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WSJ/NBC Poll: Obama and Romney Tied at 47 Percent

A poll that has had President Obama leading all fall now says the candidates are tied at 47 percent among likely voters.

Tied is not where Obama wants to be since late voters often break for the challenger. Obama led by three in the poll in late September and by five earlier in the month.

The survey was conducted after last week’s debate in New York.

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40 Responses to WSJ/NBC Poll: Obama and Romney Tied at 47 Percent

  1. I saw this on MTP–and Axelrod (of course–is he on every week) talking about Romney’s “Dukes of Hazzard” European tour–I can’t even remember what madeup nonsense they tried to tag him with on that–but I am pretty sure a car named the General Sherman was not involved. I guess he thinks all people who live in a rural area will like that one. These people are loony! Plus–that was what, 20 yrs ago?

    • Speaking of Axelrod, his rationale for Sandra Fluke only drawing ten people in Nevada is that they were aiming for more intimate audiences.

      • I drew a bigger crowd in a parking lot when I fell down and sprained my ankle (or the other way around). The good Samaritans were suppportive and helpful.

          • I’m an AK amputee who uses a wheelchair. One day out shopping by myself, I turned around to go up a sidewalk cut-out ramp backwards. One wheel hit the curb and I went backwards onto the concrete, smashing the back of my head on the concrete sidewalk with a resounding bang that still echoes through my mind when I think about it! At least fifteen people came running from all directions to help right my chair and someone else brought ice from out of nowhere. These lovely people couldn’t have been kinder or more gentle but I still wished I had passed out cold to avoid the humiliation of lying on one’s back with a foot dangling overhead and staring at the passing clouds overhead. :D

      • With Fluke being the poster child for free birth control, do the Dems really want to say that she wanted to have an “intimate” audience of 10? Sounds like the making of a bad porno.

      • Guess because she’s so shy about speaking about such a private personal need in front of strangers. And if she’s wanting to be intimate
        then 10 is 9 too many! If memory serves.

  2. Question, are they still factoring in the 2008 election numbers to calculate the polls now? This is what most polls were doing and I believe, it is way off. As one who is following this election very close and a writer. I believe the final numbers are going to be around 70/30, for Governor Romney. I see everyday the Obama Campaign is slipping and Monday is going to be Foreign Policy during the debate. This is a issue where Obama is very weak in the past. He has gone all over during his Apology Campaign. This is something that most Americans I speak to remember. They are still upset about this. I get questions daily about where has the stimulus gone, who got is and why are so many companies going bankrupt after getting this money. Also the one topic Americans are asking me about, 17 vacations. How much was spent on that. All these issues that may not be anything to some, they are important questions that I receive daily.

    • I remain apprehensive. While the polling shows a shift towards Romney, I don’t underestimate the liberals ability to suspend disbelief. When a lib goes in the booth they will pull the lever left everytime. Hopefully it will be only once per on nov 6th. That 47% number Romney was blasted for might be on the mark.

      The data suggests an overwhelming investment by Obama in the number of field offices. In some places greater than 2:1. The ground game will be a factor in the key states. Since these are mostly mind-numbed robots, what I expect will be a upcoming week full of missed quarterly expectations will have little effect. This election is going to be very close unless Romney can move outside the margin of error + malfeasance.

      Lest I go wobbly now, happy thoughts for November with pick-me-up on the following URL:

      • My sister called–YOU will be happy, she said–the Arizona Republic endorsed Romney… I am happy! I cancelled when they went paywall–their unfunny, poorly drawn Steve Benson cartoons had started to really bug me, too.

      • Living in CA, I have seen no evidence that we are having a Presidential election. It is so disconcerting to know that my vote will not count in this – the most important electon of our lifetime.

        Some 95 million people live in California, Texas, New York and Illinois — nearly one out of every three Americans. But how many times has Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, Paul Ryan or Joe Biden made a campaign appearance in any of them since the party conventions? Zero, or the same number they’ve made in Zaire or Rotterdam. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Obama has made at least 25 trips to CA for money runs.

        Obama and Romney don’t seem to be running for president of the United States of America but for president of the Discontiguous States of Florida, Ohio and Virginia. At this point, no more than 11 states are deemed worthy of significant attention.

        I am apprehensive also, Guillermo Grande!

        • I live in Kansas and when I put my ballot out for the mail I did so
          with great trepidation that it would be counted or stacked in the corner. Did you see we are having International Monitors? Sick
          it’s allowed here but in 4 years that’s how far we’ve sunk so sad.

        • Thanks Star. I’ll take the good news.

          Girly1, in the peoples republic of NY I often wonder that same about my vote. But shall vote and always will. Even if there is only one voice in the darkness crying out for freedom, it shall be heard. There are times to stand up and be counted. This elections is surely one of those times.

