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Dossier Readers: Signs of Mitt are Everywhere!

Well, this was surprising.

The results of yesterday’s poll are in, and as you can see below, you are seeing many more campaign signs and bumper stickers from the Romney campaign than from Obama’s.

Now, this is an unscientific poll, and no doubt some of the huge differential is attributable to votes by readers living in Red areas of the nation.

But I can’t imagine this is the entire reason. I can see, through the miracles of TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE, where my readers live. And there are plenty of you in Blue Country.

I can’t prove it, but I think this poll attests to a strong degree of organization on the part of Republicans, who may be harboring a better get-out-the-vote effort – more closely comparable to that of the Democrats – than many people suppose.

We’ll know soon enough.

Thanks for participating!

13 thoughts on “Dossier Readers: Signs of Mitt are Everywhere!”

  1. Now, now Keith. You know you can see our addresses because of the GOVERNMENT, not sicence and technology. Expect to hear from the department of politically correct speech as soon as federal workers go back to work.

  2. I’m seeing more Romney/Ryan signs in cook county suburbs outside of Chicago.

    A friend just drove up to Ann Arbor, MI and reported about 4x as many Romney/Ryan signs compared to Obama.

    I’ve heard the same about some FL suburbs as well.

  3. I live in Western Massachusetts in the Pioneer Valley in the shadow of Amherst College and UMass. In my neighborhood I’ve seen exactly one Obama sign and 4-5 Romney signs. (I would put one on my lawn if I could get one.) On my commute to work in northern Connecticut, the Romney bumper stickers (including mine) outnumber the Obama ones I would say 3:2. This is the mood in two states that are locks for Obama, but people are voicing opposition anyway.

  4. I live in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee and although Tennessee as a state always goes red, the Memphis metro area is heavily democrat. In 2008, I thought I was going to lose it seeing all of the Obama bumper stickers and signs. This year I can’t remember the last Obama sticker I saw. Also, very few yard signs. I have seen a couple strings of Obama signs in public areas that were obviously planted by a campaign worker but vitually no grass root support.

  5. This weekend, I went to a party out in the Northern Neck (specifically, near Kilmarnock, VA) and saw the only real pro-Obama showing I’ve seen. It was funny, though: one side of the road would all be Democrat and the other side would all be Republican. I wasn’t really sure what to make of that. Around here in NC, it’s been about 80-90% R/R signs.

  6. I checked at our local Republican HQ for a R/R sign and they were out. So, I committed a crime today. I swiped one off the highway. I live way out in the backwoods and my sign will be the only one on my road, but at least I know it is there.

  7. I asked my college student son if his friends were talking about the election. He goes to school in Wisconsin and most of his pals are from Wisconsin and Michigan. Now mind you,they are student athletes and I can’t say they are high on much else but sports and partying,but he says with the exception of one player on his team(from California),they “despise” Obama. They may be the exception, but I don’t know. I’m hoping they are the reflection of a broader group.

  8. What’s even more encouraging to me than all the RR yard signs – this morning on my drive to the post office, through a low-to-middle income minority neighborhood – OMG signs! (Obama Must Go)

    I’m in a Dallas, Tx suburb. Rural Texas is very red, but our big cities and their ‘burbs have been pretty blue the past few election cycles. Looks like that may be changing.

  9. I don’t think the Republican party can take any credit for the increased voter enthusiasm. It is We The People who are leading the get out the vote effort for Romney/Ryan and all Republicans down the line.

  10. I see Romney signs all over the place in my town and the surrounding counties; however, I haven’t made it to the ghetto lately. No, I’m not joking. I’m sure I’d see more Obama signs in the high crime areas. I’ve seen 3 Obama signs so far, one right across the street. She works for the government. And on cars I’ve seen less than 5 Obama stickers, but I have seen and continue to see many Romney stickers on the expressway and on back roads. In fact, I bought 20 R & R bumper stickers and kept getting compliments, and ended up giving them all away to random people who would stop me in the parking lot or who came to my home to fix something. I’ve also had people pull up next to me and give me thumbs up. So much better than when I had my Obama is a Socialist sticker on and people would flip me off. Yes, a few did. One actually tried to play car games, and I luckily was able to make it so he had to go off the road. Obama supporters are insane and those who aren’t are ignorant.

    1. They have this one sign in the inner cities now. It says;

      Disrespecting my President
      Obama ’12

      I wonder, did they feel the same way about disrespecting “my” President BEFORE ’08?

  11. The signs in my area are running 7 to 1 for Romney. And I was meticulously fair, counting only 1 sign for either candidate at a property. I live in a Democrat city with a Democrat mayor and city council.

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