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No Bump For Obama from Third Debate

President Obama was widely held to have won Monday’s third presidential debate with Gov. Mitt Romney, but a new poll conducted entirely after the encounter shows the president getting little to no benefit from his performance.

According to the latest Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll, conducted Tuesday through Thursday, Romney now leads Obama by three points, 50-47 percent. In a poll completed Monday and released Tuesday, Romney was ahead by four points, 50-46 percent.

The one point change is not statistically significant.

While Obama may have made more unanswered arguments during the debate, Romney may have succeeded overall by projecting a presidential air and demonstrating his knowledge of foreign affairs.

In fact, Obama has fallen further behind Romney even since polling done after the second debate, when Obama regained his form from his disastrous performance in the first.

After the second matchup, Romney was up by a point, keeping the ground he had gained since winning the first debate, according to Rasmussen. So even since his second debate recovery, in the Rasmussen polls, things have continued to get worse for the president.

Rasmussen also found that, over the three debates, Romney is viewed by the public as having bested the president.

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    1. I read that–or about that…do these young gals really dream of sex with a spindly 51-yr-old? I didn’t even get it. I am old and I don’t dream about this.

  1. Thankfully, I must be in the minority with those who believe that attacking Obama on the Benhazi debacle would have made Romney look less ‘Presidential’. On the contrary, I believe it made him look weak.

    Crowley and Obama ambushed Romney with an obviously rehearsed lie about the Rose Garden statement, complete with a transcript at the ready. Crowley was forced eat her words – the next day when no one was listening. Romney was cut off at the pass when he started to react to the stunt, leaving everyone under the impression that he would ‘finish’ his rebuttal at the third debate. Never happened.

    Benghazi is the 800 pound gorilla in the room! Nothing demonstrates Obama’s lack of leadership, cowardice, and narcissism more than Benghazi!

    1. I believe Romney knew that things would be coming out to tell the Benghazi story, and he knew Obama had been practicing a response. The story is coming out bit by bit, and what a story of cowardice and deceit it is.

      Our military has a creed – leave no man behind. The truth is that these four men were left behind because someone refused to make the “gutsy call”. The father of Tyrone Woods talked to Megan Kelly today. What a horrific story he tells…

    2. Romney is/has been being briefed from the moment he became a candidate along with a secret security detail. Wanna bet there was a lot of “chatter” among briefings and his personal detail. I believe he knew the Obama would get buried by his lies.

    3. Girly1: what’s is upsetting and frustrating is the the MSM is hiding all of this from those who choose not to stay informed. How the Washington Post can print an Obama endorsement with what it said and not to report on Benghazi is truly a travesty. With some of the antics that Obama has done in the last 4 years, he should be in prision. And I think Hillary should be his cellmate for this debacle.

      1. Journalistic malpractice, JP. I doubt they will hear the eloquent, heart-rending words of Tyrone Woods’ father, either. Megan Kelly could hardly hold back the tears as he spoke with her today. His tribute to his son and his quiet indictment of his son’s betrayers/murderers said it all. May Obama and Hillary hear those words over and over for the rest of their lives — preferably from a prison cell.

  2. We civvies may not have thought it at the time, but the “Horses and Bayonets” comment was the most insulting thing a commander-in-chief of any country could have said about the fighting capability of the military he is supposed to command. The thought of training for hand-to-hand combat is lost on this prissy resident of 1600 Penn. The complete statement is making the rounds of the various military sites. Obama has lost the military.

    1. Even I, a non-military person, knows that a strong military is our best defense.
      Just wondering if MrO knows where the missiles that pounded Libya were fired from, or how we maintained a ‘no-fly zone’.

  3. Harvey Weinstein/Obama production to be aired two days prior to the election just got a “bump in the road” for our fist-bumping preezy.

    The group Special Ops OPSEC, a group formed to stop politicians, President Obama and others, from politically capitalizing on US national security operations and secrets will air “Bump In The Road” ad during the Hollywood Obama fantasy on the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

  4. Where we live in St. Augustine Fla .where the Romney yard signs outnumber ubama signs by at least 3 to 1 and the excitement is growing ! Last nite an old friend in Virginia called & said he was “probably’ voting for ubama.. Keith, fifteen minutes later (after sharing what Ive learned from you & others) my friend was convinced Romney was the best choice. Its all about the truth !!!
    …and the truth shall set you free ….
    Go Gators !!! beat Georgia !!!

      1. Thanks Susan, have enjoyed reading your posts since I came aboard here.
        Now if my Gators can take care of those “dawgs” on Sat., my week will be complete !

        1. My goodness. It is not about the truth. never has been, never will be. geez, read the posts on this thread or any other.

          But, if you think it so, your will be done. Take your show on the road ol gator. One vote at a time. I hope you planned a sleepover for 11/6 cuz you’ll be need in’ a shoulder to cry upon – win or lose.

          1. as usual some teenage obambo worshipper must crash the party..
            the truth is I’m more concerned about the number of obots in this country who blindly follow this slithery, silver tongued muslim/pagan than his re-election..they’re laying the ground work for some very dangerous times ahead.

  5. MrObama didn’t “win” anything in the last debate. All he did was reveal a lying or misinformed, petulant, and offensive nature that brought the end to the lie that he is “likeable”. His supporters and the liberal MSM approved of the President insulting and condescending remarks to his opponent.

    MrRomney didn’t “lose” anything in the last debate. He solidified his stature as a reasonable, informed candidate. He looked and sounded Presidential.

    There’s no doubt that the Obama campaign and the liberal MSM expected a hefty bump in the polls for the President, but they only see and hear each other’s opinions. The rest of us knew that MrRomney would continue to gain in the polls because we could finally quit lying to the pollsters. There are still some areas in the country where supporting MrR might be dangerous to one’s job or property, but the cascade is rolling over MrO and it won’t stop until Nov7.

    1. Funny! Mitt did on occasion have some solid policy points as he was agreeing to our President. Very presidential… It was precious to watch…

      The Governor is a moving target. Even Dick Cheney couldn’t shoot him with his hunting rifle… To fast on the move… Maybe they can find a place for Mitt somewhere in the new administration – maybe press secretary. Cuz, frankly, Mitt is good at telling whoppers and keeping a straight face. And, honestly, he still looks pretty good in a suit, right down to the English tie. I smell money just looking at him!

      1. Surely you don’t mean to make light of the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya by using that phrase stand down? It is not a joking matter.

        1. Not sure what you are talking about AZ… I mean I understand what you wrote but have no idea what dots you are connecting… But then that happens a lot around this way…

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