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The Six Great Ironies of the 2012 Campaign

Several times during this presidential campaign, my head has come close to exploding. I thought I’d share with the things that nearly prompted this catastrophic – for me at least – event.

The intensity of cynicism that has animated the Obama 2012 campaign is unlike anything I have seen in politics. The ability of President Obama and his coterie to say and do anything without being called on it by the mainstream press is one of the most significant and lamentable hallmarks of this contest.

Here are six deep ironies for you to consider.

1. The Obama campaign claims Republicans are waging a war on women, but Obama’s chief campaign surrogate, Bill Clinton, waged a personal war on women his whole life in public office.

2. Clinton is presented by the Obama campaign as the Great Authority on what makes a good economy, when it was his low-income home ownership initiatives and failure to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that set the stage for the financial collapse.

3. Obama is running on his experience as commander in chief, but in 2008 he believed himself qualified to be president even though he had never run anything larger than a kebab stand.

4. In 2008, President Obama bemoaned attack politics, saying things like this:

The ugly phone calls, the misleading mail and TV ads, the careless, outrageous comments, all aimed a keeping us from working together, all aimes at stopping change.

With the economy in turmoil and the American Dream at risk, the American people don’t want to hear politicians attack each other – you want to hear about how we’re going to attack the challenges facing middle class families each and every day. You want to hear about the issues that matter in your lives.

Today, he brands Mitt Romney a liar, accuses him of having “Romnesia,” claims Romney only likes rich people, sent as many jobs as possible to China, and so on and so on and so on.

5. Obama blames George W. Bush for everything but Lindsey Lohan’s inability to get her life together. But Obama’s chief foreign policy claims are built on George W. Bush’s successes. His withdrawal from Iraq was the result of Bush’s military surge, which Obama opposed, but which turned the tide against Iraqi insurgents. And the killing of Osama Bin Laden was made possible by techniques and military assets created by Bush.

6. Obama’s Iraq success is actually a failure. He trumpets that he has removed all U.S. troops from Iraq, even though he had tried and failed to negotiate a “Status of Forces” agreement that would have allowed some American forces to remain.

Any others that have nearly made your head explode?

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72 Responses to The Six Great Ironies of the 2012 Campaign

  1. Pres. Obama claims that Mitt Romney doesn’t care whether or not people live or die, then decides to leave more than 30 Americans to their fate when al Queda attacks the Consulate in Benghazi.

    Pres. Obama calls Mitt Romney a “bulls***ter” after lying to the Americans for weeks about what happened in Benghazi.

    Say what you will about anything else, he decisions in the attack on the Benghazi Consulate flatly disqualify him from the presidency.

  2. The reluctance of the media acknowledge ANY of the glaring lies/blunders/true statements…

    1. Libya
    2. Fast and Furious
    3. Green job give aways
    4. Gas prices at almost $4 and the media silent. In 07-08, gas prices around $3.50 and every news cast opening with a reporter in front of gas pumps.

    I could keep going, but I gotta work.

  3. I realized long ago that the hypocrisy on the part of the left is not an accident (conservatives sit in bemusement and wonder how they can’t see their own hypocrisy) – it’s intentional. They do this precisely because regular people will be stunned at the blatantly false claims. Something marginally incorrect will elicit a rational argument in response – something 180 opposite of reality has the effect of a Taser. This is the effect they are going for. This is much like Obama claiming to be “offended” at people questioning his leadership ability. Given that he has none, it comes as no surprise that people would question it so he doesn’t argue it, but turns it on his head and claims victim status. You have to hand it to them for being strikingly bold and living in a parallel universe but it’s all they have.

    Keith – sounds like you survived the storm with life and laptop intact (?) – glad to have you back.

    • I have repeatedly scratched my head over mystery of liberal hypocrisy. Rod, your explanation makes more sense than anything else I’ve read. Liberalism/progressivism really is a mental illness.

      • Hypocrisy, to liberal minds, is a moral question, not a philosophical issue. Relativism in and of itself produces constant competing positions and as a relativist, it is not a problem. to the liberal relativist, competing opposing truths are not a problem. What the liberal mind thinks of as hypocrisy is a moral absolute position taken by someone who then fails to live up to such a position. So Bill Clinton can cheat on his wife because he doesn’t preach about not cheating on one’s wife as being wrong. And because he supported abortion, it was okay for him to sexually predator on young women, possible rape a few, to relativist that all fits.

