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Romney’s Brilliant Maneuver

Gov. Mitt Romney today pulled a bold move in the final debate with President Obama, opting for relatively limited verbal combat with his opponent while instead showcasing his knowledge of foreign affairs, adopting a presidential demeanor, and offering a sense of optimism for the future.

This strategy was the political equivalent of the Muhammed Ali Rope-a-Dope against George Foreman in the heavyweight boxing championship in 1974. Everyone expected a war, but Ali laid back on the ropes and let his bigger, stronger opponent pound away until Foreman was exhausted, and Ali knocked him out.

And I think Romney may have scored a knockout too.

Some commentators are suggesting Obama won because he scored more points. But I think such people are looking at this from within the paradigm of what they expected, and not what happened.

Everyone – including me – thought Romney would tear into Obama once again and engage in another slugfest, spending as much time as possible discussing the failures surrounding Benghazi. Instead, Romney completely walked away from Benghazi.

What Romney needed tonight was not to beat up on Obama – he had already proven he could do that – but to cast himself as a leader people will be comfortable having as their president.

He threw some jabs, but the knockout punch wasn’t delivered by fist, but by feint.

Romney stood tall while Obama appeared a little surly, eager to re-litigate domestic policy points that the two had already plowed through in two debates. By repeatedly demeaning Romney, Obama demeaned himself. The proverbial Martian visiting earth for the first time would have been convinced that Romney was the king the earthlings, not Obama.

The CNN post-debate snap poll gave Obama an edge, with 48 percent saying he won compared to 40 percent who thought Romney did. The poll as a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 point, a relatively large number.

But the impression that will linger through Election Day is that of the sunny guy to the left of the screen who seemed to have ideas about where to go and was interrupted repeatedly by the guy on the right who made lots of points but, in the end, had no new ideas, couldn’t defend his record the few times it was challenged, and seemed a little unlikable.

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  1. By laying down and getting pummeled by Obama, Mittens won?

    Only in bizzaro world my friend.

    Stick a fork in Willard he is done.

    1. @Real American – at least state a few positions and add value to the conversation. And, don’t gloat – it is not appreciated and the poly sci goddess of all things political may bust your bubble. Do not step on the white line…

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  3. Romney came to the debate to agree with Obama. I guess this makes him look presidential in the eyes of many people since he seemed to agree with Obama all the time.

  4. This is strange.The same people that attack Obama about the 4 deaths in Libya did not seem to care too much about the 9/11+Iraq 8000 American deaths that Dubya could prevent….GOP relativism I guess……

  5. Good Analysis.

    Most debates don’t change many minds. People simply watch to root for their favorite candidates and declare him the winner at the end. The only way to lose is to appear incompetent or unlikable, as Obama did during the first debate.

    Having captured the momentum, Romney risked more by being overly aggressive than by laying back a bit. He did the right thing.

  6. Stimulus and Bailouts.

    Where did all that money go?

    It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN), and unions — including billions of dollars to save or create jobs of government employees across the country.

    It went to save GM and Chrysler so that their employees could keep paying union dues. It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out (after giving Obama almost $1 million in contributions). A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues).

    All those public employees will vote loyally Democrat to protect their bloated salaries and golden pensions that are bankrupting America.

    The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, government, and the unions grow more powerful.

    The ends justify the means.

    Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, and job creators. Put the entire burden on only the top 20 percent of taxpayers, redistribute the income, punish success, and reward those who did nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama)

    Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the government. Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to starve his political opposition.

    With the acts outlined above, Comrade Obama and his regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big government; a vast privileged class of public employees who work for big government; and a large and fast growing multitude of welfare leeches living off welfare and other people money, and a invading horde of Uneducated parasites and their supporters come here for the free medical, schooling, food stamps and a whole host of other goodies they get both legally and illegally paid by broke American citizens and a bankrupt government:

    This a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and creating a vast dependent class of Leeches and Parasites living off the blood and sweat of working American and installing the Democrat party as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system.

    Add it up and you’ve got the perfect Marxist scheme.

    1. Summed up in a word: Wow!

      How delusional do you have to be to think that this president has done anything but bring this country back from the brink of disaster? A disaster which was the result of two terms of a Republican administration. The hole that Bush and Cheney put us in was so deep that it’s a miracle we’ve made it this far.

