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Erin Burnett Takes Apart Obama

Obama says he understand math better than Romney. Maybe not.

26 thoughts on “Erin Burnett Takes Apart Obama”

    1. Funny that you do not dispute what she says, only her character.

      Facts and examples always trump personal agendas.

      Nice try though. Change your name btw.

    2. MT for re-redistribution

      She’s in bed with Wall street, literally?? Makes me aspire to be a wall street banker. Hubba!

      Her message is solid though.

  1. Kudos to Erin for telling it like it is. This sort of honest and refreshing reporting will get her in big trouble over at CNN. What’s funny is that I can see and hear her utter disgust towards Obama’s last minute glossy.

    1. This is not the first time Erin has picked apart Obama. She called him out when he said GM was going to pay us back for the auto bailout. Burnett correctly pointed out that the stock would need to double in order for that to happen.

    2. Wonder if she is still working at CNN today? Or maybe, just maybe, given the hints on the MSM that Romney might win, the MSM is concerned they will not have fans in the White House after next January and so is allowing some truthful reporting.,

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        That was what struck me the most. CNN attacking Oblamer’s BS? They might be hedging their bets to make nice to the new preezy.

  2. Printing 3.5 million copies of this useless plan?! Now we know where the 15 million dollar loan from Bank of America went and like he has for 4 years, throwing good money after bad ideas.

    1. SSDD – Same sh*t different day. The DNC also took a $10M loan. I don’t care if they bankrupt themselves – unfortunately, we’re all paying the price.
      They should have just done a flyer of “The Plan” with the tagline: Wash, Rinse, Repeat last four years.

  3. he has done nothing he said he would do the 1st 4 years but give us a health plan nobody wants…why would be do anything more the next 4? spend, spend, spend. oh and play golf plus hang out with hollywood.

    1. Playing golf at the club stimulates the economy. He doesn’t even want to go to the golf course, but he forces himself to do it for America and the economy.

    1. A day late, $16T short and 23 million unemployed.

      The forth column became the third wheel on a D(eb)ATE on tv. They’re all, save a few, vying for Prom Queen, Prom King or Prom LGBT.

    2. MT for re-redistribution

      It was a ‘toe-dipping’ piece. Really just an iota of the scrutiny that Oblamer deserves. But I’ll take it, it’s infinitely more than he has received so far. I just hope the dam is opening now, and the press is done escorting him through our demise.

  4. It’s too bad that this expose of MrO’s plans was only seen by aproximately the population of Glendale, Arizona, or bored travelers at the airport.

    Once again, the hot-shots of the Obama campaign have devised another gimmick that will attract ridicule. The book only outlines the same talking points that MrO has been repeating for years and won’t change a single voter’s mind.
    The “road, bridges…” is such an old plan that most Americans have had time to figure out it won’t help them at all, but is aimed at putting unions back to work with taxpayer’s money.

    1. The hotshots of the Obama campaign are up against it now that the Libya reports are coming into play.
      It has been promoted that these data can be treasonous, and depending on congress, prosecution could be imminent.

    2. The Infrastructure gambit (“roads and bridges”) has been around forever. It’s a way to pillage the taxpayer while providing some cover.

  5. Erin Burnett is not exactly conservative yet she can’t resist taking down Obama’s plan of lies.

    Ironically, most of Wall Street is politically liberal.

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