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Romney May Now Be Headed Toward a Big Win

I can’t prove it. But I can feel it.

Gov. Mitt Romney may be moving toward a large win, in the same way Ronald Reagan did in the final days of the 1980 campaign. I expect the ground to start shifting, and the movement could escalate into an earthquake.

I’ll give you the evidence for this:

  • The polls are moving Romney’s way. The Rasmussen tracking poll today shows Romney making a two-point jump to a four-point lead, 50-46 percent. He’s closing the gap or taking small leads swing states, and states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, where President Obama appeared to have a victory in hand, are now tossups.

  • Undecided voters tend to break for the challenger in presidential elections.

  • Beyond the polls, Republicans have enthusiasm on their side. Democrats are less dispirited than they were after the first debate, but their determination is nowhere near that of the GOP rank and file.

  • Romney has used the debates, including last night’s, to point out two bottom line facts that many people did not recognize before the contests: He is ready to be president, and Obama has failed across a broad array of areas, starting with the economy and ending with Iran.

  • Conservatives are now passionate about Romney. All previous apostasies are forgiven. They don’t just want him to beat Obama. They’ve grown to like him, and they’ll be at the polls in droves.

  • The campaigns both know Romney is winning. That is why last night Romney adopted aura of an incoming president and got down in the mud only when he felt he had to, and why Obama looked like a desperate candidate hoping to make every possible point he could think of to take down his opponent.

  • You. From you, I feel that passion from outside of Washington. It’s the same passion I felt before Republicans took the House in 2010. The Obama people don’t have access to this passion. And they don’t know what’s about to hit them.

There has always been a bottom line to this race. Obama has failed to keep his basic promise to cure the ailing economy. There’s nothing he can do or say to make that go away. Instead of fixing things, he gave us Obamacare, for which we didn’t ask.

What he needed was the secret sauce in the success of so many supposedly great politicians: a lousy opponent.

And as the debates have made clear, he has a very good opponent, and Americans have a credible alternative.

132 thoughts on “Romney May Now Be Headed Toward a Big Win”

  1. Exactly! The reality is that in the real world lives of many many Americans either very little has changed or things have gotten worse since the 2011 fall “shellacing” Obama received, after November 6th he will be looking back to November 2011 with much fondness and greater appreciation of how bad it actually was and the dark future it foretold for him.

  2. Right on Keith! One thing you forgot; Support Chic-Fil-A day. We waited in line for hours to support their right to support marriage between a man and a woman. We won’t mind standing for hours again on Nov 6th to show obama and the rest of the criminals the door.

  3. I’ll add another reason. I saw two Romney bumper stickers in Amherst yesterday. Even I would never have the courage to put a sticker on my car because of potential vandalism.

    Granted this is an uncontested state with few Obama signs and fewer bumper stickers but I saw it as a sign.

    All the MA Democrat’s energy is going to elect Elizabeth Warren whom they think is a real progressive and not towards the kill-list prezzie.
    A bigger than expected vote for Romney might pull in Scott Brown, too.

    1. Telling that I’m afraid to put a Romney/Ryan yard sign in my own yard.
      That alone should make all American citizens to stop and think. Do we want 4 more years of being intimidated and insulted by always being
      called racist if we don’t agree with Obama?

      1. I am so sick of being called a racist if i don’t agree with how he didn’t do anything he said he would do and how much money he loves to spend of ours. They didn’t call me people a racist when he won 4 years ago. it’s such bull. What really makes me sad is he could have make our country come together more but instead is using fear to keep the votes.

        1. I finally gave up and just tell people, yes, I am racist bigot sexist homophobe, and Obama still sucks as a president, what’ your point.

          no sense in arguing

        2. Regina, you say exactly what I think! I didn’t vote for bho, yet I made a conscious decision to stand behind him and support him…it was the right thing to do. I admit I was caught up in the moment of hope. BUT he quickly morphed into something evil and he lost me for good! PS: I’ve been called racist, too. bho’s bad behaviors were assumed by his devoted followers – always name calling.

