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Video || Springsteen Writes a Song for Obama

I’m thinking maybe Obama wishes he hadn’t. Have a look.

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  1. In the last two or three weeks, most of MrObama’s glitterati supporters who agreed to publically support him in professionally produced ads or their own personal tweets or statements have been shown to be idiots who don’t understand anything beyond their own failings or to expose their obscenity-laced, offensive thoughts.

    MrSpringsteen’s creepy cult-like tribute to MrO is another example of the extremely wealthy entertainers who are completely out of touch with the misery the last four years have brought to ordinary Americans.

  2. On MSNBC, they were talking about the stupid binder thing (Trapper Keeper would have been worse, I guess, for those who will never be recruited for a big job because they are too stupid). They cut to Bruce–on women’s issues. Now there’s an authority.

  3. The part where he “jokes” that Obama calls him a couple times a week is probably true. Our cool rock-star president loves rubbing elbows with actors & musicians. Sure beats attending those pesky White House Security Briefings or meeting with foreign leaders. Can’t wait until they get their clocks cleaned in November.

  4. I am a New Jersey boy; born & bred. I luv Springsteen (he lived in a mansion, in same town I did for awhile)
    But, like Gov. Christie I brush-off Bruce’s ‘political views’ and just enjoy the classic music

    • I moved from Texas to NJ in 1987 and had to scrap the No Bruce sticker off my bumper. I actually lived in Asbury and had to keep my mouth shut. I did briefly meet his wife, at that time, the actress, she was next door visiting someone and I said hey and she said hey back. That is my only good memory of Springsteen or Asbury for that matter.

      Do miss that deli down in Manasquan with the great sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies though…..

  5. I just called a musician friend of mine that has been playing in bands for 45+ years and asked, “Why have I never heard anyone cover Bruce Springsteen’s music at any of the jam sessions or for that matter anywhere where music is played around South Louisiana and he said, “because he is a no-playing, no-singing m.f. Just saying.

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