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Obama Makes Surprise Visit to FEMA

Um, I’m sorry, I said below that President Obama’s campaigning would resume Thursday. It actually resumed this morning.

Obama today suddenly materialized at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington, where he interfered with everyone’s work received an update on progress addressing the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

What is there he will do at FEMA that he can’t do at the White House? He’s already using the Situation Room to monitor the disaster – now he can talk on a secure line with the mayor of Ocean City – so presumably he can get everyone on a video screen he needs.

What he can do at FEMA that he can’t do at the White House is get a photo of himself taken at FEMA. Which is exactly what he did. Reporters were not invited to witness him being urgently briefed on urgent matters, but somehow, the photographers were escorted right in.

What’s more – could this possibly be a coincidence?? – Romney is currently under fire for supposedly suggesting FEMA should be eliminated. Which he didn’t. But Obama not only loves FEMA, he is in the building.

Gosh, I sure hope they poll-tested his trip to FEMA before sending him there.

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    • Yes but it works. Our system is set up for local/state to be the first responders and stuff. FEMA and the feds really don’t start their work until weeks down the road (if they do anything). Right now, Christie and the other governors of the region should be getting all the credit…not Obama. But we all know the press will push Obama to get the credit and enough swings voters might buy it and say what I expected for a long time…for a lot of undecided voters to swing in Obama’s camp at the last second.

      On a plus side, I think Romney’s campaign is running early voting the correct way: Push the ones that are the most unreliable to the polls first and use your most harden supporters for gameday..I mean Election Day. LOL! Obama’s tactic of trying to run the up score by having his strongest supporters vote first in early voting might backfire.

  1. The little man is enjoying his last days as President playing with his toys.. Who thinks this is going to change people’s minds in his favor? . Libya will be the wrong flavor of kool-aid for the masses.

    • Where’s the picture of him responding to the terrorist attack in Bengazi while it unfolded? Oh, right, he didn’t. Well, maybe they can still PhotoShop something…

  2. “He’s already using the Situation Room to monitor the disaster” – Keith Koffler

    Did he clear this with Jay-Z and Beyonce? Don’t they have dibs?

  3. “he interfered with everyone’s work” – Keith Koffler

    Not JUST at FEMA, and not JUST today! Due to the stunning combination of his economic illiteracy and inchoate rage against all things American, he’s been doing THAT since 2008!

      • “in·cho·ate   /ɪnˈkoʊɪt, -eɪt or, especially Brit., ˈɪnkoʊˌeɪt/ Show Spelled[in-koh-it, -eyt or, especially Brit., in-koh-eyt] Show IPA
        1. not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.
        2. just begun; incipient.
        3. not organized; lacking order: an inchoate mass of ideas on the subject. ”

        Definition 3 fits Obama nicely as regards my statement. I don’t believe he himself fully understands WHY he hates America, or what exactly should replace it, but he has spend a lifetime having leftist, sometimes Islamic, attitudes inculcated into his personality by others who would tear this country down, and they have done a masterful job in creating the tool that is Obama. Unlike some here, I don’t believe he’s the Antichrist, but the last four years would seem to suggest that he may be doing his work for him.

        As to my use of economic illiteracy in describing Obama, let me help you with this. When I say “illiteracy” in this case, I do not mean he can not read books. I mean that he cannot read the economy or what motivates people and drives job creation. Adam Smith did a lot of work on this that may be of assistance to him; or maybe, given his nacent understanding of capitalism in general, this cartoon will be closer to his level;

        When I say he doens’t understand economics, I’m actually being charitable. I’m making the assumption that the massive damage done from his incompetent handling of the economy is simply because he does not understand capitalisim, and not because he actually WANTS to destroy the economy. Perhaps the reason you question that statement is because you believe that he DOES understand economics? If so, that means that he is willfully and deliberately undermining the middle class he so claims to champion – as a good Alinskyite would.

        “A Marxist begins with his prime truth that all evils are caused by the exploitation of the proletariat by the capitalists. From this he logically proceeds to the revolution to end capitalism, then into the third stage of reorganization into a new social order of the dictatorship of the proletariat, and finally the last stage — the political paradise of communism.” p.10 , “Rules for Radicals”, Saul Alinsky

        So if I’m off base here, its only because I’m giving him the benefit of a doubt that he is merely incompetent and not actually evil. Are you telling me that the obverse is true? You need go no further than your local want ads, which have become decidedly slender in the last four times, to see that the Obama economic model does not function, so you tell me; is the weakening of the American economy by Obama accidental or deliberate?

