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Obama Schedule || Friday, October 26, 2012

11:30 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:05 pm || Tapes an interview with “The Michael Smerconish Show”
2:00 pm || Travels to the Democratic National Committee headquarters; Washington
5:00 pm || Interviewed by Sway Calloway of MTV
5:40 pm || Tapes an interview with April Ryan of the American Urban Radio Networks

All times Eastern

14 Responses to Obama Schedule || Friday, October 26, 2012

  1. On Friday, Obama’s doing another razzle-dazzle appearance on MTV with black veejay Sway Calloway. They’re calling it “Ask Obama Live: An MTV Interview With the President” at 5 pm Friday from the White House. MTV’s Andrew Jenks will be posted at a Washington college with students who have questions. The Washington Post says the network will focus on “jobs, the cost of college, rising student-loan debt, such social issues as LGBTQ rights and immigration.”

  2. The President could come to my town and find a loving audience at Gonzaga University, but in the real world outside the academic bubble, I doubt he could find 40% support.

    I’m guessing it’s that way wherever he goes. Always campuses with adoring students and no real world contact. He’s not gonna know what hit him…

  3. I know its like talking to the wall, but has ANYONE in the “WH press/propaganda corps” EVER ask why “Pres.” Obama starts his days so late? (re: 9-10-11am) What does he do all morning? (and dont give me some B.S. he is seeing his princesses off to their elite, private school…)

    • Langley – since we all can surmise that the release of the Presidents schedule is well vetted, we read what someone at the WH wants us to read. Certainly, our President has much more on his plate – whether you like it or not…

      If one is going to fixate on the matter, I guess the larger question would simply be “why does the WH want a citizen reading the schedule to see some workdays so “apparently” absent of “work” – even though we know much more activity is planned, scheduled, executed, and documented.

      If you want to go have fun, research this same for a previous president and compare it to the actual detail in the archives. I least you would have something additionally mindless to fill your day. Maybe you could find out how Willy carved out some time for Monica and if “W” was spending inordinate time hunting for WMDs. A good book in the making maybe?

  4. Betcha not one of the adoring followers of this cult of personality will ask the question – ‘What did you know about Benghazi and when did you know it?’

    • Just a bit more than 4 years Cindylu. Not too long to wait. Patience young grasshopper. The GOP will have another four years to source and promote a candidate to run against, dare we say, an elderly Hillary? Yikes….

      Keith is going to have a field day parsing it all. Will be a fun job.