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October Surprise: Obama Wants a Tax Cut!

With just ten days remaining before Election Day, the White House has let word leak out that it is supposedly considering a tax cut as part of a new plan to stimulate the moribund economy.

From the Washington Post:

The new tax cut could provide hundreds of dollars or more a year to workers and show up in every paycheck. It may be similar to a tax cut Americans received in 2009 and 2010, which provided up to $400 for individuals and $800 for married couples, sources close to the administration said.

The tax cut would replace the current reduction in Social Security taxes, which is set to expire at the end of the year.

There are two things that are interesting about this. At least two things.

One, the Obama camp has decided to put word out that the president is moving to the center, adopting the Republican notion of cutting taxes.

And two, the White House is acknowledging that the economy is not quite on the gradual, strong track to recovery President Obama is claiming.

A stimulus four years after the first one? This is as likely to make voters think something’s wrong as it is to make them believe Obama is going to set things right.

24 Responses to October Surprise: Obama Wants a Tax Cut!

  1. Grasping at straws in a feeble and desperate attempt to keep the White House. Realistically if Obama were to win he’ll be under the weight of Benghazi such that absolutely nothing will get done in Congress as he’ll be defending himself against impeachment.

    • You are Oh So! right. And the tax “cut” from a couple of years ago was NOT a tax cut. Withholding for taxes and SSN were reduced, but that only meant smaller “refunds” for taxpayers and added to the massive SSN “trust fund” deficit.

      This feeble attempt to “play to the middle”, HA!, shows what serious desperation the Obama campaign is feeling now. They have their own polls, more accurate than what we “nothings” see, so they already know they’ve lost the election by a landslide.

  2. This proposed change is not a “tax cut” that will make any difference in the working public’s take-home pay.
    Their proposal is to replace the elimination of the reduction in the payroll taxes which will have the effect of raising revenue collected, because the employer must match the employee’s contributions to Social Security.
    The worker’s take-home will remain the same, but the employer will pay more in taxes.

    In truth, MrObama and MrRomney can “want” or propose anything at all concerning the tax structure, but the decision is totally in the hands of Congress.
    This proposal from the WhiteHouse is another example of spinning the truth and pulling the wool over the eyes of the American public.

  3. Whether it is a tax cut or not, the fact remains that you cannot believe a thing the Liar-in-Chief says.
    Now, if he came out and said, yes I want to bleed the wealthy and working people dry in order to fund social welfare programs, and yes I want to decimate the American military in order to make America weak, and yes I want to apologize to America’s friends and enemies alike for American exceptionalism…THAT I believe.

  4. I no longer believe any thing that comes from the WH, Obama, Biden, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN…at this point they will say anything to get reelected. MSM will aide in the CoverUp of anything that could cause a defeat…tax cut is bologna, will not help anyone. He just floats it out there hoping the lemings will follow.

    • I flipped by CNN and a young woman was interviewing someone about
      Bradley Manning our little treasonous soldier. Now the person she was
      doing an in depth interview with was Graham Nash yes I always look
      to an aging Brit 60’s rocker when I need information. No wonder Obama
      get a pass these people have no right to call themselves journalist.
      Tax cut smoke and mirrors.

    • Voter fraud not a problem if they vote for Democratic candidates.

      I would think that someone would have a video of the bus being rushed. I hope they post it on youtube for all to see.

      Wonder where those UN people are who are supposed to be monitoring our elections to make sure they are fair?

    • Somalis??? It’s not like they’re not easy to spot! Proof positive that Obama will do ANYTHING to get reelected. We knew voter fraud was going to be the order of the day. We’re being led to the slaughter by the Marxist Kenyan. 11th hour tax cuts, illegal Somalis, newly amnetized illegal aliens….what’s next? A new Volt in every DEM garage?

      Voter fraud is punishable by a $10K fine and/or 2 years in prison. Why have we not enforced these laws? Let’s start with the Somalis!

  5. Keep looking at my hand, don’t look at my other hand–see, $800, don’t you like $800? This is so disgusting….bread and circuses…and this is just a little dinner roll. Hello, China?