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Obama Grants an Interview . . . To MTV

President Obama, who for months has barely taken questions from the White House press corps, will sit down today at the White House for an interview with MTV.

Conducting the interview will be rapper and “MTV News” reporter Sway Calloway.

The interview is one of three Obama is conducting at the White House today, but the objective is not to provide news to the public. Obama is hoping to use the Oval Office interviews to get his base out to vote.

The MTV interview is a clear attempt to get young people – reliable Obama fans but slackers when it comes to voting – to the polls.┬áIn fact, MTV is inviting “young voters” to submit their own questions.

Obama will also speak with syndicated radio show host Michael Smerconish, who voted for the president in 2008. The talk will help him appeal to liberals who might be sitting on their hands in 2012 because the enthusiasm with which they greeted Obama in 2008 has dissipated.

And he has plucked April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks out of the White House press corps for a chat. AURN is an African American radio news network, and the chat with Ryan is a clear attempt to gin up excitement among black voters, who overwhelmingly support Obama but who his campaign fears may not turn out in the numbers they did in 2008.

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  1. There is nothing left to say about this man — the only question is, “Will these monkey tricks (no, I’m not being racist) get him re-elected?” He has no feeling for the office of the Presidency except as a platform for power — and neither does his wife — remember, “All this for a damned flag?”

    We are having an election that is about America — will we discard our heritage and see what the self-designated geniuses of the left will cook up for us or will we keep on the course of developing our nation in ways that honor and love its ideals and its Founders?

  2. I listened to the father of one of the dead soldiers yesterday on the radio. He was talking about when Obama said he was sorry about his son’s death and
    the man said he wasn’t looking him in the eye and it was like shavings hands
    with a dead fish. Well now we know they were watching in real time and Obama heads off for Vegas? That alone plus the fact that he’s done nothing
    to explain it to the public prevents him from being the CIC. Now ask yourself
    what if Bush had been Preident? Well I think I’m safe in saying that if any of
    our overseas Ambassador’s had ask for help they would have gotten it and even hearing all the reasons why help was an hour away and wasn’t sent his
    son and three others would be alive. We must get a man who will work not
    party and one who won’t lie. He’s lower than boxers or briefs I’d be looking
    to find all those who covered up the Benghazi mess be prosecuted all of them.

    1. President Bush would have been talking to us from the oval office the evening of 12 Sep explaining what happened, who the intel community thinks was responsible, and what we’re going to do about it. Not fly off to a fund-raiser!

    2. That interview was heart wrenching. Losing your son is tragic enough, but it must be horrific to think he was abandoned by his commander in chief, who was more concerned about how it would look to him politically than he was about the lives of those brave men.

    3. How can anyone listen to the father of Tyrone Woods without feeling the urge to grab a pitchfork and a torch and demand Obama’s removal? The true character, or lack thereof, of this ruthless, cold-blooded monster is gushing out around us like a geyser of molten lava. The mask is off – Obama is a dangerous sociopath/megalomaniac – a man without a conscience who is completely devoid of emotion.

      First it was Sean Smith’s mother who said he just looked over her shoulder. Now it’s the father of Tyrone Woods. We’ve heard it from the families of the 9/11 victims. We heard it after the Ft. Hood massacre.

      Now we discover that the murders were live-streaming from the Situation Room that Sunday afternoon at 5:00. We know that Obama never left the WH. He is either guilty of dereliction of duty or he is guilty of treason. Either way, he should be indicted and put on trial for high crimes and misdemeanors.

      Mr. Woods would like to know who gave the order not to stop the murder of his son — we owe it to him and the other three men to see that justice prevails. .

          1. More is coming out now about how two of the SEALS went even though they were told to stand down–got one person into a car–then asked for help again when they got back to the distant post (1 mi, believe) and were told no. They died there in some shootout. Yes, there was fog of war, actual gunfire fog, I am sure–but people knew this was falling apart! Was Obama wearing his cute little president jacket over his pajamas?

    4. It sickened me to see Heraldo Rivera (Jerry Rivers) go on and on with hysteric anger over “the politicizing” of Ambassador Steven’s murder. Rivera was pretty much demanding silence until after the election. Of course, he was dressing it up with comments about official investigations, etc., but he was really saying, “Shut up until we can get them all to vote early for The One!”

