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Bob Woodward: Obama “Mistaken” on Sequester

Reporter Bob Woodward says President Obama is “mistaken” on the sequester, saying the president misspoke when he said it was Congress’s idea and not his.

Woodward reported in his recent book, “The Price of Politics,” that in fact it was the White House that conjured up the proposal. Speaking to Politico, Woodward charitably offered that maybe Obama didn’t know that his aides had put together the plan.

Honestly, given that Obama hardly pays attention to Congress, I would say it’s conceivable he didn’t know. Though not likely.

Woodward also charitably used the word “mistaken” instead of something else, like “might have lied.”

Nobody in Washington calls anyone else a liar, because almost everyone lies, and because anyone might bump into anyone else in some expense account restaurant downtown, and having to face someone you called a liar might completely ruin lunch.

The sequester would force $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts over ten years, including to the military, if Congress fails to come up with the same amount in deficit reduction of its choice by the end of the year.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney doubled down Tuesday.

“The sequester that was designed and passed by Congress,” said Carney.

I’ll take Woodward’s version.

48 thoughts on “Bob Woodward: Obama “Mistaken” on Sequester”

  1. Ruh-roh–they have also hauled out the Olde Fuink & Wagnalls and renamed the terrorist hit list the “disposition matrix.” Quick—the blue pill! Also in the WaPo–it’s Obama’s STRATEGY to be the underdog. Thanks for clearing that up.

  2. It’s interesting that in his ‘off the record’ interview with the Des Moines Register now on the record he thinks he can fix things in the first six months of his second term. Laughable.

    There’s one other monster lurking behind the sequestration and that is the debt level increase that will have to be enacted on. Another increase will surely cause another down grade on the US debt making it harder to finance Obama’s spending. Romney is going to have a busy month in January 2013.

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      Yeah, the press seems to think it was OK for 4 years for Oblamer to blame Bush. Do ya think they will let Romney get away with blaming Bush or Oblamer?

  3. The Prez has lots to be worried about today,IMO. With the exception of NBC and MSNBC,the Bengazi debacle is getting lots of air. Either there was a cover up or gross incompetence. Either way it can’t be good for Obama.

    1. MSNBC web page feature story this morning is about Snookie! What a bunch of fools. No mention at all about these new emails that came out last night.

      1. They also had a nine year old girl on and ask her who she wanted to win and she said Romney and the crowd of adults booed her! That’s
        class pathetic but it was MSNBC.

    2. Rush just said (paraphrasing) ‘what we are watching with journalism today is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate.’

  4. Obama is ‘mistaken’ about a lot of things. The guy is a serial liar and the media makes excuses or covers up his deceit. Thank God the nightmare is coming to an end soon.

  5. Obama wasn’t mistaken. He was flat out lying like always, unless he thinks he can totally take over the government (like he WANTS to do). This jerk is a dangerous loose cannon until Romney is inaugurated in Jan. 2013. And I would not put anything past Obama in attempting to stay in the WH and continue as our Dear Leader.

  6. It just seems more plausible that he didn’t know who did what since he seems to busy himself with things not associated with the job he was elected to do.
    There’s no way he knew or even cared what was detailed in Obamacare, as are the ins and outs of military campaigns are a mystery to him as he continues to reveal with every comment about Iraq, Afganistan and Iran.

    He reads out loud what someone else has written, he allows his staff to make policy and his cabinet to enact regulations of great import that he doesn’t care about or understand. He believes that pumping taxpayer’s money into private business concerns will make them successful, create bi-jilions of jobs and make him look good.

    He is in over his head. He has no qualifications to head our government.

    1. He was never capable of the Presidency and never preformed the duties of that office. He and Michelle are like lottery winners nothing
      more only in it for the perks. We have been leaderless since the day he took office. And others are paying the price some in blood.

      1. Agree Lizzy. We’re barely holding on awaiting the professionals (aka calvary) to ride in. I think this election will be a clean sweep!

          1. Aren’t we the political tsunami? Or torch wielding villagers that’s
            what the Obama people and the media think. Well we will see
            who’s laughing on the late night shows after Nov 7 dawns.:-()

        1. Yes the Calvary yes!!! Horse’s tanks and bayonet’s we may end
          up being the silent but powerful thing Obama fears most educated
          voters we will not be suckered into his lies we need a real President.

  7. Now for something completely different. The ladies who worship Michelle’s
    flip flops are in rapt anticipation of what Michelle’s inagrual outfits will be I
    think leaving kicking and screaming from the big White ATM the Obama’s
    have turned the WH into is more apt:)

        1. Lizzy – I’ll have to check with Anna Wintour, although I think Susan’s suggestion of wearing the Arpaio collection for year-round is a solid choice.

          1. Ms Wintour is rumored to be turning all designers against doing
            anything with Ann Romney. Gosh no more of the stylish stuff
            we’ve been paying for the last 4 years!? Just a very appropriate
            First Lady wearing clothes we didn’t have to pay for. The horror.

          2. I read that rumor from the tumor. Mrs. Romney and the rest of us will be grateful for the designer embargo. There was a photo of the Romneys online the night of the Alfred Smith dinner. She wore the most fabulous dress and long jacket (black and white). They both looked royal and dignified.

          3. She looked great the Daily Mail had a whole bunch of pics
            of Mrs Romney in a swimsuit on the beach in FL with some of her kids and grand kids and let me say she looked
            really good at 63. I’ve seen women half her age not look
            that good:-)

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  9. Carney doubling down is the definition of stupidity. The president was caught trying to blame something on Republicans that didnt’ do. Fess up and move on. Now it’s going to linger on and rightfully so. I been saying for months Romney needs to hammer Obama over the budget failure.

    As for sequester, it’s like a lot of things in the Obama White House right now. To paraphrase Ace Rothstein (Robert DeNiro’s character in “Casino”), “Listen, if you didn’t know, you’re too dumb to keep this job. If you did know, you were in on it. Either way, you’re out.” LOL!

    1. How can Sparky do that they’ve plumbed the depths of stupidity for so
      long I would think the well was dry. But you can always count on Sparky to go the extra mile to keep his job.

  10. If the election results are substantially different than what the alphabet national networks have been telling us, then we know Obama has promised change and delivered to us a socialist-totalitarian police state where the media and journalists are under the complete control and financing of the White House. We’ll know this one way or the other on Tuesday. It’s one of the most important “dots” for us to connect.

  11. If Woodward wanted to do the country a favor he would tell it like it is. Every decision made in Washington is selfish. They are made on the basis of how it will affect my reelection.
    Special interests own the congress and finance the elections. Take raising the taxes on the rich – those making over $1M per year. There is probably not one in ten thousand of the voters in any district that is rich and probably 90% would vote for a tax increase. The congress person can get elected or reelected without the rich money.
    The congress does not care about their constituents or more importantly the country they only care about themselves. Their payoff once out of office can be staggering. A typical example is Tom Daschle.
    Some authors write about the Washington graft but if Woodward did he has enough clout that it might cause a change.

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