be able to vote up/down on.

    Sorry, for the long post and I’ll end it with this quote from Gen.Clark….

    “Perhaps Communists had wormed their way so deeply into our government on both the working and planning levels that they were able to exercise an inordinate degree of power in shaping the course of America in the dangerous postwar era.

    I could not help wondering and worrying whether we were faced with open enemies across the conference table and hidden enemies who sat with us in our most secret councils.” – General Mark Clark (1896-1984) American general during World War II and the Korean War

    1. A thoughtful post, and one that supposes that all is not as it seems.
      I,too, believe that we have the “others” sitting in positions of power, unnamed, unknown to the public, with an agenda that’s not entirely clear.
      Maybe we’re too trusting as a nation that we believe that our elected officials are preserving our Constitution and our way of life. There aren’t many people who believe that the DOJ’s Fast&Furious was the second step in erasing part of the Second Amendment.
      When we look at or examine what little we know about the disaster in Bengazi, we’re led to believe that our government, and our miliitary cared nothing about the lives of those Americans trapped in a terrorist attack.
      If we eliminate the spin from the right and the left, we’re looking at a planned special op that was to lead to the kidnapping of AmbStevens and a staged foreign rescue plot meant to showcase MrObama as a brilliant manager of foreign affairs. Blaming the terrorist attack on an obsure video was to give credence to erasing parts of the First Amendment. Remember the first ‘apology’ for the video from the Consulate and the denouncement from the WhiteHouse that came two hours before the attack? The constant blaming of the video as the catalyst for a terrorist attack prompted several MSM outlets to call for restrictions on free speech.
      Nothing else makes sense.

        1. Oh, Brenda A., you have something there. Why is BO so beholden to muslims? I wonder about this all the time. He’s not religious, not tolerant, really, but he rushes to bow literally and figuratively before the muslims and their jacked-up grievances.

        2. He had to blame the video until after he made his UN speech to the world. I’ll never forget what the fraud said in that speech…

          “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

      1. srdem – The “un” answers to all of our queries doesn’t sit on one side of the aisle or the other. The representatives, who sit on the dozens of committees investigating have never called a serious press conference, have never put their jobs on the line to expose what they already know. Whether it’s Benghazi or the infiltration of the MB/CAIR into the political arena remains the work of journalists and individuals on the internet and other venues. The silence is deafening and destructive. Senator McCain, has insisted on arming the opposition in Syria and if I know AQ has infiltrated the opposition, what the hell more does he know. All of it and I mean all of it, is reminiscent of how the powers divided, arranged, re-arranged boundaries, borders and countries following WWI. What we’ve got, is an undeclared WWIII and they’re once again drawing up maps behind closed doors.

  13. Pingback: Obama Refuses to answer questions about superstorm Sandy Victims’ Frustrations | Iron Mill News Service

      1. Maybe they could go to WalMart and buy some but that’s what Romney
        did and got slammed for. I bet those folks don’t give a hoot where the food/water/blankets came from as long as they get help!

  14. Obama does not care about New York or New Jersey, of course he will not answer questions about the people starving and Freezing in New York City.

    Obama only cares about the press image the main stream Media is portraying in Ohio, and Wisconsin and Colorado and Iowa.

    Where are the hard hitting questions from the Main Stream Media … que the crickets.

    1. You think that Romney gives one rat’s a$$ about the people? He has demonstrated no position, no principles and no commitment to anything but winning. His photo-op masquerading as “storm relief” was as phoney as it gets.

      1. @CR – Do some research into Romey pre-politics and you’ll see he doesn’t do things for photo ops. He’s a genuinely caring person who gives over 30% of his income to charity. Far more than the current administration.

    2. @Reality Check – You’re 100% correct. Obama doesn’t care about the people of NY, NJ, and CT because they are all SOLID blue states. What he and the rest of the “advisers” around him don’t realize is when you get out of NYC (Upstate NY) you have a very Republican demographic. I live in Upstate NY and don’t know anyone who is voting for him. If people in NYC don’t vote then he’ll lose this state’s electoral votes, all 29 of them.

  15. Fema did NOT run out of water.

    Fema never even bothered to stock up on water.

    Fema just got around to ordering water a week after the storm was identified as one of the worse storms ever.

  16. SBA gives low interest loans for rebuilding after storms. I got one! They needed to be there to get the process started. It works, but it is slow. Not a fan of THE MAN, but FEMA and its sister groups do serve a purpose, and no matter how hard they try people will beat them up. Patience is not our strong suit.

    1. OBAMA:
      will NEVER apologize for anything.
      will NEVER admit he made a mistake.

      This is his pattern and its been going on foir 4 years. That;s why you will NEV ER see any “Change” in Obama Policy.



  17. It’s sad to see people losing their homes, living on the street, starving and digging through dumpsters while this President does nothing. I also feel sorry for the hurricane victims in New York and New Jersey.

  18. People are dying in New York and New Jersey, yet they’ll vote for him beyond the grave.

    Where are President Skinny Photo-Op and Governor Fatty Photo-Op?

  19. Well it looks as if Obama did not bring any water as it is reported that FEMA RAN OUT of WATER. Maybe all the libtards that have all these high dollar fund raisers will supply some water Jay Z Chris Brown Bruce Springsteen Nicki and crew.

  20. No one with a shred of integrity could possibly find fault with the President’s efforts. Apparently that doesn’t include you. And as anyone who has been even halfway paying attention knows, the “mounting evidence” of “insufficient response” is utterly bogus. The only ones proliferating this ridiculous story are Fox (so-called) News and lying idiots like Rush Limbaugh.You should be ashamed of yourself for your part in it.
    There are plenty of reasons to criticize Obama but this isn’t one of them, and I can’t believe that you think that the words of a crank reporter who didn’t think he was allotted enough time is sufficient reason. If Obama had held a press conference and answered questions his opponents would no doubt be whining about how he abandoned the real work to schmooze with reporters- and I’m betting that would also include you.

