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Rasmussen Poll: Second Debate has Little Effect

The first national poll taken entirely after the second debate shows little if any gain for President Obama, whom some – including some leading Republicans – contend narrowly won the second debate.

White House Dossier readers overwhelmingly believe Romney won the debate.

According to the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, Romney continues to lead Obama nationally by a point. Writes Rasmussen:

Before the first presidential debate, Obama was up by two, 49 percent to 47 percent. Following that debate, Romney was up 49 percent to 47 percent. Now it’s a one-point race with two days to go before the final debate.

Monday night’s debate is on foreign policy – a topic of less interest to voters than domestic policy – and likely will also have no more than a marginal impact on the race.

Romney used the first debate to move from slightly behind into a dead heat in most polls, although the Gallup tracking poll has Romney six points ahead.

The first debate helped change voters’ impressions of Romney, which the Obama campaign is trying to change back with a vitriolic series of attacks charging Romney is a liar and a tool of the rich.

So far, without success.

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  1. I think the second debate showed a lot of people what Obama really was, a nasty guy, with a temper that just bubbles under the surface, smug and full of himself. That was the impression of an apolitical friend of mine who watched the debate with me. Her comment afterwards was that she didn’t realize what an ass Obama really was, and how mean spirited he could be.

    The third debate needs to focus on the loss of American respect and fear around the globe. I would rather have our military respected and feared than loved and endeared any day.

    When you try to get everyone to “love you” you betray yourself and those around you. I don’t want America to be a bully or thug like Russia, China, or so many countries in the Muslim sphere, but I want the world to know that if you push us, we will knock the living crap out of you, and not give a fat rat’s rear what the rest of the world thinks.

  2. You may be right about the interest (or lack of) that a lot of Americans show for foreign affairs. The “who’s Ben Gauzy” crowd isn’t going to tune in for more information on the candidates positions, but will be there to watch MrObama put the guy with romnesia down, once and for all.

    There’s not much newsworthy information from a debate on foreign issues because so much of what our government is doing can really be placed under secrecy for national security reasons.
    Both candidates will be left to debate what has already happened and how each is going to protect and support our friends and allies.

  3. I never get this tool of the rich stuff. Romney did not take a salary as governor. He has never apologized for being successful in an investment business–that is what he set out to be and he was. I don’t see him living insanely lavishly–elevating cars to another level makes a smaller footprint, right? Sure, he has nice things, his wife drives a Cadillac or two and has horses–but they pay for that themselves. Their family vacay compound is nice but seems kinda Camp Davidy to me… I have yet to see a champagne tower (they don’t drink) or trip to Tahiti or anything. Romney is for people who invest in companies making and keeping money from doing so. Isn’t that the American way? Are we really supposed to be visualizing Romney and some unnamed buds sitting around cackling over how they can get richer? “If I can just grab all the reins of govt…etc…” I just am not seeing it.

    1. I’ve always been curious as to how Obama ended up with $20M in book sales for a couple of books that no one has read. It will also be interesting to see what his net worth is after he leaves the WH. MO and Granny have probably been profitting on insider information in the financial markets. And about that campaign slush fund – guess we’ll never know what he and the MOOCH are skimming off the top or what they will end up with after the election. One thing we do know – Obama has ever earned a living until he became a govt. employee.

  4. For the first time in 4 years Obama, the Singular, was forced to stand on a stage sans TOTUS and face his nemesis – a man of superior intelligence, honor, integrity, breeding, and Presidential bearing, The contrast could not have been more stark.

    The majority of Americans are sick and tired of this Marxist street hustler – his home-boy dialect, lies, arrogance, class warfare tactics, and constant Republican bashing.

    President Romney will be spending 10 hour days, every day, toiling away in the Oval Office to clean up Obama’s mess – $6T dollars worth. At last, Americans will be able to sleep well again knowing that we have an honorable man who will take his job seriously. Hopefully, the Obamas will never be seen or heard from again.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I look to Romney to restore the gravitas and American spirit to the White House that the Obamas destroyed with their cheap antics and statist mindsets. Those two have sucked the life out of our country and the natural optimism from our souls.

      1. Won’t it be wonderful? When he raises his hand and takes the oath he
        will really mean it and will be a great President and we will have a First
        Lady for a change:-)

    2. Well it will be nice to know we won’t have to set up a watch to see where Ann is she will be in the WH doing First Lady duties not shopping or vacationing even when they go away the have their own homes to go
      spend time. I watched a special on Fox about the Bengazi debacle.
      They ask for help and were denied and about less than a month prior to
      the incident the trained professionals were sent home. Then think when
      Michelle went on her little trips all over the massive security that she used. If those poor men had half as much they would still be alive!

      1. They weren’t sent home because of money. LTC Wood said his team’s presence wouldn’t have cost the State Department anything.

        My take on why they were sent home? To save the political life of Obama. His Libya experiment, perpetrated by Samantha Power and her UN Responsibility to Protect doctrine, was coming apart at the seams. The cabal was trying to bury the terrorist uprisings until after the election, so the administration changed the status of Libya to “normalized” and the U.S. military was sent home. The deaths of four Americans in Benghazi was “not optimal”, but it was predictable.

        1. That’s right. They thought that if they acted as if they trusted the Lybians, the Lybians would be trustworthy. Sort of like the woman who thinks that because she walks down a dark alley with a rapist, he won’t rape her because she walked down the dark alley with him and that proves that she trusts him and that will bring out his finer instincts.

