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Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 1, 2012

9:20 am || Departs the White House
10:35 am || Arrives Green Bay, Wisconsin
10:40 am || Delivers remarks at a campaign rally; Austin Straubel International Airport, Green Bay
11:45 am || Departs Green Bay
1:15 pm PT || Arrives Las Vegas
2:10 pm PT || Delivers remarks at a campaign rally; Cheyenne Sports Complex, Las Vegas
3:25 pm PT || Departs Las Vegas
5:55 pm MT || Arrives Denver
7:00 pm MT || Delivers remarks at a campaign rally; Coors Events Center, Denver
8:45 pm MT || Departs Denver
1:05 am || Arrives Columbus, Ohio

All times Eastern except as noted

25 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, November 1, 2012”

    1. Actually today’s trip is only 3,976 miles and cost $1,313,937.88 for AF1. That doesn’t include any other related expenses, so you are probably close with the additional costs.

      It’s good to be the king.

  1. So he got New Jersey cleaned up and all those people into new homes with their lost property replaced already?? That was fast!! Oh, what.. you mean those things aren’t done yet?/ Didn’t he say he was going to focus on the recovery like a laser or something?? I guess he is focusing from AF-1. And an interesting pattern is starting to emerge, at least for me. Anyone notice that he is going to Vegas again? He did that after Benghazi too, didn’t he?

  2. NJ to DC to Wisconsin to Nevada to colorado to Ohio.
    doesn’t he ever get jet lag?

    on a personal note,
    i can’t wait to vote for Obama…
    well, i’ll vote for Romney but we all know the button somehow switches to Obama.

  3. Obama praises one Bob Menendez in the video above. Is that the person that, according to the Daily Caller, was involved with prostitutes when in Dominican Republic ? If the accusations are true that is one slimy person. Talk about war on women.

    1. It’s the same Bob Menendez, Swedishlady. He is the junior Senator from New Jersey who replaced the disgraced Jon Corzine. According to the prostitute, she was promised $500 but was only paid $100. Never trust a Democrat! Same thing happened with Obama’s SS agents – they tried to cheat the working girls!

      Menendez has a good defense, however. He is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. All in a day’s work!

    2. As Rush Limbaugh has said before, things like this are resume enhancements for a Democrat politician. They are career-enders for Republicans.

  4. Cost of AF1 for October 2012 and YTD:

    This is using the POTUS schedule posted on WHD, and the costs are based on cost reported by USA Today and the UK Daily Mail in 2010, if there is any change in the cost, I apologize, but it will not be that significant. Further, miles are based on from major airport to major airport, and DO NOT include any support aircraft, ground transportation, or other travel related expenses. During campaign events, the campaign is expected to reimburse the government for the cost of a first class ticket, but that in no way covers the actual cost of this travel.
    That said, here we go.

    Total miles traveled October, 2012 = 22,434 miles
    October Cost for AF1 = (22,434 /550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $7,413,702.79
    YTD cost AF1: YTD miles: 143,453 domestic 35,110 international = 178,563 miles
    (178,563 /550 avg. air speed of AF1) * $181,757 p/hr for AF1 = $59,009,227.62

      1. Thanks, Shofar….these figures are staggering. When you take into consideration the hidden costs of MO, Granny, and the kids, we must be in the BILLIONS over the past four years. Wherever these people travel, there are dozens of military back-up aircraft, cargo planes, choppers, limos, 40 vehicle caravans, ground personnel, hotels, food, etc. AF1 and 2 are equipped with a functioning hospital and medical staff, The list goes on,

        The Obamas are our biggest liability, Their board and keep has cost us more than the GDP of most European countries. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re in for another 4 years of profligate spending.

  5. I don’t think Obama’s final campaign push is going to be very effective while the news keeps covering the deteriorating conditions of Sandy’s destruction. People are still stranded in flooded areas, power’s still out for thousands and the “red tape” still seems to be strangling them.

    The fake situation room and Christie photo ops don’t mean a thing to those still suffering loss :(

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