      2. Now, in my part of the country, Central/Eastern Oregon, Romney-Ryan yard signs are sold out. Oregon comes through too late in the evening on election days so it probably won’t matter, but I am predicting an Oregon surprise. One of the big counties around Portland, Clackamas County, has gone Republican.

    2. here in the outskirts of Portlandia, there is no way I’d put a Romney/Ryan sign in my yard or a sticker on a car since McCain/Palin yard signs were torched and cars with stickers were keyed in 08. I can still vote–and all the burning of signs and vandalizing of cars will not stop me!!

      1. Didn’t see your post before I replied to Lizzy above, but I’ve read that Clackamas County has gone Republican. Not so?

    3. Wow, do I admire you!
      I lived twelve years in Western MA and I know Amherst, the colleges there and the attitudes well. My son attended Amherst College at one time. Sadly, after he graduated from a liberal college in VT, he went to Yale for his master’s. He lives now in an ivory tower in NYC and gets his news from that idiot Paul Krugman. Needless to say, we do not discuss politics.
      Like you, I would be afraid of vandalism….the area is one of the most liberal in the US. I would not put a sticker on my car there.
      But, down deep, I have to believe that there are more like you than you know.

  4. I’m starting to get nostalgic. I will surely miss this website, MOTUS, The People’s Cube and all the other great, creative websites that have kept us laughing on the outside while we’re crying on the inside. Come December – I’m cleaning out the attic, the basement, the cabinets, the closets – all the things I haven’t done while I’ve worried and prayed for our country. I’ll leave it to Mitt and Paul to clean out the Federal Government. As Obama said in the first debate – Mitt sure will be busy on his first day in office.

      1. Oh no we will still be around. Do you we will ever run out of things to
        say or people to correct…Pelosi, Reid, Clinton….and on and on.

    1. Mitt and Paul will still need us to hold their feet to the fire. I’m sure Keith will continue to help us do that. America still has a tough road ahead. Electing Romney will help tremendously, but the act itself won’t magically cure everything. That’s the type of thinking that gave America the last 4 years.

  5. My wife, my son (new voter) and I will be voting for Mitt “More Backbone” Romney this week in the great state of North Carolina. 3 for Romney.

    1. We vote by only mail-in ballots in my state which thankfully has cut down on “found” ballots in offices and car trunks that have plagued our elections since 2000. Anyway, I completed my ballot. That is one more for Pres. Romney.

      1. I am volunteering for the R/R campaign and various local Tea party groups. We were told the Romney/Ryan campaign WANTS us to vote early. Once a person votes, the campaigns are notified and will no longer spend $$ to get your vote. So, it saves the Romney campaign money and they can chase other voters, instead of a solid vote like mine. So…my Husband and I voted by mail in Ohio. I convinced my sister and her hubby to do the same. She convinced her friend and friend’s husband also. That’s 6 more in the bank for R/R in OHIO!

  6. Spotted this somewhere on the net and wanted to share it.

    UNINSTALLING OBAMA…..……………. █████████████▒ 98% complete.

      1. I don’t see this site going any place–though it’s Keith’s call, of course. Day to day governing still takes a lot of critiquing if we are lucky enough to hold someone else accountable.

        1. I agree Star. Part of why Obama slipped under the radar is that America went to sleep believing their elected officials were going to take good care of business. Unfortunately, they are like kids in a candy store and they bear constant watching. It may be a tad calmer now, but we still need to be vigilant.

      1. This week’s meme is Romnesia, last week it was “binders” and Big Bird. The name-game is all they have and the juvenile antics of kids on a playground. Not one grown-up among them.

        “Never send a boy to do a man’s work.”

          1. That dopey slap about how subs go under the water reminded me of the bath toy we used to have–you put in baking soda and it dove down…something like that. At least as interesting as Big Bird.

          2. This last nested thread is just the best. Thanks for sharing. Good stuff.

            And, good news. If our President wins, you will have 4 more years to bitch, whine, cry, and disparage the President. If he loses, why, you will have 4 more years to bitch, whine, cry, and disparage the Democrat minority for getting in the way and causing your boy’s struggles.

            Either way, a win / win for you! Enjoy the moment! I am!

