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Romney’s Chance to Rock the Jewish Vote

Or at least pick up some support.

I have a piece running on the Reuters website today, “Romney’s big chance with Jewish voters.”

Romney tonight can hit on a host of issues that are important to Jewish voters – not to mention the many conservatives who are diehard Israel supporters. These include Obama’s failure to reign in the Iranian nuclear program, his tilt toward the Palestinians, his awful relationship with Netanyahu, and even the rise of an Islamist regime in Egypt under his watch and his failure to back rebels against Israel’s nemesis, Bashar Assad.

From the piece

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney at the Monday foreign policy debate should play to the Jewish TV audience like he was the star of a Borscht Belt revue.

Romney has a tempting assortment of issues he can tap to frame President Barack Obama as a leader whose policies are perilous for Israel. He can use the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran, Egypt and even Syria to make a case that Obama’s policies are wrong for the Jewish state.

He is not going to win the Jewish vote. Obama overpowered Sen. John McCain in 2008 by 78 percent to 22 percent among Jews, and the most recent Gallup poll puts Obama ahead this year by 70 percent to 25 percent. But if Romney can narrow that 45 percent margin between him and Obama, he will increase his chance of becoming president.

While Jews are a small minority in the United States, they generally get to the polls in big numbers. Several swing states are home to relatively large populations of Jews, particularly Florida, Nevada and Pennsylvania, but also Virginia, Ohio and Colorado.

Now that you’ve read the Politico piece that I posted earlier on Obama’s contempt for voters, I hope you have a chance to take a look at this too!



15 thoughts on “Romney’s Chance to Rock the Jewish Vote”

  1. Good article and good points Kieth. We’ll see in a few hours.

    Loved the Jewish telegram: Jewish telegram: “Start worrying. Details to follow.”

  2. Keith,

    Why do American Jews reflexively support Democrats? It has been my observation that Republicans are the stronger supporters of Israel. I also believe that if/when push comes to shove it would be republicans who would protect the rights of American Jews here at home. Are Repubs viewed as the descendants of the right-wing Nazis? Perhaps people need to be reminded how kind the left-wing Joe Stalin was to “his” Jews.

    I view Israel as our best, strongest and bravest ally anywhere. I think Israel is the only reason the Mideast didn’t explode in flames long ago and they have earned our support through their actions over the years while the Muslim world seems to have been trying to earn our contempt, fear and hatred.

    So why the Democrats, American Jews, WHY???????

    1. I agree. As an American of Jewish backround, I have been consistently disgusted with Jewish-American support of the left. Some voted for Jesse Jackson in spite of his anti-semitic remarks, David Dinkins, who allowed a pogrom to continue for three days in Crown Heights Brooklyn and the list goes on. Now we have Obama, who repeatedly shows his disdain for Israel, snubbing Benjamin Netenyahu and bowing to rogue arab nations. But Jews will support him in large numbers anyway.

  3. Romney should point out todays article in the Drudge report about the WH visitors logs revealing muslims who are/have ties to extremists !

    ubama has no “schedule ” problems when it comes to his muslim friends…

    1. Eric Nordstrom, State Dept. whistleblower, said during the Benghazi congressional hearing – “For me the Taliban is on the inside of the building.” Looks they are also inside of the White House…

  4. America’s total support and backing of the Israeli people and their land should be a strong deterrent to any who wish them harm. MrObama has shown that he favors the Muslim countries over the Jewish country. MrRomney has made his position clear; he would defend Israel against any enemy without hesitation.
    If American Jews prefer the radical anti-business agenda that MrObama has implemented rather than a conservative pro-business one that MrRomney proposes, then………….so be it.

    Syria. Syria is in the midst of a civil war, they have not been invaded by a foreign nation and they shoul be allowed to fight to a conclusion without our interference. We don’t know who leads theSyrian rebels, just as we didn’t know who led the rebels in Egypt or Libya.

    There are some who are agonizing over the estimated death toll of 50,000 since the conflict started. It’s a tragedy for sure.
    There is another tragedy that is ongoing closer to our country; as of Jan ’12 Mexican authorities estimate that over 50,000 of their people have died as a result of the drug wars, but we don’t hear a peep from our prominent elected officials.
    We have to stop being the hot-headed big brother who jumps into ‘family’ fights around the world, especially in the Middle East.
    Our position should be of the Godfather who mediates disputes and only steps in when the conflict is unfair.

  5. I just don’t get it! It appears Obama has not lost much of the Jewish vote in spite of the fact that he supports the Palestinean agenda and the MB. Not only that – Obama is anti-Capitalism! It’s a double whammy! Most of our Jewish friends are successful business people….and they are still voting for Obama in spite of the fact that he wants to destroy them. It’s a mystery.

    1. I agree Girly1. Unfortunately even though Jews are known for being responsible and hard working, many also seem to carry on the historical support for the underdog. As a Jewish American Conservative, I find this frustrating. The should stop supporting our enemies! I had a friend who said ” We’re the only people who consistently shoot ourselves in the foot!”. He had a good point.

  6. Don’t conflate Jewish voter and being Jewish – the former checks the Jewish box in the census and the latter pulls the lever for conservatives.

    1. I always figured there are:
      1. Hebrews (the Jewish of history…)
      2. Jews (stereotypes we often think of, especially the obnoxious American ones…)
      3. Israelis (the warriors from 1948 to today…)

      1. 1. Not sure what is meant by Hebrews (it’s a language) maybe you meant Israelites.
        2. Jews/stereotypes – Rather than obnoxious think of them as non-believers, more like those that had little faith in G-d and were ready to worship the Golden Calf.
        3. I’d rather start with Deborah (Devorah in Hebrew) it means “bee” – stinging type. ; )

  7. OY VEY!
    Romney better nail “Pres” Obama on “Foreign Policy”.
    “Foreign Policy” is Obama’s weakest issue!
    Let us review:
    apology tour?, Nobel Peace award?, ‘re-set’ with Russia? never-repoted drone strikes?, no China policy? pissing-off Isreal?, ‘retreat/defeat’ in Iraq-Afghanistan? ‘lead-from-behind’?, Syria?, LIBYA+murdered US Ambassador?

    Aside from being ‘foreign born’ Obama has NO! “foreign policy” knowledge-interest.

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