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Romney Leads in Two New National Polls

National polls are now consistently giving Gov. Mitt Romney an edge with just over two weeks left until Election Day, as two new surveys each show the GOP nominee with a narrow lead.

A Politico Battleground poll released today gives Romney a two-point margin, 49-47 percent – a three point swing from from a survey taken last week. From the piece:

Romney has not led in the poll since the beginning of May. Across the 10 states identified by POLITICO as competitive, Romney leads 50 to 48 percent.

Meanwhile, a Washington Times survey also has Obama ahead by two, 49-47 percent. The Times piece notes the news might be even worse for President Obama:

Just as striking, however, is that Mr. Obama’s air of inevitability is slipping, with 49 percent saying they expect him to win re-election — the first time that number has dropped below 50 since August. Another 38 percent say Mr. Romney will win. That 11-point gap is down from 22 points two weeks ago and down from 27 points in late September.

Mr. Romney’s backers are far more enthusiastic: 71 percent say they are backing him because he is the best candidate in the race. Among the president’s supporters, 56 percent say he has earned re-election. The rest say they are backing Mr. Obama because he is a Democrat or because he is the “lesser of two evils.”

There are also a couple of intriguing state polls out today.

A CBS News poll which had Obama ahead by ten points last month in Ohio now gives him a five point lead in the state, 50-45 percent.

But the CBS poll has been an outlier, and that it’s only five points suggests the race is probably even closer. A Democratic Public Policy Polling survey conducted over basically the same period as the CBS poll gives Obama only a one-point lead.

And Pennsylvania is suddenly in play. A poll released today by the Allentown Morning Call has Obama ahead only five points, 50-45 percent, in a state he was supposed to win fairly easily.

And Rasmussen has Obama ahead by four in Colorado, 50-46 percent.

11 thoughts on “Romney Leads in Two New National Polls”

  1. Norah O’Donnell was a riot this morning. She said loudly with huge emphasis, OBAMA HAS FIVE POINT LEAD IN OHIO, then whispered, mumbling, that it was a ten point lead last month. Oops. These talking heads are spinning their wheels every which way to downplay Obama’s tanking. Love it!

  2. I don’t pay much attention to these polls. Remeber Chick-Fil-A appreciation day? Wait until they see the lines at the polls Nov 6. The “silent majority” will speak.

  3. If there were no polls, no professionals using higher mathematical equations to determine how many voters of a special group will actually cast their votes for one or the other, we would have to look at more visible incidents to give one side an edge over the other.

    For instance, how many non-Hispanic people marched in the streets to support illegal alien’s “rights”, how many people supported Chick-fil-A’s right to be support tradional marriage, would MrObama be able to draw a large crowd of supporters for a public campaign speech like MrRomney has done, and so many more markers of how the general public thinks.

    Something changed in America after MrObama was elected and it isn’t a good change. For the first time, people are afraid to put their favorite candidate’s bumper sticker on their vehicle or to stick a campaign sign in their front yard. Americans are intimidated by charges of racism for opposing a political agenda that has nothing to do with the race of anyone.
    The pollsters aren’t hearing the real truth from those polled in certain areas where being anti-Obama could cost them their job, or worse.

    Yesterday, the readers here talked about MrObama’s foreign policy. The one thing that we remember is the “apology tour” and MrO bowing to other foreign leaders. No “real” American would have done that, not ever.
    We were sickened and outraged, but there was no public protest, no marching on the capital to express our feelings of betrayal. We are afraid of the complications and hidden requirements of Obamacare, but while there was no march on the capital, the silent march to the voting booth to oust as many Dems as possible expressed our feelings.

    The same thing will happen in November; the silent march to the voting booth will show how Americans really feel about MrObama.

    1. There was a march on the Capital that the media tried to deny. It was the Tea Party where tens of thousands showed up, protested, cleaned up, went home and began working like the country’s survival depended on it. It seems that has been very effective.

    2. Another off-shoot of Obama’s racist adminstration is the so-called “flash-mob spree’ phenomenon. Unless I missed it, I don’t ever recall such savageness – black mobs terrorizing store owners -pillaging and plundering. Not a peep out of Obama or Holder – they offer their tacit approval. Violence is a hallmark of the Obama presidency – racial warfare will not end until he is frog-marched out of the WH.

      1. Such are the traits of a leftist strongman… this pothead thug has never seen the America where you & I were raised and are fighting for.
        From his bong filled days in hawaii to his ultra radical days in college,
        ubambo has NEVER seen our splendid country as she truly is.. OUR country where so many have paid the ultimate price not to see her disassembled by some silver tongued racist/ muslim sympathizer.

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