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Hurricane Attacks White House Dossier

Updated Oct. 29 at 5:47 pm ET

As most of you probably know, a hurricane is barrelling through Northern Virginia, where I live. The storm will continue through Wednesday.

I expect the power to go out, in which case I may not be able to post. So if you don’t see anything new for a period of time, please be patient, I should be back soon. So thanks for waiting!

If you’re in the path of the hurricane, good luck, and stay safe.

Here’s a message from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, offering a few words of advice as only he can.

UPDATE: Thank you all for your kind words. So far, so good!

35 thoughts on “Hurricane Attacks White House Dossier”

  1. Wonder who will get power restored first?
    It’s not a contest I volunteered for. Decided to duck tape floor to ceiling windows – in spite of the building posting announcements to remove any thing that can become a flying projectile, I noticed a few neighbors who are obviously reading challenged.

  2. To all in harm’s way; stay safe, warm and dry.
    Don’t worry about us, MrK, if we use the Dossier we’ll clean up after ourselves and put everything back where we found it.
    When you come back on line, we’ll be here, too.

  3. I have heard a lot about Sandy over here in our public broadcasting. Seems like she has a mean and violent temper.
    So, Keith and all you here in her path, stay safe, I wish you well.

  4. please don’t post!

    I am in the path as well – maybe not as directly as Virginia-I do have family in Virginia last time I checked (which wasn’t recently) :P

    Stay safe WHD peeps!!!

  5. Some friendly advice from Florida (hurricane country)

    Fill your bathtub and all of your sinks with water. Fill every large pot and bucket that you can find with water so you will at least have it in case your electric goes out. You will need water during and after the storm to drink, brush your teeth, flush toilets, wash your face, etc.

    Take all of your valuables (insurance policies, jewelry, birth certificates, etc) and lock them in your dishwasher. Dishwashers are attached to a counter top and dishwashers are water proof so your “stuff” should be safe in there.

    Get all of your candles, matches, oil lamps, etc in one place in the house so you don’t have to hunt for them in the dark.

    Stay away from your windows as much as possible. Do not be tempted to open any exterior doors if the winds are high.

    We are praying for your safety and please don’t try to be a hero.

      1. I learned how to light our electric starting gas range without blowing
        myself up so we could have coffee after an October surprise hit KS
        and we were powerless for 8 days. We don’t have a dishwasher but
        it’s a great tip thanks.

  6. Take care – the storm has stalled off the coast, which means it could strengthen. I have family along the Chesapeake Bay and they are getting hammered by the bands of the storm.

  7. Townhall is reporting that Governor Romney is lending his campaign bus for hurricane relief efforts. All the while Moochelle is begging for more money for herself and the king.

  8. God speed to everyone in ‘Sandy’s path! Nothing is more important now than the safety of you and your loved ones. Our prayers are with you.

  9. Stay safe Keith; some things like taking care of yourself/family take precedence over politics. . .if only the establishment in DC understood that from time to time. Best regards!

  10. Stay safe, Keith. We’re near Long Beach Island, NJ watching reports that the Atlantic may breach the island to the bay and the wind is kickin’ up like a ‘mother’! It’s strangely scary and exciting all at once!! All the best to everyone in harm’s way.

  11. Good luck and stay safe, Keith. We’re getting some (very) mild effects here. This is the first Big Blow I’ve ever been in that made the weather cold like Sandy has.

  12. Keith, do you have a portable generator — for the fridge & a few essentials?

    On what may be the best available map, looks like you are on the south side of the eye line, which has moved slightly south and is projected to go a little further west into PA from earlier projections — it is now projected to “turn” sharply north, just south of State College in PA. The southern side is usually considered the “good” side — at least comparatively speaking because of the greater risk of surge to the north. Check this out already in Ocean City, NJ — the bay has already met the Ocean just to the north of the “eye line.”

    We’re up along the Delaware at Lambertville, NJ & New Hope, PA, so we’re not in the direct line. But this thing is huge! My neighbor (who I ran into at the gas station last evening) told me she and her husband drove all the way to Brooklyn yesterday to pick a generator up at Lowes. They had ordered it on-line, so they had no problem picking it up when they got there. But she said about 50 – 60 last second shoppers were squabbling over a late arriving shipment of a different model that had just come in late in the day.

    Also, if your car has an outlet plug in it, once the brunt of the storm passes & falling trees are not a injury threat, you can set up your lap top in the car and use it check out emergency information during any of the period of time that you are without power in your home.

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