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Obama Schedule || Sunday, October 28, 2012

5:35 pm || Departs the White House
7:45 pm || Arrives Orlando, Florida

All times Eastern

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      1. Just 2, good luck to you from NY as well. Dear Leader already proving his emergency management skills by dashing to Florida today, disrupting police/fire services when they least need it.

          1. NYC just announced they’re shutting down the MTA at 7pm(?) tonight. That’s all subways, buses, etc.

            Obama doesn’t seem concerned. Have a feeling just the high wind conditions in DC tonight might cancel his trip and he’ll use that as an excuse “to care” about us.

            Romney cancelled his rally in Virginia Beach today due to weather here, and we’re just on the edge of the storm.

          2. “My message to the Governors, as well as the Mayors, is anything they need – we’re gonna be there”.

            This did not fall upon deaf ears. What a schmuck!

      2. why cant this storm hit NEXT Tuesday? Imagine; all those half-hearted Obama supporters who would not be able to make it to the polls…

    1. Sixty-six million schmillion – He’s more concerned about the 15,000 in Florida. See tweet below.

      Via WaPo’s Philip Rucker:
      15,000 at Romney’s rally in Land O’Lakes, Fla., per fire marshal via campaign. One of Romney’s largest events to date.

      27 Oct 12

  1. I know this may sound crazy but I’m going to put it out there.

    Last year, when we had a bunch of really bad storms, I thought to myself that is was odd that all these severe storms were tracking up the coast and hitting large population centers. With the power outages, etc, it was making lots of folks dependent on getting help including from gov’t.

    Question: Is there any way scientifically possible for such storms to be seeded or caused? I find the timing of this one troubling. I realize such a conspiracy theory sounds nutty but I thought this last year so I had to put it out there!

    1. There is no way to cause or steer a hurricane. If one could steer a hurricane, we would steer them away from land. We can’t do that. Ask anyone in FL or LA.

    2. I had a similar thought but from the other side. Might there be a way to seed and pull out the moisture over the ocean before landfall. Or in other words ways to reduce the impact. More to you point, some things just are. With so much opportunity, it is a wonder mankind has not mastered humility.

      O/T. Watching Fox News (can’t stand “meet the pissed” or “this week with everybody else”) and they showed Obama on the podium with his brochure demo of an economic recovery plan. Good grief if its one thing we don’t need it’s more proof that Obama has a marketing department. I’m tired of the pitch, glitz, and FUD. Team Obama simply does not have a viable product. More and more people are seeing this is the case. How many voters do you know that would buy something for seven dollars only to have to borrow four more dollars before they could make it work. That is the ratio for gvmt spending on every thing: collect $7 and borrow $4 more. Anyone who thinks this formula is viable has no grasp of basic economics.

        1. Yes, but the State Dept. supplied the Vienna Embassy with a fleet of Volts and a $100K charging system at the same time they denied the request from Special Ops Forces in Libya to continue the use of a DC3 prop plane to protect Ambassador Stevens and American military personnel.

    3. Nor’easters are common this time of year, and some are more damaging than direct hits by hurricanes. And some make history! Look up 1991’s The Perfect Storm (a movie was made about it) and you’ll see the similarities of how the historic ones come together.

      I do think there were experiments, way back when, to drop bombs into the eye of a hurricane to break it up ?

  2. II wonder if FLA senior citizens are aware of a ‘newly discovered’ provision in Obamacare that hikes the pay to Medicaid doctors to the same as Medicare doctors…or a 64% increase to Medicaid physicians. Coincidentally, this ‘pay hike’ is for TWO years – exactly like the ‘amnesty’ for Dreamers is for TWO years. Another Obama giveaway.

    Do seniors realize that their care will be compromised? It’s getting more difficult for seniors, especially in FLA and CA, to find doctors who take Medicare. What is it going to be like when 30M Medicaid patients are flooding the market!

    As with everything else Obama touches, this scheme has loopholes. Doctors are wary – as they should be.

  3. To any of you living in the path of “Sandy”, take care, stay dry and warm. Don’t forget Fido or Fluffy, either.

    MrAxelrod on CNN this morning; you’d think the Obama campaign would send out speakers on his behalf that could put together a complete sentence without having to search for a word as if English were their second or third language. He’s very hard to follow and always seems to add a jab at MrRomney in every statement.

    We’re informed that MrObama has added an exclamation point to his slogan “Forward” so that now it’s “Forward!” The creepy and offensive ads coming out of Chicago: the “virgin” vote and the sad children’s choir singing about people dying if MrR is elected. BigBird, binders, Romnesia, abortion and the re-emergence of the birth certificate as campaign speaking points.
    Makes one wonder who is running this campaign and the state of their mental health.
    MrsO states she won’t be “bummed” out if her hubby doesn’t win re-election, putting the lie to her impassioned campaign speeches that the most important thing for the survival of, well, everything is his re-election.

    1. BO doesn’t have a record to run on, or defend as the better option to MR. All they have is a sad attempt to hang on to what’s left of their base and the youth vote.

      Mr Hopeychangey has turned into a Chicago thug and beats up a successful and decent man to prop himself up. Obama’s a bad political experiment on steroids :(

  4. People were turned away yesterday in Land O Lakes, Florida (Pasco County) because the football stadium would not fit them all-people arrived hours earlier just to get in line to see and hear our soon to be President Romney. The Tampa Tribune is reporting that over 15,000 were in Land O Lakes yesterday, 10,000 in Pensacola last week and over 10,000 in Kissimmee to see Mr Romney.

    I live in Hernando County, which is next door to Pasco County, and the yard signs here are 25 to 1 in favor of Romney. One person over here has a gigantic yard sign that says “Whoever stole my Obama sign please bring it back” LOL

  5. Oh, by the way, I am originally from Ohio (Toledo) and my siblings still live up there. They are voting for Romney this time around. I also spent the last 4 days with a customer who flew down here from the Cleveland area to purchase a home and she is voting for Romney also.

  6. There are nine days to go–if the hurricane is so bad now, how can they hype it that much longer and blame the election on it, etc. We shaIl see, I guess. I know that irritating David Gregory was all about the wind and rain! Where is Cecil B DeMille when you need him? This is NOT to underplay the danger to people in the path–but it is to point out that this is being lined up as a huge factor in whatever happens politically.

    1. Have no fear, Obama will fix it.
      The weather, no problem, the vote, no problem.
      Hell, I can do anything !
      Just watch me transform America.

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