          3. The real fear for Democrats in an Obama loss is that the reality of his poor performance will be exposed. Combine that with a new president who has a strong command of economic issues and a tireless work ethic and most of the mainstream Dems will have to admit their man, Obama, was a lazy flop. Only the crazy left will hang on at that point.

          4. TimG – I can not speak for the Democrats, so I don’t know what they may feel. My guess, many who supported Romney will go on to suffer moderate cognitive dissonance. Either way, we remain largely divided – too bad…..

  7. My latest e-mail from my BFF “Barack” (we’re on a first name basis) is a pathetic plea to “stick with” him. He says he doesn’t “want to lose this election”, but if he does, he and Michelle will be OK.
    There’s more about working harder and of course, the plea for money.

    When a candidate talks about the possibility of losing the election, then reassures his supporters that he’ll be OK with it, he’s telling us that he already knows he’s lost.

    There is so much wrong with the Obama campaign that it’s not easy to pick one big thing. Their choice to vilify MrRomney with ugly accusations went off the rails with the death of a woman they tried to pin on him. From there it actually went downhill with felony charges, Bain innuendos, scare tactics of a return to JimCrow laws and of course the phony war on women.
    With nothing positive to run on and a reluctance to offer a second term agenda, the campaign ran out of gas.

    If I was asked to pick a pivot point, it would be ClintEastwood’s devastating “empty chair” routine that made it OK to vote for someone else because MrO wasn’t doing his job. For the first time in four years, we saw a nationally known respected figure call out the President as an incompetent.

    1. Certainly agree with your point on the “empty chair” scenario. If our textbook publishers will ever return to printing true history, “empty chair” will someday rate a full chapter as to famous political campaigns.

    2. yea, they will be okay. bunch of rich donors are buying them a house in Hawaii where he can smoke all the pot he wants between his million dollar speech fees from all the places he helped rape the country and he will get a multi million dollar book deal someone will ghost write for him. I think the working title is “It’s All About ME, it’s Always Been About ME”

      1. hmm million dollar speech fees. Do you think they will give him a TOTUS as a going away present?

        (does not plan to go listen to him on the lecture circuit).

    3. Bravo, srdem65! Of no consequence but still…as I was walking back to my place of employment with my coffee this a.m., a thin rather grizzled man in a windbreaker and cutoffs gave me a cheery “Good morning!”. I responded in kind and didn’t realize until he passed that it was Mr. E. a little out of breath walking up hill from the Carmel beach. Dang, if I had been quicker I’d have broken the local rule of leaving him be and thanked him for being a great American and saying what needed to be said in such a brilliant manner. Thanks Clint, you’re the best!

  8. From Barry’s latest fundraising email…

    “I don’t want to lose this election. Not because of what losing would mean for me — Michelle and I will be fine no matter what happens.”

    1. Yeah, nobody ever died from losing an election. I wonder though, how are we going to pry their hands from their death grip on the White House?

    2. Yes, they have a $35 million dollar house to retire to and lots of money to keep up the lifestyle, at least $10 million at last report. Probably more being added to the “blind trust” by his friends in Chicago, like Penny Pritzker.

    3. Don’t forget the Obama’s have all the dirt on the people that helped them rise to power. That should keep the “support” running for a while. Unless the Obama’s find themselves with the losing hand. Hmmm…wonder if any scandals will break after the election when the Chicago politicians start turning the guns on each other.

      1. MT for re-redistribution

        turning the guns: That will be interesting. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a meltdown or two as the promise of riches and favor are now gone.

      2. After Obama lose in November, the press may come to ask the question “Who was Donald Young and why was he executed by being shot five times in his head?” Did Obama really have a lifetime membership to “Man’s Country – a gay bath house in the South side of Chicago? How many of his friends have he thrown under the bus to become president? Is he really a christian or still sling to his muslim religion? Was he actually an affirmative action student or was he registered as a foreign student at Occidental, Columbia & Harvard? There are so many questions that the Main Stream Media failed to investigate!!!!!!!!!

  9. I live in a close-in suburb of Baltimore. My area is a mix of conservatives and liberals but the state overall votes navy blue. In 2008 we were awash in all things Obama – hindreds of bumper stickers, yard signs everywhere, etc. I haven’t seen more than 15 yard signs – even counting yards with multiple signs – and very few 2012 design bumper stickers. This is Maryland!?

