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Obama Cancels Wednesday’s Campaigning

President Obama will remain in Washington Wednesday, canceling a scheduled campaign trip to Ohio, the White House announced today.

From a statement by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

The President will remain in Washington, DC on Wednesday to monitor the response to Hurricane Sandy and ensure that all available federal resources continue to be provided to support ongoing state and local recovery efforts.

The move appears to have little practical significance, since Obama can monitor the response the Hurricane Sandy from anywhere he is traveling, and he isn’t the one personally coordinating logistics. But symbolically, remaining at the White House will allow Obama to present himself as “above politics” and acting in a presidential manner, which ironically may benefit him politically.

Meanwhile, Obama has high-profile surrogates at his disposal who have continued to campaign with gusto.

Michelle Obama appeared Monday at two events in Sioux City, Iowa, and after expressing that her “thoughts and prayers” are with those affected by the hurricane, launched into her political stump speech. But she is now down for a couple of days, spending today in Chicago.

But Bill Clinton is in the midst of a busy nonstop campaign swing that takes him to Colorado today, where he is making stops in Commerce City and Denver.

Vice President Biden campaigned with Clinton Monday but is now off the trail, though he will soon travel to Florida to resume campaigning.

52 Responses to Obama Cancels Wednesday’s Campaigning

    • They had a campaign rally in Ohio that changed into a “donate non-perishable goods for those in need” affair. I know they’ll be some that say it’s a campaign stunt, but I know, really know, these people and that’s who they are in real life.
      A few years ago, a neighbor lost their home to fire and within 12 hours volunteers from the Mormon stake were going door to door asking for donations of children’s clothing, and household goods to give to the victims of the tragedy. The victims( and their five children) were taken in by neighbors until suitable arrangements could be made for them by their insurance company .That’s who they are.

  1. I’m just grateful that he’s NOT coming to Ohio! The stench of falure he leaves in his wake as he crisscrosses my state on my dime is nauseating.

  2. I cannot help it. I laughed my butt off when I heard about him staying at the White House to oversee the disaster. Can he really expect that to make up for his nonchalance on Libya?
    Thinking he may be saving campaign cash, so when he loses he can have it for his own bank account. (er, library)

  3. Don’t care what the statement says. There’s something else going on. Why would he cancel face time in Ohio? Why is Biden off the trail?

    The little demons in the West Wing are hatching a last minute plan, strategy or “surprise” announcement. Surely, they’re reading the same poll numbers as the rest of us.

  4. Why has “Pres” Obama had 2 “news confrences” about the Hurricane/storm Sandy… (Obama’s statements all pre-staged/scripted)

    BUT! NO ONE!! Has asked why “Pres” Obama will not go in front of the ‘media’ when it comes to Benghazi…

  5. He just graced us with his presence – an address on TV delivered from the Red Cross HQ. Sounded more like a weather report – and an affirmation on his job as president. Campaign-like photo op if you ask me. He is only “there” when he can milk it.

    • One of the really sad things about his appearance was that he used it as a White House press conference, employed his political slogan “Lean Forward” and turned his appearnace into an event lauding his administrtion more than the Red Cross. The Red Cross policy is to be politically neutral; its volunteers are instructed not to take political sides. So, either (1) the President is oblivious to Red Cross policy and his staff made no effort to find out what the policy is [or should I say was], or (2) he disregarded that policy. Sad for both the Red Cross and Obama.

  6. Did you hear Obama tell victims of the hurricane to go to the government website to direct them to the assistance they need? Doesn’t this idiot understand that if you don’t have electricity, you can’t get to the internet? But of course, he’s never had that problem.

    • FEMA is working on it – a solar-panel-water-proof laptap with a Mae West matching jacket cover. Just donate $5.00 to .win a chance to have dinner with ….

      ; )

  7. Obama? Monitoring hurricane relief efforts? He still thinks we are fools! The only thing Federal relief agencies need is his rubber stamp on the checks. After Benghazi, nothing he can do or say will make a difference – unless he is working on his concession speech.

    **Lest we forget, the Gulf spill back in 2010 was one of his greatest failures. It took 30 days and James Carville to get his royal posterior down to LA.

  8. Just heard he’s going to visit the disaster scene in New Jersey tomorrow. Figures! Great photo ops with Christie. Who knows, he might even bring his volunteers to set up polling booths at the shelters!

  9. So Obama, in the last week before the election, finally goes to work.

    Reminds me of how Sugar Ray Leonard fought Hagler; Hagler beat the crap out of him for 2.5 minutes of the round then Leonard would throw some combinations at the end and make it look like he won the round. Obama waits until the week before the election and decides to look presidential for once.

  10. The is now critizing MrRomney’s attempt to help those in need with a collection of non-perishable goods as “a few cans of Campbell’s soup” as a waste of time. The believe that those impacted by the storm want “cash”, from the Federal government of course.

    Memo to NYT: people can’t eat cash, the stores aren’t open so cash is just green paper, and can of “Campbell’s soup” is more nourishing than greasy paper. Plus, it’s Americans ,helping Americans in time of need.

    Mr Romney just can’t do anything right for these liberal lefties.

    • srdem – Didn’t ya know help only comes from the government. Neighbor helping neighbor or heaven forbid an entire community gathering canned goods for disaster relief dilutes their perceived power. Imagine what would happen if the NYT let it be known that Americans can, will, have done for ages to reach out and help.

      Sarcasm off, but not my anger. The NYT should be ashamed of themselves, but like the good progressives they are – they lack even a modicum of shame.

    • Well, many organization such as the Red Cross, ask for donations of cash so they can buy what is needed. Also, the Red Cross does not distribute canned goods, etc. and when it feeds people tried to serve prepared food. So some of the criticisms come from charityable websites asking for cash rather than canned goods, etc.

      • mo1 – since you posted your response twice I am wondering what your point is. Romney is certainly not asking for cash and directed anyone receiving the R/R emails to direct their donations to the Red Cross. Bringing canned foods helps local food banks during disasters as well. Not every victim ends up in a Red Cross facility. Additionally, everyone may not have cash to donate but most can deliver non-perishable items to donate.

        • My only point was that the NY Times– for once– had correctly noted that the Red Cross does not seek certain kinds of contributions. I was not criticizing Romney for his very charitable acts. He did more for victimes than Obama did, excluding giving away government money.

  11. Hear ye, hear ye! Valerie Jarrett let the cat out of the bag yesterday on Morning Joe. Obama intends to spend more time traveling when he gets his second term. America must stop this megalomaniac at all cost!!! Congress must enact emergency measures to ration his spending in the event he gets another term. Every trip on AF1 is costing us millions!

    • I agree, this whole administration is treasonous. Previously I thought Panetta was a good guy, but the whole excuse that they don’t send people into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on really made me blow my top. Civilians WERE ALREADY IN HARM’S WAY. Now there are dead pamericans and every terrorist group is free to plan attacks because they think we won’t try to kill them back.

    • I honestly don’t know how he could be so tone deaf. He must believe that 99% of the country watches only the alphabet channels. Maybe he is correct since FOX is the only channel that is covering Benghazi.

  12. romney campaign should focus on learning how to tell the truth because they are full of lies and racisms. the truth is that romney hates poor people, blacks, jew, gays because he is a racist mormon.