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Obama Nixes Campaign Stop, Returning to Washington

Updated 10:01 am ET

President Obama cancelled a campaign rally this morning in Orlando and is returning instead to the White House.

Obama had been scheduled to be back at the White House by 2:45 pm ET but will instead return by 11:30 am.

From a statement by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

Due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Washington, DC area, the President will not attend today’s campaign event in Orlando, Florida.  The President will return to the White House to monitor the preparations for and early response to Hurricane Sandy.

Notice Carney says the return is due to “deteriorating weather conditions.” That is, Obama is probably returning early less to “monitor the preparations” than out of concern by officials that they might not have been able to get him back into Washington if they waited until the afternoon.

Or perhaps the political team finally calculated they would on balance be worse for his reelection prospects if he were seen campaigning while the New Jersey shore was becoming part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Chief surrogate campaigner Bill Clinton will attend the Orlando event in Obama’s place.

UPDATE: Obama has also cancelled a campaign appearance scheduled for Tuesday in Green Bay, the White House announced.

493 thoughts on “Obama Nixes Campaign Stop, Returning to Washington”

  1. Or, they finally decided which hapless Libyan yahoo they’re going to blow up, declaring he was the ringleader in the attack in Benghazi. It won’t matter if it’s true or not, since that won’t come out until after the election.

  2. Obama has never been constrained by common sense. Was there a fund raiser last nightf? If so, I’ll bet he didn’t miss that.

    It IS better to die a hero than live as a liar & coward.

  3. Errrr….so one phony “progessive”, slap-dash, caustic, hip-shooting, self-absorbed, self-important, sarcastic and economic half-wit President will replace another at a fund raiser in Orlando (THAT is really breaking news)……


  4. To bad the Traitor in Chief couldn’t have been as concerned about the Ambassador and the others who died on his watch, while he watched and did nothing.

  5. Hey left-tard Andy. Did you graduate from the 3rd. grade yet? Or are you still in class singing the Obama song?

    Quoting you: “will be off feeding there dancing horses…” You must mean the word their, not “there”.

  6. Food for thought:

    The election is basically a week away. The storm that is coming through is poised to wreak havoc on 50+ million persons. If only 10% of these are people that are actually registered to vote, and intend on voting November 6th, what happens IF the areas impacted by the storm are not back up and running by next Tuesday? This would mean that 5+ million Americans would be disenfranchised due to the storm.

    I bring this up for one simple reason. The election is held as scheduled on the 6th, the results go to Romney by several million, would the DOJ then come in and invalidate the election results of the 6th until all the “disenfranchised” voters in the effected area have the opportunity to vote? Or does the DOJ come out and say that the election will be postponed for two weeks nationwide in order to facilitate the voting of those in the storm path?

    The second scenario would impact the states severely from a cost stand point, as the states are the ones that pay the poll workers, have the ballots printed and get the polling places set up. The cost of postponing could be in the tens of millions across the nation.

    The first scenario would also be one that could lead to massive questions as to what would constitute a state that was impacted by the storm. Ohio, from looking at the NWS maps will be hit by outlying parts of the storm, as will Pennsylvania. Do these states get a second chance then to vote, even it the were open for business on election day?

    The massive potential for this election to be stolen by the DOJ in the name of the Voter Rights Act is enormous. Am I the only one seeing this, or are there others?

    And to “Andy,” Good lord child, ain’t you special!

  7. He wanted to campaign badly in Florida but the WH pulled him back to Washington…”You have to appear “presidential” in this crisis. We need photos of you “monitoring” the storm and “coordinating” rescue and relief operations…”
    Set up the teleprompter…

  8. I’m sure others have said but I’ll say it too, I hope Obama’s campaign reimburses taxpayers for this waste when the outcome (cancellation of campaign stop) should have been anticipated.

  9. When did it become the job of FEMA to hand out money to disaster victims? That is a stupid thought. People need to learn to take care of themselves & quit being dependent on the government!

  10. Any of you White House sh*t heads look at a weather forecast yesterday and today? Nothing has changed?? What’s the real reason Obama went to Fl.? Meet an old friend??

    1. The cost is $181,757 p/hr for A1, per Fox News and the UK Mail (2010).

      That does not include any other associated costs, only the operating expense for Obama’s private jet.

  11. Why didn’t Obama have one of his flunkies at FEMA or DHS go before the cameras and give the weather report? He is as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

  12. It is probably driving Obama crazy that he can’t campaign.

    He must afterall feign caring about the East Coast in lieu of the fiasco in Libya.

    1. I am sure it is driving him nuts. After all, campainging and giving teleprompter speeches is much easier than actually doing the job of president and making real decisions. Bengahzi is a perfect example.

  13. Dear Mr Romney~Please Cotinue your great work~Uninstalling Obama……… ████████████████▒ 98% complete.

  14. Zero returned to the WH because he wasn’t there for us and the dead men in Benghazi, he was on his way to LV. Somebody was able to convince him he’d look more presidential if he returned to DC for the storm. Of course, he can walk and chew gum at the same time, and some pityful reason was given when asked about his trip to Vegas..
    .Q Why did the President feel it was so important to continue with his campaign schedule today?

    MR. CARNEY: Well, and first, let me just say that he is monitoring the situation in the region. He has had several meetings already this morning in addition to, as you saw, the statements he gave and the visit he made to the State Department. He is making phone calls, including those that I read out to you, and will be regularly updated throughout the day and evening and tomorrow on developments.