    1. In Virginia, few obama bumper stickers and most of ones I see are left overs from 08. Lots of Romney sticker and signs in yards.
      2 weeks!

      1. Also in Virginia. Nt as many signs in my area. People are staying low key because of backlash. Have spoken to hundreds who have not been polled in any manner. 98% for Romney / Ryan. A large number have registered to vote for the first time in their lives and are voting Romney.
        It is a quiet, steady, strong movement here.

    2. I’m also in a close-in suburb of Baltimore. 2008 was the first time I ever had to stand in line at my polling place. The buzz from the people who couldn’t wait to vote for Obama was palpable. They sincerely thought they were part of the beginning of something great that day. I can’t wait to see what my polling place is like this election day. I’m guessing I won’t have to stand in line too long.

      1. BR, they will all vote early this year, don’t ya know! I had to stand in line in 2008 too but l don’t think it will be bad this time. Where are you? I am in Cville.

        1. I’m in O.M. but I work in 21228. Small internet. I’m tempted to vote early at the place on Bloomsbury but I want to see what my polling place looks like. :-)

          1. Not sure, Star. I’m referring to Michelle Obama telling people to vote early in case they have problems on election day, like their toilets backing up. That would not keep me from casting my vote, but apparently she’s afraid her husband’s supporters are wimps.

          2. I heard that–but remember when he said he was “saving” us so much money we could get a thingamajog for our furnace? I am just going down memory lane here–sipping a Slurpee ditchside. I am afraid to hope too much.

          3. I have oil heat – trust me, he hasn’t helped me AT ALL! Not sure exactly since I’m not at home, but our price 2 years ago was something like $2.29 a gallon at the beginning of the heating season (fall of 2010) and the last time we got oil (for our hot water), it was $3.69 or $3.79 a gallon. We don’t use the furnace now for heat, just the gas fireplace for the main living areas of the house and small room-sized electric heaters for the bedrooms to go with the electric blankets. I would love to have some magic thingamajig to help keep my bills down!

  10. You are spot on, Keith. Romney was the last person I wanted as our presidential candidate, because he was the typical Northeastern moderate Republican. Now I’m one of his most ardent cheerleaders. He’s nothing like McCain.

    Once this totalitarian nightmare is on the ash heap of history, we’re going to take a break from politics. Will be good to get back to a normal life where we don’t worry every waking moment about what freedoms Washington is stealing next. Know we have a long way to go to get back to our founding principles, but finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

  11. There is something in the air, Keith,. You can feel it, the commenters here can feel it, even I, far away, can feel it. And it feels so good.

  12. I don’t know that anyone is passionate about Romney, but they are absolutely confident that he will be at least a moderately competent president. Coupled with the fact that we haven’t had one in six years (Bush ceased to be moderatly competent after the 2006 elections), Romney engenders more of a, “Yeah, okay,” feeling rather than a, “Pffff, I guess so…”

          1. As you well know before crafting that witty response, I meant things I cannot do for myself like go after terrorists, prevent attacks, promote rather than stymie business development and jobs, increase domestic energy sources, and craft advantageous trading relationships, to name a couple of things. Why, I have not nego a trading agreement for the country in years from out here in Chandler AZ –I thought maybe our leaders were doing that. But no.

  13. Thanks for validating a “feeling” that I have become aware of since the first debate. I certainly hope your instinct is right and this is not only a clear victory for Romney/Ryan, but of such a magnitude up and down the ticket for both congressional and state/local elections that it stands as a referendum on the way the country and states have been going for a while. EVEN to the point of reminding Romney that his Northeastern “moderate-ness” is not what the country is looking for, but instead Reagan-esque conservatism.

  14. For the first time in an election, we finally have a way of voicing our conservatism over the shrill of the MSM. Every time the Obama campaign came out with an ad, we were there on UTube with a rebuttal. Every time they tweeted something stupid, we tweeted it right back in their faces. They tried to use facebook and we just deluged it with conservative voices. It had to have an effect. The number of people that read newpapers is small and the viewership of CBSNBCABCCNNMSNBC has been steadily going down. You can smell the panic in the air and it smells wonderful!

