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Obama Nixes Campaign Stop, Returning to Washington

Updated 10:01 am ET

President Obama cancelled a campaign rally this morning in Orlando and is returning instead to the White House.

Obama had been scheduled to be back at the White House by 2:45 pm ET but will instead return by 11:30 am.

From a statement by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:

Due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Washington, DC area, the President will not attend today’s campaign event in Orlando, Florida.  The President will return to the White House to monitor the preparations for and early response to Hurricane Sandy.

Notice Carney says the return is due to “deteriorating weather conditions.” That is, Obama is probably returning early less to “monitor the preparations” than out of concern by officials that they might not have been able to get him back into Washington if they waited until the afternoon.

Or perhaps the political team finally calculated they would on balance be worse for his reelection prospects if he were seen campaigning while the New Jersey shore was becoming part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Chief surrogate campaigner Bill Clinton will attend the Orlando event in Obama’s place.

UPDATE: Obama has also cancelled a campaign appearance scheduled for Tuesday in Green Bay, the White House announced.

493 thoughts on “Obama Nixes Campaign Stop, Returning to Washington”

  1. Point to note:
    Both Mitt and Ann Romney canceled their appearances too and are using their campaign buses to bring supplies to people on the east coast.

    Even without the advantage, the Romneys are leading the way.

    1. I hope the good people on the east coast take note of the fact this summer at a debate Mittens said HE WOULD GET RID OF FEMA lol what a stupid statement. If Mittens is such a great leader why is he losing Massachusetts so badly? Those people know alot about this so called leader to not vote for him! Obama will in Washington DC leading the country from this monstrous storm and Mitts and Queen Ann will be off feeding there dancing horses or counting there tax free offshore money since he hasn’t had a job for NINE YEARS.

        1. Cant even win his state he was GOVERNOR, guess you dont have an anwer,. he was just a lousy Governor for the good people of MA to vote for again HAHAHAHAHAH HIS STATEMENT I WILL GET RID OF FEMA WHAT A STUPID STUIP STATEMENT ON HIS PART.

          1. Let’s see, what has FEMA done lately? Their sterling Katrina performance, the Buffalo NY Snowstorms, California wildfires. I don’t know. If you look at their press releases, they’re still touting the job they did on Katrina. Go Team Obama. Yeah baby, that ship has been underwater for 7 years. Sail it baby!

          2. FEMA – part of DHS – buying MILLIONS of rounds of hollow-point ammo. Designed to kill humans.

            UNINSTALLING OBAMA…..……………. █████████████▒▒▒ 90% complete.

          3. I knew some people who lost everything in the CA fires in 2007. Furniture, clothes, everything but the clothes on their backs. (the house was rented, they had just moved in and were still busy buying renter’s insurance so they had no coverage)

            Don’t worry, they were told in the rescue center, FEMA will take care of you.

            FEMA gave them $800

            Wow, we give FEMA tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars and THIS is the best that they can do???

          4. Doesnt FEMA usually come in and clean up and help people out? Ok lets get rid of FEMA and take it to the states that cant afford FEMA but we could have taxpayers pay thousands of more a year in taxes.

          5. FEMA is a *management* agency. Basically, it writes checks. The actual resources — rescue vehicles, construction equipment, the national guard — operate at the state and local levels and they don’t need a Federal agency interfering with their work. Hate to say it but he’s right. FEMA is the wrong approach to disaster management, if for no other reason that it is regularly expected to do things that it has no ability to do.

          6. Is it possible to simply report the news? or Is it necessary to have your hate filled elitist spin on the simple fact that there is one of the worst storms New England’s history that has made landfall and has already destroyed buildings, homes and lives.

            But don’t worry Romney checked in with two republican states. Screw the rest, who cares. And god forbid that a “veteran” reporter could check his facts and see that the president returned by 10:00 am to Andrews, 30 minutes away(in good weather) and returned to the white house. He gave his first address at 12:48 pm less than one and half hours after returning.

            So horrible. I mean what could have taken so long.

          7. 2008-2012 President of the United states
            2004-2008 US Senate
            1997-2004 Illinois State Senate
            1992-2004 University of Chicago/ Civil Right Attorney

            Umm, I know that’s more than 9 years of continuous work experience, hope you don’t mind the other 11 disproving your Republican math.

          8. Please, Obama’s an affirmative action BUM who’s been coasting for years.
            Soon he’ll be an unemployed Muslim lovin’ punk collecting his “gub’mint” checks – albeit big checks.

            Recovery begins when Obama ends.

          9. Let’s see…2009-2012, monumentally incompetent leadership!
            2004-2008, not one single piece of legislation!
            1997-2004, hundreds of “present votes”
            1992-2004, lecturer, not even professor status, corrupting young minds. Oh, and community agitator and advisor to Acorn!

            Sounds to me like he was just collecting a paycheck! Sure don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d like my money back!

          10. JOANNE LARA…Wasting our $$$? When Mr. Smartest Guy in the World, Best Hubby Evah needs some of the old Down Low…gotta go where ya gotta go!

          11. And surprising how those liberals still got those bills passed without his help, and created all of those jobs, and education reform and healthcare for all. Darn Liberals.

          12. George…..when did you first join the Communist Party anyway?

            And all those jobs…..he’s still at a net loss. Less Americans with jobs today than when he was immaculated.

            Education reform…..not sure what you’re going with that. Oh, you mean taking over the student loan program…just more socialism!

            Health care…..socializing 16% of the economy, something 70% of Americans don’t want! Let’s see George, when would you like Big Government to pull your plug?

          13. Andy, Andy, Andy – You’re starting to see the writing on the wall and that writing says you will now have to become a productive member of society come November 6. But don’t worry; Romney knows how to create jobs, so you should have no problem finding one. Also, your parents are thrilled you will be leaving the basement that you crawled into 4 years ago.

          14. Andy, don’t be scared of the work place. It really is a invigorating arena once you stay at it for more than 3 months. Surely you know 6 words. Your secure job awaits you if you can just repeat…Would you like fries with that!

          15. You would keep an agency that left people to die in the Metro-dome during Katrina ? And put thousands of displaced Americans in formaldehyde trailers to die a slow poisoning because why ?

            Because any Government hand-out is a good hand out? We can do better.

