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Carney to Republicans: “Do a Little Work!”

Today’s chutzpah award goes to White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who threw a stone in a glass house so hard he shattered the entire master bedroom and the walk-in closet as well.

Briefing reporters aboard Air Force One, Carney called on House Republicans to return to Washington, sneering that they should approve a tax increase he knows they oppose and that everyone knows won’t be touched until after the election.

One step that the House of Representatives could take tomorrow, if they saw fit to return to Washington to do a little work, would be to pass the bill the President proposed and the Senate passed, which would make sure that 98 percent of the American people did not see their taxes go up on January 1st. That would alleviate some of the so-called fiscal cliff. And if Republicans were serious about addressing that issue, they would pass that bill tomorrow.

Do a little work? This from the White House where the nation’s business has been on hold for about six months while President Obama busies himself with getting reelected.

Forget work. He doesn’t even have time for golf anymore!

Carney also fibbed – I’m trying to be nice here – that Obama wasn’t plowing new ground last night when he remarked that the sequester – which would force billions in Defense cuts if a budget cutting deal isn’t reached – isn’t going to happen.

This was a pure deception by Obama – the whole idea of the sequester is that it could happen, because that’s the way it will force action.

Carney said:

What the President said last night was a reiteration of what his position has long been, which is that the sequester, which was designed and passed by Congress, was never meant to become policy.  It was never meant to be implemented.  It’s a designed trigger, a forcing mechanism to compel Congress to make the difficult decisions required to reach a balanced deficit reduction package.

Not meant to become policy? That’s not what the president said. He said: “It will not happen.” Obama needed to get out of a jam, so he made something up and figured Carney would clean up the mess the next day.

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  1. Even if they did pass it, what’s to stop a lame-duck Obama from vetoing it as a nice little present to an incoming Romney administration? I wouldn’t put it past this group to do it for the sole purpose of forcing Romney to deal with the “Taxmageddon”.

  2. I don’t think anyone’s even listening to these clowns anymore (Carney, Axelrod, Cutter et al), let alone taking them seriously…with Barry at the top of the list!

  3. I see Carney as a lightweight in a thankless job, especially when you work for a habitual liar like Dear Leader. I wish there was a Constitutional way to remove this regime immediately after the election to minimize the damage they can do. At a minimum, maybe the Congress could assign SEAL Team 6 to watch over the White House and its occupants. “Hello Mr. President. Remember us?”

    1. I picture Carney as ‘Mini-Me.

      Once the election is over and the moving vans show up to get the poser-in-chief out of the WH, I wonder who Barry will be pardoning in his final days? A few Jihadi’s no doubt.

  4. Not being a constitutional scholar what things Obama might do can Romney
    undo when he’s in office. I ask thinking we keep the House and have the Senate by at least 2 hopefully more.

  5. Blah blah blah blah blah… body is listening Mr. Carney. They can really come up with some doozies can’t they? Now President Obama is traveling to California to go on the Leno show – AGAIN – less than 2 weeks before the election. If they were really serious – he wouldn’t be doing another “Hollywood” show. What a flipping phony.

  6. I have to admit I’m totally confused by this issue; is it really a ploy to force some action by the WhiteHouse or is the WhiteHouse using it to force Congress to do something. Congress passed it but nobody wants it and the President says it won’t happen but it will.
    I’m lost here.

    1. Not that I can drag anyone out of the weeds here, but it started with the Super Committee’s failure. That grandiose idea that Obama never particpated in/with/around and ignored in the end.There’s a lot of reading material at the National Taxpayers Union site (non partisan). I have no intention of wading through all of it. Suffice it to say, all 6 Democrats on the committee received a grade of “F” from the nonpartisan National Taxpayers Union in 2010 for their voting records on issues that affect taxes and spending.

    2. Seems to me that, in a nutshell, the jihadist in chief underestimated his own incompetence, gambled, and lost big-time. Now he’s stuck with yet another failure, and he says it’s not his bag.

  7. Obama is a serial liar After the debate, David Plouffe backtracked and said “Sequestration SHOULD not happen”. According to Bob Woodward, the idea of Sequestration came from the White House. Jack Lew introduced it to Harry Reid who sent it to Congress. Obama signed it and said he would veto any plan to void Sequestration.