        Similarly, Obama can come out against waterboarding and end the practice but sit in his office with his death list and order drones around the world to Hellfire this guy or that guy to Hades and if other people are in the car or area, so what?

        On the other hand, if it were found Romney cheated on his wife one time 30 years ago, well, that would be a death blow.

        See how it works?

        • Barkley – why you shameless self-promoter. Cutting and pasting away!

          Your minor little venture that you are trying to pass off as a deep dive is so totally devoid of fact and substance. Even a poorly penned poem by over educated liberal would contain more thought provoking tidbits of humanity….

          I am just disappointed you were not able to use the term “overarching” somewhere. I have to admit, your black and white view of the world is pretty “relative”…lol…

          Stay away from sharp objects if things don’t work out for you next Tuesday…

          PS – like the sexual predator musing… You are illustrating such tendencies yourself… Just sayin’…

          • why do people who always claim someone else is devoid of fact and substance never provide fact or substance to support their position? But the slam suggesting sexual predator issues in my life is a wonderful example of pop psychology at it’s best and probably legally actionable.

            As for self promotion, Keith has been very kind to let me put my blog address at the bottom of my posts. I link to his site on my blog and since most of my blogs are observations and stories of caring for an elderly parent as they die from Alzheimer’s mixed in with some political and philosophical ramblings I have no problem with someone deeply shallow attacking me for being shallowly deep.

            And, a black and white worldview is the antithesis of relativism, just for your information. As for suicidal thoughts if Obama wins, I would suggest if I can survive four years of taking care of my dad, including yesterdays work at cleaning up his butt after a poop accident, cleaning the bathroom, throwing all the stuff out in the garbage after getting him cleaned and dressed only to walk back in and find out he did it again, I suppose I can make it through another four years of Obama – especially if Colorado legalizes pot.

            Have a nice day and thanks for playing.


          • (A) You posted a shallow rant, I merely called you out on it.
            (B) You could have responded with something worth debating, which I note you did on another thread.
            (C) Playing victim works, in its’ own unique way. Detail on your personal quest noted.
            (D) Bone up on the personality traits and cognitive biases associated with common human behavior.
            (E) Not that you would know or care, your first original sentence had such promise…. The came the awkward rant that included sexual predators, rape, and what not.
            (F) Romney and wife (wives). Geez, given his stated and past positions held in the Mormon Church, do share your thoughts!

          • RT, I don’t know who you are but stop embarrassing yourself with your armchair analysis. First, I am not a victim, I chose to take care of my folks in their old age; strike one. Secondly, I have a degree in behavioral psychology and the only change in 30 years is they now just drug kids instead of working with them, probably because they discovered Skinner was as full of crap as Freud; strike two. And three any comment to others is to cut down the other person to make yourself feel better about yourself. Strike three.

          • Hi Barkley Pontree – 1) I did not say you we’re a victim. Read what I wrote.

            2) I am aware of your stated credentials though and my recommendation to bone up remains as stated. A degree does not make your assertions accurate / logical / appropriate / applicable, but I respect that you sought an education.

            3) No clue why you are talking Skinner and Freud and kids being over medicated. We could have this conversation…

            4) Lastly, if you feel or perceive my desire to call you out was for personal amusement, you are wrong. That stated, I can not control the nature of your perceptions. On that level, understand my motive is enlightenment – yours and any third party who stummbles upon this thread.

            Have a great day.

  4. He actually accused PresBush of being “unpatriotic” for increasing the national debt, then doubles down (triple?) the amount in his first term.

    His first campaign was built on bringing America together, not Red or Blue, not Black or White, then spent the next four years polarizing every subgroup against the other.

    His ridiculous charges of a Repub war on women, and his promoting the signing of the LillyLedbetter act, while the WhiteHouse female employees are paid less than their male counterparts and complain publically about a “hostile workplace”.