          16. He probably will not win MA. The reason being is MA receives a large amount of Federal funds for housing and food. Free benefits favor a Dem win, who wants to stop the gravey train? The current administration want a Dems win so they can continue to get free money.

          17. Andy, “” tries to take the slant and BS out of polls. Even they show Romney probably losing MA…


            That’s about the ONLY good news they have for Obama – take a look at this analysis:


            MA is probably second-only to California (and maybe Hawaii) for having drunk so much Obama Kool-Aide as to have become addicted. Next comes WA, DC, NY, etc. But the rest of the country is not as dumb. (or suicidally liberal)

          18. IF obama is reelected YOU — Andy– will be crying in your beer with higher prices, higher taxes and possibly no job….
            He wants to nationalize everything so he can tell you what to do since he is all knowing….. kind of like Marx and Lenin — conniving egotists that only want themselves in charge so they can have all the money…
            We are not Cuba and never should be…….

            G_d Help us Please….
            Pray for a decent life and no evil brown shirts roaming the streets.

          19. Really, where is your research. Everyone wants to jump on the Andy hate train, try reading more than the six words of your employee catalog.

            Feel free to crack open a book sometime, a newspaper, heck I’ll even settle for you reading a magazine with nice shiny pictures.

          20. Georgie. Come on. What rock did you crawl out from? Have you been glued to MSNBC for the last 4 years?

            Seriously. You tell others to read books, but have you read your Dear Leaders own book, Dreams from my Father? The Zero flat out admits he is a Marxist and anti-colonialist in his own words.

            It would be so much easier to talk to the Obama supporters if they would just learn what he actually stands for. If you believe in his Marxist strategy then just say so, but don’t argue the he isn’t what he claims to be.

          21. Wait, the people of MA are not voting for Romney? That’s the best endorsement he could get. Seriously, I’d be very worried about Romney if MA voters DID like him.

            Oh, and BTW, Mitt’s right. FEMA needs to go.

            And Andy, your panic is showing!

          22. Andy… if you recall, the people of his state are over 80% democrat… and for over 40 years they kept voting in good ole Teddy… THAT should show you their intelligence levels.

            There is no way under God’s green earth… that they will vote republican for president. I’m not worried that his state will not be carried by a republican in this election… they are not going to have much of an impact one way or the other.

          23. While MA has a recent history of electing Republican Governors, the last Republican Presidential nominee to win MA was Reagan and before that was 1956. So, your point is moot. Romney doesn’t even expect to win MA.

          24. @andy……States and local municipalities do things better fool. Have you ever studied Federalism or are you another product of our wonderful public schools that won’t teach history and government?

        2. As a former 37 year resident of Marxachusetts who sought political asylum in Florida in 2009, I consider it a badge of honor to lose the Commonwealth’s shrinking electoral count.

        3. How many times did the folks in MA re elect Barneys Frank? or that diver Kennedy for that matter, do we need to say more about the MORONS in that state.

        1. kinda funny, I was just out East to Boston and down to the cape and people I talked to were more for R & R than the current President. And I know some of them are die hard Democrats.

      1. The People’s Republic of Massachusetts is often out of step with the common sense majority of the country. If the people of Massachusetts are so smart, how did they elect drunkard Teddy Kennedy over and over, child molester Gerry Studds, that loser Michael Dukakis, and now are close to electing a blue-eyed, blonde -haired Marxist woman who claims to be a Cherokee Indian? By the way, it’s “their” dancing horses, not “there” dancing horses. Your hatred for the rich must have distracted your spelling acumen.

      2. You act like getting rid of FEMA is a bad thing. They are always the last on the scene. Private organizations are much more effective than the bloated government organizations. They show up after church groups have been there a week, and say, “you can’t help, you have no permit”. They are a worthless organization and need to be shut down.

      3. He’s not losing Mass… hasn’t been for several weeks. Not sure where you are getting your information from. Please post a moronic response below.

      4. Being from MA, it is much to my dismay that Massachusetts is will always vote 100% democrat. No matter how bad the choices are. And IMO, not to our benefit.

        Look at the candidates we have in my district. Tierney vs Tisei. Somehow Tierney has a chance?!?!? How?
        Liz Warren aka Liawatha has a chance to unseat a real man like Scott Brown? Ted Kennedy is like a god here.
        It’s the looney left, cambridge, big university population and lots of EBT card holders that continue to drive the Dem vote here. (Devalunteer Patrick vetoe’d passed a EBT reform bill.) And sadly I don’t see that changing any time soon.

      5. “Mitts and Queen Ann will be off feeding there dancing horses or counting there tax free offshore money …”

        It’s “their”, not “there”.

        1. so stupid, that money has been taxed already and Obummer has money there too. Wake up and watch something besides CNN they are a disgrace like all the libs. leeches all of them.

        2. Right…btw, nobody’s brought it up, but Andy’s just repeating a lie the left continues to spout…the Romney’s PAID all the taxes the owed on income from investments off shore, in fact, they paid MORE than they were required to (not to mention giving away a large percentage!)

          A better example could not be found for a President!

      6. You really need to do your OWN research and not listen to the media so much. He doesn’t want to get rid of FEMA just put the money in the states control. On the other hand Obama does in fact want to cut FEMA as listed:

        Obama’s proposed cuts to FEMA include the following (emphasis added):

        Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis Program – $8 million
        State and Local Emergency Programs (non-defense) – $183 million
        State and Local Emergency Programs (defense) – $5 million
        United States Fire Administration and Training – $4 million
        Salaries and Expenses (non-defense) – $75 million
        Salaries and Expenses (defense) – $7 million
        Disaster Relief – $580 million
        Emergency Food and Shelter – $10 million
        Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program – $3 million
        National Pre-disaster Mitigation Fund – $3 million
        You are ignorant and stupid just like most Obama supporters.
        Good Day sir.

      7. People should help people and not depend on government that is undependable. I say good riddance FEMA and get back to neighbor helping neighbor as we have always done. That is America. Not fed interference with OUR MONEY.

      8. Say, Andy….

        You sending these messages from your iBama phone?

        Take it off of the “STUPID” app and maybe use one that smacks of common sense.

      9. Even the People’s Republic of Massachusetts can have occasional lapses into sanity – as when they made him GOv. But, the long term prognosis is bleak for you Boston Red Sox fans. Perhaps you can be saved from yourselves, but not likley.