  4. Perhaps Craig Fugate or one of his own “handlers” should have told Obama to stay away as did Michael Bloomberg in New York City so he would not get in the way! Anything for a photo-op!!

  5. He never stopped. Granted Sandy is no day at the beach and it will take months for NYC to recover. But at least Romney didn’t take the bait. McCains campaign was over when he flew back to DC to be a senator. Romney wisely made the emotional pivot to address the issue at hand while staying focused on next Tuesday. Libs are almost apoplectic that anyone could recover from such an event without a massive federal government response. And for some a massive response will be required but it will be locals to do the work. Someone else might be closer but have they suspended the Davis-Bacon act? The big blue socialist magnet that is NYC will be pushing back on that I suspect. Happy to be wrong later.

  6. Did anyone really think he’d keep it classy? Reading where the head guy from
    the Ohio Dem Party slammed Romney and said he should have donated
    $10 million to charity instead of being in Ohio they are still adding to the death
    toll and the Obama campaign crawls through mud again.

  7. @Star et al – New lows. Use a disaster where lives are lost and folks are experiencing immense personal loss, and YOU guys find a way to spew out a bunch of dribble. Wonder where the line is drawn… Geez…

    • Is it anything like the dribble spewed by Obama et al after the Benghazi attack? You know, blaming it all on the video when lives were lost and folks (family members) were experiencing immense personal loss?

      Geez indeed.

        • I gather you think it’s cynical to think this president would want to dominate a news cycle any way he can. If it’s cynical–guess where we learned cynicism these last 4 yrs. But thanks for tacitly agreeing that Romney is taking a more constructive course than we are–I certanly think his is also more constructive than your hero’s–words words.

          • Really Sadie? Timely questions with a tad of over educated liberal snobbery? Bad form?

            You don’t like my questions. You don’t like my suggestion that Romney and the GOP are not the best answer for America. You don’t like it that candidate Romney is finally self-destructing cuz he has no position that sticks – the consummate politician with a penchant for lying.

            The net result? More and more American voters are beginning to get that sick feeling in the pits of their stomachs. You know, that Mitt can not be trusted.

            Here is what separates us Sadie. You like Romney and hate your President. Simply, that equation results in bad behavior – lies, half truths, bullying, slander, borderline racist overtones, fanatical myopia, and the smell of fear and desperation. It is unclean.

            I have a different world view, so we see things differently. I am sorry for your struggles, and struggle you do. I have other demons with which I contend. I’ll spare you the detail…

          • RT–Why focus on Sadie–or me…We aren’t interested in your assessment of us–since you don’t know us and never will. I don’t hate this president, I have no respect for him and can track where my troubles began–when he came into office. So yes, I want Romney, whom I do respect as clean living, faithful, intelligent and competent. I am sick of you driving by and sniping at us personally–it adds nothing to this site. Sadie is not an unclean racist or whatever spew you have slopped on today. Just cut it out.

          • Geez, a write 2 minutes worth of stuff you can have some fun with and get back 2 seconds – 1/2 of it mine? Argh…lol… Are you an accountant Sadie?


          • @Star – seriously, your troubles in life are because of Obama? I am sorry. Most folk link their problems to other more tangible life events – like personal decisions that did not turn out so well.

            Star, your original post indicted an entire administration lead by our President as using this horrible disaster solely as a photo op. I merely observed that was a new low and wondered where you would draw the line at Presidential snipes…

            Reread the entire thread. Sadie is fine. Regardless of who you are placing your faith in, I wish you the best.

          • Once again–you are trying to tell me what I think. I have told you what I think. See how ridiculous this is? Oh, well, some people just don’t get it. And yes, I had a business before Obama, my kid had a job before AZ went in the dumpster, I had savings, I had hope, I could sleep at nite–all before. Tangible enough for you? From now on, I am not dancing with you. RT. Have fun!

          • Star – I have no idea what posts you are reading, seriously. I am sorry you are so troubled and scared.

            If it helps you to fixate your blame about Arizona’s economic troubles on one man, continue to do so. I’ll end this as a did my previous response. I wish you the best.

        • @Takeahint – Is RT another way to spell stupid? No, probably not. Remember, I am the over-educated left-leaning liberal. I see things from an overtly academic position and encourage discourse and collaboration and all of that fuzzy sh#%.

          This, of course, forces folks like you to bust out the dictionary and lash back with literary nuggets of wonder, like troll, stupid, and twit.

          Well, there we are. Thanks for sharing… :)

    • That would be drivel, not dribble. Dribble is for basketball, or babies.

      And by the way, the posters here on WHD don’t post drivel, with a few exceptions, one of them being you.