        • Romney hasn’t been to my state, but Christie has been here. We are going to vote in a GOP governor which would be something new for us. We haven’t had one in decades, but we getting one this year. But our state will go Obama. I don’t think there is any question about it. I don’t blame Romney for not coming here. He needs to spend his time and money where it can do more for him getting elected.

    • Yes, we all remember with deep resentment MrObama’s “apology tour” and the photos of him bowing to leaders of other countries is seared into our collective brains.
      The other issues mentioned are never discussed in the MSM, but a constant topic among the ‘little people’, like us..

  3. Just heard something on This Week a few minutes ago that buoys my spirits. The panel was discussing the upcoming foreign policy debate tomorrow night when the esteemed Obama surrogate/oracle, Mr. Van Jones, had this to say: “President Obama is a TOWERING figure on foreign policy. He won the Nobel Peace Prize AND he killed Bin Laden.” This is all they have? The polls will be singing a different tune on Tuesday morning – Romney will leave Obama gasping for air tomorrow night.

    • ABC lowers its standards just by having that communist on their show…of course, they could not get much lower….suprised that Greta goes on there.

  4. At some point, a professional campaign realizes that what they had been doing was hurting their candidate. The ads were either falling flat or offending potential voters with the content. The fundraising modes were being ridiculed as agressively greedy or just stupid. The attempt to paint the opposing candidate as a lying, greedy, irresponsible murderer of innocents went nowhere except where it was seen as desperation.

    It’s way too late to change direction for the Obama campaign and once the cascading surge starts against the candidate, there’s no way to stop it.

  5. With apologies to Paul Simon – the Obama version of “Slip Slidin’ Away”

    Slip sliding away, slip sliding away
    You know the nearer you’re to the election, the more you’re slip sliding away

    Whoah and I know a man, he came from my hometown
    He wore his passion for his office like a thorny crown
    He said oh White House, I live in fear
    My love for you’s so overpowering, I’m afraid that it will disappear


    I know a woman, (who) became a wife
    These are the very words she uses to describe her life
    She said a good day is on vaca
    She said a bad day is when I lie in the bed
    And I think of men that might have been


    And I know a father who never had a son
    He said the boy would be a thug for the things he’d done
    He went a long way just to explain
    You can’t protect yourself if you’re getting’ beaten
    Then he turned around and he headed home again


    Whoah the One only knows, the One makes his plan
    The disinformation’s always available to the mortal man
    They’re workin’ no jobs, collect no pay
    We believe we’re gliding down the highway, when in fact we’re slip sliding away

    Chorus repeats 2x

  6. Swiss Ambassador to Tehran Livia Leu Agosti attended a meeting with senior Iranian foreign ministry officials a few days ago to submit a letter from the US president to Tehran leaders.

    Vice-Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Hossein Ebrahimi told FNA that during the meeting, Agosti had told the Iranian officials that President Barack Obama recognizes Iran’s right of access and use of the nuclear technology.

    “There are a couple of points with regard to this (US) message (to Iran),” Ebrahimi said and added, “Firstly, during the session to submit the message, the Swiss ambassador to Tehran quoted the US president as saying that ‘we (the US) recognize your nuclear rights’.”

    Could this be true Keith?

      • Doesn’t that just give 15 mins of gas, or something? The economy is bad–I thought he said gas was low because the economy was bad…Sometimes I think I dream some of this.

        • Its very suspicious but I don’t think it will have a huge effect on the electric even if it does drop 50 cents. It still be higher on average then the day he was elected 4 years ago and the average over his 4 years in office is the highest in history. Plus, he made a bad blunder by saying lower gas prices back when he was first sworn was due to a bad economy. Romney can beat him over the head saying Obama equates lower gas prices to a bad economy IE his admitting the economy sucks right now and he has been in office for 4 years.

          Then again as my best friend says “$3 a gallon is still damn expensive” LOL! That isn’t loss on people.

          Obama I think might still win but it won’t be because of gas dropping 50 cents nationally from an all time high. It have to dropped two dollars for that to happen.

          • Sadly for the Obama cabal we understand the reserve is just a
            drip meant for a very quick fix but I guess that’s what they think
            the election is something in need of a quick fix. Sorry but most know it won’t last but they’ve got their heads so intent on winning
            they’ll try anything.

          • His buddies in the ME are going to do what they can to help him stay in power. I noticed that the 2 stations closest to where I live dropped 20 cents in one day. I still don’t think that will make much of a difference in people waking up on Nov. 6 and saying, “oh, great, gas is still nearly double what it was 4 years ago, but it’s down 50 cents in the past 3 weeks….I think I’ll vote for the Zero once again!”

  7. I can almost feel the groundswell of support towards Romney, but like my momma told me, don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Turnout to the polls is going to determine the winner of this election.

    Drudge headline has a picture of Romney and Obama at the Al Smith Dinner. In the background is Tingles in a penguin suit. Doesn’t look like he was fitted for that outfit, or maybe he’s just a slob. First thing I thought of was the ‘Pants on the Ground’ ditty.