      10. Hey left-tard Anday. Did you graduate from the 3rd. grade yet? Or are you still in class singing the Obama song?

        Quoting you: “will be off feeding there dancing horses…” You must mean the word their, not “there”.

      11. I hope you understand that with the sequestration deal obama orchestrated and signed into law and will happen if action isnt taken, cuts 1 billion from fema…. so tell me why the great leader you are obviously voting and cheering did that?

      12. Well, lets see. Obama will have them stand down until someone dies and then blame it on some video or even better Bush. Why not, he hasn’t been able to come up with an original thought in 4 years.

      13. Maybe Obama will go into his underground bunker beneath the white house. All power will be extinguished throughout DC, the bunker will flood, power generators won’t start and —-you guess the rest.

      14. Andy, you must have a lot of emotional investment in B.O. It’s going to be all the more fun crushing your ignorant hope and chump change.

      15. Andy, it’s your mom, please come back out of the basement, we are worried sick about you since you missed your medication this morning and didn’t go to school.

      16. Andy – FEMA should be eliminated becasue FEMA is a federal program, and this type of response is more efficient at a state and local level. Federal dollars are much more expensive and much less effective than state dollars.

      17. I feel bad for you Andy, I really do. You’ll spend the next 8 years agitated and hyperbolic instead of enjoying the resurgence of America. Maybe Xanax can help you through it. Good luck.

      18. Yeah, he’s going to monitor the situation. If he monitors the storm like he monitored Benghazi the people of those states have nothing to worry about. I’m sure they will get help in about 2 weeks or so….Are you kidding me. Now all of a sudden he wants to be hands on. Isn’t that what FEMA is for? Don’t they have someone in charge who knows what he/she is doing? If not God help the East Coast because Obozo can’t do anything.

      19. As a “victim” of FEMA in Katrina I agree that it should go. I lost everything but my dogs and two changes of clothes but could not get any help. Meanwhile, people who lost nothing went on an 18 month holiday at taxpayers expense. There needs to be a way to get the help and resources to those who suffer in a disaster, but FEMA is not it. Not to individuals or to local government.

      20. Hey Andy . . . I live in Massachusetts so I can tell you exactly why Mr. Romney is losing Massachusetts . . . Are you ready for it? . . . Because at least 2/3 of the voters are Democrats . . . Hello . . . It was amazing that he was able to win his campaign for governor when the Democratic politicians in Massachusetts, like Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy & John Kerry, were arrayed against him . . . So before you go shooting your digital mouth off Andy think a wee bit more . . .

      21. Massachusetts also voted for Ted Kennedy. Not exactly the land of good judgment.

        Ann and Mitt are taking food to people in harm’s way. Obama the coward went to Florida for a pizza (at taxpayer expense). Thank God Romney has this race wrapped up.

      22. A majority of the voters of MA don’t know what a leader is. Their voting record shows. You have a bunch of progressives who believe in redistributive change. They will support people like Obama, untill they realize that Obama is taking from them too, and giving to people who have been encouraged to take advantage of the system. Romney certainly isn’t the ideal choice, but he’s our only hope for slowing the destruction of our country and then hopefully WE can turn it around, back to a direction where we are the shining city upon a hill. Born and raised here in MA. I’ve been living with this my entire life.

      23. “Obama will in Washington DC leading the country” (you did say will in)

        Hilarious, he golfed during the BP mess, ordered the military to stand down during the Benghazi torture and murder…now he’s going to work?
        You’re a shining example of a usefull idiot.

    2. I swear! Honest! I told my roommate the other day that romney should appeal to the people (at his speaking engagements) to be the charitable peeps that we are and gather supplies for those that will be in need and deliver it as soon as the coast is clear (so to speak). That this would make people see that romney really is someone who will care for us in times like these. I swear they think just like i do! weird but true!

    3. Ann and Mitt are what leadership looks like.
      I cannot wait to bid farewell to the current administration.
      It will feel good to have Mitt Romney in command AND maybe I can get a good night’s sleep. It’s been a long while since I have felt any comfort with bho in charge.

      1. hear hear! Mitt and Ann are very dignified, they will be an asset to America…i am so tired of other country,s laughing at us, since the Obama,s have been in..apologizing for our country, hating our flag, and the constitution. telling the world we are not a Christian Nation..i want to stand proud with God again

        1. joanne Lara, Very few are laughing at us, we outnumber them by far don’t you worry. We know what they did in Benghazi, and they know WE KNOW.

    4. Yes. As Mitt and Ann are thinking of ways THEY can help… Obama is figuring out ways the GOVERNMENT can help. So long as the cameras are on, that is.

  2. Did the campaign not understand this has been predicted for days? Such a waste of time and fuel, and especially keeping his staff and crews from helping their families with storm prep in the DC area.

    In the meantime, Romney suspended campaigning in Virginia so local officials could prepare for the storm rather than his security. Also sent one of his campaign buses to assist in storm relief.

    Such a difference, huh?

    1. They understood perfectly, but you’re talking about burning taxpayer’s money. Obama and libs are very good at that.

      The Romney campaign, as always, has the right attitude.

      1. cONSERVATIVE61 Romney has the right attitude. IF ELECTED HE SAID I WILL GET RID OF FEMA wow Hope you Republicans in the path of this storm take note of that stupid statement!!! Let the people drown is his answer.

        1. I hope you know that Obama’s proposal for the upcoming budget sequester would cut nearly $900 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, including disaster relief, food and shelter, and flood management at both the federal and state levels. As Bob Woodward notes in his account of the debt ceiling negotiations, such a bargain was within reach in July 2011, before President Obama destroyed it.

        2. Funny you say that, there was no reason the camel jocky could not have sent help to BenGhazi, or admit his mistake, but as the SEALs father said, “Better die a hero than live as a coward.”

        3. You act like getting rid of FEMA is a bad thing. They are always the last on the scene. They show up after church groups have been there a week, and say, “you can’t help, you have no permit”. They are a worthless organization and need to be shut down.

