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George McGovern Dead at 90

Former Sen. George McGovern is dead. McGovern had been in declining health over the past year and was recently moved into hospice care.

McGovern ran for president as an unabashed liberal in 1972 and was swamped President Richard Nixon.

Since then, every Democrat who has won the presidency has presented themselves as a moderate or a conciliator, hoping to avoid electoral disaster.

Until this year. It took 30 years, but straight left-wing politics now seems to be a potentially winning formula for the presidency.

President Obama is recasting McGovern’s uncloaked liberalism, having also governed from the left. But this time, the liberal candidate is at least even odds to win.

14 thoughts on “George McGovern Dead at 90”

  1. RIP, MrMcGovern.
    Mona Charen, TownHall columnist, wrote on July 12, 2012:

    In 1993, former Sen. George McGovern, once considered the most liberal of Democratic candidates for president, wrote a piece about his experience attempting to run a small bed and breakfast in Connecticut. The red tape required by government severely hampered his capacity to earn a profit. He wished in retrospect that “I had known more firsthand about the concerns and problems of American businesspeople while I was a U.S. senator and later a presidential nominee. That knowledge would have made me a better legislator and a more worthy aspirant to the White House.”

    It took Obama to make George McGovern look like a conservative

  2. Happy trails, George McGovern. He was liberal to the core, but never tried to deceive us into believing otherwise. He loved America and her people, and history will remember him kindly.

    “It took Obama to make George McGovern look like a conservative” – So true, srdem.

  3. “We may have lost (to Richard Nixon), but none of us went to jail.” McGovern demonstrated the difference between ‘losing’ and being a ‘loser’. He was an honorable, decent man. He was a humanitarian – fighting global hunger throughout his lifetime. A decorated WWII bomber pilot, he vehemently opposed Viet Nam. “I’m fed up to my ears with old men starting wars for young men to die in”. RIP, Senator.

  4. I hate to admit it but I voted for Sen McGovern in 1972. After graduating from college in 1971, against the war and not being fond of Nixon, George presented a clear choice. In retrospect, I was wrong but Nixon showed his true colors shortly thereafter and resigned. Never fond of Tricky Dick. I’m now a Tea Party conservative. Funny how our perspective changes as we age. RIP Sen McGovern.

  5. McGovern was a genuine liberal. Obama has tried to be all things to all people with the sole objective of being re-elected. McGovern didn’t compromise his beliefs even when he knew he was going down.

  6. I used to see him and his wife walking in the zoo before hours–we knew how to squeeze around the gate. Very peaceful in there–I hope he is at peace. Whatever you think of his politics–he served.

  7. He was a hero. Drove with his high school buddies the day after Pearl Harbor and enlisted. When he came home alive, married his high school sweetheart. Stayed married to her their whole lives.

    Liberal is 1972 is not the same thing today. We call McGovern the liberal and Nixon the conservative but Nixon took us off the gold standard, gave us wage price controls. Nixon ended our involvement in the war in Vietnam, proudly announcing all our POW’s in Vietnam were being returned, failing to mention the ones in Laos and Cambodia, not so lucky. Then after we left, we sat and watched South Vietnam get overrun and did nothing. We watched the killing fields and did nothing.

    I’m a conservative who can readily admit, we’d been better off with McGovern in 1972 than Nixon. He couldn’t possibly have screwed up things worse than Nixon did and very possibly not nearly as much. Hmm, I guess that is why no one hires me to write campaign slogans. McGovern – I can’t possibly screw things up as bad as Nixon will.

  8. George was another of the Greatest Generation who grew up during the Depression and volunteered to serve his country in war. Regardless of his politics he became an American hero on December 8, 1941. God speed George McGovern and all the members of your crew, your squadron, your air force and your armed services.

  9. Was a fortunate participant in a HS program, spring of 73, that took us to DC for a 3 week peek at our Federal Government, including Congress, the White House, Supreme Court, and various agencies. While wandering the Senate, my chaperone and I ran across Senator McGovern. My chaperone said “Senator, I voted for you in the presidentail election”. Senator McGovern replied “so you’re the one”. We enjoyed a good laugh with him. May he rest in peace.

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