  15. as far as i’m concerned, romney has already won!!! yesterday was the first day of early voting in texas and this morning i heard on the news that it set records. i know that we are already a red state and romney will be the winner in texas. but, i still voted and it was a romney / ryan vote.

    romney / ryan 2012!!!

  16. funny thing about you media types…you’re always the last to figure things out and then you tell us as if we didn’t know long before you. entertaining though.

    1. So, if all predictions hold true, we will elect a new President. Inauguration Day is Jan 20th and we will be stuck with a lame duck President holding the keys to the government. Any predictions on what we may be in store for these next 2.5 months? Golfing trips? Extended vacations? Separate vacations? Trips to the new Hawaii house? Presidential Good By Tour?

      Maybe we should start a pool on some of these topics, see who comes close. Prize??

      1. I think it might be wise to assume that Obama will be up to a fair amount of mischief, exercising lame duck executive power. He’s already done so at his own jeopardy in an election year. Hard to imagine he would not continue to do so, when the only thing at stake is his legacy. He has the revisionist historians and media accomplices to cover his back side on that.

      2. We had a mayor that was “the chosen one” similar to how Obama has acted. He was a disaster and was voted out. He spent his lame duck session giving the police/fire unions whatever contracts they wanted with no arbitration, knowing they couldn’t be honored when the time came which resulted in layoffs and closings. In other words, he screwed over the next mayor that had to make the tough calls (not to mention the people of the city, who now have limited resources to deal with the increased crime and weekly shootings). Then he literally cleared out his office months before his official end date as mayor (moved the desk out, even the carpet! leaving an empty room).

        That’s my prediction. If Obama can’t have his fairy tale history, he will make sure Romney doesn’t have a chance. He will promise the world knowing Romney will have to take it away and be the bad guy. He will also be doing a lot of his “work” from Hawaii and visiting dignitaries in countries that coincidentally are nice vacation destinations.

      3. The lame duck period is when Obama will be his most dangerous. Think back to the Clinton shenanigans on their way out and multiply it by ten-fold. Just as Clinton pardoned the traitor Marc Rich, wouldn’t doubt if Obama pardons his cop killing buddy, Mumia Abu-Jamal.

      4. All of that and the executive orders and the give-aways and the pardons and whatever else he can do to harm this country even more than he has. I also anticipate a world good-bye tour and pray that one of the countries he visits decides to keep him.

        1. He better work on that sequester–they already walked back the idea that it “wouldn’t happen.” At least give the poor old can another whack until we get a real chief exec.

      5. MT for re-redistribution

        He has to buy the silence of all the chicagoans who know things. Watch for really confusing politics during his lame duck time.

  17. Yes, yes and yes, again, to all the reasons! I, for one, will keep praying, though,as the “rats” are cornered, and you NEVER know what they will do, then.

    Thanks for the great writing, as skill I admire and appreciate, very much.

    St. Louis

  18. Spot on! From what I hear when I talk with neighbours, friends and family is not what I hear from talking heads on MSM. I think they are about to be gobsmacked!

  19. Keith, it’s great to hear your enthusiasm! It’s true – excitement is filling the air. It’s not ‘Anybody but Obama’ now, it’s We Love Mitt! For months I have been saying I would ‘hold my nose’ and vote for Romney – what a difference a debate makes. Overnight, he became a sensation. Believe it or not, CA seems to be turning pink. Can’t tell you how many DEM friends are voting Romney – most of them. Have only seen ONE 2008 Obama bumper sticker. No yard signs – nothing. Our Romney yard sign is still standing – a miracle. Wouldn’t surprise me (well, it would, sorta) if Romney did take CA – everyone here despises mayor Villaraigosa and they don’t want him going to D.C. if Obama is re-elected.

    It’s going to be wonderful to get a good night’s sleep after 4 years of worrying about Obama’s every move. Before Obama, I spent very little time on the internet, and certainly never commented on any website. The minute Obama arrived on the scene, my hinky meter went off the scale. Couldn’t stop seaching for every scrap of information on this fraud and spread the word around. Everyone thought I had lost my mind – how could you believe such garbage about this great man! Feels good to be vindicated, at last.