  8. FEMA is the new talking point of the left, they’re trying to turn it against Romney during a disaster so people associate Romney with cutting federal aid to disasters. It doesn’t seem to be working and even the left doesn’t seem to be really trying very hard with it.

    Maybe in a few days they will push it harder. It took a while for the Katrina narrative to get really rolling and hurt President Bush, too, and that’s what they’re desperate to do with Romney.

    • Chris – good point. “The Left”. We all have a secret handshake and receive “special directions” so we can act uniformly like a school of fish… We decode these secret directions on our specially designed socialist decoder rings.

      I did NOT receive a talking point on FEMA but did on JEEP….

      My disappointment, Jeep not begin with a “B”, like Big Bird, Binders, Bayonets, and Battleships…. ;)

  9. The Preezy: I gotta get out of here. I can’t stand being stuck in this old museum all the time. Where can I go today?
    The Suck-ups: You could use this time wisely and give a press conference……..
    The Preezy: Never! All they want to know is stuff I don’t want them to know.
    Find somewhere for me to go. Now!
    The Suck-ups: Well, you could have a photo-op at FEMA and……………
    The Preezy: Where’s that located? Florida? Nevada?
    The Suck-ups: No, it right here in DC and ………………
    The Preezy: aaarrrrrrrggghhhhhh

  10. Tweet from Mark Knoller @ 12:47pm 31-Oct-12

    Mark Knoller
    Visible from the air over Point Pleasant Beach, NJ: someone inscribed “ROMNEY” in large letters in the sand.

    • Love letters in the Sand. ; )

      “Well, ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is back – not for gays in the military. It’s President Obama’s new policy for questions about Libya. Don’t ask, don’t tell.”
      -Jay Leno

  11. Ironically, Obama is the poster child as to why FEMA and other FED programs should be turned over to individual states. If you’re a Blue state – the sky’s the limit. Red state? Forget it.

    The country is polarized. Obama can campaign at FEMA, the Red Cross, the Jersey Shore…wherever. He is viewed by most as a public nuisance at this point. He is better known for his appearances on late night talk shows by his adoring fringe base. For the rest of us, he is a national pest – draining municipal resources and tieing up traffic while he cavorts all over the country on a daily basis – at a cost of $millions/day.

    I hate to sound like a broken record but Valjar made a spectacular announcement two days ago on MSNBC. She said Obama plans to do MORE traveling in his second term! Now, if this doesn’t scare the heck out of everyone, I give up.

    • RE: FEMA – Fact check… Ut oh Girly1, your assumption is, um, is um, like, you know, like, well – a tad off the mark.. Actually grossly inaccurate… But who knew..

      RE: Fringe Base. Huh? Wonder what that means. Kind of an awkward use of works to describe the shear numbers of folks who, um, like, you know, um, like make up a large percentage of Americans…

      Fact Check – RE: Presidential trips – holly Molly Batman! BO travels a lot, like the most ever? Well, no Robin, actually not, but we want folks to believe that. With another 4 years in the WH, he “may” pass that mark, so we want to rile up the citizenry just cuz, well, cuz that’s what we do…

      Fact Check – RE: Broken Record. True, sounds like broken record. Wait… News Flash. Broken Record is a code word used to bait and out socialist trolls… Argh! Caught in the trap! Must find way out! There! The book of truth – ahhhhhhh. That’s better….

      • Susan – update your body of knowledge. I could spoon feed you, but then you might become codependent… If you are unsuccessful, let me know and I will send you a link to those little nasties – relevant and applicable facts…

        Does anyone think it odd that we bitch about the Feds yet everyone wants to wet their beak at the Federal Watering Bowl? Don’t get me wrong, I think States get it better and Churches get it done the best.

        Funny, it is kind of like Walmart – folks bitch about them and tell their friends they refuse to shop there – until that “sale” will save them 75 bucks….lol…

  12. Don’t know why Obama’s visiting Jersey when it just means everybody has to stop what they’re doing to oogle him. All the affected states need is fed money from him, not photo ops.

    Besides, the airlines are trying to get back on schedule with thousands stranded, and BO just screws up the air space when he moves around on AF1.

    • DeniseVB – are you insinuating it is AOK to pilfer the cookie jar and provide aid? Candidate Romney is kind of silent on this at the moments.

      I totally get it that when republican presidents move around on AF1, that it is business as usual. I liked the History Channels coverage of the Secret Service in a special when Bush 2 did a campaign trip as CiC… It was all business as usual. No traffic jams. Heck, they even held AF1 in the pattern while a Cessna 152 on a VFR flight landed first. Then, out of common courtesy, Bush ordered that an inbound UPS Flight be vectored to #1 since he supported big business.