    I think we all agree that the national press has been compromised and has lost whatever respect the general public had for this once proud vocation.
    We’re not fools or stupid, we know that MrObama isn’t always wrong and MrRomney isn’t always right. What we object and dismiss is the MSM’s spin that MrRomney is always wrong, and MrObama can do no wrong.

  5. not only is my head going to explode,but if this election doesn’t end soon,some of my friendships are going to explode too. One of my old friends can’t help herself and keeps posting lies on Facebook about Romney. I just have to ignore her because what I want to say will end our friendship! Last week she told me that she is considering moving to Ireland if Romney wins!! I guess she hasn’t realized they are broke there. She went from voting for Bush 2 terms to a flaming liberal. I don’t get it! I hate to be petty,but when eventually all is found out about Obama,and it will,I can’t wait to say i told you so.

    • it’s happening all over, and to even the best of friends. Hard not to tell them all to jump off the end of a pier (how un PC of me) but I have had years of restraint voicing my political opinion because I was a member of the armed forces.

      Sadly, once the election is over, it’s going to continue for a while.

      • I have lost friends of 30 yrs or more, Blondie. We just don’t discuss–a huge gap, awkward and sad. I study this, they read People–but they sure know all about how fabbie Obama is, all right.

          • My in-laws, like my wife, are all flaming liberals. At home, politics and religion are taboo since neither will convince the other. In-laws, especially in their homes are something else. I happily stay at home nursing a bad back (which I DO have) and playing with our Pit Bull when we’re invited over. Anyway, I’ve never been one for visiting folks anyway.

          • When I was on FB (I quit mos ago), I deleted stuff off my wall–so what if someone checked and got offended. Go to the upper right of the entry and a delete should appear.

    • Here is what I don’t get people don’t realize about FB, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. You start adding friends, then friends of friends, the followers you don’t even know, and one day you got 500 people and don’t know half of them but are forever associated with them. So five years from now when someone is busted for child porn or for wanting to blow up a federal building, guess what the cops are going to do? Look at who their friends and contacts are and the next thing you know the feds are all over you, your computers, your neighbors, your workplace, etc checking you out over someone you never met in your life. Then, they go after everyone else on your friends list, then everyone on their friends list. And they will be able to bust people for all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the original guy.

      It is a massive geometrically connected database that could keep a FBI agent busy his whole career.

      • Yikes… A smell conspiracy…. Just a whiff, or was that lunch….

        A sojourn to a marketing lesson: “If you are not paying for it, you are not the customer, you are the product…..”.

  6. I would add: In 2008 it would have been nice for Americans to understand what BHO just said last week – that he never got past 7th grade math. It would have prepared us for four years without a federal budget, the accumulation of massive federal debt and federal deficits from here to eternity.

  7. Obama’s surrogates either hint or even outright say that Romney is stupid . . . even “dunce”. Yet, Gov. Romney received an MBA and a JD from Harvard simultaneously, Doesn’t that make Obama even worse that stupid or a dunce?

  8. My head explosions are prob only bumps in the cranium, compared to the larger issues, but here they are:
    1. His immense unchecked vulgarity, both he and his sulky freeloading wife, beginning with (but not limited to) giving”the finger” to Hillary in 2008, completely unreported, as is his now giving “the finger” to Romney; that’s when I first smelled a rat.
    2. I will never get over his unchecked arrogance and rudeness, including to Israel and the Dalai Lama, Paul Ryan, John McCain: “friend” and foe alike
    3. All the lies, coverups, blame-shifting, all of which go on today
    4. His relentless pursuit of anti-military policies, all the while sending out Dr. Jill and H.S.F.W. (see above) to fake events signalling support
    5. His installation of Valerie Jarret as Edith Wilson
    None of this can go on, could’ve gone on, without the complete obeisance of truckling MSM.

  9. To me it’s the exploitation of children in his campaign ads. The latest is a group of them singing about why to reelect him.. by the “children of our future” It’s disgusting and a new low for Mr O’s re-election ads

    Remember in 2009 there was a school who had k-2nd graders singing the praises of Obama. They said it was not political. Yea right.

    Child Indoctrination at it’s finest.