        4. Andy, keep posting my man. Just like your party platform for 2012 and beyond… the more you talk about it the less likely folks are going to buy into it. I hope you and the team of people accross the US that are burning Mitt Romney signs in people’s yards, scratching Obama into the hoods of cars, and who continue to lie and cover up on behalf of this President keep it up. You have awakened a sleeping giant and it’s going to engulf you next Tuesday… after that true Americans need to fight for campaign reform and voter ID laws. I’m disgusted at what I’m already seeing with bad polling machines, fake letters, people voting multiple times, etc… all these forms of fraud are perpetrated by the left and all they have to say is “disenfranchise” and somehow that translates all their misdeads over to the right… I’m sick and tired of it. Let’s drop a few billion of the wasted green energy money into making sure we have fair elections from 2012 and forward… next stop term limits and tort reform. Time to clean up DC once and for all.

          1. Name one case of voter fraud, or one substantiated case of someone voting twice. And bad voting machines…could those be from the company Romney bought out?

          2. Here’s one George…I mean, how about 156!

            From CBS News in Minnesota…. In Minnesota, the Court Information Office said they’ve convicted 156 people of being a felon and voting. Hmmm, that means 156 HONEST voters were canceled.

            You may want to Google that just to be sure! Let me help you with that, g-o-o-g-l-e…’s pretty easy once you get the hang of it!

        5. Read my comment above and do your homework before type again. It makes you look ignorant and stupid when you talk about thinks you don’t understand.

        6. Andy, do you live on the East Coast? If so:
          open door
          step outside
          remain until
          1) you shrink and shut up, or
          2) float away
          I’m sure there are other options available but these will do for starters

        7. Andy, please, you really need to come up out of the basement, your dad and I are worried sick about you and the “rash” that you have contracted from snuggling with the Obama doll you bought off Ebay the other day…

    2. Exactly.
      Romney staff will be facilitating help for the Jersey shore.

      David Axelrod will be on TV explaining that George Bush caused the hurricane, and that wealthy Republicans moved away from the shores to let poor minorities drown. While Obama stands in the Rose Garden, hands upraised, to make the waters recede. And when they do: the NYT will report that he actually made it happen.

        1. Haha..yeah…and republicans want air pollution, dead poor people, and cancer research to end…you libtards are so jealous and scared youll believe anything…and say anything…but actions speak louder than words…Obama is a FAILURE…buh bye

        2. The gist of Axlerod Andy’s point is that government programs like FEMA are the only way to help people who find themselves in harm’s way. The point President Romney (that sounds good) was making is there are far more efficient ways to achieve the same goal. Of course, intelligent discourse soars over Andy’s head like a 747.

        3. Andy… For goodness sake, can you please find another talking point? You have your head so far up O’s a*s you could tell what he ate for dinner last night. Grow a sense of self, man… Unplug your brain from the lib collective and try and think for yourself for a change.

      1. Romney is an expert at helping the poor and disaster areas.
        Wealthy Mormons like Romney donate vast fortunes not just in “tithing” but in contributions to the welfare program. They lease enormous cargo planes to fly relief supplies where needed all over the world. Mormon kids from BYU and other schools use their spring breaks not to party in Cancun but to perform humanitarian service, including manning humanitarian missions on Navy aircraft carriers when they help out in disaster-stricken areas. (A service regularly performed by the Navy without fanfare or recognition, by the way.) The Mormon Church does not ask who you worship when they bring you food, clothing shelter, training and medical aid.

        1. Amen to that, I am not a morman but know several and they do constantly interact with people to better the less fortunate.It says in the Bible ” they will know you by your fruit” also “show me your faith and I will show you mine through my works” so if your a conservative Christian it all looks good. But if your a democrat it looks like hell.
          BTW God dosen’t send people to hell “folks” they choose through denying God in their lives. Hmm not that I’m judging but, didn’t we just hear that in the democratic convention?

    3. Somehow Obama’s campaign knew enough about weather predictions in Charlotte, NC, to shift his conventional coronation & final blow-off from BofA gigantic arena to a smaller venue because they were expecting rain. The weather was actually beautiful. They really were expecting a much smaller crowd, if the truth be told. Nevertheless, he spares no expense to try and make a very expensive campaign pitch in Orlando in a state he’s very likely to loose (I hope). He was more afraid of the bad press of being campaigning rather than being at WH command center (better photo op).

  3. So, Obama is trying to seem presidential now? Hurricane Sandy is much more important than the lives of American citizens in Benghazi 7 weeks ago. Desperation, they name is Obama.

      1. Romoney is feeding his dancing horses, counting his tax free offshore account, traveling around with this dog on his hood while Obama is over looking this monsterous storm in the east coast. While Mitts is on record of saying HE WILL GET RID OF FEMA WOW WHAT A BRIGHT LEADER THAT SOUNDS LIKE hahahahhah

          1. LOL, Andy is a typical Lid……………ONE TRACK MIND! Andy, why don’t you get off FEMA and check to see if your EBT card has been reloaded yet!

        1. Seriously Andy, where are you from. FEMA is a worthless organization that shows up last, and gives people trailors filled with formaldehyde. Obama is hiding in DC before the storm hits, while Mitt is actually in the storm bringing help to the people. All you have are these stupid talking points that show how childish and stupid you actually are. Why not try some independant thought once in a while, instead of sounding like an Obama sheep.

          1. Better yet Andy, why don’t you go back to mom’s basement. FEMA is worthless, and runs on money borrowed from China, like the whole fed. Private and non-profits are far more efficient and effective.

    1. So glad a few care about what happened to those men in the Benghazi terror attacks. It is shameful. It must be just disturbing for the families of these men who lost their lives.

      1. More than a few care.
        You just have to shove the “mainstream media” out of the way to see it. They certainly are doing their best to stifle us. Even then, get to the comments sections. People are not happy.

        1. I can’t believe how MSNBC is sheltering him. I never watched news other than NBC until this Sept. I became so sick of hearing them that I started flipping channels and reading more and am shocked at what
          I see.

          1. I agree, I sent David Gregory of meet the press an email and ripped him up
            one side and down the other. Carly Fiona was cut of by David when
            she was talking about Benghazi.
            I also hate their new talking points “who is the real Mitt Romney” I said
            well “Who is the real Obama” ? They have covered up for him so long
            that it is pathetic. We know more about Romney then we do Obama.
            The liberals are just upset that Romney is not the war monger that they
            portrayed him to be. He is not the mean boogie man that they tried to
            portray him as and on and on!! When you think of everything they have
            tried to do to him, it is amazing that he is doing so well.

