As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Final Debate in Song

Thought you might enjoy this. A little comic relief won’t hurt right about now.

7 Responses to The Final Debate in Song

  1. I am not at the laffing stage–I have never found anything, even scripted lines, funny about Obama. I am with that little girl crying and saying make it end. Big Bird, swearing old ladies, birth control for all, coverups…I am just kind of disgusted and angry. And maybe a little hopeful? That we can get rid of the Hope guy?

  2. I am with Star. Can’t find any humor and even less after this exchange moments ago.

    I emailed my brother in NYC, UWS (upper west side) and asked about food/fuel and impact. Below his response.

    Food: store shelves are very depleted; fuel: heating oil: my building was low on supplies and was only able to provide limited heat tho that fortunately seems to have changed; gas – I have 3/4 tank and fortunately I have not had to use it for work. Don’t know what will happen when I have to go back to work which I think will be next week. It’s really bad. Do you have gas where you are?

    To which I add: When a moron is in charge in NYC expect a Moron-athon. When a moron is in charge of America – prepare for four years of bad economic weather and even longer to recover.

  3. Nothing about Obama, Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Kim Jung Il, or Achmedinijad tickles my funny bone, Keith. Sorry. He only inspires fear!