    Don’t want to count the chickens before their hatched, but I’ll bet there will be dancing in the streets two weeks from tonight! What a pleasure it will be to watch the grifters board AF One for the last time!
    They’re both going to need therapy when they wake up on Jan. 21 and their golden coach has turned into a pumpkin!

    1. Even though NM is considered fly-over country by both campaigns, we may provide a bit of a shock to the dems too. High percentage of Catholic voters (myself included) and other Christians who vote our faith. Shading to baby blue….

  20. There is also a major indicater from Michele Obama herself – two in fact.
    The frist is her noncontribution to her husband’s campaign monetarily. She has not given so much as a dollar. She has rarely accompanied her husband on his campaign trips. Apparently, Michelle does not put her money where her mouth is.
    The second is her first and last debate reaction. She gave Obama the comforting hug after the debate. Her greeting at the end of the second debate was much different. She only does that when Obama has failed to do what is necessary.

  21. I hope they are happy in hollywood where they belong. I am sure we will see them in the movies and many other places sucking money and fame hoes that they are… i can’t wait till Jan. when they move out.

  22. I am passionate to make Obama a one-term President and repudiate the left, the Democrats who have become the party of the left, and the media who have become the enablers of the Democratic party and the left. Romney is not perfect but is the better man. It is futile to wait for the Perfect Candidate or Reagan Reincarnate or to throw a vote “on principle” to Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

  23. I too am thrilled to go pull the lever for Mitt – NEVER would have voted Oblame-O but I thought I’d have to hold my nose for Romney. That’s gradually changed and I’m genuinely excited about the man… I do have concern for some slimeball October Surprise from the DEMons. Possibly the Allred hit that’s coming or some other bogus nonsense that will suck the air out of the room and scare the Rebublicans into apologizing for everything…. PLEASE STAY STRONG MITT!

  24. When I was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, I was amazed at how many Romney and McKenna (our GOP candidate who is actually leading in the race) signs we saw. Just amazed. In fact, I really don’t remember but just a couple of Obama signs. That just doesn’t happen in Seattle.

    1. Raymond,

      Welcome to the family! There are lots of very bright, wise, and wonderful “folks” here. The debate can get contentious sometimes, but it is always educational, informative and if you have a sense of humor, fun!

  25. I hate to say it but Obama is going to squeak this one out IMHO. Romney really needed to have a good night last night and while he wasn’t bad; it wasn’t good either (to be fair though, I didn’t think Obama had a good night either despite what pundits say; he came off as petty and playing small ball). Romney really needed to build up a big lead if he wanted to win the White House since it’s going to break for Obama. The reason is simple: The press is going to play it that way. They will say/do whatever it takes to label Obama the “Comeback Kid” and have regain all the momentum in the campaign. Let’s not forget we have two weeks left still; not a week or a few days like in 1980. It’s going to be wall to wall of the media gushing “Obama is making the biggest comeback in modern history” blah blah blah.

    And Keith with all do respect (and this is goes for others as well), please stop bringing up 1980 as an example. The reason being we are no longer the country we were in 1980, far from it. Back then, we as a society still had this sense that were apart of a bigger community IE the American community where we there to lift each other up. JFK’s words of “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you want can do for your country” which help defined the World War 2 generation still had meaning. Now it’s the complete reverse: People want to know what their government can do for them, not what they can do for their country. And we all know this to be true. You can see it, feel it and hear it. The country has radically changed in the past 30 years and it’s not for the better. People are only out for themselves, not their fellow countrymen.

    One telling example from the polls: Right now, Romney is cleaning Obama’s clock on who is better at handling the economy. But yet, Obama still leads on who is better for the middle class. And at the end of the day, what do you think our society will do? Elect the guy who is seen at helping our society and who is best for our country (Romney) or the guy who is just best for helping themselves out (Obama)??

    There is no doubt the way people are they will elect Obama. They could care less that their neighbor is out of the work and the family down the street is being foreclosed, they just want what is best for them….not their country.