          2. Colleen,
            Here are some RELIABLE sources to stay informed:

            Remember, the alphabet soup networks have all abandoned their job as “watchdogs” for the public. They’ve totally ignored the Benghazi Travesty [go see/listen to Glenn Beck’s interview with Tyrone Woods’ father!]. NBC is the worst offender with its continual selective editing to sway viewers.

          3. You can wear out a computer correcting Gregory–he is such a dope. Honestly. And I don’t love the namecalling. But he asks the same question over and over hoping for a slip–he interviews himself…”wouldn’t you agree…” He all but says, “Hello, please say something bad about Romney.” Carly got some pts in but he would whip away from her without a word and go to someone more favorable to his biases…or NBC’s, I guess.

        1. Andy, I really don’t understand why you stopped speaking to your father and me since Saturday night, we understand why you would be mad at us for taking away your free phone that Obama gave you, but we really need you to contribute by getting a job and helping us pay the rent. I can’t understand why you would stay down there with the Obama doll (by the way, I really don’t think it can talk to you like you say it does) and not spend any time with me or your father.

          1. Discounted phones have been available to low income individuals since wait for it 1984. It was a bill supported and passed by…hold your breath RONALD REAGAN. Move on, and get over it.

      1. Andy – you seem to have a lot of time on your hands – I suggest you get ready for the “million muppet march” – you won’t need a bird costume since your PARROT every talking point from your handlers, including a very “fowl” mouth.


    2. exactly…ohh..all of the sudden he’s gonna be proactive and scarifice the campaign and his re-election for the sake of the people?!…what a joke….Vegas vs Benghazi…Golf vs security briefings…its too little waaay too late..this guy is such a teleprompting phony…Buh Bye

    3. He said he’d do everything possible cut red tape well too bad he forgot
      that the night 4 died in Benghazi. I’ve had several Joe Wilson moments
      ever since Obama started th big coverup. As for the storm he might try
      to take credit but the states know what to do and when to do it without
      any help from BO.

  4. Obamma wants to get back to DC asap to oversee the printing of
    gov’t relief checks to the millions of potential voters on the east coast.
    Smart move..Smart!!!

    1. MITTENS will look so stupid in the fact he made a statement this summer in a debate that if elected he will GET RID OF FEMA HAHAHAHAHAHAH what a stupid statement from a man that wants to be a President LOL

      1. You know Andy, your multiple posts and hahaha responses are revealing what a lunatic pinhead you must be. While I’m sure you are glad that 5th grade was canceled today, you are wasting valuable space with your tired idiocy. Go away.

        1. Lenny just sick of you racist hateful people who only lie to make themselves seem smart. Your statements sound like you are emailing from jail which you probably are!!!!

          1. Andy, My husband is white and a conservative. He was signed up by
            Barry Gordy to work at Motown records. If you ever listen to the Jackson
            five and Diana Ross, you can think of the white guy racist that wrote many
            of the songs.

      2. Mitten never looks stupid, Obummer all the time. Why do you think he has to go to Letterman and all these retard shows???? They live in a fog and are just alive enough to collect the next welfare check.

  5. Waiting for the Change

    So Obama finds ‘deteriorating weather’ a reason to stay at the White House but a terrorist attack in Benghazi which kills 4 Americans… Vegas baby, YEAH!

    What a pathetic excuse this ‘man’ (and I use the term lightly) is.

    1. Delusional Repugs and Baggers believe an email on FACEBOOK about the attack in Benghazi, Fox if the only station reporting a bunch lies none of the other stations are because they know it is a political LIE brought on by the Repugs and the Baggers LOL they believe everything that shows up on FACEBOOK lol

      1. You are an idiot. Fox shows the videos and the email sent to the white house.
        They have had the best coverage and you know it.
        Get your head out of the sand you liberal nut job!!

          1. Andy is so angry…”FOX news LIES!”…haha…just keep thinking it was a VIDEO you tool-bag…whose the liar Mr. Video??…and Hillary and Jay Carney..”due to a VIDEO”…haha…Andy, stop being envious of hard work and success, move off moms couch and go back to college so you can get that art-history degree youve always wanted so bad. Loser.

          2. By the way, Andy, I know I used some bigger words in there that you may not be use to. Bear with me, it’s not often I’m smarter than a fifth-grader.

        1. If may make a point here? Andy’s head is obviously not in the sand! The medical condition Rectal Cranialitis better describes where Andy’s head is located!

      2. Andy, I don’t suppose you consider ABC libeal, do you? You better check out their findings…things are getting a little tight around the collar in Obamaville.

      3. Andy –
        A political lie? A conspiracy brought to you by the Republicans? Wow! If that’s the case, then I want more Republicans like that in office. If they have the ability to plan such an elaborate scheme all for political posturing that takes brainpower, connections, not to mention foresight.

        However, we’ll go with the political posturing conspiracy theory. It’s a doozey. They were able to plant documentation far in advance, coordinate/manipulate an attack that would be seen by the world, and get opposing parties to testify to their incompetency. Ok, it’s a stretch but I’m willing to have an open mind about it.

        Charlene Lamb, head of embassy security, testified on Oct. 10 at the Congressional Hearing that she had real-time contact with the consulate and was aware of request for assistance. Conspiracy brought to you by the Republicans.

        Petraeus too testified to receiving requests of assistance, as his CIA operatives along with Woods and Doherty made pleas and were told to “stand down.” An elaborate coordination of efforts here in this part of the conspiracy.

        Drones were over the consulate during the attack recording the events in “real-time.” Wow, I wonder how those dirty scumbag Republicans managed to seize control of those drones?

        Panetta, himself, indicated he was aware of requests for assistance from those at the embassy. Those Rethugs got to Panetta too?

        The CIA implicitly confirmed the pleas for help while denying anyone in its chain of command had denied request for help. All the CIA are sell-outs to the Republicans too?

        CBS finally reported on the e-mails from the State Department showing Obama knew it was a terrorist attack and not a mob protest over a video. Ooops…….CBS falls for this conspiracy?

        Bob Schieffer asked about Susan Rice’s false statements about the video? Poor Bob, falling for these lies from the right.