          Yeah, right..

  5. Monday’s debate just might be of interest to more people due to the recent attack on our Embassy. Mitt needs to make Obama answer why he told us this was all about a stupid video, why did he lie to the American people?

  6. I think there will be a lot more interest in the foreign affairs debate than many believe. Granted most of the “on the street” interviews we’ve seen appear to attract the dumbest among us, but they aren’t the norm. There are many of us common, unworldly types who want to have answers to the egregious actions of this administration…

    Iraq is a mess because he failed to negotiate a status of force agreement.
    Afghanistan was lost when he gave the terrorists an exit date and tied the hands of our military with his ridiculous rules of engagement. Not to mention the attack on Camp Bastion on September 14th, where the entire Marine Corps air squadron was reduced to ashes and two Marines were killed. It was the worst US air loss in one day since Vietnam, but nary a peep from MSM.
    Libya is a disaster – from his violation of the War Powers Act that began the conflict, to his coverup of the Benghazi terrorist attack.
    Israel can’t count on us to have their back as long as he remains in office.
    Iran is closer to a nuclear weapon because of his appeasement. When he actually had a chance to help during the Green Revolution, he sat back silently and let Achmadinanutjob snuff it out.
    Mexico despises us because of Fast and Furious. That’s another coverup where he used executive privilege to stonewall the investigation into this murderous program concocted to steal our 2nd Amendment rights.
    About the only countries who seem to be looking forward to a second Obama term are the communists and tin pot dictators. Vlad can hardly wait until he has “more flexibility”.

  7. Obama is going to try and make Romney look like war hawk. Other than that,he’s got nothing,except Osama Bin Laden,and frankly people are tired of that.By Candy Crowley covering Obama’s butt last week,she drew more attention to it,so now people are going to tune in and see what all the fuss is about.
    As long as Bob Scheiffer doesn’t help the President,I don’t see how he can worm his way out of the Libya lies.

    1. Personally, I hope Romney throws a few “Its not optimal” lines at Obama to get his goat, perhaps make him lose it. This Manchurian Candidate of a President literally does not know what to say about anything, never realizing the consequences of POTUS words. Many of us here joked about his teleprompter dependency for a while now and this sort of stuff proves it.

      1. I wonder if he is going to use his teleprompter after he is defeated and needs to support himself by making speeches ?
        Clinton does pretty well at that.

  8. When my husband and I watched the second debate, my husband thought Obama was on his game, but we didn’t really think he “won” on substance – he did think that Obama scored points with some of his attacks. I tried to be open minded and really thought Romney had been more on task, but I really do believe that at the end Candy Crowley blew it with the Libya issue and Romney did start to try and discuss the matter further and was simply cut off. That being said – I have heard no one at my office (I work in a law office) even talk about the debates. Living in California really puts you at a disadvantage because our votes simply will not count PERIOD. I know people say you should never ask a person a question when you are debating them, but I do think a couple of the questions posed by Mr. Romney were important and Mr. Obama simply did not respond. Better he did not, but I know enough to say he would have made his case worse if he had. All of this being said – I simply cannot believe that any one is truly undecided at this point. You listen to some of this focus groups and people say – I just wanted Obama to say why…they looked at me and I could feel he really cared about me, I don’t want to go backwards on women’s rights….blah blah blah. How pathetic. I simply don’t need a President that is “cool” and “with it”. How sad that is where we are!

    1. You’re still going to vote, right Wendy? No matter how blue your state is, every vote counts. The only way we’re going to be able to take our country back is at the voting booth.

      1. Of course. We have a number of critical propositions. Among others two raising taxes and one trying to stop mandatory union dues deductions from paychecks for private and public unions

    1. Oh, I enjoyed that video, Granny Jan, and tell Karen that she has a fantastic voice.
      I watched the videos from the Al Smith dinner party again and I think that Obama looks unhealthy again, sweaty face, sunken eyes, touching the nose frequently. I guess the intense pressure is wearing him down. I also noticed that Romney has that Reagan twinkle in his eyes. Oh, the ladies he is about to meet, like Mrs Merkel and Queen Elizabeth, will be overdelighted when dealing with him. After the debates, the speeches, he is introduced to the voters as the man and politician he really is and the womens votes will absolutely go to him, I believe.

  9. I respectfully disagree Keith. I think its a huge debate because Romney can stand toe-to-toe with Obama in being Commander in chief. Romney so far has shown that he can hold his domestic policy and many voters think he is the better steward at handling the economy and being the better manager of our government. But Obama still has the edge in being commander in chief when it comes to many voters eyes. And even though it hasn’t been the big issue so far, its starting to bubble to the service and whoever gets elected as a lot of decisions to make within the first few months of office which means Romney cannot be seen as someone who has time to grow into the job.
    If he has a good debate (even a tie will do), then he will have all kinds of.momentum on his side and have a good shot winning. If he has a bad night, then a lot of swing voters might pull the lever for Obama thinking they cannot a chance on Romney.

    1. I also think the 2nd debate was not that great of a win for Obama. Both polls showed that voters thought Obama won slightly in terms of who won the actual debate, Romney got the nod (and by a large margin in some cases) of who is better at handling the issues like economy, health care, running a government, etc. As a former political aide and campaign worker, I’d gladly take a “slight” loss in a debate for winning the war on who is better at the issues.

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