    Not trying to rain our anyone’s parade, I really hope I am wrong because I want what is best for my country but I have to think/evaulate with my head; not my heart. I made a few bets with some friends who think i am wrong: I freely admit I will considered it the best win ever if I have to pay off but I just got a feeling I won’t have too…..

    1. And there is no way Romney is winning any of those Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Michigan and Pennsylvania have too many urban areas where Obama can build up a unbeatable advantage while Wisconsin has the combination of Madison (where kids from other states come in for one week and vote in the election before coming home; they just rent apartments for the week and can vote – that is how Kerry beat Bush in 2004) along with many people from Illinois who have duel residences all going up there to vote. So scratch those off the list.

      Romney winnable swing states are Virginia, Ohio, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, Colorado and Iowa. Out of those, I see Florida and Virgina breaking quite plausibility for Romney while Nevada, Colorado and New Hampshire will go for Obama most likely even though it’s ridicilous that a state with such big problems like Nevada will vote for Obama but the heavy Latino vote will make him win by a small margin. That leaves Iowa and Ohio meaning it all comes down to Ohio. In that scaniro, Romney wins 272-266.

      1. You don’t come here regularly, so I can’t evaluate what you say based on my opinion of your opinions–but I am leery of getting overconfident. Almost like we could jinx it. Obama made my life a living hell–I lost friends because of his cult-like setup, I lost all my savings, my kid did not work for yrs, I was talked down to by this person every day, seven days a week, I sort of lost my survivorness, too–my resiliency–also my health. No–he did not give me cancer, but I know he aged me and made me crabbier and a less good humorist. So I want a fresh start and want to give someone else an outing.

        1. Oh I understand what you are saying Star. Believe me, get a couple beers in me and I will tell you a few tales about Obama that I had to deal with him that would make you wonder why someone like him got to be a US Senator, let alone US President.

          I want what is best for my country always and what is best is to move on from this disaster of a presidency and try something else but I don’t see it happening. I just think society is so polluted that it only worries about itself and ultimately will elect Obama again just because he is a true product of that pollution.

      2. I have a daughter in the Springs and she sees CO going for Romney. Many, many evangelical Christians, Catholics and more importantly, a huge military population. Last time it was O and nothing but ; this time it looks like only college students are still in his corner.

  26. For me, one good indication of how things are going got the O Team is the comments that are being made on Twitter.

    An old mentor of mine once told me that unless someone is trying to kill you, sue you, or talking crap about you, you’re not doing your job.

    The Twittersphre is full of hate, death treats and more directed towards Romney, his wife, burning down the WH, rioting etc. IF Obama’s supporters were so sure of their man, they wouldn’t be resorting to these types of tactics. They could simply sit back and enjoy the (free) ride. Instead they are following their leader, and the fear of loosing the election is getting palpable.

    1. If Romney does win is there some big unrest deal coming…maybe that’s why Obama said he and M will be OK–I was not worried, but maybe he thinks his followers were concerned about his continued wealth and well-being.

  27. When I was learning how to play bridge I was taught, if the cards have to lay a certain way to win, then play them that way. So to start, check off Florida for Romney. Now to the probabilities; the ground swell is real, the undecided will break more for the challenger than in any recent contest. That puts CO & VA in the red. Make PA NV and OH blue just because we are adults.(Not saying that will happen but…) So WI has to break red. Play it that way.
    Which puts all the chips on NH.

  28. Romney has acquitted himself well in this race. It’s about the country. To Obama, as he said when talking about the nation, “me, my” it’s always been about him. I hope Romney wins. We will not survive another 4 years with Obama. And if Romney wins, I hope we can begin to openly and honestly vet Barack Obama. No matter where he goes, where he lives, what he says, I want every single ugly fact about him, his upbringing, his ideology, his cronies and his corruption brought to light. Truth, not rumors. Substantiated. Exposed. And yes, I am that small. He abused this country and I want revenge for her. Yep, just that small.

    1. Just be prepared, WHEN he loses.

      I believe we can right the ship. I believe we have the will and the power and the strength to correct the wrongs of the last four years, to pay down the loan that was taken out on the heritage of our country.