  15. Simply getting Obama out of that gas guzzling airplane will save the government millions and getting him out of the White will save billions.

  16. Dear USA, I have taken the following action in view of this gigantic firestorm~Uninstalling Myself……… ████████████████▒ 98% complete.

    Mr Obama

  17. why didn’t he cancel Nevada instead of watching those people die and just worrying about his campaign ….
    anything for the vote , even allowing four good men to die needlessly …
    he is no more than what he appears to be … an extremist , muslim anti american racist …….

  18. So, Libya Ambassador and three other U.S. Citizens dead, OK to continue the campaign. Remembering all the grief that President George Bush got for Katrina, cancel the campaign stops and return to Washington. The world is truly up side down.

  19. So, let me get this straight, Obama knows there’s a Hurricane coming to DC, so this morning he takes AF1 (on our dime), and heads on down to FL, ‘FOR A CAMPAIGN STOP’!!!! SOMEONE MUST HAVE GAVE HIM HELL AND SAID FOR OBAMA TO GET HIS A$$ BACK TO WASHINGTON, AND LOOK LIKE HE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT THE ‘HYBRID MONSTER ‘ONCE IN A LIFETIME’ STORM HITTING THE AREA…….MIA AGAIN!!! So instead of campaigning in FL, he actually campaigned on TV, looking ‘presidential’, along with his whole host of ‘experts’ and such…implying that ‘he’s a ‘hands on’ president’! What a phony, what a disgrace, what a disingenuous tool this illegal alien is that is occupying the White House! WHY DOES IT SEEM LIKE WHENEVER THERE IS A DISASTER IN THE MAKING, ‘in real time’ OBAMA SCREWS OFF TO CAMPAIGN!!

  20. And what did this cost the American public, that money could have been used to help people after the storm. But then Barack the magic negro will pull the help out of your wallet.

  21. This gives you an idea of how an Obama plan comes together when he’s left by himself. He would have done better if he’d used

  22. Meat The Press lyrics by Steve Taylor….so appropriate…even moreso today

    In a ninety-floor Manhattan address
    Lives a watchdog called the National Press
    And around the collar’s written the lines
    ‘The Protector Of Our Hearts And Minds”
    Hark! Hark! The dog will bark
    And we believe this hierarch
    But read between the lines and see
    This dog’s been barking up the wrong tree

    Meet The Press

    When the ratings point the camera’s eye
    They can state the facts while telling a lie
    And the watchdog shows to the viewers at ten
    He’s a bloodhound with a pad and pen
    Can’t pin the blame — he’s out of reach
    Just call the dog ‘His Royal Leech’
    We held the rights for Heaven’s sake
    ’til we gave this sucker an even break

    Meet The Press

    When the Godless chair the judgement seat
    We can thank the Godless media elite
    They can silence those who fall from their grace
    With a note that says ‘we haven’t the space’

    Well lookee there — the dog’s asleep
    Whenever we march or say a peep
    A Christian can’t get equal time
    Unless he’s a loony committing a crime
    Listen up if you’ve got ears
    I’m tired of condescending sneers
    I’ve got a dog who smells a fight
    And he still believes in wrong and right

    Meat The Press

    1. If the 2 Navy Seals didn’t disobey Whitehouse orders to NOT go to the consulate, 30 more people they saved would also be dead. Never forget that.

  23. Thank you Mr. President for wasting even more taxpayer dollars then you’ve already wasted but hey, it’s not your money so who cares, right?

  24. Obama said that he has worked hard every single day as president for the American people. Does 90 plus rounds of golf during his presidency, count as “working hard”? Just curious. A golf round takes roughly 4 hours, plus a couple of hours transit time for the movement of the president. So let’s be generous and say 5 hours per round. That is roughly 450 hours dedicated towards golf. 450 hours would have covered a significant number of meetings with congress on the deficit or maybe even a presidential intelligence brief every now and then. He might have even had time to better think through the whole Benghazi fiasco with all those extra hours. Bottom line is don’t look at the camera, point your finger at the American people and bellow about you working hard every single day when you spent nearly 1/10th of your presidency on the golf course!

  25. Well, I must be getting old. Just when I was starting to “mellow” a bit on Bill, he, for no apparent reason I can think of, starts “shilling” for B.O. He spoke to a local town & drew only @ 300 people; he drew 1,000 when he was running for President. What he & Hil are contemplating is beyond me; association with this loser isn’t what they need esp. how they were treated by the B.O. camp. I see his advise all over the report B.O. went back to D.C.

    BTW, I was just Robo-called for a poll & I’ve cast my 1st. absentee ballot since I’m going to be a poll watcher for Romney. Don’t make the mistake of thinking he’s “behind” in a lot of things that we in-the-know volunteers are aware of come election day.

  26. So why did Obama the moron go to FL in the first place? He has known for day that the hurrican was going to hit the coast, but he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to go make another campaign teleprompter speech. After all, that is much easier to do than to stay in DC and deal with the hurricane and maybe have to make a tough decision. Just like the coward ran off the next day to campaign and hop knob with his ultra rich buddies in Vegas the next day after the Bengahzi attack where the administration sat on their sorry butts and did nothing while Americans were being killed.

  27. The Romney/Ryan campaign should announce that all further campaign contributions will be donated to the victims of Sandy, but only those in Pennsylvania. (Kidding on that last one)

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