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  4. I,along with most others,really don’t expect much more than this kind of “fluff” from Obama. It’s what he is. It’s what he does.
    If you what to read something truly inspiring,something that will bring a lump to your throat or a tear to your eye,read the posting over at the “Ulsterman Report titled “White House Insider:Mitt Romneys Quiet Prayer Amidst The Sound Of Thunder”
    If you believe Gov. Romney is the way “back from the brink”,this will make your day.

  5. Maybe Barry is trying to form an “Obama Youth” like a certain man did in Germany in the mid 1930s. I asked my g/f’s 17 yr old son and some of his friends yesterday about MTV. “Huh? Thats for kids!”

  6. Romney nailed Obama correctly when he said that Obama is getting smaller and smaller instead of larger and larger. Obama has reduced himself to the place he was really all along, small. He is devisive and mean, and all he has left is the likes of Mtv.

  7. Yeah, reach out to the “folks that really matter,” you know the one’s that vote only if they happen to be in the vicinity of the polling places on election day, and ONLY if they aren’t too stoned to remember that it is election day. You know, the one’s that know a bullshi**er when they see one – and vote for him anyway.

    1. I live in Ohio, and at the Ohio State University the Obama campaign is providing free rides to the polling booths for the students.
      Makes you wonder if they are doing that across the country at the various colleges.

      1. AFVET, CBS news reported yesterday evening this story at OSU. If I heard correctly, even with this effort, the numbers are down from ’08. I still say that the republican turn out will equal or exceed the level seen in ’10. Obama has already slipped below the percentages in all of the demographics enough that if the republicans turn out like the did in ’10 or even 5-7% more than ’08, Romney wins.

      2. I saw one young woman in Ohio on tv say that she was a resident in another state, but registered to vote in Ohio because she had been told that a vote there would have more impact. Nice way of thinking — manipulate the system.

      3. There were three separate reports in FLA – OFA volunteers posing as volunteers from the Election board registering HS seniors in the cafeteria and then shuttling then off to the voting booths.
        sounds like Nazism is alive and well. It also happens to be a criminal offense but who’s looking…

  8. Fox has Jeniffer Griffin reporting that they ask for help twice and were turned down. I think because the MSM is ignoring it we should keep talking about it
    may not make a difference but I know if it were my son or daughter I’d keep the pressure up we own it to those who lost their lives so we can be free.
    They, the two former Navy Seals at the annex ask for a C130 flyover. Now if
    you’re not familiar with these aka ‘Spooky’ look it up would added fear at least a bit better chance to help which they did against orders to stand down.
    They used a similar C130 in Vietnam but with a big bomb called a Daisy Cutter
    big, slow and scary.

  9. Wants to stay inside his bubble, still. The man must at the very least have an epic case of insecurity, as he evidently doesn’t think he has the stones to handle a scrum with even a press corps that is in the tank for him.

    And we trust such an insecure man with the most powerful office in the world because…?

  10. This is not a surprise. Obama has always been about image, about hanging with the cool people. He wants you to think he cares about regular people, that he’s one of us, but the truth is he sees himself as a celebrity. Being on Mtv is just the cool thing to do. He hangs with a lot of left-wing divas eating expensive food and drinking expensive champagne – all the while laughing at the hired help (if they even deign to notice the workers at all). I just wrote a column on my conservative opinion site all about Obama’s Snob Squad.

    1. Where was Obama’s ‘Snob Squad’ in 2004 when his credit cards were maxed out and he couldn’t buy a plane ticket to get to the DNC Convention where he was to give the Keynote speech?

      Maybe someone should remind him about the years he lived upstairs in Mrs. Robinson’s one bedroom apt. after he and MO were married. The living room that MO and her brother shared while they were growing up.

      In Hollywood, you are as good as your last gig. After he is thrown to the curb in January, he’ll join the ranks of the not so rich and famous. Providing, of course, he stays out of Federal prison. His 15 minutes of fame/infamy are almost up!

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  12. I have conducted my own unofficial poll. Recently, I was shopping for Halloween greeting cards. I found one with a picture of Obama, altered to make him look like a vampire. On the front are the words “My name is Barack Obama…”. On the inside, it says “And I suck.” I would have bought 5 or 6 BUT THERE WAS ONLY 1 LEFT. There were also cards making fun of Mitt Romney……plenty of them. The card-buying demographic is clearly in the Romney camp! And this is in Maryland, possibly the bluest of the blue states!






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