        Eric Nordstrom testified to sending cables to Washington in March and July asking for more security officers in Benghazi, only to receive no response. He must have converted to the dark side.

        Lt. Col. Andrew Wood testified to serious deficiencies in embassy security and that it had never been protected with the necessary resources. He’s probably a racist Republican.

        Best of all, there are multiple memos from Benghazi on government websites requesting additional security due to increased threats. Some horrific Republican consulted a lady with a crystal ball to know to place those memos in just the right place all those months ago to close the gap on any doubt.

        So, it’s your contention that Benghazi is a lie from the Republicans for political posturing. If that is the case, I want more people that seem to be this powerful and connected in charge. You have convinced me, I just changed my mind. I’m voting Republican this time around. Thanks for doing your job and pointing this little tidbit out to me. I never would have come to this conclusion on my own.

  6. “Or perhaps the political team finally calculated they would on balance be worse for his reelection prospects if he were seen campaigning while the New Jersey shore was becoming part of the Atlantic Ocean.”

    Spot on.

    “Chief surrogate campaigner Bill Clinton will attend the Orlando event in Obama’s place.”

    Thus far, President Stainmaker’s imprimatur has been of little value to Obama in the face of his failed presidency.

  7. So the plan is: ” return to the White House to monitor the preparations for and early response to Hurricane Sandy.”
    Too bad he didn’t take time to prepare for and monitor Libya…at least there he could have taken some action, even if it meant using the gun ship to tear that place up to show those people what will rain down on them if they try this a gain.

    1. I’m hearing that Amb Stevens requested help 4 hours before the attack. Plenty of time to evacuate him or reinforce his security. This gets stinkier and stinkier as more details leak out.

    2. C’mon Libya was the loss of 4 individual votes. It’s all about the big picture, therefore Vegas was more important. ( NJ is a blue state.) No sense in a presidential candidate visiting here because Dems take NJ for granted and Republicans don’t bother. Ignoring NJ could potentially cause the loss of 15 electoral college votes. No wonder the POTUS was on the phone with the Governors yesterday offering help. NY, NJ, CT… All blue on all the forecast maps and 53 electoral college votes. People have a short memory, but with a week to go… Just saying…

  8. Just want to know If this is the state of
    how we are protected we are all screwed
    This is a not what I think a Comander in Chief
    should be I don’t feel Safe and Fear for all Americans
    believe we are all being Played

    1. If you want to see how he will protect us just take a look at what the Feds did to Arizona. They stopped them from even protecting themselves. Then they sent in some “help” to observe. Observe what? The illegals coming over the border or the people (citizens of the U.S) trying to defend themselves. Then to top that off they gave the Mexican government permission to sue Arizona. If you are legal, a Republican or a Libertarian be prepared to protect and take care of yourself if Obama gets another 4 years because the Feds sure won’t.

  9. So while the President’s Ambassador is being slaughtered, he goes to bed, then wakes up and watches a live feed of them dying because he would not send help, and then goes campaigning.

    But now he is coming off the campaign trail…

    Good Lord this man has no shame!

    Anything to look Presidential..

    1. Let’s hope he just tries to look presidential and does not actually try to tkae any actions, make any decisions. If he does, those of us in Sandy’s path are in real trouble.

    1. Tom EE Lets hope after this election MITTENS AND QUEEN ANN take there dancing horses, car elevators and fly back home to there tax free offshore accounts. Like Mittens said if I was President I WILL GET RID OF FEMA LOL hope all the Republicans find that state questionable in the east coast where the monstrous storm is! He is losing the state he was GOVERNOR MA people sure know a loser when they see one!! HAHAHAHAH

  10. …and it would look bad for the president to be at Mickey’s World rather than riding out the storm at home. The article did say the difference in time of arrival is about 3 hours. It takes that long to get from Andrews to the White House.

  11. Again in a crisis and the Prez takes off to campaign…remember Las Vegas on the night ‘THE 4″ were murdered? What a waste of American’s Air Force 1 time, money for the crew and fuel!!! The Prez needs to pay this out of his campaign funds!!!!


        1. Just stop. Period. Have you ever been to this site before–people don’t rave on mindlessly like this…as a rule. We like to learn something, go back and forth intelligently.

      1. Bush and Cheney’s war? I am so sick of hearing this. This war was approved by Congress with most of the Democrats voting for it.

        1. Exactly. With the same intel on WMD that necessitated Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, etc. etc. etc. to make statements regarding those WMD and the deplorable regime.

  12. I live in Orlando… last night I was driving from downtown towards Universal Studios to meet a friend who was here vacationing for a late night dinner and drinks.

    I passed the motorcade going the opposite direction on I-4. I very nearly rolled down my window and gave the president a thumbs down while honking the horn.

    But I’m a Republican and we’re classier than that.

    That being said – along I4 I saw no less than 100 police vehicles closing exits, blocking a major interstate highway. I’m so happy that my hard earned tax dollars (sales tax) were used to give the president a brief respite from Michelle for a few hours.

    1. Tad, I am also a Republican….and I carry a big sign in my car – “Obama, Go Home!”. He has been to my neighborhood at least 25x in the last year and it’s the same routine – 100 police motorcycle escorts and a caravan of 40 vehicles. Gridlock and street closures for 24 hr. periods! It’s unprecedented! I have no qualms about showing my disgust.


    Valerie Jarrett just announced on the Scarborough show that Obama intends to do MORE traveling in his second term! She claims he loves the campaign trail – it ‘energizes’ him…and it’s not going to stop in his second term.

    We have a problem, Houston! A multi-billion $$$ problem. That’s what another 4 years is going to cost to operate AF One for his daily ego trips. If he is reelected Congress needs to enact emergency measures to ration his travel – this is a travesty in the making.

  14. Axe and Cutter are likely freaked out. Obama needs every last minute appealing to voters and their so-called ground game is substantially interrupted on the east coast where so many of their prospects lie. Meanwhile, poll after poll shows Romney increasing in strength in every demographic and in every state. I anticipate that Romney will spread a red curtain across most of America and pick up 50 in the Senate as a bonus. Then we will see if the GOP is really interested in setting things right!

