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Colin Powell Endorses Obama, Again

Former REPUBLICAN Secretary of State Colin Powell this morning endorsed President Obama for reelection, repeating the 2008 endorsement that helped give the callow candidate credibility.

Incredible that the man at one point viewed as the leading potential GOP challenger to Bill Clinton in 1996 is now again supporting the most liberal Democrat ever to hold the presidency.

I assume the fact that both Powell and Obama are black has something to do with it, which is a shame. I hate to bring that up, but I hate even more not to deal with reality.

If I caught myself thinking about supporting a candidate because they are Jewish, like I am, I hope I would put an end to it right away.

Here’s the video of Powell explaining his support.

21 Responses to Colin Powell Endorses Obama, Again

  1. General Powell has fallen into obscurity these Obama years, until now I’ve forgotten that he was even a player in world affairs, politics or even commentary. There was once as Keith points out some hope from the General but he’s squandered his relevance.

  2. He’s parroting talking points. I thought he could think for himself.

    Who in the Bush administration p*ssed him off?

    Or does he just have a book to sell?

  3. When I saw this earlier online, it had a byline of “the highly sought after endorsement of…” I agree with Keith that its based on race but, lets be honest, I doubt General Powell is revered in the black community any longer. His endorsements of Obama plus his vacillations about running for political office have alienated Republicans so….Who is so enthralled with his endorsement? Oh right…..Obama’s cheerleading mass media.

  4. The General didn’t miss one Dem talking point, from praise for MrObama’s handling of the economy, to dismay at MrRomney’s proposed foreign policy.
    His endorsement won’t mean diddly to serious voters, or to the majority of young people who have no idea that he once contemplated running for the presidency under the Repub banner.

    He joins Cher, Eva Longstoseeya, Bill Mayer, the entire NBA player’s roster, the commie Hollywood B-list and every rapper who spouts obscenities as if it was poetry in supporting someone who isn’t qualified to be the POTUS.

    • I saw some actor from American Horror Story relieve himself of the opinion that Romney was reptilian and how could anyone think he won the third debate. You are the American Horror Story, bud–how much time do YOU spend delving into this? Powell is now about as credible.

  5. Sad. This once great public servant can’t see the massive corruption he is aligning himself with unfolding before our very eyes both here and abroad. Obama will tarnish each soul who doesn’t recognize the difference between good and evil. Martin Luther King warned us that this happens when a man is judged but the color of his skin and not the content of his character. He must be weeping for his beloved country from heaven.

  6. You would think a former military man could see beyond the color of the man’s skin and realize he doesn’t have America’s best interest in his heart. Colin Powell put race ahead of qualifications back in 2008, so I’m not surprised he would do it again.

    Thank you for your service to America, Colin Powell. Now please take some advice from the great Sam Adams – “Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

  7. Unfortunately for Powell and many blacks in America – perhaps most – the fact that President Obama is perceived as black is the trump card. I get the whole “yay one of us did well” thing, if some gamer geek Christian blogger got to be president I’d feel kinship and pride but that wouldn’t trump his policies or competence in my mind.

  8. And to think there was a time I intended to vote for him had he chosen to run for the presidency; he impressed me in numerous ways. And all the while he was actually all about color. *face/palm*