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Obama is Asked for His ID Before Voting

24 thoughts on “Obama is Asked for His ID Before Voting”

  1. Amazing that IL can ask for ID but he doesn’t want AZ to.

    And what the heck, he flew to Chicago just to vote? Did the 1980’s call and want back their absentee ballots?

  2. I live in IL and there is no photo ID required. I assure you that I offer it every two years and every two years they scoff at me. I wish photo ID was required. Perhaps we could have an honest election for once!

    1. Bitter Clinger: So you’re saying this was just an act for the camera, to let BO get out his wallet [that he probably doesn’t usually carry] so he looks appears to be an ordinary citizen…just like you and me? Awwwww.

      Re: an honest election, there are probably other ways people would cheat using photo IDs, however, requiring photo IDs would be better than what we have now….

    2. I did early voting in Illinois and was asked for my id, then it was swiped through a machine and a big green check flashed. This occurred in Madison County.

      1. I live in Madison County but have never voted early. Perhaps photo ID is for early voters. On election day, I have never been asked for ID.

  3. I am confused. Did they ask for ID after he had filled out his ballot? And then they looked at his ballot. That’s how it appeared to me. So, MAYBE, he was asked for ID because the pollster was confused by his vote for Romney.

  4. I just hope they asked for ID at the next two or three places he voted. I mean, he made a special trip to vote in Chicago, why not?

  5. That’s the most blatant example of racism I’ve ever seen in my life. There should be a disclaimer on the bottom to warn small children and the elderly of unfairness in society.

  6. One theory I heard was he voted early in order to promote early voting. He knows the longer the campaign goes the more likely he will lose ground. I think he is running scared.

    1. The subheading says it all. He’s doing something historical! The first incumbant to early vote in person! Yeah for him! Let’s pat him on his head and send him away, just like a toddler.

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