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Bush’s Role in Obama’s Foreign Policy Successes

Think about it for a moment.

We’re going to be hearing during tonight’s debate about two things President Obama bills as his banner foreign policy achievements – killing Osama Bin Laden and ending the Iraq War.

But it turns out George W. Bush shares success for the former and is owed most of the credit for the latter.

It was the capabilities built by Bush and the much-aligned Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld that helped track Bin Laden down and that allowed us to end his worthless existence. Obama took the advice of all his advisers – save the vice president, who opposed the operation – and okayed the mission to take him out.

I give him more credit than some others do for not waiting for more information before moving. But really, the risk of not acting at the point he did was too high, both for the country and him politically. If he let Bin Laden slip away, things would have gone very badly for Obama.

The Iraq war success is Bush’s. The surge that won it was opposed by every Democrat in town, including this one, who had the following to say in January 2007.

The only substantial effect Obama has had on Iraq is to increase the danger there of a relapse in violence by withdrawing all our troops instead of making sure some stayed around so we could continue to influence the situation.

But of course, it makes a good talking point during a campaign to say he “ended the Iraq war.”

If Gov. Mitt Romney is smart, he’ll use these facts to poke holes in Obama’s argument that he’s a modern day Patton.

9 thoughts on “Bush’s Role in Obama’s Foreign Policy Successes”

  1. obama has done nothing but make our position in the world weaker. Taking credit for bin laden is criminal. It was ‘W’s’ policies that lead to the intel that pinpointed his location. Both Valjar and biden argued against the operation. Must have been MO who pushed him to do it. If you look up weasel in the dictionary, obama’s picture is there.

  2. Would love to see Patton take on little Barry he’d be a puddle and run down his leg. I am very angry about Obama playing hero when he’s basically a
    coward and a pacifist. It’s like a video game to him he’s a cold heartless man
    and self interested not thinking of the men and women who he is required to
    protect. If anyone in his administration were more interested in our people
    than popularity abroad perhaps we’d have 4 live Americans. To deny help as
    he did is criminal to me when they are begging.

  3. Obama will go down in history with the same level of fame as Chamberlain and Carter.

    Appeasement has never worked, anywhere. Negotiations only take you so far, then you have to have the moral fortitude to act. When you own people are in danger, you have to be willing to say to hell with protocols and protect your own.

    Obama does not seem to understand any of this.

  4. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Romney and every other Republican of note has not hammered Obama on these points! Bush negotiated the terms of withdrawal in Iraq with provisions that a residual ground force would remain. Obama refused to even negoiate with the Iraqi PM – he just pulled out without any thought to the aftermath. The remaining Americans in Iraq are sitting ducks.

    Panetta signed to order to kill OBL – Obama was a coward who was afraid he would not be re-elected if the mission failed. He would have blamed Panetta.

    Obama has made a mess of Afghanistan – the loss of life tripled since he announced our withdrawal date to the enemy. The Taliban has already taken over for all intents and purposes. Our troops are coming home alright – in body bags.

    Hope Romney cleans his clock tonight – he deserves to be impeached or worse.

  5. Every time he brags about taking down Osama, I think of the Pakistani doctor who helped the CIA find him, and the members of SEAL Team 6 who were ambushed and killed in Afghanistan three months afterward. Obama is responsible for the imprisonment of the good doctor and leaking state secrets that put our military in danger so he could spike the ball and get his Hollyweird friends to make movies about him…

  6. Obama “ended the war in Iraq” and “brought troops back from Afghanistan”…
    If you study military history thats called: “defeat & retreat”

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  8. It’s scary how easily you can herd sheep.

    The actual surveillance operation that found Osama was put into place under the Obama administration.

    If you think that we won the Iraq war under any president, you are sadly mistaken. We pulled out, which was all that could be done based on the fact that we were in a hell hole that we should never have been in (but we were thanks to Bush) A hell hole that did not want or deserve our presence in any shape or form.

    I wonder if people will ever realize they are being brazenly lied to by both parties.

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