    Mitt Romney’s website lists Obama’s FIVE worst lies/exaggerations from last night’s debate:

  8. So you would prefer that the President not work at re-election? It seems to me that all Presidents work at getting reelected. But because the President is doing what all politicians do, that is good excuse to ignore the obstruction in the house and senate for the last 3.5 years. Sounds like a solid, non-partisan, argument.

    Do you really think people are that stupid? I doubt even you think that is a good argument.

    1. Obviously you are new here. Keith has been posting the President’s schedule forever,and the President has done literally nothing but campaign at least since January(possably longer but thats when I started paying attention). If his record was so fantastic,he wouldn’t have to work so hard at reelection. His great presidency would be all he would need to run on.

      1. He/She is not only new but also a partisan hack. All you need to know is they talked about “obstruction in the house and senate for the last 3.5 years.” Anyone with half a brain remembers that Democrats completely controlled both chambers of Congress and could gotten to work on cutting spending anytime they wouldn’t. But they didn’t.

        I honestly have no respect for partisan hacks particularly those who try to come off as un-partisan but in reality are. Plus, look at their name. They are not here to have a dialogue but rather get on people’s skins. If this board had a ignore button, they be first on the list.

    2. “that is good excuse to ignore the obstruction in the house and senate for the last 3.5 years”

      Obama had pretty much a super majority in both US House and Senate for his first two years. He couldn’t pass a budget either year, let alone start trimming the budget. So I guess in those years, his fellow Democrats were the obstruction. After all, that sounds like a solid, non-partisan argument.

      Even, Woodward said that Obama was wrong on this:

      Then again, Woodward showed with facts/examples/reason that the budget failed rest mostly on Obama for failing to understand process, misunderstanding Republicans after ignoring them for 2 years (he didn’t even after Boehner’s number available to congrate him when the GOP won back the US House in the 2010 mid-terms, which is beyond inexcusable – it be funny if it weren’t so sad. As a former campaign worker, you always have the opposition number on speed dial ready to say congrats in case things don’t go your way let alone he should have it on speed dial since he vowed to ‘work with Republicans’ if he got elected back in 2008) but most of all, he failed to lead particularly with his own party as he kept telling the GOP leadership that some proposals would not fly with the Democrat caucus. As Woodward correctly pointed out, (and what I said at the time), when the president puts his weight behind something, his party moves with him even if they are not 100 percent sold. Obama simply wasn’t willing to risk putting his political weight in a deal because he was too worried about the 2012 election, not the impending doom of our budget. Hell, he didn’t even have the political strength to support the Bowles-Simpson commission WHICH HE COMMISSIONED or even “triangulate” by supporting some parts of Bowles-Simpson and try to find a middle spot between that, his budget and Ryan’s budget. He just blew it up because he wanted another political issue on the table for the election to beat Republicans with, not do what’s best for our country.

      But hey I am sure your going to call Woodward a partisan hack and that facts/examples don’t mean anything in your “solid, non-partisan arguments”. My suggestion: Don’t come hear talking about “Solid, non-partisan arguments” when you are a partian person. Your name gives it away. Maybe a few people like myself who try to be rational and understanding will give you an once of respect.

      1. Thumbs up. Like. Very well summarized. Facts and realitly don’t mix with unicorns and fairy dust. The LEFT has never been able to grasp facts – it involves a time line and a solid memory.

    1. The scary thing is the press takes her seriously. Both her and Trump need to have a gag order on. At this point, let the candidates win on merit, not dirty tricks at the end. If I were Romney, I get out of front of Trump and tell him he appreciates Trump’s vote but I don’t need to resort too those type of tactics to be president.

    2. Gloria Alred and Jay Carney and the rest of that ilk have long ago sold their souls. People who take them seriously have the same moral stature. The flesh is just falling off this rotten fish. It’s not pretty and it stinks.

        1. Nice, a personal assessment?

          Come on. It is nasty on both sides on the aisle. No party, none, can take the high road. You guys toss around insults like a soup needing salt…. And when someone dishes a little back, you go into bully mode.

          Carney a hack? Really? Wow. I am enlightened…. Thanks for sharing. I remain upbeat and entertained. :)

  9. Carney telling the Repubs to “do a little work”?

    Nobody tell him the democrat-controlled Senate hasn’t passed a budget since Dear Leader has been in office, it really deepens Carney’s hypocrisy and stupidity.

    1. That’s why Keith gave him the “chutzpah” award for the day. I am sure Keith could consider letting him keep it, but there are so many more deserving it on a daily basis. ; )

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