    1. We would never say that Obama abandoned the real work because we know he never does any. He has yet to work an 8 hr. day or a 40 hr. week in the White House. He flies around, fundraising and campaigning. That’s what he does for “work”.

    2. Can’t believe anybody defending this murderer has the gall to accuse others of lacking integrity. Since you’re such an admirer of his “efforts”, what about Benghazi? Where are the Situation Room photos from November 11th where he watched four brave Americans die and did nothing? Did he hear Tyrone Woods pleas for backup? Did he watch when Tyrone Woods laser painted the mortars that eventually killed him, as he waited for the air strike that never materialized?
      “Better to die the death of a hero than it is to live the life of a coward.” ~ Father of Tyrone Woods

    3. I am not ashamed of thinking this admin is a bunch of butt-covering excusemakers, if that isn’t too redundant for ya. Also–we are not too fond, over here, of posters who tell us what we REALLY think. We will tell you!

    4. Point might be also we do not want to see him on TV anymore at all. How is that. Talk is not do. Fox by the way is the only media telling any of the truth or investigating the deaths as others should be doing. They are certainly not MSNBC Ed Shultz or Chris Muttews.Bret is a reporter of news he does not add to it.Do not compare the other outlets as news anymore.Shameful.As for what he could be doing how about following through with some of his promises for a change. If an agency is not working correctly do something about it. Should have had all the generators that anyone had sent in there long ago. Water as well. Who cares if electrician is union get them there,oh wait they were, couldn’t have sent them where they WERE needed,no that takes brains. Anyway go back to the fair and wise MSNBC for the latest love fest for Obama, wouldn’t want you to miss a minute.


  22. I’d hate to live in the area hit by Sandy.

    Obama isn’t going to help because he’s doing Letterman. Your own utility companies sent volunteer out-of-state power workers home because they weren’t union. I can’t help with a donation because I only earn non-union money.

    It’s going to be a long haul if the only help you get is from liberals who are generally as helpful as Obama. I’d pray for you, but I don’t want to offend you.

      1. Love to see what you think documents this crazy idea, bill. And when you post the sources, please tell us what you think this has to do with the subject being discussed in this thread.

        (I’m guessing this is someone’s idea of gay rights chatter.)

  23. SBA is involved in hurricane relief –not immediately, but in the long term because if you have a business that was impacted by the storm, you go through the SBA for loans to cover any damages that your insurance policy does not. Also, in some cases, SBA will give loans to homeowners for damages to their homes not covered by their homeowner’s policy after a natural disaster. Yes, that is the way the government works — shuttling people between one giant agency and another.

    Now, as to why the SBA administrator needed to be at meeting when they are still doing search & rescue, I have no idea.

  24. Of course he refused to answer. That’s what he always does when he’s faced with a question he doesn’t have a good, pre-programmed answer for. When the going gets tough, this worthless POS gets going….FAST!

      1. Mr. T. – Bezy is confused. Just love that the poster is wondering what Romney is hiding????? Hmm, college transcripts? NO. Passport? NO.

        Bezy …rhymes with Preezy.

    1. He’s probably hiding from why he thought the people in Staten Island would want food and clothes. Doesn’t he know the Red Cross needs money to pay their executives and to supply cookies and hot chocolate?????

  25. The Hurricane SANDY should have had F.E.M.A. better prepared. Yes, the President came to visit but went back home to his nice warm bed and food.

    He left millions without power, gasoline, food and water.

    Have we not learned yet as to what the response should be?

    We know that there will be power outages.
    We know that gasoline will be inn short supply.
    We know food and water will be in short supply.
    We know that a place to sleep will be in short supply.

    Now knowing those facts what could they do before the hurricane strikes?

    Have gasoline trucks fully loaded to dispense gasoline knowing that the power at gas stations may be out when needed in numerous hurricane struck areas.
    Those trucks should have been filled and staged outside the disaster area for immediate relief.

    Same for food and water.

    Generators should have been provided as soon as possible in a staging area for those who could still use the generators in their home. Don’t wait ti’ll they have to go to Lowes.

    I thought by now that we had a plan. Those Americans suffering today should not be dumpster diving for food.

    That is not the America I know.

  26. Katrina was “Bush’s fault”. Sandy was the result of a You-Tube video.

    No worries. Barry’s conducting an investigation. Just like “Fast and Furious”.

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  29. Pitiful display of a leader. He has his fingers crossed that he can stagger across the finish line without having to deal with anything Prediential from Bengazi to FEMA failure, unemployment, and a thousdand other failures. The man is pitiful and needs to be sent packing by a huge margin. By Tuesday he could even lose NY and NJ given how poorly his minions are responding to this disaster. rememebr how the press would not let go of Bush’s Katrina problem. Where are they on Sandy.

  30. The Left just have me in stitches with laughter. President Obama is doing a half hearted job with the Storm Sandy and you would think Obama is carrying out some master operation. For god sake’s man, it just part of a presidents duties!

    11.1% Real Unemployment, 1.5% GDP, 7 Million more on food stamps and $6 Trillion more U.S. Debt in Just 3.8 years = “A Failed Presidency”

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  32. As I recall Bloomberg did not want Obama to come to NYC for a tour and photo op. (too much distraction)

    What does Obama do if all of a sudden in the next couple of days he is getting blame for failure of Bloomberg to act? Then he would know exactly how George Bush felt when the Mayor of N.O. failed to act. Talk about poetic justice.

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