    1. you are all a children as a person who lived thourgh Katrina it does not matter who help u don’t get they are both doing.something u no 15 member of my family died that so vote for who u want to but what have u done to help I sent money to red cross this is why our free world is going yo hell

      1. Much like you’ve done here. I’m glad you’re posting it gives us an indication as to the public education system and the horrible work the teachers unions has done for the children of this country. And to think that Barack Hussein Obama wants to further flush more tax payer money down this educational system so steeped in liberalism failure. I shudder at the thought of children like you so ill adept to compete against students from third world countries.

        1. Well said KimB. I have lived in the Philippines and would state for the record that the Philippines (a developing country) has a better school system than does the US. One huge difference is that God has not been taken out of their public school system. Do they promote one religion over another in school? No! The lessons are the basic difference between right and wrong. Something lacking in the public school system here.

  15. So,” the deteriorating weather conditions” prevented Obama from traveling to Orlando, but it’s okay to send Bill Clinton in his place. Anyone else see the big question mark in that response?

  16. Rasmussen has Romney only up two now and now is under 50%. I hate to burst people bubbles but Obama looks like he is going to hold onto to the White House. Romney needs a big lead going into election day because of Crook County tactics and just doesn’t not have it.

      1. I didn’t say I wanted to Obama to win, I’m just got a feeling Obama is going to pull this one out. I know Romney is ahead a bit but I’m telling you that won’t be enough to beat Obama. Politicians from Croon County know how to pull things out in the end when its close ie steal.

        1. @Justsaying- Overall election projection has Romney at 52% and Obummer at 47%. Romney has not been under 50% in weeks. Where are you getting your numbers? Even the crap CNN/MSNBC polls have Romney over 50%. To suggest he is below that is simply ignorant.

  17. The failures of the Obama administration are so many… but none is more tragic, or more frightening, or more foreboding of catastrophe than the appalling mishandling and lying of the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi.

    E-mails show the State Department and White House Situation Room knew within the first couple of hours that an al Qaeda affiliate was publicly claiming responsibility. It would be another 17 days before the Obama administration stated that it was terrorism.
    Again , we have e mails showing that Obama knew with in hours, before he went to Vegas.
    So Obama & Co. stuck with the untenable claim that the Benghazi strike wasn’t a terrorist attack at all, but a “spontaneous” mob assault prompted by that anti-Muslim video.

    Lies, lies and more lies…..

  18. Easy to see he’s not worried about frittering away a cool million bucks flying to Florida on Sunday only to turn around on Monday morning and fly back to DC. What a waste of staff time and materiel…

    1. Susan Just 4 years ago Bush/Cheney/Ryan spent money like a bunch of drunken sailors, you hyprocrite Repugs didnt have a problem with that but when a black man as President has to spend money you act like apes. Where were you delusional people when the Repugs destroyed the economy for EIGHT YEARS? Go back in you holes you people are SICK

        1. Under Bush, unemployment was 4.5% now it’s over 10% (REAL number).
          Gas was $1.85 now its almost $4.00.
          Also, we were not attacked a single day after 9/11 while Bush was president… Thats war money well spent to me!
          This obama idiot has spent more money than ALL the presidents combined.. and guess what… THE ECONOMY STILL SUCKS!!
          So instead of the drunken sailor, guess that makes him the crack whore!
          Oh by the way… Andy, YOU are the racist by calling him black!!!
          Stupid lib-tard!

          1. OH, you got that email too. I bet you thought you were going to get to see Obama’s America for free on fox too. At it’s lowest point gas was 1.85 before the crash for less than 1 month. The average for the year was…wait for it 3.69.

  19. I am ready with my barf bag, waiting for the wonderful and truthful Obama Propaganda Media (OPM) to grovel and tell us how much Dear Leader cares and how efficient he has been in his handling of this crisis. Yes, my heart goes out to those people in this storm’s path, as do my prayers. I live on the gulf coast–enough said. Prepare yourselves. It will be sickening, to say the least. As his former Chief of Staff, Twinkletoes Rahm Emmanuel stated immediately after the election, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Martial law? National Guard, not for assistance for citizens, but to curtail the behavior of citizens? I’ll bet Dear Leader and Captain Combover Axelgrease and Valerie Jamit are pondering the endless “opportunities” to “modify” our behavior and which God-given freedoms they can take away, you know, for the good of the victims of the storm and the rest of the American people.
    These people forget one thing, our ace in the hole, so to speak: We are Americans, by God, and they will NEVER break our spirit and our love of this country. We all must get on our knees and call upon the name of the Lord. Then we must do what needs to be done. We must get EVERY person who is asleep to vote!!!!! We must humble ourselves to God and His Son, Jesus Christ and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to save this country. WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE.
    But get your barf bags ready. This is going to be sickening.

    1. Really? Which of your freedoms have you lost. Is the Secret Service knocking on your door? Oh the wire taps that Bush implemented? The redacting of history? Oh I know, dang he was right, it was the gays that brought the storm on the immoral northeast. I mean, I know that they are going to come and take your house, and put a brother of male prostitutes in it.

      1. Andy, turn off your parents computer, get out of their basement and get a job! Your childish comments are only showing your immaturity! Attacking people is the real hatred/racism and you are perpetuating this! I’m sure you wouldn’t do it to my face, lest you are put in your appropriate place! Grow up…if you can!

  20. Keith, You and this article just got a mention on The Michael Berry Show at the top of the hour. He has a radio talk show in Houston, but he is in Florida this week with a lot of Texans to help the Romney/Ryan campaign.

      1. Explain Andy?

        Instead of Andy blaming his parent’s for how he turned out, his parents are blaming him for how they turned out.

  21. Sounds like they were expecting a small turn out at the event.
    Tide is turning for this lier an chief.

    Never in political history has anyone screwed up his chance for re election as this idiot.

      1. The way Andy talks about FEMA, he must be an employee.. I would be worried too! (If not, I’m sure he’s on the gov teet somehow!)

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  23. A nor’easter must be monitored closely from the Situation Room. A terrorist attack in Benghazi from a campaign fund raiser in Las Vegas.

  24. SANDY….Obama’s revenge….He continues to move FORWARD on his campaign of destruction and revenge….Wall street and the northeast will
    pay dearly for their insolence against dear leader…and you thought he ignored the pleas from Benghazi…The burning question is will Bloomberg
    waive his 16 oz. rule in this emergency…..