      You seem very delusional, so I won’t waste too much time writing here, but wow, you really need serious help.

      Would you rather go back to the good ‘ol days of Bush / Cheney policies? The good ‘ol days, where we let a bunch of “folks” (as Bush described them) kill 3,000 Americans; then we spend trillions on Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that didn’t exist? And in the process kill another 5,000 Americans in a war based on lies and conflicting intelligence reports.

      Let’s go back to the good ‘ol days when the disparity between the very top income earners and the poor became it’s WIDEST MARGIN it’s ever been in the history of this country. Let’s cut education, so we can save some money to put into more tax cuts. Who cares what the fallout will be when those uneducated kids turn into liabilities 10 – 20 years from now – right?

      Then the peak of the good ‘ol days, when George W and Cheney still had their heads burried in the sand in Iraq. Sat on their ass as the economy fell into the worst financial disaster that has occurred in almost 100 years! It takes great leadership to allow that to happen. And even more leadership to crash the titanic into the ice burg, and the jump ship just as the new captain walks onto the bridge! Wash your hands of it and then to have to audacity to blame and point your finger at the guy that’s trying to dig us out – it’s disgraceful. It’s sick. It’s shameful.

      When was the last time you saw Bush on tv endorsing anyone? There’s a good reason for that. Intelligent people know what that reason is. They don’t forget what happened 4 years ago. There is now a word that describes this disease lost souls like you have where you can just forget about the good ‘ol years 2000 – 2008. Luckily, on 11/6 a small, but decisive majority of Americans will prove they don’t have this disease.

      Go ahead and keep dreaming of the good ‘ol days.

      Back in the real world, we will look forward to 4 more years – the President has earned them.

  7. Well… the strategy makes sense as far as strategies go, however your piece is fundamentally flawed from the beginning, sir- You state that Romney showcased his foreign policy knowledge… I respectfully submit that incoherent and lame attempts to turn the conversation back to the U.S. Economy during a debate on foreign affairs is showcasing LACK of knowledge.

  8. Romney sealed his presidential victory last night. The only thing left to do is turn on MSNBC right before Romney clinches it to watch their collective head’s explode. I already bought a box of popcorn for what is going to be the funniest thing ever aired on TV.

      1. Whoa! This guy Michael is SERIOUS! He’s willing to bet $10,000 “Internet Bucks” that Romney Loses! Small potatoes man, I’ll bet you 16 TRILLION that you’re wrong!

        1. I am serious “Zoot” – name the time and the place. You’re the one that doesn’t appear to be serious, as I’m guessing you don’t quite have16 trillion in your account at the moment. I know Republicans express themselves best with their bank accounts, so if 10k isn’t good for you, put out a number – but don’t be a jack-ass.

          1. Ok Zoot – who’s serious now, you crazy wackjob! lol… So funny.

            Don’t worry, I know you don’t have the 10k – but you probably jumped off a bridge already! lol

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  10. Bold move? If you think a series of massive flip flops in last night’s debate can be consider a bold move, then you’re obviously a republican.

    1. Agreed! glad there are some sane people on this site :) Anyone that watched that debate and though romney “knocked out” anything but his chance to be president – needs serious help.

  11. If Obama crushed him, then why is his team giving up in NC, giving up in VA, giving up in Florida? Why are they rushing to Wisconsin, rushing to Ohio, etc? Why? Because his supposed “firewall” is literally on fire. Obama’s own surrogates admit Obama is losing in the states mentioned above, in some cases, by significant margins. The fact remains, a president with an economy this bad is not going to win. Obama never figured that out. In the end, that will be his undoing. Over the next two weeks you will see more of these states line up for Romney. The only reason the president is in it at all is because he has two huge liberal states with a ton of electoral votes. The vast majority of the country has had it with him, and for good reason.

    1. Hey Bob,

      All you have to do is look at an electoral map. If you can do basic math, (which many republicans have trouble with, obviously) you will see that Obama has no need to carry NC, He takes Ohio, WI, IA easily, and he wins on 11/6. Keep blabbering about NC – please.

