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Live Stream || Presidential Debate – October 22, 2012

The comments on the last couple of debates have been extraordinary – looking forward to hearing from all of you again as the debate progresses and afterward.

Update: The debate has concluded. Here’s a link to the transcript.

Here’s the full video.

307 thoughts on “Live Stream || Presidential Debate – October 22, 2012”

    1. I hope not but I don’t consider it beyond something these creeps would try. Other than that, I’m a bit melancholy. My wife and I are really starting to enjoy “debate date night”. Making another Cheetos run. See you soon.

      1. I’m sure Obama is planning something. He’ll play Mighty Mouse and swoop in to save the day. Then he’ll pound his chest like Tarzan and boast of his heroism. He got Bin Laden, ya know. Who’s next on the list?

      2. Might this be activity associated with the joint exercise with the Israeli forces? Using Turkish bases for transit could be inflammatory and Italy is closer to the direct route to the theatre of operation?

    1. I’m seriously considering not watching. I just watched the BS of Robert Gibbs saying that the administration didn’t mislead the American people about Libya. I am not stupid and followed these events closely. Obama said this was a spontaneous response to a video and we know that this was a well planned attack. I hate liars. Liars upset me and it’s not worth losing a night’s sleep over listening to someone blatantly lie.

      Why didn’t they protect the Ambassador and others?

  1. I have 1 question, as a devout Christian, why has he said nothing about the mass killings of Christians by Muslims in the Middle East and Africa..Not one word..

    1. Jeff – Odd isn’t it. I am sure Obama is still “evolving”. Christians being murdered and the torching of churches is not on the PC list and certainly not on any UN agenda nor MSM talking points. Can you spell collusion.

    2. Because, there are more people, besides the Christians, being killed. Once you start deviding people into groups, while they’re all being killed in fact (sorry for the blunt choice of words) you lose peoples respect. I believe, both Romney and Obama, see this problem, but not as a single sole goal. Because, equality has tought us, that all people, no matter the religion, race, gender, whatever, are the same and thus equal. To give a certain group ‘special care’ based soly on their religion, even if it’d be benefitial to them, would in fact be discrimination to the other people, non Christians being killed in this case. All of the people in that region in need of help, deserve the same amount of help and aid. And of course because there are also mass killings. Not mass killings of any specific sort of people, religionlike. No just ‘regular’ mass killings, which I believe aren’t that good either…

  2. Do I have to watch the debate? Wasn’t seeing the first two punishment enough? Will there be a pop quiz tomorrow? Look, we have early voting starting today and there is nothing that The One can say tonight or up until November 6th that would cause me to vote for him. It’s time we returned grown ups to the White House.

  3. Drudge is now reporting debt has reached $47,495 per household with $10,090 owed to China per household. I’d like to know if either candidate thinks it is sound foreign policy for the average household to owe a year’s worth of wages….uh ostensibly to pay for Big Bird. One reason the power of American industrial might won WWII is because there was a debt cushion to absorb the borrowing required to finance the war. I question the resolve and capability today should a similar need arise.

    1. You said the magic words – Big Bird. You’ll be just delighted (not) to read this…

      Public broadcasting fulfilled all its goals and is irrelevant today, but still gets billions in federal dollars. And that money is being used to pipe foreign propaganda and al-Jazeera news broadcasts into America. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is funding a separate corporation which helps pay for al-Jazeera broadcasts as well as official Russian television, Iranian Press TV, and Chinese government programming meant to improve the image of China in America. Just one more reason to shut down the entire CPB.

      1. Before I forget… lethal.. Sadie…lethal. She cuts you hard, she cuts you deep, she’s got so much skill. (She’s) so fascinating, that you’re still there waiting, when she comes back for the kill. Billy Joel (or a close approximation there of)

    1. I saw that earlier today. The toilet’s overflowing because Obummer is the turd that just won’t flush. He’s circling the drain and will finally be gone very soon.

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  5. Thank goodness it’s the last one! It’s been torture listening to and watching Obummer on my television! I won’t be doing so again until his concession speech on election night.

    Keith, thanks again for providing this forum for us. It helps cut down on exploding heads.

  6. Obama says his first priority is to keep America safe – tell that to the family of Ambassador Stevens and the 3 Americans who were murdered In Benghazi.

    1. I also like he brought up the Russia thing, but then he let it go. He needs to bring it up and hit Obama square in the eyes and ask him to tell the american people, before the election, what the deal he has made with Putin but can’t tell us before the election.

  7. Obummer just recited some scripted line about Romney wanting to implement foreign policies of the 1980’s, social policies of ….I didn’t get it all. Damn, I hate this fugly bastard.

  8. Now, Obummer has the balls to say you have to be clear to our allies and our enemies. Yeah, Obummer has been clear – he’s made it clear that he will not stand up TO our enemies or stand up FOR our allies.

    1. Sadly(for the country), WHD readers are much more saavy on this than the general public. I wonder if there was some coaching to go deep on this.

  9. Now Obummer has concern about the “folks” we put arms in the hands of, as far as Syria. Too bad no one thought about that with Fast & Furious.

    1. He’s carefully practiced staring steadfastly at Romney while Romney speaks, unlike the first debate where Obummer looked down, grimaced, and took notes. While Romney is talking Obummer is blinking a LOT, and he’s also taking hard gulps.

    2. Now he’s leaning forward, looking, blinking and I think getting p*ssy under the collar. Romney is talking about our debt being a national security threat.

      Romney is SO well prepared and seemingly, has thought so much through. Obama simply sounds like he’s giving rehearsed talking points.

  10. Round 1… Romney +1. Obama= Even. Uh oh… lifeline from the moderator. Asking a specific question that Romeny can not repond to. I think that is a party foul. THIS is not an interview…it is a debate.

  11. People vote for peace not war…you can’t have people here struggling to find a job. Romney is kicking this one out of the park. I have to go wash the cheetos off or find a spellchecker.

  12. Obama just inserting different countries into his responses. Sounds just like his talking points about the U.S. He is lying about everything and anything. His facial expression says it all. Not as many split screen shots as the VP debate.

      1. That’s where we’re watching.

        Obama is telling Romney he doesn’t understand how to help small businesses.

        Our public education is atrocious. Spend any amount of time on FB and see the misspellings and poor grammar. And if our education system is so fabulous; why are Obama’s daughters going to private school?

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