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Dossier Poll: Whose Yard Signs are You Seeing?

One of the comment strings yesterday got me thinking.

I’m wondering, as you drive or walk around in your communities, would you say you see more Romney signs and bumper stickers or more for Obama?

Maybe this will give us some idea about the grass roots capabilities of the two campaigns. A caution, this is unscientific, of course, but perhaps a little revealing. You all are pretty well distributed throughout the country.

Thanks for participating!

71 Responses to Dossier Poll: Whose Yard Signs are You Seeing?

  1. I live in a gated community and there are no political signs. However, there are a large number of American flags being flown AND half a dozen empty chairs displayed. Two streets over (not gated) I counted 13 Romney signs and 4 Obama signs. I see very few Obama bumper stickers and most of those are old and faded from 2008. BTW, I live in New Mexico, a Blue state with a Republican Governor.

  2. Our neighborhood would probably have more RR signs, but they keep getting stolen :( We were lucky, someone just pulled ours up and threw it in the street.

    So about 1 O/B sign to every 3 R/R.

  3. Here in the suburbs of Portlandia, there are very few signs and most of those are for state/local elections. In 2008 the Obama/Biden signs far outnumbered McCain/Palin. That year, as the election drew closer, those McCain/Palin signs were torched. This year, some of the rare Romney/Ryan signs are displayed in windows, no doubt to prevent burnings. There are very few Obama/Biden signs, though most likely the Dems will carry the state. Outside the Portland/Eugene metro areas, the state is conservative, but these metro areas are the tails that wag the dog, unfortunately.

    • I live in lovely Portlandia, too (northeast Portland) – Obama stickers are all over the place and few people are brave enough to have a Romney sticker on their car or in their yard.

      I *almost* asked the loud, lesbian soccer mom with a big Obama button on her chest if she was going to vote for Romney but then I figured the I would have been the only person of the 30 parents standing there that would have thought that was funny.

  4. In my little slice of the California coast, I see more Gary Johnson signs than anything else. Lots of local election and state proposition signs, but zero US Senate and only a scattering of Obama or Romney signs. The Johnson signs are the small stick-the-wire-in-the-ground type and are planted mostly on public right of ways, so it might be the result of a hard night’s work by a couple dedicated supporters. But the Johnson signs are there and the other guys’ aren’t.

  5. Surprisingly, there is not one yard sign for either side in our L.A. Westside neighborhood…except for our R & R sign (next to the empty chair). Have seen only one 2008 Obama bumper sticker. Heard this a.m. that Romney has cut Obama’s lead in CA in half — a formidable feat. Unfortunately, CA will never have a legitimate election again – it’s legal to be illegal, especially when it comes to voting.

    • Sounds like my neighborhood, Girly1 (I’m in Brentwood)…just a couple of Bill Bloomfield signs (he’s running against Waxman). Someone a few doors down the street has had an Obama sign in their upstairs window for years – kind of faded now and looks like something from a bygone era. Favorite bumper sticker – the Obama “Hope” silhouette…except it says “Nope” instead!

      • Hi neighbor! Westsiders are so sick and tired of gridlock and street closures every other week when those miserable Obamas show up for their money grabs, we’re ready to revolt, Four years ago, there were life-sized cut-outs of Obama in many of the neighborhood shops! No more. I wonder if he even notices that there are no adoring crowds standing along the roadways when he travels through this city. I always have my “Obama, Go Home” poster in the car when I’m stuck in traffic for hours. At least I get high fives from other drivers, lol.

  6. Here in a suburb of Phoenix, there are no signs for either Presidential candidate on street corners, but many for local and state candidates.
    On my city block (right smack dab in the middle of a Mormon community) there is one sign for Romney/Ryan and two Don’t Tread on Me (tea party) flags. No Obama/Biden signs or bumper stickers.

    This is really a strange and novel campaign. It’s almost like the American public went underground, silent.

    • You are so right, people have gone underground. See very few yard signs this year for either, but talking to my neighbours tells me they are very unhappy with the current administration. I am seeing Obama bumper stickers with an X through them.

  7. I’ve been surveying our community, one of Chicago’s far western suburbs. I’d say there’s lots fewer Obama signs than four years ago. While it’s pretty neck and neck this year, I’d say the edge goes to Romney/Ryan. And we’re in Illinois!

  8. It depends, of course, on where you live. I am in a state that I read described as a place in which Obama is “wildly unpopular” — lol!

  9. There’s around five RR yard signs around our neighborhood and zero OB signs. I do see random O bumper stickers, mostly on Priuses or ratty cars with a mishmash of other radical statement stickers. We’re in a blended area of SoCal around fifteen miles east of downtown.

    • My one and only Prius experience is awful–our cab co went to these little torture chambers. Try inserting yourself into the back–you need one of those pushers like in the Tokyo subway system.

