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Jill Biden to Hold Five Events in Pennsylvania

Dr. Jill Biden will appear at five events in Pennsylvania Friday and Saturday, a sign the Obama campaign is officially worried about losing a state once thought to be securely in the president’s column.

The latest RealClearPolitics average of polls in Virginia gives President Obama a 4.6 point edge. But that’s half what it was only a month ago, a sign Gov. Mitt Romney may have the momentum.

Dr. Biden had been scheduled to go to Pennsylvania earlier this week, and Vice President Biden was to be there Thursday, but the appearances were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. That the Obama campaign has put Dr. Biden’s trip right back on the schedule this late in the game suggests concern in the Obama camp about the state is significant.

Dr. Biden will be in Media, Pennsylvania Friday and then travel to West Chester, Norristown, Germantown and Northeast Philadelphia for events.

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  1. Yikes… Keith deserves better than this, as do the multitude of non-posting voters looking for answers.

    Clean it up. What’s next? Dungeons for anyone in the extended family?


    1. Dungeons, no.
      But First Granny could do her part, too. After all she’s been living rent-free at the WhiteHouse for four years.
      Get out there, First Granny. Help the son-in-law.
      MrsO says children could man the phone banks, so the two FirstDaughter’s can put down their i-Phones and make some calls to voters.
      Let’s get MrO’s Auntie and Uncle on the campaign trail, passing out Vote Obama fliers.
      All hands on deck.

      1. Hi srdem65 – we all get the satire. But when we cast falsehoods or otherwise blindly indict family, it serves no one – especially those looking / seeking guidance. It’s not like Dr. Biden is the wicked witch of the West…

        Of course, we all get it that she is a big girl and if she elects to campaign, she is subjecting herself to the BS Fodder. It used to be we held the line at the politician and paid hacks. I liked those days….

        1. RT, if you really got the satire, you’d have no complaint. Jilly and Meesh have put themselves front and center for criticism by assuming a political role, especially Meesh, who jets all over while claiming that she and BO and Princesses Obama have dinner together every night at 6:30. I suppose that Granny fools the Princesses by alternating MO and BO face masks during chow down.

  2. Keith – I just clicked over to RCP and they had this up there.

    RCP Average 10/22 – 10/28 — — 47.9 47.4 Romney +0.5

    Not sure what is current…

    1. It’s the VP’s wife. I doubt anyone knows who she is outside of the political world or cares too. I don’t think they are worried much about PA. Concerned about Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Ohio, New Hampshire, Florida, Virgina and even possibly Michigan (where MI Democrats are privately admitting this is too close for comfort)? Sure. But not PA. Obama has way too big of advantage thanks to urban areas that vote “D” no matter what.

  3. There’s good news here in W. PA. My husband and I drove up to Pittsburgh this morning and on our way from SE VA we saw tons of Romney signs along the route in VA and WV. They out numbered Obama signs by 5 to 1. The BEST signs we saw on the PA Turnpike were 3 HUGE billboards that were pro-Romney. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bill boards along an interstate for candidates before. Then here in the Pittsburgh area, we’ve seen tons of Mitt signs, bumperstickers and from what we’ve seen, they, too, outnumber the Obama signs which really surprises me.

    By the way, Jill Biden’s PhD is in English. She teaches at N VA Comm. College in Annadale. HAHAHA! Impressive, huh….DR Biden.

    1. About the signs. I saw about the same driving from NY to Wisconsin,with huge billboards in Ohio and Wisconsin for Romney along the interstates.
      I saw Larry Sabato today on some show. He said don’t listen to the poles,they are all over the place. Pay attention to where the campaigns are going. This falls right in line with what Keith is saying. The Dems must feel Pennsylvania is not such a sure thing. Or Wisconsin or Nevada.

    2. Fact Check on Jill Biden: Hey JP. Probably an oversight, but Jill Biden has been in education for 30+ years, a BA, two master degrees, and received her doctorate in Education. Very active and engaged – where her actions speak volumes – to include her work with the military members / family.

      Suggest you go pick fights / disparage someone more deserving of your disdain. Dr. Biden is a contributing member of our society and sets a positive example for boys and girls everywhere.

        1. Just2old – what does your snipe have to do with JP getting his info wrong? Oh, nothing… Just venting you are….

          I’ll bite – My guy may be toast, but at least toast has substance and will always be toast… No butter, no jam. Plain old toast. What you see is pretty much what you get.

          Your guy? Well, you have me beat… Mitt can morph into anything you want him to be – milk, honey, Big Bird, Jeep, and, dare I say it, horses and bayonets… Jobs, snobs, 53%, and 5 Point Plans with math that have Bush 41 / 43 crying… He can take whatever form you want – and, to his credit, lots of folks buy it. Lastly, win or lose, Mitt will ultimately be running his own Planet as a man god. Not sure most folks buy that one, and there is room for concern…

          I’ll take toast, thanks.

