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Live Stream || Obama and Christie in Atlantic City

Here’s a live feed from Atlantic City, where President Obama and Gov. Chris Christie are about to speak.

Often the reporters waiting for the president either aren’t aware or forget that the mike is live. Happy eavesdropping!

UPDATE: The event has concluded. Here’s the video.

30 Responses to Live Stream || Obama and Christie in Atlantic City

  1. Governor Christie knows when to stop playing politics and when to take care of the citizens who elected him to office. I was very impressed with him.

  2. Obama really has become in the incredible shrinking man. Wherever he goes, he looks like the odd man out. It almost looks like he wants out. The only thing keeping him from melting down is his ego. He looks so old and bent over – he should just throw in the towel.

  3. Benghazi is going to pop before Tuesday and all they had to do was send in a drone or a C130 or a couple of jets not a massive troop surge. They are in so
    deep and so far over their heads they can’t even manage a coverup!

      • Yes, Obama fails to protect our Ambassador and the plan is that it will force the Libyans to become more involved and do their job. Guess Stevens paid for his life over that gamble. Those pictures of Stevens’ corpse in the street must really be of a dying man and the Libyans who “rushed him to the hospital by car.” It makes me sick to think of what this “friend of Libya” went through because no one was willing to protect him — not the U.S. and not his Libyan friends. And why did the U.S. let those ex-SEALS die? I’m betting it’s because they disobeyed orders and went to the Ambassadors’ rescue — I bet the thinking among the Obots was “you made your bed, now die in it.”

  4. Headline on Druge says their is a sex scandal brewing in a campaign. What could this be? He’s buds with Romney aid so I don’t think he’d post it if it was from that camp.

    • And just when I thought my day would end on a positive note, a thread working its way from odd, to partially funny (thanks ladies) and then Darrel shows up – heading into the perverse…

      Imagine this: Now, Keith gets picked up as he often does and one of those 29 YO Independant Voters finds their way here – looking for something in the larger debate that makes sense to them. And this…

      One lost vote. To coin a phrase in today’s venacular – I am conflicted…

    • Thanks for the link. I liked his article on oil from 2008 when Bush was under the gun on gas prices… BO got decked pandering while Bush was held innocent regarding gas prices as a supply and demand issue.

      Guess BO learned something this go around…lol…