    • pelliengee– We’re in one of the few areas of the state that are historically more conservative, and it’s exactly as your area. The Romney signs came out just recently, but there are a half-dozen or so of them, and only one or two Obama signs anywhere in our community. The O signs are in yards of folks who feel a little put-upon being surrounded by so many moderate/conservative folks, obviously trying every election to make their point (if not make friends with the neighbors). I haven’t seen any NEW Obama bumper stickers at all, and the old ones are on just the sort of cars you’re seeing. Not sure what it all really means… but it’s sure a change from last Presidential election!

  10. My nabes–kindly referred to as working class–does not do signs. We are decorating for H’ween today, tho! Including our rubber severed foot. That goes in the bird bath.

    • I live in Southern Ohio, near the People’s Republic of Cincinnati. The unions that cause the trouble here are almost exclusively the Government worker unions since Cincinnati chased most of its industrial base out years ago, but we have a pretty large issue with the Black churches promoting “Vote Your Race” to their congregants. It’s sad, really, at least in terms of the Christian ones, that they set aside all that Obama has done to tear down Christianity in favor of flesh color.

      As far as yard signs, the further from the City proper you get, the more it changes from Obama to Romney. One of my favorites in the City, though, is one that says “STOP disrespecting my President. Obama 2012”. Apparently, it’s disrespectful to question the credentials of the most provably unqualified man to ever hold that office, or any of his goverment expansionism, or any of his destruction of the economy, or any of his damage to the Constitution. One wonders how this person felt about “disrespecting my president” when Bush was “his” president, but I digress…

      Anyway, one sign you WON’T see in Ohio is this one:

      They used to point out that it’s punishable in Ohio by by 3 1/2 years and a $10,000 fine. That’s it. Democrats got butt-hurt by them and pressured the billboard folks to remove them, because they were somehow “racist” or “intimidating”.

      Nothing on the billboards about “Black”. Nothing on the billboards about “Dem”. The only reason you’d think this was aimed at you is if you were, uh, planning to commit vote fraud?

      Sounds like some folks are convicted in their own hearts to me. Maybe they should try living right instead of being offended by having to see what happens ONLY if you don’t.

  11. I live in the swing state of Ohio. I see many more Romney signs than Obama. My college age son got a job passing out political literature for Kristina Daley Roegner who is running for state representative here in Ohio. He was assigned 1000 houses in the Akron area and by far we saw the majority of signs were for Romney, until we got to a low income housing neighborhood near the projects. Every lawn had an Obama sign in the yard.

  12. Please put in a vote for “Neither,” Mr. Koffler, because any signs or stickers here in the beach cities are for local candidates or propositions.

    • Same situation but 1/2 hr from NY border and Romney signs outnumber Barry signs by about 2 to 1. This is in contrast to 2008 where Barry signs outnumbered McCain at least 5 to 1.

  13. We live in rural Central Texas and have seen primarily Romney/Ryan signs and bumper stickers on our travels. Our front yard has a Romney/Ryan sign tacked on an empty chair, with the American flag flying on our porch. There are not as many signs as there were in 2008, but there isn’t the same level of vandalism there was at that time either. We had several McCain/Palin signs ripped in half or stolen from our yard.

    Agree with srdem. The American people seem to have gone underground. It’s almost like they fear the aftermath of this election. With all the violence associated with the left, a Romney/Ryan sign or decal might be similar to putting a bulls-eye on your back.

    • Saw an interview with Laura Bush she said they were happy to be back
      in Texas or as George calls it ‘the promised land’. Boy I miss them.

  14. I live in central NJ. I am noticing some Romney Ryan signs but mostly the lack of Obama signs which littered the landscape in 2008. Fingers crossed.

  15. Live in Southern California – almost no presidential signs – but I have seen 2 Romney/Ryan yard signs and 1 Obama yard sign. Lots of city council and county supervisor. The mail HOWEVER is obnoxious. We have an open primary now so there are a few seats where there are 2 democrats running for the office or 2 republicans running for the office. Proposition commercials are REALLY OBNOXIOUS.

  16. I’ve been swapping e-mails with Dan Blatt (over at GayPatriot) for several weeks on this topic. I live in Parker, Colorado, a Denver bedroom community about 30 miles SE of downtown Denver. It’s a mix of suburbs and semi-rural properties (lots of horse, occasional livestock, etc.).

    It’s also overwhelmingly Romney/Ryan. I have seen to date exactly one (1) Obama yard sign. Heck, I’ve seen at least a dozen Gary Johnson yard signs. But Romney/Ryan overwhelms everything else. Ditto with bumper stickers: Since Dan and I started discussing this, I’ve seen a total of three (3) cars with Obama 2012 bumper stickers; I see several times that many Romney or Romney/Ryan bumper stickers every time I go out and run errands (I work from home, so I don’t have a regular commute).

    I live in the semi-rural part of Parker, so I have a large (4′ x 20′) Romney banner hanging from our deck railing, where it can be clearly seen and read from the nearest main road (which is about 1/4 mile due south). Worth every penny. ..bruce..