          1. HI RT. Happy Thursday to you. Could not let your “toast has substance” comment pass. Given the murky waters your “toast” has operated in, with sealed college records (academic and financial) and the like, how can you refer to him as having substance? Like him/hate him, Romney has a body of work to judge. At best, an impartial observer would have to assign an Incomplete to any review of Obama’s actual accomplishments.

            So…..where is this substance you speak of?

      1. RT, Jill Biden does teach English at NOVA in Annandale, VA. I was not disparaging her. I just get a kick out of the fact that she requires everyone to call her Dr. Biden. That’s all. It’s ridiculous, uppity and also a big part of the liberal education system that is now in place in this country.

        Oh, and by the way, a person who takes her class has told me that she’s rarely there, has her TA doing most of the work and when she is there, it’s a parade of glad-handing. It’s been like that for the last 3.5 years and that’s a fact.

        I’m happy she is doing something she loves. I just don’t like the fact that she “puts on airs and assumptions”….that requires the rest of us (i.e. the press, etc.) to call her doctor.

        Being a PhD myself, I don’t require anyone to call me by my “earned title” and ask prefer that they do not.

        1. Always remember what Steve Jobs said about Gil Aimelo: “He made everyone called him doctor. That always a bad side LOL!”

          Makes sense though. Hell I got an example in my family. My uncle/aunt-in law (wife’s family) makes everyone called them doctor since they are shrinks (that need shrinks). Both are hard core leftiesrs I might add. Meanwhile my cousin who is a renowned surgeon has a cow if you called him doctors and insists everyone call him NY his first name including his staff and patients. Big surprise he is voting f for ar

          1. ……Romney!

            I guess that true in so many areas. I know some people who have a few coins and they act like they own the planet. Meanwhile I also know some people who have “bleep you money” and they are humble and respectable as you get. You wouldn’t know that they were Masters Of The Universe!

  4. Hope this is ok to post here. We need to get this out there. Please put pressure on the networks to cover Benghazi.


    NBC Phone (212) 664-3720

    ABC Phone (212) 456-7777

    CBS Phone (212) 975-4321

    CNN Phone (404) 827-1500

    1. New game hitting the Internet! Play it! If nothing else, entertaining!

      GAME: Benghazi – and any GOP Blog Post – Six Degree of Separation

      AP coming soon. $2.99

        1. He is a troll, don’t feed trolls!

          On a side note, the situation on the East Coast is quickly going downhill. I truly pray it’s a lesson for everyone once and for all. You must rely on yourselves in a crisis, not the government.

          1. The drive-by sniper is only self-invested. Nothing beyond his front door matters.

            The drip drip has begun, unfortunately it’s competing against the flood, fuel shortages and fire in NY/NJ. To add insult to injury, I got a Madilyn Albright/Obama spam-o-gram asking for $. They’re truly reaching back in the time capsule, indicative of their “forward” thinking.

      1. An ugly comment from someone, who finds humor in death and turns a horrid event into a snarky sub-human comment. When death becomes entertainment, you have truly entered the realm of the surreal and sad.

        1. Oh I think its just started and its been headed down this road for while now. I’m not saying the world is ending tomorrow but I think dark times are going to follow for the next few decades. That is why I quit my high powered job several years back for a simpler one and spent more time with my wife, children, family, friends etc and be a positive force in my community.

    1. At this point if people aren’t paying attention to this story, it won’t effect the election. There have been so many smoking guns already, one more won’t make a difference.

      Its pretty remarkable how far Obama falls down the rabbit hole.

        1. And if he does, Obama will play the “playing politics with national tragedy” card. I know that is bullcrap but the press will side with Obama since many of them should have blue pom poms.

          Romney in a no win situation on that or even the mismanagement of the superstorm (which is starting to rear its ugly head) so his best bet is to stay on message and hammer Obama with his bumbling of the economy and he is the best guy to fix it along with breaking DC gridlock which is starting to show up. Polls have been showing Romney has the person better at reaching across party lines and getting stuff done including a poll by AK.

    2. Sharyl Attkisson is a patriot. She broke Holder’s murderous Fast & Furious program and now she’s helping to expose the Benghazi terrorist attack. She is what a real investigative journalist looks like.

      1. It actually would be helpful to Joe, Sadie. He’s going to need some income after mid January 2013 and “Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits” could come in handy. Of course, thats only if RT approves…….. :>)

        1. A Time-Warner late-nite infomercial. The Best of Biden – Christmas Edition. Buy 4 for only $12.99 and he’ll throw in “Stand up Chuck” for free.

  5. Does this woman realize that the Obamas are playing her buffoon husband for a fool? Does she realize her husband is Obama’s personal insurance policy against impeachment? Does she realize this country is in mortal danger with her husband’s boss? I doubt it. If it wasn’t so tragic, it would make a great sit-com.

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