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The Obama Morning News || October 25, 2012

Obama to pursue “grand bargain” if reelected . . . Washington Post
How Romney would govern . . . Politico
Romney: Obama taking Latinos for granted . . Fox News
GOP chances of taking the Senate improve . . . Washington Post
Reid tries to save Obama in Nevada . . . New York Times 
Prices, taxes to rise in 2013 . . . Reuters
Electric vehicles running people over . . . The Daily Caller 

One Response to The Obama Morning News || October 25, 2012

  1. Thanks for the linky to the NYT. I’ve already used up my “free” access this month so they won’t let me read whole articles until Nov 1.

    re: electric cars
    There they go again, using the power of the government to fix a problem with more regulations. We all know that the pedestrian has the right-of-way, even if they’re jaywalking. It’s not the vehicle’s fault if the driver runs over someone crossing the street.

    re: Obama’s grand bargain
    His offer to do his job if he’s re-elected is too little, too late and laughable.

    re: Harry Reid
    To all of us who don’t live in Nevada, MrReid’s popularity is a mystery. He seems to be a mean, nasty, old coger who lied about MrRomney’s tax obligations just to smear him.