      But I will have a hard time listening to the Chris Matthews of the world, who will be all the more empowered because they will have nothing to lose, because they will have already lost.

      1. That’s easy. Don’t listen to Chris Matthews. He is just another one who drank the kool aid, pledged their souls, and will have to live with that. My contempt for them is not that they backed Obama, or even “believed” it is that they willingly lied, misrepresented, covered up, information at the expense of the country.

  29. Keith, I went from not wanting Romney at all to truly loving this guy! He has impressed me so very much and I believe he will be almost as great as Reagan. Plus, he brought Ryan in, and that has excited me!! I have never given to a campaign before, but when he picked Ryan, I gave.

  30. Now that Romney appears to be heading for a big win, I started thinking about how dangerous Obama could be for America if he is not re-elected. We know he has no allegiance to this country and we know he is hateful and vindictive. The thought of him roaming around the world with our most top-secret dossiers embedded in his brain, and a visceral distain for Romney…is unsettling. Add to that the fact that he has no roots in America…no mainstream friends or colleagues – what would stop him from undermining the Romney presidency by passing classified info onto his Communist pals in Russia, China and elsewhere? I don’t trust this guy for one second!

    1. Yes! You are right to be concerned. Have another Gin and Tonic, call the FBI, and build a bomb shelter!

      I just knew that we kept Guantanamo open for a reason. Make sure you mention this to the FBI so they can reserve a room for our President.

      Well done. The TSA could use your powers of deduction.

  31. here’s another sign: my ultra-liberal colleague at work today, saying to me meekly, “you have to promise that you won’t gloat if–if–well, you know.”

    1. That’s funny. So poignant we could release the “poll” on Fox and then watch Old Feller…. The headline: Liberals changing their minds and going rogue in droves. News at 11 right after we watch a good dog die – but with puppies to carry on…

  32. The independents in the middle or as I call them the “squishy middle” voted for Hope And Change in 2008. Well, they got it good and hard and now they want it changed back. Oh, Kieth, 2010 was the earthquake and in 2012 we’ll see the resulting tsunami.

  33. Hi Keith – been months since my last comment, as I’ve been more of a lurker lately. But I am so glad to read this post – I needed to hear it. I have so much anxiety about this race, and feel like any little thing can shift it back in Obama’s favor. As each day passes, the more enraged (does that sound too heavy? maybe) I find myself at this administration and their utter failure, not to mention the gross dishonesty, hypocrisy and manipulation towards this country. I’ve never been an Obama fan anyways, but the manner in which they have run this campaign is, frankly, disgusting. Romney, on the other hand, has presented himself as an acutal adult in the room, not a petulant child who doesn’t get his way and wants people to stop picking on him. You have always provide sound insight into these things, and I feel some relief now. Looking forward to the next two weeks… :)

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  35. Whether a big one or a small one, for all our sakes, Romney had BETTER be headed for a big LOSS! Here’s why — THIS is the overriding issue that transcends ALL other issues combined, in this election! — IF we are so unlucky as for Romney to be elected, it’s almost certain to spell goodbye to America as being the Land of the Free. SOON thereafter! Because both Anthony Kennedy (who plans to retire very soon) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (who’s battling cancer and turns 80 in March) probably will very soon be leaving the US Supreme Court. If Obama is reelected, he’ll appoint egalitarians, and our liberties will remain safe. But right now the Court stands at 4 egalitarians, 4 repressives, and one swing Justice (Kennedy). If Romney gets in, the next appointment will turn the Court repressive for the FIRST time EVER — in all of America’s history. And these Court appointments are lifelong ones that each can last for DECADES! That would be a Court that then will proceed to REPEAL its previous pro-liberty decisions one after another while its minority looks on helplessly. Anyone who does NOT want that hellish nightmare to be imposed upon America NEEDS to vote for Obama!

  36. If the election results are substantially different than what the alphabet national networks have been telling us, then we know Obama has promised change and delivered to us a socialist-totalitarian police state where the media and journalists are under the complete control and financing of the White House. We’ll know this one way or the other on Tuesday. It’s one of the most important “dots” for us to connect.

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