      I yearn for the days of a GOP President and GOP run Congress… Everything just worked… No debt, no unbalanced budgets, no war, less taxes, no regulations, clean banking practices where the market looked after ethical behavior, a world that respected our foreign role on the world stage… We need to bring back those policies and practices. It ain’t about Mitt, it is about the GOP having a better path to prosperity.

      What was that… Oh, sorry, I’ll get the door. It will be either Michael Moore or my Amazon order of socialist Koolaid…

        • Darn. Missed the doorbell and Michael drove off with my Amazon order in a Red VW MicroBus. I yelled out and all I got backwas a wave of hid middle finger… Sh#%…

          So, when I walked back up my drive way to head back in and Blog, a saw “W” next door racking leaves… He glanced my way and gave me that classic I told you so grin… I like “W”. He may be right about Michael…

      • What was that… Oh, sorry, I’ll get the door. It will be either Michael Moore or my Amazon order of socialist Koolaid…

        Go figure, I would have sworn you re-ordered a case of BDS.

      • Sadie – I dress for success. Under BOs leadership, I am doing just fine. Sorry if you are not – maybe you are one of the 47%… Grab your goodies while the going is good….

        Say, better buy a Jeep soon cuz you know they are getting outsourced, right? With a Jeep, you can cross deep ruts and pot holes in the road. Not unlike navigating the deep flaws of logic and storms of anger that permeate your posts. Get the 4 year warranty, cuz you’ll be needing it.


          • Sadie – I do today! Thanks for noticing. You are observant to be sure. I do indeed have much in common with the descriptors you cited. I could add self-absorbed an narcissistic too. Heck, run the deck, over educated, opinionated, obstinate, argumentative, poor loser, and more.

            I could provide a list of what I am not, but it would not fit the tidy liberal mold in play on this blog. You’ll have to use your imagination… And, heaven knows, that characteristic is NOT in short supply for members of WHD.

            See you around. :)

        • What is your idea of ‘dressing for success’, RT? Judging from the amount of time you spend harrassing WHD readers, I would say you are still in your ‘jamies’. You don’t even need a costume tonight – just go as your troll self. Maybe a pair of silk jamies, since you are doing so well under Obama’s leadership. Have fun!

          • Tennies and shorts. I only mentioned dress as Sadie said I was in costume…lol..

            Sorry to hear I am harassing WHD readers. Not my intent. I see you still fail to use the term Troll correctly, no matter. Just FYI, Trolls dress in drag, and in my neighborhood, I would go unnoticed. A non starter…

            Now, the good stuff – silk jamies… I am game if you are. I understand silk trade is down under BO after hitting a peak “under” Clinton…. Can ya help?

    • Hi Janna. Do your homework on trolls Janna. I suspect you were a good student back in the day… Maybe you lost your way. Either way, some measure of introspection may prove beneficial.

      Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day.

  13. So, the guy who (we were assured) didn’t actually have to be at security briefings in order to be briefed on security (he can read, yaknow), and who doesn’t actually have to meet with foreign leaders when they happen to be in the same city (there are phones in the White House, yaknow), is the same guy who absolutely must be at FEMA headquarters in order that FEMA will “make sure” (one of his fave empty phrases) they’re all doing their job.

    Yesterday, ABC News informed me that the prez had heroically instructed the utility workers to hurry up in getting services restored. (Because otherwise, they would have just lazed about.) What would we do without such brilliant leadership?

    • I hate it when commenters correct their typos after they’ve posted, but here goes anyway:
      in order to “make sure” they’re all doing their job.

    • Did he tell the utility workers to hurry up before or after he told people without electricity to go on the internet to see where to get help? Just wondering.

  14. And the Republicans are politicizing Benghazi??????? This is just vile. And although I usually am good with Christie, his support of the President and this NJ jaunt was just way over the top. Bobby Jindahl took the right approach with the President. This just looks like Christie and Obama made a deal. I’ll do for you if you do for me. I’m out on Christie.

    • For a brief moment when they were mixing with the crowd, Obama was uncharacteristically hanging all over Christie – practically gave him a big fat kiss. He couldn’t keep his hands off Christie. Christie was stoic, thankfully. I’ve never seen Obama so animated in the presence of another human being. I think he was flabbergasted that a super star from the Republican party was so effusively complementary toward him. Personally, I found it bizarre.

  15. Keith, can you dig up the video of the speech that Obama gave a year or so ago in which he spent time laughing, joking, and giving shout outs before even mentioning the loss of life in another disaster. Was it Joplin? Someone help me out here – google’s not being cooperative. I know there was something.