  12. I listened to each of the three debates rather than watch them. I am able to hear the message rather than be consumed by the visuals of the moment. The visuals will always be reported later. I felt the actual debates were much closer than have been reported by those watching the debates and consumed by the visuals. After the comments of the first debate, I told my wife that while the President “fixed” the flaws of his first debate, the visuals, Romney would be moving his debate to another plain, so that the President is attacking the target presented from the previous debate. This happens every four years like clockwork by the candidate perceived to lose the first debate.
    From a policy standpoint both candidates laid out their divergent positions as expected. In listening to the debates Romney/Ryan spoke with an even measured tone, while the Obama/Biden team were loud and disruptive. I found this to be a turnoff.

    1. Agreed, we take our time to listen and be informed, and it turns into a ego based rant. Mr Obama has not worked near enough hours at helping the Country, He has spent the majority of his time in office doing the wrong thing at the wrong time, Its about America, not Obama.

  13. Romney sacrificed the Bishop to take the Queen. Obama walked right into Romney’s strategy, picked up the script and played the part Romney wrote for him. About half way through you could see Obama figured out what was happening to him and he didn’t have a plan to get out.

    He knew he messed up. It was a brilliant strategy that will be a model for discussion in future civics courses.

    1. not at all. That debate (1st) wasn’t about foreign policy. You see, voters don’t care about FP this election (and rarely in previous elections). Romney’s strategy was to give Obama a big Mormon hug and not to show any daylight between the two on FP so that Obama couldn’t make an issue out of it and put FP into play.

      As a result, what Romney has done is show that they are similar on many things EXCEPT the one thing voters this cycle care about-THE ECONOMY. Romney has already won that battle hands down.

      C’mon man, pay attention. This isn’t even the deep end of the pool.

  14. Oh boy, where do I start? Ok just some facts for both parties here..
    1. bayonet training has not been given to army recruits since 2010.
    2. horses were not shipped to afghanistan for use in the war, they were appropriated where vehicles could not go, we do not have an active cavalry combat unit. (on both these points, score for Obama).
    3. 12 million jobs WILL be created according to the CBO based on current policy. For Mitt to take credit for what is already projected in his “I will..” policies… it was evident that Romney really has only one differing idea, who to tax. (the liberal below was also wrong on this)
    4. I can not comprehend people who think dictators are better than locally elected officials… democracy is only ok when they vote for who u want them to vote for? the Muslim Brotherhood has not been implicated in any acts of terrorism…. but I guess the word Muslim really freaks u out huh? I seem to remember when Reagan tried to kill Ghadalfi and missed. It was ok then but not now when a President actually succeeds? Let’s have a terrorist who bombs planes and discoteks in charge? Rather than a democratic elected president? Really?

    1. Your facts are partially opinions. Use logic.

      #3 “WILL create 12 miion jobs” is a prediction not a fact there for an opinion.
      #4 Obama did not kill kadaffi. Libyans found and killed kadaffi. The only thing we did was provide secondary support. The French led this mission. Not the USA.

      So if you are going to give facts give facts. Use logic and ideological emotion. For both parties.

  15. Obama talked down to Romney, and America. I took the time to watch or listen to each debate and Obamas rude ego charged comments are showing America Obama as he really is.
    I really hoped he would bring us together and rebuild international relations, but in all honesty I belive he has failed.

    1. Have you seen the international polls? I live in the UK for the time being, Europe in general prefers Obama, they have long memories on Bush’s disastrous policies (remember freedom fries?)..
      Every international poll I have ever seen in a democratic country has shown an overwhelming favor ability for Obama. You forget, Republicans ignore the rest of the world… not much respect… Look at Romney’s last visit to Europe, they literally laughed him out of London.

      1. Yes, we do ignore Europe. We are not like Europe and most of us don’t want to be. Personally i find European morality and socialist style democracies to be a reminder of what Bizzaro World must look like (I went big with a superman reference). As far as I’m concerned, when Europe is sniping at us it means we are on the right track. The fact “Europe” or the world in general doesn’t approve of us amounts to jack sh$t.

        This type of nonsense you’re peddling is classic modern liberalism in search of approval from others because mommy and daddy got a divorce. If you want to be loved so much by other countries, just go live there.

      2. Brian, Obama is a smooth talker, and was elected with rock star status. He talks as if myself and other hardworking Americans are under his rule. We are not. We build companys small and large, we support our neighbors in time of need. I am voting Republican and proud to be a American who loves freedom.

  16. This is hilarious! Nothing Romney did last night was bold, he turned into sputtering idiot and it was an embarassment. He clearly has no experience in foreign policy.

