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Dr. Jill Biden to Barnstorm New Hampshire

That’s it. Game over. Four electoral votes for Obama. I wonder if the Romney people know.

From the White House:


October 25, 2012


Friday, October 26th, 2012

Dr. Jill Biden will deliver remarks at open press campaign events in Concord, Berlin, Conway and Laconia, New Hampshire.

 I’m just wondering, what if nobody shows up?

Okay, what do I know? Probably New Hampshire is teeming with Dr. Jill Biden groupies, who will follow her from city to city and get high at all of her appearances. I know I once shook Marilyn Quayle’s hand, and I haven’t washed it since. Maybe that’s why I’m always getting sick.

Perhaps if people show up, they can ask her why her husband is so disrespectful.

17 Responses to Dr. Jill Biden to Barnstorm New Hampshire

  1. This is one of those campaign schedules that says “Meet and greet x4 then… home for “white wine a brie” and watch the primere of “Gold Rush.”

  2. Dr. Biden is a sweet innocent?? Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran( Mafia Hit Man and Teamsters local326 prez (Del) tells how he got Joe Biden elected in his first Senate election. Sheeran told his boys ” We got this guy in our pocket now”. Book titled ” I Heard You Paint Houses” (kill people)- deathbed book, no profits.

    • Yeah. Go to school, earn a doctorate from a University, and people use it as a title…. Geez, the nerve…. Arrogant, liberal, teacher… Part of the problem!!!!

      So what, she went to school and earned advanced degrees and taught children / young adults her perverted view of the world. What we need is…. Is…. Um….. Teachers with a high school diploma or GED that, um, that have the “right” view. Not these over educated liberal ones.

      Hate that Dr. S;##… No wonder our education system is on the rocks… It is the teacher….

      Sorry to vent…

      • I don’t believe anyone begrudges her degree. I certainly don’t, particularly as I am less than 30 hours short of my PhD. It’s been my experience, though, that educators use their credentials outside of education as well as in the system.

        I know two nuclear engineers who have PhDs who don’t use their titles in or outside the work environment.

        When I first moved the North Carolina, I found that teachers with masters degrees, which are not required, uses the degree initials after their names. Seems a bit pretentious to me.

  3. Sorry if I offend anyone, but what a stuff shirt. I know people who are Ph.Ds and M.D.s who go by their first names. Dr. Biden, forsooth!

  4. Why is she called “Dr. Jill Biden” when the dissertation for her degree was published under the name “Jill Jacobs-Biden?”

    And she has an Ed.D., NOT a PhD or MD. In a formal academic setting (like a university) she would be addressed as “Doctor.”

  5. What exactly has she been doing for the last 3 1/2 years? I know she’s done a few events with Michelle, but that’s the only thing we’ve heard of. Has she been hanging out at their residence baking cookies? Teaching? Doing research? What? And now at the last minute they trot her out? Is there a large group of “Dr’s” in New Hamphire? Will they be impressed with her? Yeah, I’d vote for president because the vice presidents wife told me to! That’s like saying you’ll vote because your brother-in-laws’ uncles’ cousin said to.

  6. I chuckle that Jill Biden wants to be called Dr. Jill Biden. My husband is a renowned scientist and he NEVER asks to be called Dr. Jill teaches English at a community college in N. VA. Not very impressive, Dr. Biden.