    • I get whiplash (yeah, yeah, I know using the word “whip” is racist) every time a democrat/liberal/progressive/Marxist/commie pinko yammers that some conservative has been “political! EVERYTHING these leftists DO is political!!!

    • He’s taking a page right from playbook of Third World dictator 101 where
      everywhere the dictator goes he has children singing to him…

      whoops! gotta be careful, symptoms of head explosion coming on..
      … must go now ! start breathing slower.. close my eyes.. think of the Reagan years.. yes that will help.. bye yall !

  10. The Obama kids being sheltered from the scrutiny of the press, (which I agree with) but the Obamas willingly and gleefully allowing OTHER people’s kids to be used in political ads and stupid singing videos.

  11. I enjoy the claims that Romney has NO foreign policy experience. As if Obama (who had none either) has learned ANYTHING while on the job.

    A week or so back I heard some pundit talking about this, and the learning curve – etc – that Obama’s mistakes were nothing but his on-the-job, rookie mistakes that we should simply have expected.

  12. Remember Keith, DUCT TAPE to contain the exploding head.

    Re #5: You mean GWB ISN”T responsible for LiLo’s implosion!!!! I thought it was well established FACT! Like Obama’s GREAT Foreign Policy skills!!

  13. I hate to correct my host, but I have an issue with this one;

    “3. Obama is running on his experience as commander in chief even though in 2008 he believed himself qualified to be president even though he had never run anything larger than a kebab stand.”

    That’s quite insulting to kebab stand owners. They have shown MUCH more initiative and business acumen than Obama ever could, as they can actually open and run a business. Obama, on the other hand, never ran anything but his mouth. Not a kebab stand, not a khat stand in Kenya, not even a dog butcher’s cash register in Jakarta. Nothing. Even after coming to America, he just consumed “choom”, I don’t believe he ran the choom wagon itself.

    So please, lay off the small business owners in these comparisons. They get enough crap from that guy, they don’t need unfair comparisons to him as well!

  14. The whole Keystone Pipeline controversy seems backwards to me.
    Wouldn’t using a pipeline rather than moving fuel by truck and rail (and using the resources/energy needed to maintain roads and rails) be more environmentally sound? Wouldn’t it use less energy and be less prone to spills?
    On the other hand, wouldn’t the pipeline provide fewer jobs after the initial construction phase than the jobs provided by constant trucking and road construction?

  15. Today’s rant brought to you by the letter “t” for “terrorism”.

    Monday, November 5, marks three years since Nidal Hasan murdered 13 and wounded 29. Leon Panetta has called it “work place violence”, the trial has been delayed indefinitely and if Leon’s last name was Klinghoffer (the American that was murdered and thrown off the Achille Lauro in his wheelchair in 1985 by Palestinian Muslims) or if his last name was Manning ….

    “Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning, who was shot six times that day, said his injuries prevented him from continuing to serve. But he won’t receive the same benefits as those severely wounded on the battlefield because an Army medical evaluation board didn’t deem his injuries to be combat-related, he said.”

    This administration (all of them) are emotional cripples, lexicon-challenged and driven by “social issues”. And Leon Panetta flies home every weekend to his 12 acre farm in Carmel Valley, Ca.

    The murders in Benghazi, the murders at Ft. Hood and the countless lies, diversions and legal shenanigans at the DOJ (gun running to Mexico) is terrorism. Unless and until they can stick their tongues behind their teeth and say it loud and clear – they’re all accomplices and enablers of terrorism.

  16. Democrats: “You can’t tell me what to do with my body. It’s my body and I should have the final say.”

    A week later: “A new ban on soft drinks will take place immediately. In addition, school lunches must conform the the First Lady’s specifications.”

  17. “I’ll cool the planet and lower the oceans.”
    Hottest summer on record & swimmin in the subway
    My head is ready to explode everytime that liar opens his mouth.

    joking aside I hope the people in the metro area are able to get back to normal sooner than later

  18. Keith – bad headline. This is only half the campaign… The is another guy running. A list of those ironies remain unaddressed. We could start with:

    1). Providing all the “bad” leadership of the “socialist, Muslim card-carrying, idol, prentending to be the second coming” leader that was not really born in America…., how could ANYONE lose against our current sitting president, Romney notwithstanding?