      1. Sure, I will definitely meet you back here on the 7th. You can take poll data any twist it any way you want. None of this data takes in account the complete disaster Romney had last night. Sure Romney had momentum after the first debate. That momentum came to a screeching halt after he puked at the 2nd debate. And now that he was dominated again at the 3rd debate – be watching for the polls swing back over the next two weeks. Good luck!

        1. Mitt Romney polls both Gallup and Rasmussens poll % is higher now than the last 5 presidents at the same time. So unless Obama gets 53% which is not likely the he loses. Obama has not broken 50% this campaign yet dad to head with Mitt. Mitt has been at or above 50% for the last 15 days. It’s over. Dream all you want. You need that hope and change for Bams to win.

        2. M, Why do you want Obama to be re-elected? Do you really think Obamas performance over the last four years has been great? We need Great leadership, not a President who wastes his term. Not to be petty, but put it in perspective, over three months of golf (over 100 rounds) in four years, that almost a month a year on golf, all that time wasted. I cannot take that much time off running my business during this economic climate and rebuild business.
          Oh, and personal baseless attacks at Romney are getting the disscussion nowhere.

          1. Ok, I want both of you guys back here on 11/7 – you think you’re right, I think I’m right. I’d bet you both 10,000, because corporations are people my friend.

            You want to quote all these national polls, you think that’s relavant, that fine. I don’t know what else to say other than “time will tell” – I can’t wait to see what you have to say on 11/7.

            And yes, Obama’s performance the last 4 years has been excellent when you consider what he was facing 4 years ago. Do you really think people are stupid enough to blame him for the massive disaster which was the previous republican administration? Do you think people want to go back to those policies? If you do I guess you’ll feel nice and confident all the way up till 11/6. I just hope you don’t hurt yourself or your loved ones when you wake up on 11/7, when reality sets in and you realize how completely wrong you were.

    1. It was pretty obvious. He took no bait. He let the president do all the swinging and stayed completely above the fray. Obama looked so angry by the end of the debate, he didn’t know what to do with himself. It was about as wonderfully calculated as it gets. And he fell hook line and sinker.

      1. laughing our loud,

        A good strategy on foreign policy is not to forget about everything you stand for – and just curl up in a little ball.

        There are some topics where you can be a hypocrite, slithering snake dirtball and change your possition every other day and get away with it – foriegn policy is NOT one of them. If you live in an alternate reality where somehow Romney didn’t lose that debate, you might want to consider changing your medications.

        Whoever wrote this article is so confused – it’s clear it will be a devistating night for most of the guys on this message board come 11/6. I just hope the commentarity is more based on reality than subjective nonsense.

  17. I was going to vote for the third party or not vote at all- for the first time. With 16 trillion in debt, a stagnant economy, rising cost of gas and healthcare, and ever increasing regulations and threat of further taxation, what is there to vote for, for a middle class citizen like me and part owner of a small business? I’m only good as a workhorse, that’s what it feels like. I already cast my judgment on the 2 parties- neither of them is concerned about what I represent.
    So, last night by happenstance, I watched the debate trying to delay a long night of paperwork. Well, it was quite a revelation! If I don’t know already that President Obama is the incumbent, I would most likely think he was the challenger.
    At the conclusion of the debate, three things won me over to cast my vote- for Mitt Romney; he gave me optimism for the future, he has the obamacare pegged for what it truly is and promised to to repeal it, and third he appreciated the contrubution and seemed to understand the plight and the peril of small business across the country. I can see the sincerity in his face, I just hope I’m not wrong. It will be very sad for our country if he won’t be our next POTUS.

    1. Grace, I have followed the last four years like a hawk.
      My opinion, you are making a good choice in voting for Mitt.
      The debates have allowed people to see Mr Romney as he really is, without the nonsense of political ads, that I for one am tired of, from both sides.
      Mr Obama has spent little time working the last four years, much less work than I have put in, you would think he would be putting in 50 hrs per week to save our country, obviously His time has been spent otherwise.

  18. Romney was totally out of his league. He kept on repeating Mali, etc. like he had memorized something. He said Syria was Iran’s gateway to the sea. The two countries are separated by Iraq. Look at a map. Romeny is totally wrong and the right wing media doesn’t even care to correct his lies and wrong facts. Romney failed the commander in chief test. George W. Bush II reincarnation with all the same cronies that got us into Iraq. He wants to indict the Iranian president. Who is going to arrest him?

