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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10:10 am || Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Delray Tennis Center, Delray, Florida
12:20 pm ||Departs Delray
2:30 pm || Arrives Dayton, Ohio
3:50 pm ||Delivers remarks at a campaign event; Triangle Park, Dayton, Ohio
5:00 pm || Departs Dayton
6:35 pm ||Arrives White House

All times Eastern

23 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Tuesday, October 23, 2012”

  1. Whoa, I read that too quickly. At first, I thought it said campaign event at a trailer park!!!!!! A tennis center, really? Is he going to give them pointers about their game?

  2. (sigh) The candidate who invests so much in “green” projects is leaving a carbon footprint we’ll never recover from in the continental US. Right…”Don’t do as I do, do as I say”

  3. At the end of the debate the Romney family overwhelmed the stage. My father in law suggested that perhaps Obama should have invited his brother, George. :-)

    1. The optics of Obama, the Singular, are just terrible. It’s very curious as to why the daughters and Granny have been absent from all three debates. Almost feel sorry for him – basking in the warmth of the beautiful, loving Romney clan. More importantly, it spotlights the fact that we have a ‘stranger’ in our midst – a loner without roots. Scary!

  4. Schedule November 6, 2010
    10:10 am || Visit polling center in Washington DC. Vote.
    12:20 pm ||Departs For Chicago, Il
    2:30 pm || Arrives Chicago, Il
    3:50 pm ||Visit polling station. Vote.
    4:00 pm || Departs Chicago for White House
    6:35 pm ||Arrives White House.
    9:15 pm || Calls Romney campaign and concedes.

      1. Oh please all I want for Christmas and my Birthday (1-18) is to hear him
        concede and watch the Romney’s wave the Obama’s off on the long helicopter ride. Think of the torture for MO to wait from 11-7 till the day
        they must go.

        1. And the torture for US when he has two and a half months to further screw up the country and not even a re-election to hold him in line. (Not that I am hoping he wins!)

          1. The fabulous orator who can barely speak without TOTUS and gives away whatever bargaining power so he could sound presidential. He really is a brainless twit.

      1. Wonder if they will let him bring TOTUS to help him make the concession speech? After that TOTUS might get a well earned vacation.

      2. Thomson Prison is sitting empty after the DOJ shelled out $165M for it. I think it would make the perfect setting for a concession speech from the speechifier and all of his BFFs.

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