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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10:05 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern

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      1. Well we have to avoid anyone rogue reporter asking a pesky question
        about Benghazi. He’s all over the Hurricane an act of God nobody could stop but having 4 people begging for help that you could provide
        with a simple ‘yes’ and you fold like a cheap tent.

  1. Any word in DC why Gen. Ham at AfricaCom was ‘relieved’?
    (rumors he disobeyed the WH and wanted to launch a rescue mission in Benghazi…)

    1. General Ham refused to go along with Panetta’s story. He said he had forces at the ready to go to Benghazi. He was then quietly replaced. An admiral was also replaced. This admin has attempted to blame the video maker, the Intelligence bureau ( Gen Petraeus), said there were no active ready men in AfriCom ( Gen Ham said he had them ready to go), State Dept. (Hilary in particular) .
      If you notice when Obama answered about information, he said his administration released information that he believed. He always skirts just along the lie line..

  2. He just like a 5 yr old with toy truck in his hand looking out window and sees it pouring. But instead he has a golf club and Axlerod is shaking his head at him! What a disgrace!! And note to East coast: Don’t get in trouble before 10 or you’ll be out of luck!! Preezy Bammy doesn’t do nothin without his fresh coffee and kobe beef omelet!!

  3. I waited for someone to break the ice. I thought (0) comments was a perfect commentary and definition of The Zero particularly regarding Benghazi, foreign donations to his campaign and the last four years for starters.

  4. I hope he goes stir crazy. OTOH, just received this from the R/R campaign.

    In response to Hurricane Sandy, the event with Mitt Romney and the Republican Team in Kettering will now be dedicated to supporting storm relief efforts. All attendees are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to the event with Mitt Romney, Randy Owen, racing legend Richard Petty, and the Republican Team at the James S. Trent Arena, located at 3301 Shroyer Road in Kettering on Tuesday, October 30th. Doors will open at 10:00 AM and the event will begin at 11:00 AM.
    Team Ohio

    Romney/Ryan lays to waste the crumb/bum in the WH. He’s taken on the old mantle, “Ask not what …..”

    1. We’ll certainly not see, appearance on The View, the Jay Leno show, MTV or interview by Rolling Stone.
      Imagine, a President that actually stays in the WH taking care of the Nations business.

  5. Evidently the only way to give AF1 a day off from campaigning is to have a storm of epic proportions in his own backyard. That must mean Mooch’s plane is grounded too. And they are cooped up together in that big ol’ White House. God moves in mysterious ways…

    1. Susan, I read this a.m. that MOOCH is in Chicago for a few days. Not known if she is staying at their dump in Hyde Park. Kids are not with her. Sounds veddy, veddy strange.

      1. I never had children but haven’t they been gone for the past 6 months
        and that leaves the girls with Granny? Not a very good example they
        are at ages when a girl needs Mom. I’d like to think my children took
        priority over campaigning,

    2. Nope, according to Chicago TV, Mooch has stayed at their home in Chicago the past 2 nights because of the storm.

      Will give her a good chance to get things straightened up for their arrival in January.

      1. Makes no sense. No mother would leave her children in imminent danger. She’s probably getting a fitting on her Inaugural gown and/or more nips and tucks. Probably trolling for dollars, too.

  6. Out here in Spokane, I look at this big weather event as a lousy winter day.
    Not to make light of it, but it’s not exactly the storm of the century.

    I offer my prayers for those who are suffering from it’s impact. One time we had an ice storm and were without power for several days. No fun.

    I hate to say it, but I’d guess Obama was hoping for more chaos.

  7. I live in a middle income neighborhood. Most of the homes are modest ranchers from the 50”s and 60’s with beautiful plants and trees. Autumn is the best time in Eastern Washington.

    We are all Romney supporters. We can’t win Washington this round, the Seattle liberals trump us, but the Conservative wave is growing, even among the West Side liberals. We’ll probably go Romney for his second term…

  8. The article about the desecration of the Presidency was great.
    I just read something ( Weasel Zipper ) to add to the list. Obama was interviewed Monday on the Cincinnati radio station WIZF. Hurricane Sandy was threatening the lifes, the health and the homes of many people on the east coast and you would think that a President would talk about these dangers but, no, he was discussing the musical mix on his Ipod. Oh yes, he liked rap music, he liked Eminem and so on ( that kind of filthy music !). George W Bush was criticized constantly on his behaviour during emergency situations ( unrightfully ) but this man gets away with anything. Will he also get away with murder ( Benghazi ) ?

    1. To be fair, they taped that interview on Saturday a few days before the storm hit so it’s really on the radio station for playing it during the storm. What I will say is up for criticism is Obama continuing to act like the “celebrity-in-chief” rather then the “commander-in-chief”. Nothing but late night talk shows and soft interviews like this one. With the storm hitting though, he finally has to go back to work but make no mistake, the Obama team will try to spin this natural disaster as talking points on the campaign trail and IMO it’s going to work. Obama is shameless and like Rahm said when he first got in, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”.

  9. When was the last time the incorrigible child spent 2 full days in the WH? After he tires of his coloring books, he’ll probably call for the BEAST to be delivered to the front door so that he can tie up traffic with his 40 vehicle motorcade. He loves to play Preezy. Heck, he might even take a chopper trip to visit AF One! He can sit in the cockpit and play with the controls. On the bright side, taxpayers are saving at least $1M today. Hooray!

  10. I know the election is a week away,but any thoughts on how the storm will impact the election? elieve me,its going to take more than a week to get things up and running in many of these places. Because the states that got hammered seem to be mostly in Obama’s camp,I think if anything it will decrease voter turnout for him.And if people percieve that government isn’t moving fast enough,which isn’t a stretch,they might take it out on the Prez. Anybody else have an opinion?

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