  19. Um, no – an 8 point difference with a margin of error of +/- 4.5 points (ie a 9 point swing is possible) is statistically a tie. I know you don’t like to hear it, but folks who go to college for a lot of years that do nothing but study math agree with me on this.

    Uh…try again. Someone failed their statistics course. It means that somewhere between 52.5% and 43.5% think Obama won, or 40.5% and 35.5% think Romney won. Not a statistical tie. But keep talking like you know is funny.

  20. I agree with the article’s premise. As an Independent, that voted for big O in 08. Romney was the clear winner in all three debates on substance. I could care less about the political rhetoric on both sides. Obama came across with nothing but one liners. I don’t think he has the ability to put several sentences together to convey any sort of plan. The last four years we’ve drifted like a boat without a rudder. The inability to control wasteful federal spending and a soaring federal debt has made it easy to decide who to vote for in Nov.

  21. The president never recovered from his first debate. His narrow victories in the second and third one won’t do him much good.
    The media is talking about Obama losing Ohio and still winning and Obama can’t break over 47% nationally. Not a good sign.

  22. I am a liberal. I wear tie dyes, smoke ganja and wear sandals. I do not agree with Mitts positions. I am goi got vote for him though . One thing that really bothered me is that Obama has done nothing he said he was going to do. That’s just unacceptable. It’s one thing to make mistakes and not get everything g you want done. It’s quite another to blame everyone else and then not take the Golden opportunity ( the first 2 yrs with congressional mandate) and fail to act. I’m tired of the lies, the blame game and really the poor economy. Rich people are not the problem. The government spending is. Your an idiot if you don’t see this. Whether lib or neocon! Obama telling me a past supporter basically that all he is going to do is the same thing that is faint is really just retarded. My lib community is being unreasonable. At least accept reality. No wonder we smoke to escape… The debate was won by Romney. I hate to admit it. Calling somebody liar liar pants in fire and then looking like a duschebag attacking the guy for no reason was a bad move. I bet my liberal friends will read this and attack me. If they do the. It’s sad because I expect more from people who say they are educated.

  23. Romney needed to come out of the debate not looking like a war monger. He succeeded.. He wins the general election now. The only apprehension left about Romney was whether he would be a neocon… Whether he is or not is irrelevant. He was projecting calm and peace.

  24. Mr. Koffler,
    You must be kidding, right? Didn´t you hear that Syria was Iran´s only ally in the middle east? That Syria needed Iran as access to the sea? Are you as ignorant as Romney? Take a look at google map for pete´s sake. If you are a White House reporter, you´re employer must be your father or some close relative who feels sorry for you. Romney didn´t confront Obama on foreign policy because he doesn´t know anything about it. As it was he was weak and showed that once again he changed his position from only a short while ago. Didn´t Ryan say in the vice pres. debate that the U.S. should send more troops to Afg? Limp, weak and obvious partisan bs.

  25. Romney admitted by his non=reply to Pres. Obama’s statement that he (Romney) has large investments inOMMUNIST Chinese OIL corporationst
    do a large amount of oil deing OIL development business in IRAN, one of Israel’s main enemies. Notice that, like Romney did with Bain Capital, he
    does business wherever he (Romney) makes a huge profit.Yet, RomneyWhenWhesays he wants to hold Iran responsible for it’s threats against Israel..? When Bob Schieffer asked Romney where he would get the $5 Trillion tax cut almost entirely for the wealthy, after Obama tried to get Romney to answer the question, Romney argued with Schieffer by saying that if the moderator wanted that information, the moderator should go to the Romney website. Romney said, “Oh. Let’s not go there at this time.” He cannot answer the question relating to his lying effort to buy an election the good old fashioned Republican way…by offering a tax cut for the wealthy that Romney knows he cannot pay for, even with eliminating loop holes for the wealthy and corporations. George W. Bush did that in the years he was president. It did nothing but add to the deficits, lower federal payments to contractors of all kinds which caused them to fire millions of American workewrs, and caused them to not be able to afford mortgage and car payments. That brought about the economic downward spiral that caused the economic meltdown that Obama has worked hard, in spite of Republicans blocking his jobs and other bills in Congress.upward growth in jobs.