  25. This is a joke…right? This storm is no larger then most storms off the Pacific in the winter. Obama is finished as well he should be! What an absolute disaster. He can’t give an order to prevent four murders but he will fly home for a rain storm like he can do something about it. Is he 12 years old?

  26. I tweeted the President to ask for a refund on MY Fair Share of what it cost him to fly to FL in the first place. Of all the nerve to fly to a known hurricane zone. Is he three?

    Obama must be channeling Forest Gump who famously said: “I gotta find Bubba!”

  27. So, the seeding of an excuse is now taking shape. Dems preparing to say Hurricane Sandy was cause of Obama losing the election and demand changing election day to some other future day. Just speculating, but don’t put it past these thugs to try something like this. They are shameless.

  28. Andy, and any one of his intelligence level… Me thinks you protest too much! Put some vodka in that koolaid and please find an original thought.

  29. Andy – do you read anything other than dailykos? I watched the Fema video there and he simply said he would favor the states keeping more of their money to handle it themselves.

  30. Obama’s campaign stop in Green Bay would have gone over like a lead balloon anyway. O is a huge bears fan. He would have been heckled, for sure.

  31. Wait a minute, I thought he could monitor everything from Air Force one? Like the Benghazi murders, all those security briefings by letter. This guy doesn’t need to be a “boots on the ground” type of guy.

    He can fire Admirals who started to send help, and were ordered to stand down. He can fire Field Officers for not obeying the orders to disarm our soldiers in Afg. All on A-1. He doesn’t need to be in the situation room,,,,,come to think about it….we’d all be better off if he stayed away from it and went golfing.

  32. It is a shame that Obama did not have the same concern for the four brave patriots murdered in Benghazi. I guess proving that he is “superman” in the face of a storm is much more important that 4 lives when he chose to go to Las Vegas to campaign instead of protecting the lives of the patriots in Benghazi. I think a more apropos description of Obama appears below.

  33. You can be certain that whatever decision Barack Obama makes on any topic, his own political best-interests will be his number one priority.


    –The only one who’s doing well for them self, in this awful Oblama made economy
    (were for example, 1 out of 6 of us are living poverty) , is “King” Oblama himself !!

    In fact, it’s so GREAT for the Oblama’s! – That they want you to know it too!

    They’ve spent, all for themselves, a whopping, record, $1.4 billion dollars of our money, just on their lavish lifestyle! Nothings to much for them!

    – So much for “GOOD STEWARDSHIP”, right?!

    – With these two, there is no,

    -We the People , BY the People, For the People!!!

    – For the despicable Oblama’s…, it’s only ME, MYSELF and I, screw everyone else !!!

    So, it’s no wonder, while under him our economy is in shambles, we see them showing off such lavishness like going on a $4 million dollar, taxpayer funded, Hawaii vacation. Where during which, “King” Oblama can kick back, relax,
    not be concerned with “noise” (Isreal),
    invite Barbara Walters to another pathetic joke of an “interview”.

    – Where out of his own arrogant mouth, said,

    “…I have a bit of laziness in me….” ..Because, he’s from Hawaii, you know?!!

    With no shame or care in the world! – “Humility” – Naaaa, it’s “King” Obalam! –

    -So what, that we’re suffering big time under him! – As long is he’s doing well off!

    “LAZINESS” uh? -NO, you don’t say O’ “Dear Leader”?!!!
    – Looking at these past 4 years!

    — Hey, and what’s DISCRETION anyways, when you’re the shameless, despicable, Oblama’s who constantly like to flaunt their arrogants,
    – Remember “Queen” Oblama’s Spain trip- classic?!

    — They give a new meaning to ENTITLEMENT and abuse of power!
    – In the most grotesque manner!

    For them to us “commoner’s”, it’s “LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!”

    – That’s $1.4 BILLION they spent, with a big “B”!

    -That also includes him flying the pizza guy from Chicago to the W.H.
    – So that he could have his favorite pizza!

    – Think what the tip must of been! -We paid for it, he enjoyed it!!

    -It must be nice having an unlimited taxpayer funded credit card?!!

    -And to think, the British taxpayers spent just $58 million on the Royal Family!

    – If this is Oblama’s “GOOD TIMES” that we’re living in, according to him,
    ..then BRING me back the recession!

    — At least, things like GAS was cheaper ($1.84 when he came in), FOOD was cheaper. For you uneducated oblama sheep, you realize that for every one cent a gallon of gas goes up, it takes away a billion dollars out of the pockets of the American consumer..?! So, just think how many billions “Lord” Oblama has taxed/cost us?! When he came in, even the unemployment rate was better and REAL too (7.6%)!
    – It is down right sad that we have to look back to a recession he inherited, to see it better!!!

    Less we forget, this is the same man who said that the reason we were paying lower gas and food prices, in the first place, when he can into office. Was, um, now get this, – because we were in the mist of the recession! -SAY WHAT??!!

    – WOW, and this is the guy running the country and protecting us?!

    — Oh, and speaking about gas prices- he’s also the one who said that all we needed to do to get lower gas prices, is inflate our tires and get tunes ups!!! — WOW!!! –So, remember that the next time you fill up or when you wake up and find gas prices sky rocket 30 cents a gallon overnight, like it did in Commie-fornia recently!! – So, according to this pathetic liar, for you to see $1.84 gas again, you’ll have to wait until the next recession, sorry!

    -For, while you’re suffering, he’s VACATIONING!!!

    — To him, it’s let the “GOOD TIMES” roll…. right out of our wallets! (lol)

    ” Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding,
    But what is in the heart of fools is made known.”– Proverbs 14:33

  35. Please don’t feed the ANDY troll. He is well known paid blogger troll. For every “ROMNEY GET RID OF FEMA” post he receives a small amount of cash from his handlers. Unfortunately there are hundreds of them out there now, especially before election day. Their tactic is to insight anger and disrupt the conversation. They eventually go away if ignored.

  36. Why doesn’t he just go watch the destruction live in the situation room, where he can sit back, relax, then get back on the campaign trail after watching it all? Oh wait, that’s not Benghazi….

    1. Better yet, watch it from ‘The View’ or ‘Letterman’
      I’d like to know how much money the taxpayers have shelled out
      to fly his ass around to appear on these kinds of trash shows!
      Does anyone realize how degrading this is to the office of president?

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