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Biden Forgets Where He is . . . Again

Vice President Biden Wednesday forgot yet again what state he was in, citing the Cleveland Plain Dealer as “one of the major newspapers in this state.” It’s true, except he was in Florida.

Biden during the campaign has repeatedly forgotten where he is.

A week ago, during remarks in Ohio, Biden pronounced himself to be located in Iowa.

Two months ago, he told an audience in Virginia, “with you, we can win North Carolina.”

Biden’s latest error is perhaps the least easy to understand, given the difference in the weather right now between Ohio and Florida.

25 thoughts on “Biden Forgets Where He is . . . Again”

    1. Dear God, these guys can’t get reelected. If Obama gets the boot while in office,we will be stuck with this buffoon. My husband says he’d tather have crazy Joe than a Marxist. I’d rather have Romney!

      1. Blondie, if the worst happens and O is reelected, hopefully the Republicans will go after him with a vengeance for the Benghazi murders and make him step down. Then this somewhat scatter-brained man is the next President. But I tend to agree with your husband, rather B than O.

  1. I’m starting to think this isn’t Joe being Joe and doesn’t the VP also have a
    mandatory medical exam not that we’d ever know the outcome. I think he may
    be unfit to serve in more ways than one.

  2. Perhaps uncle Joe might remember if he was in the Situation Room when the Benghazi terror attack started. First, get him to acknowledge that he was, which should be easy given the size of his ego. Next, ask him who in the room decided that the ambassador and his staff were considered expendable.

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