    Romney’slack of technical knowledge of foreign policy was clearly evident when he, for lack of any evidence to shore up his generalizations, finally had to agree with President Obama’s positions.

    And now, Romney wants to reverse the methodical

  26. A debater constantly whining to the moderator is no more “presidential” than a football player whining to the refs is “sportsmanlike.”

  27. I honestly cannot understand how any thinking human being who is even moderately informed can possibly vote for Romney. Just look at what he has said in the last 10 months and what he is saying now. How can you possibly trust this person? He won´t show his taxes going back 10 years because he obviously can´t and have any chance of being elected. He paid 14% the last two years. He said in debate 2 that the rich will continue to pay 60% (way too much in my opinion) but he only paid 14% on 20,000,000? The rich should pay a reasonable amount ??? with no loopholes. The man avoids answering direct questions left and right. The republicans keep talking about jobs. When Obama took office unemployment was already on its way to record levels. Even FDR couldn´t have done any better in 3 and a half years. The U.S. economy was in the tank thanks to irresponible credit policies by banks and consumers alike. Notice I don´t blame GWB for this. He was to blame for a criminal war in Iraq.

    1. We feel the same about you voting 4 Obama. From my perspective, your’ either under 30 or mentally retarded. I’m hoping your 29yrs cause we have enough retards around here. Your move.

  28. The Obamaphiles on this thread forget that in this day and age few people remember what the candidates actually said in these debates. But they remember their own visual and auditory impressions. Obama was petty, nasty, petulant, and rude. Romney was calm, dignified, and in command of his emotions. Obama’s death stare was astonishing because it was largely involuntary. Obama was exhibiting his inner Barack (something that he never did in 2008) and it wasn’t pretty. He might still be able to pull this off, but if Gallup and Rasmussen numbers hold up through the weekend Obama is toast.

  29. Your attempt to paint a rosy picture for Romney will only make you a laughing stalk. It’s clear the ill-informed GOP candidate is treading water in the final stage of this campaign against an incumbent who is so much wiser and much more aware of the current affairs of US.

    If it weren’t for the traditional-values fanatics, religious evangelists and the wealthy constituents, Romney would be out of the picture already.

  30. I agree and Obama looked like something was missing, as if he had a pocketful of Jerry Springer lines to dish out. The reason Obama is gonna lose is that he lost his only friend from 2008 – his teleprompter. When he doesnt have it he immediately goes into his Preacher act which turns many people off. If you listen to his voicing from his 2008 campaign speeches you will see the difference

  31. Brilliant strategy? Rope-a-dope? How about dopey strategy? Lest we forget history, Ali won the bout against Foreman, while Romney, stampeded by verbal horses, and skewered with metaphorical bayonets, was KO’ed in the first round. If NYT guru Nate Silver’s election projections are accurate, then Mitt is down for the count!

  32. Absolutely brilliant strategy. If Romney were a boxer he could have been the first ever to score a knockout by deftly using his face to block all his opponent’s punches.

  33. Keith Koeffler is a turd. Romney got destroyeeeed in this debate. Anyone who says otherwise is perverse or seriously lacking in intellect.

  34. Romney believes that Iran needs to go through Syria to get to the ocean. Iran is not landlocked, it has a coastline. That is the kind of basic knowledge that a Commander in Chief should have. I don’t think that Romney looked at all presidential, he just kept agree with all of Obama’s policies.

  35. Smarter than the Avg. Bill

    Mr. Bill,

    You certainly left your piss all over the comment section, except your opinion and piss stinks.

    Romney smacked Obama around like a little kid by exposing how stupid Obama really is — like the military doesn’t use bayonettes and horses. LOL. You and Obama are true idiots.

  36. Romney wins big by losing big? Seriously, this is the craziest analysis imaginable. If Romney really wanted to lose big time, why not just ditch the debate and declare himself the loser so that he could actually win big? Or, why not just refuse to debate because he feels the election is over and he just wants to protect his burgeoning lead? I guess this is why they call it the silly season. Please God, let us all survive this nonsense.

    1. you don’t understand chess my friend. you don’t recognize masterful play. Romney didn’t get knocked around; he intentionally worked a stale mate with Obama on a topic NOBODY cares about this election. He’s already won the issue driving people to the voting booth- THE ECONOMY. Keep watching the polls because even today’s (Gallup for example) are showing Romney’s upward trend continuing. It’s over.

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