    This could be a long list. We all know about the enemy and secret MSM handshakes and what not. It begs the question, what are the GOP and their candidate getting wrong? Stick chin out, tilt head down, raise eye brows, and say – ” Well”?

        • Agreed on this point. Dissent strenghtens us.

          The elephant in the room notes the lack of a response…i.e., what the GOP / Romney are not getting right. Seriously guys, read your own s&%#. This should be a Romney landslide by that testimony alone…

          Something is broken….

        • Funny Sadie – ask a simple question, and suddenly “no hablo Ingles”…lol.

          Try this: What is the GOP / Romney getting wrong in an election cycle that should have them winning by an electoral landslide?

          • in spite of your two previous out of the blue slams you took on me, I’ll respond to this question.

            Romney does not tailor his message to the audience. Romney should have pointed out that under Obama’s energy program, you now spend 2 more dollars for a gallon of gas, that is at minimum 40 dollars a week, 160 bucks a month out of your pocket. He should point out what is happening to electric prices because of all the coal plants being shut down and how your electric bill is due to skyrocket in the next two years. He should have pointed out only 63.5% people are working who are in their working years and it was over 66% when he came into office and each percentage represents X number of people not working, not paying taxes, which raises debt. That your food bill has gone up 50%; so an Obama administration has cost millions a job and added about 500 bucks to your monthly bills. If I (romney) is elected, I will lower the gas prices by doing A, B, C. I will lower your food bills by doing D, E, F. And I will lower your electric bills by reopening those clean burning coal plants, put coal miners back to work, and open new drilling in this country to create millions of new jobs.

            Breaking down the problem to the pocket book of each american, where they can understand things, is what he didn’t do.

            Of course, having a media machine as his PR firm and covering up Fast and Furious as well as Libya certainly helped.


          • Thanks. Your observation that a more specific message with tangible data attached is appropriate. Many, do indeed vote their pocketbook. Oddly, many think they are but are if fact not. Just look at all the Red States in the south….

            Specificity comes at a risk of course. First, it actually requires a plan. secondly, it requires math that actually adds up AND makes sense – as some voters are inclined to do the 5th Grade math….

            But, we can probably violently agree, many voters do little to be or remain informed. And, that fact provides both parties the opportunity to wage war in sound bites and 1/2 truths. A war of metaphors and parsed data that on the surface appears attractive. A tightrope….

            Thanks for sharing barkley.

          • A Romney landslide? Good question Charlotte. We all know polls are, at the end of the day, a tool. Those with a mathematical background will hone in on statistical significance, validity, and reliability. After that, we get to the real math and work on “probability”. The set of polls out now show a dead heat.

            Data is available going back into 1930s. In the aggregate, the polls are pretty accurate on a national level. There was some odd results when Perot was running – the third party playing role in some wide 5% variance.

            Other than a few anomalies, they are accurate within their MoE. So, on that basis a landslide of 60 / 40 or even 58 / 42 is not very likely in 2012. A Bush / Gore do over on popular vote versus electoral count is certainly a possibility, though not a good bet historically.

            A guess you could flip coins on all the battleground states and compute the chances for Romney. On that basis, about 10 to 25% depending upon your weighting.

            Tip. Bet $100.00 on President Obama. You win either way it comes out. :) think about it.

  19. I’m convinced Obama and members of his inner circle are mad. Was noticing today when Obama was yapping away at the Red Cross center – he uses the same bizarre hand gestures that Axelrod uses – the clenched fist with the erect thumb, for example. Michelle Obama is the worst offender. These are the mannerisms of old-time dictators, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc. Guess you can throw Hugo and Fidel in there too. Can’t believe this is happening in America! It must be a bad dream.

    If Dear Leader gets another term, we’re all going to need a rabies shot!

    • The clenched fist with the thumb up is classic liberal. First noticed from Bobby Kennedy. I think they want to look tough without being aggressive. My wife and I refer to this as the “Sissy Fist”.

      • A new low for you AJ. But then, it might make your day, so I thought I would pass the praise report along…

        P.S. – The Air Force deserves better, and you are not doing those who serve their country a favor by sharing your ignorance of humanity. Really… A huge disservice…