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Rasmussen Poll: Romney Won the Debates

A new poll by Scott Rasmussen gives Gov. Mitt Romney the title as overall winner of the three debates.

The survey found that 49 percent think Romney won compared to 41 percent who said President Obama did.

Apparently, despite Obama’s victory – according to the polls, not according to me – in the third debate, voters remember the first encounter, when Romney by universal agreement wiped the president out.

And, in a bit of good news for The Republic, just eight percent of likely U.S. voters say they did not watch any of the debates.

21 thoughts on “Rasmussen Poll: Romney Won the Debates”

  1. Rasmussen is the most un-truthful org. there is and that will probably be their demise lol

    The public knows well that Romney won the first debate and Obama the last two!?

      1. George – Fact Check….

        If interested, I can help… Headline: Romney wins all three debates. Source: George.

        Glad to help keep things scholarly… :)

  2. 8% of likely voters did not watch the debates? Sorry, the math doesn’t add up. Approximately 62 million watched the debates (average) and there were 130 million voters in the 2008 election. Although it is possible 60 million people watched one debate and not another, it is unlikely.

  3. Yes Robert, everyone knows just how “un-truthful” Rasmussen is. So “un-truthful” as to be one of the top 3 polling organizations in the country.

    As to the debates, didn’t watch ’em. When the MSM decides that they’re going to let the MSM moderate the debates, there’s no use. Stacked questions, stacked audience…….

  4. If Obama loses the election, you can blame/thank the Right for bamboozling him. How is it ethical that an entire news network questions the President’s citizenship for four years to create doubt in voters while a fringe element of the far right demonizes and degrades him? Most of this is financed by the rich who want to keep their stranglehold on the flow of wealth in our country. Watch the white hands apply the Blackface to our first African-American President at

    1. You sure you’re not Rip Van Winkle? Where have you been for the past four years?

      – 43 straight months of unemployment over 8%.
      – 23 million unemployed.
      – 45 million on food stamps.
      – Median household income down $4,300.
      – 3 in 10 young adults living with parents.
      – Bankruptcy filings have increased by 41%.
      – Foreclosures increased by 34% per year.
      – Price of gasoline has increased 88%.
      – Americans living in poverty have increased by 17%.
      – America’s credit rating was down-graded for the first time in American history
      – Added $6 trillion to the deficit in just 4 years.
      – Unsustainable 16 trillion dollar debt overall and climbing.

      Time to come out of your slumber, Rip. This doesn’t have anything to do with Obama’s Marxist father (aka sperm donor).

      1. Susan, nice cut and paste. Some other data to help, my 401Ks are up 212% since 2009. Picking up property in CA at .38 cents on the dollar. Net worth up 24%, but wait until property values increase…. Sweet…. Cash flow very nice as rental properties occupancy rates and rental prices are at all time high.

        We would have been sipping wine and ALL of these numbers would be vastly better had McCain been elected. The GOP path is clearly a superior solution. But, I will struggle on.

        Thanks for sharing your control “P”. I’ll soldier on….

        1. It’s all about you and your wealth isn’t it? You don’t really think the anointed one is going to let you keep that 401K of yours do you? Marx called them useful idiots, Obama calls you “folks”.

          1. No, sorry. Just pointing out that there are some good numbers and data to be had. On a serious note, what might the picture look like with McCain in play had he won in 2008? Materially better? No answer possible cuz no one knows – so we play the not good enough game… Certainly no ACA, but those costs are yet to rip into the system…

            Same with Bush and Iraq. We’ll never know if that was a good play…. Folks can argue, but that train goes nowhere too….

  5. There are two shocking numbers in your post. First, that 41% of the respondents thought the President won the debates is stunning. I would have though maybe 20% would say that. I guess that means 41% of the population are die-hard Dems, huh? Second, your point that (at least in this sample) only 8% did not watch any of the debates is a very refreshing thought. Wouldn’t it be great if every voter was truly informed?

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