  17. wow! I don’t know where you guys live, but here in the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor it’s all Obama, all the time.

    my Romney/Ryan yard sign is the only political sign for ANY sort on my 3-block-long street…but turn the corner onto the main road and there are many Obama signs.

    bumper stickers are a bit more even: probably about 2/3 Obama to 1/3 Romney–and of course 85% “My Other Vehicle is the Mahayana” ;-)

  18. Here in Hamilton County, Ohio — Democratic Cincinnati and Republican environs — I’d give Romney/Ryan an edge, maybe 3 R/R to every 2 O/B. Saw an O/B sign the other day on which someone had added “FIRE” “THE” “LIARS.” In 2008, slightly more Obama/BIden than McCain/Palin, and I live in a suburban, predominantly Republican area. Much fewer O/B bumper stickers than 2008.

    For key senate race (ultra-lib/socialist incumbent Sherrod Brown vs. young Iraq War vet Josh Mandel), Mandel signs are up 2 to 1. This is an important race and I believe Brown is up slightly….

    Come on, Republicans!

  19. Yard signs = here in Delaware; I have seen 5 ROMNEY yard signs (I have one of them) & NO Obama signs?

    What is up with that? It does not feel like there is a “Presidential election” going on…?

  20. In Michigan between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Definitely Romney/Ryan signs dominate. Saw a bumper sticker yesterday that read: WHERE HAVE ALL THE OBAMA BUMPER STICKERS GONE? Very clever!

  21. I live in Northern Delaware and even in Joe Biden’s backyard there are NO Obama signs out! It’s like they’ve opted not to spend money on signs. I’ve seen two guys randomly standing out with “vote Romney” signs at intersections too (that was two weeks before the election). Talk about an enthusiasm gap!

  22. 35 miles North of Seattle it’s 10-1 Romney/Ryan vs.Obama on public roadsides. Around homes not so much because of deranged liberals who can’t tolerate any diversity of thought. In 2008 Obama/Biden yard signs and bumper stickers were everywhere, this year almost nothing on the Dem side even in local elections. Something is up.

  23. I have lost count but I was around 50 R/R to O/B’s 4. This was not double counting either. Oh, and the R/R bumper stickers are off the charts compared to O/B.

  24. Funny you asked the question. I just remarked to my wife today about the absolute predominance of Romney signs over the number of Obama signs in our area. I live in a large (700 home) subdivision north of Atlanta. The area is defintely the pro-Romney demographic, but I’ve seen at least 100 Romney signs and one (I swear-just one!) Obama sign.

    I only see a tiny little corner of the world, but I have a hunch that a major wave election may be in the works. I have faith that the American people, as a whole, eventually see through BS and want what is best for the future. I certainly hope that is the case.

  25. Viewed a photo on AJE, our President looked like a little boy amazed at what he was hearing or seeing. Looked like the so called bad ass storm was in the background. Scared of a little wind and rain?
    Suck it up Mr. Pissant, how bout the storm that is your failure to give the order to help our patriots in Libya.

  26. eastside of cincinnati – very few obama (most are from 08′) many. many. many romney!!!!! all over cincinnati it is romney! i don’t know who they are polling, but they don’t live in ohio!!!!

  27. I have seen hundreds of Romney/Ryan signs and stickers but only a couple of Bammy’s stickers and only 2!! yard signs here in Indiana. Also of note some courteous loving Lib stole all Romney and Mourdock signs from all yards in our subdivision! 3 signs stolen from me personally which i paid over $30 for! So now I have made a 5×4 foot sign screwed into wood posts and flower barrel and sitting on my porch with my trusty side piece waiting for the “Attack Watch” crew come round again!!

  28. I just drove from upstate NY to Wisconsin and I’m happy to say with exception of my son’s college town in Wisconsin, Romney signs by far out numbered Obama. I-43 from Milwaukee to Green Bay were all Romney along the road.

  29. Interestingly even though I see lots of yard signs for my local democrat running for state senate almost none of them also have an Obama sign.

  30. I drove into DC yesterday ~ 7 miles on 16th Street, where you have a lovely view of the Washington Monument & the WH along the way. Four years ago, almost every house had multiple signs for BO & Joe, but this year, I only counted 7 signs for the duo. I’m surprised to see so many R & R signs in Montgomery County, which is good.

  31. In my immediate area, I have seen several R&R yard signs; none for Obama. I have seen a few Obama 2012 bumper stickers. The biggest R&R yard sign I’ve seen is across the street from our public high school. It was defaced with grafitti, probably a school kid, who spray-painted “Obama” on it. The homeowner has since whited the paint out; but what does that tell you about Obama supporters?

    Romney and Ryan all the way!

  32. I live in a suburb of Phoenix and commute 2 hours a day. Romney and anti-Obama stickers/signs out number the Obama stickers/signs 2-1. A lot of people I know are voting for Romney but have told me they don’t want to put up signs or stickers because they don’t want to become a victim of vandalism. I am sure that America will correct its course tomorrow. R&R 2012